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Chapter 6

Jason sat on the bench in the food court and watched the crowd as it shifted in front of his eyes. He couldn’t believe how many of the young girls walking around had breasts bigger than his own daughters. Or maybe they weren’t larger, maybe their blouses and shirts were just so tight that they made their tits stick out ahead of them as the walked past him.

With a frustrated sigh Jason twisted to look around at the lingerie shop his girls had disappeared into almost an hour earlier. As much as he would have enjoyed watching Karen and Nancy checking out bras and panties he had to agree with his older daughter that it would have been embarrassing for all three of them if he’d entered the store and stayed to watch. Still, it had been almost an hour since they left him to cool his heels in the food court while they entered the store with most of his cash. He still wondered how Karen expected to spend all that money on panties and bras, but at least he’d been able to find an ATM so he could get more cash for the rest of their shopping trip.

Jason returned his gaze to the to the young girls and teens milling around the court in front of him and tried to figure out just how large their tits really were. “Enjoying the scenery daddy?” Karen asked as she and Nancy came up behind him, silent in spite of the large bag each of them carried.

“I guess I was,” Jason said with a chuckle as he turned to face his daughters. “Did you find what you wanted?”

“We sure did,” Karen said as she gave her father a quick wink that told him he’d have a chance to see what she bought for herself that night. “Sorry we took so long but this was Nancy’s first time buying a bra so I made sure she got a good fitting, and the saleslady talked me into getting a new fitting for myself while we were at it. On top of that, do you know how hard it is to find a sexy training bra?”

Jason wasn’t sure if his jaw bounced off the floor when Karen said that but he took a quick look around to see if anyone else was close enough to hear his daughter before he realized that she was laughing at him. “I’m only kidding dad,” she said as she and Nancy stopped to catch their breaths. “I just couldn’t resist it.”

“You shouldn’t tease like that,” Jason said wiping his brow in relief when he realized that no one else had noticed Karen’s joke. “Especially not in public where other people can hear you and think you’re serious.”

“Sorry dad, I won’t do it again,” Karen said with an impish grin that made Jason suspect that she had more jokes in mind for him.

“Good,” Jason said as he got up from his bench and picked up the bags from their earlier shopping and took a quick look through them to make sure he still had everything - especially the new lap top Nancy had chosen for her birthday present. He had to admit that she’d made a good choice for her present, one that she’d be able to use for her school work without being more advanced then she could handle. Once he knew what she wanted he’d even offered to buy her a couple games to go with the computer and was surprised when she chose a couple strategy games that he thought he’d enjoy too, as long as he wasn’t enjoying Karen’s tight little cunny wrapped around his cock. “So, what’s left?”

“I think we have everything we need for school supplies now,” Karen said thoughtfully, “but we still need some more clothes. Maybe a few nice skirts and blouses that we can pick up at the last couple stores.”

“And after we’re done there we’ll catch an early dinner and then head home,” Jason said. “The two of you still have a lot of work to put everything away once we get home.”

“I guess we did go a little crazy,” Karen admitted with a quick glance at all the bags her father was carrying. “But this is the first time we got any new clothes since mom died.”

“You’re right,” Jason said as he followed his two daughters into the next store, he appreciated the roll of Karen’s ass under her pants and realized that he didn’t see any panty lines - and he knew there were some earlier. He wasn’t sure if that meant the thirteen year old wasn’t wearing any panties now or if she’d changed into something new in the lingerie store. Either way it made him so horny he reached into his pocket to make sure he had a condom just in case he had a chance to get her alone for a few minutes. “I should have realized months ago that the two of you needed new clothes, but at least you’ll have plenty of outfits to start school with.”

“Thanks daddy,” Nancy said as she bounced through the front doors of the clothing store and headed toward the children’s section.

“Yeah, thanks dad,” Karen said distractedly as she followed her sister, Jason noticed the way she looked longingly at the maternity section as the walked past it and even in the quick glance he gave it he couldn’t help but notice that there were a couple girls not much older than Karen looking over clothes that were already too small for their swollen bellies. “And I realize you’ve been distractedly lately with mom’s death and suddenly being completely responsible for the two of us. Not to mention everything you’ve been doing at work.”

“Work is nothing,” Jason grumbled, “and if I was really taking care of you and Nancy the way I should have been I would have noticed your clothes a long time ago. But I’m glad you understand.”

“Daddy can I get this?” Nancy asked, holding up a skirt and blouse that looked far too good for school.

“Well,” Jason said thoughtfully as he looked at his daughter’s hopeful face, “I guess you need some new dress clothes as well as school clothes. Why don’t you go try them on?”

“Thank you,” Nancy said as she stood up on tiptoes to kiss his cheek as he bent down so she could reach it. Jason couldn’t help but notice how nice his youngest daughter’s breasts looked even covered up by her new bra and shirt.

“I’ve found a few things I want to try on too dad,” Karen said, showing him the bundle she was carrying as she headed for the dressing room next to Nancy’s.

“That was fast,” Jason said, looking at the way Karen’s tits jutted out over the bundle she held next to her stomach.

“When you know what you want it doesn’t take that long to find it,” Karen said with a mischievous grin. “Why don’t you take a seat and we’ll give you a show.”

“Promises promises,” Jason said as he sat down and put the shopping bags down with a sigh, but he smiled as he wondered what kind of show Karen had in mind.

It didn’t take long before the door to Nancy’s changing room opened and she stepped out to show her father the outfit she’d picked out for herself. As she walked back and forth in front of him Jason thought the dark green fabric of the skirt and blouse went well with the red tints in her brown hair and nodded his approval. “Do you really like it daddy?”

“Yes I do,” Jason said with a wide smile, “but it really is too nice for school so we’ll have to save it for special occasions. You better see if you can find something a bit planer for school.”

“Ok daddy,” Nancy said happily as she bounced off to the racks of clothes.

Jason heard a click and looked back to see that Karen had opened the door of her changing room and was looking around before stepping out. “What do you think of this one dad?” She asked as she stepped in front of him so he could get a good look at the tight almost sheer white blouse and short red plaid skirt that barely covered her beautiful ass.

“I like it,” Jason said after a quick look around to make sure no one was close enough to notice them, “but isn’t it a bit risque for school.”

“Did I say this one was for school?” Karen asked, returning her father’s lewd grin before she gave herself a quick twirl so that the skirt rose to her waist and gave Jason a clear view of her panties before the pleats settled back against her thighs. Jason could hardly believe what he’d seen under Karen’s skirt, the panties were black lace except for a red satin heart placed like a bull’s-eye right over her pussy.

“What do you think now dad?” Karen said as she straightened her skirt.

“I love it,” Jason said, giving Karen a wink that told her he wasn’t referring to the blouse and skirt. “And I guess we can find a use for it if you really want it.”

“Thanks dad,” Karen said with a smile as she turned to go back to the changing room and her next outfit. As the door closed Jason hoped his sexy daughter didn’t have any more surprises like the last one or else he’d never get rid of his erection before he had to stand up.

The rest of the outfits Nancy and Karen showed him were more in keeping with what they really needed for school and Jason was able to get his cock under control before it was time to take their purchases to the cashier and leave the store. The last store was easier on his libido as both of his girls stayed with more traditional school clothes instead of teasing him this time. After they were done shopping Nancy chose a low priced steakhouse for dinner before the three of them returned home after their full day of shopping.

“Thanks again dad,” Nancy said as she gave her father a quick kiss before she grabbed her new clothes and headed for her room.

“You’re welcome birthday girl,” Jason called after Nancy as he watched the girl’s ass rise and fall enticingly as she walked to her room.

“Enjoying the view again daddy,” Karen chuckled as she followed her father’s gaze.

“Yes I am,” Jason admitted with a quick blush as Nancy closed the door to her bedroom. “But as much as I enjoy the view I’d much rather enjoy the feel and the fuck.”

“Good,” Karen said giving her father a suggestive smile as she picked up her shopping bags. “Could you give me a hand with my clothes daddy?”

“Sure,” Jason said automatically as he took a couple of her bags and followed her toward her room, he could feel his cock starting to stir as he watched the roll of Karen’s ass. “But what kind of help do you need?”

“I’m talking about the clothes I’m wearing daddy,” Karen said, giving her father a quick wink as he gave her a blank stare.

“Oh, right,” Jason said as he finally realized what his daughter was saying and gave her a lopsided grin as he felt his prick straining against his pants.

Karen opened the door to her room and Jason quickly slid through it behind her before he closed it behind him and turned to look at his daughter’s room. The bed against the wall was smaller then the one in his room - a twin instead of a queen - and some of the space was taken up with a scattering of stuffed animals that the thirteen year old had collected over the years. “Sit down daddy,” Karen told her father as she grabbed a few of her stuffed animals and tossed them over in the corner so he had room to sit on the edge of her bed.

“Thanks,” Jason said as he dropped his pants and shorts to the floor before sitting down on Karen’s Strawberry Shortcake comforter. “But what are we going to do if Nancy hears us?”

“By now I’m sure she’s playing with her new computer, do you really think she’s going to notice any noise we make in here?” Karen asked as she pulled her blouse off over her head and then unzipped her pants to the floor so she could stand before him in her bra and panties. Jason realized that they were the same panties he’d caught a glimpse of earlier with enough black lace to show more skin then they covered and a satin heart right over her slit, already sopping wet with her pussy juice. Once he managed to force his eyes up past his daughter’s waist Jason realized that her bra was a match for her panties, all black lace except for the two satin hearts sticking out from her tits where her erect nipples pushed them out from her small perfect breasts.

“Wow,” Jason said with an appreciative whistle as he looked over Karen’s new lingerie.

“You like?” Karen asked, turning around and bending down to touch her toes so her father could get a good look at her tight ass through the lace of her panties.

“I love them,” Jason said, his cock growing harder then ever. “Are they as expensive as they look?”

“Let’s just say if you have to ask you can’t afford them,” Karen giggled as she turned to face her father and rose up on tiptoe and stretched so her bra stretched tight against the satin hearts of her bra. “But from the look on your face and the erection in your lap I’d say they’re worth every penny.”

“Oh, I agree,” Jason said, letting his breath out slowly.

“Let me take care of that for you daddy,” Karen said as she got down on her knees and grabbed her father’s hard cock in her soft hand.

“Oh my God,” Jason moaned as Karen licked the tip of his cock and ran her fingers down the shaft to cushion her father’s balls as she slipped the head of his penis between her lips and rolled it around her mouth. “I can’t believe how good you are at this, I could almost believe that your mother really did teach you all her tricks.”

“She did daddy,” Karen said as she let her father’s cock pop out of her mouth for a second, “but I learned a few things on my own too.”

“Like what?” Jason asked as he quickly unbuttoned his shirt and tossed it aside with his pants.

“You’ll see,” Karen said with a toothy smile before she popped the head of his cock back into her mouth. For a few seconds she rolled the head around her mouth with her tongue and then without warning she lunged forward with a swallow to slide the whole shaft down the back of her throat.

Jason moaned in pleasure as his daughter’s throat contracted around his shaft and vibrated along his blood filled erection. Karen looked up at her father’s face and gave him the best grin he could wit a mouth full of cock. “I can see one thing you learned on your own,” Jason groaned, “your mother never could deepthroat me no matter how hard she tried. You do it like you were born for it.”

Karen almost choked as she started to laugh with her father’s prick filling her throat but she managed to suppress her giggle and return to her work. For the next few minutes Jason lost track of everything except the pleasure his daughter was giving him with her throat around his cock and her hands tickling his balls, but when he felt his balls jump in Karen’s hand he realized he was about to cum and thought he better warn the thirteen year old before she really did choke on his load. “I’m gonna cum,” Jason growled. Karen’s only response was to clamp her lips even tighter around the base of his cock and tickle his balls with her fingers so Jason found himself shooting off uncontrollably in the depths of his daughter’s throat.

“I can’t believe you took my whole load like that,” Jason said as Karen released his softening prick from her throat at started cleaning it with her mouth and tongue, stopping to lick her lips and rub her belly appreciatively before she spoke.

“But daddy, I love the taste of your cum,” Karen told her father, “and if you won’t shoot off in my cunt and give me a baby I figure I may as well get as much as I can in my belly.”

“As much as I love your cock sucking I still want to fuck that tight little cunt of yours,” Jason told his daughter, “but it’s going to be a few minutes before I can get it up again. I guess that means it’s my turn to eat you so I guess we better change places.”

“Yes father,” Karen said as she took her father’s place on her bed.

“Karen,” Jason said between kisses as he slipped her bra off an inch at a time, “are you sure Nancy doesn’t know what we’re doing? We’re not exactly quiet when we’re fucking.”

“Do you hear her?” Karen asked with a gasp of pleasure as her father slipped her bra down past her left nipple and sucked the erect nubbin into his mouth to suck and chew on it for several seconds. “You know how curious she is, don’t you think she would have knocked on my door if she could hear us?”

“I guess you’re right,” Jason said as he exposed Karen’s other nipple and teased it with his fingers before he sucked that one into his mouth, “I’m just worried that she’ll walk in on us some night when I have my cock buried so deep in your pussy that she’ll know what we’re doing before we have a chance to explain.”

“Daddy,” Karen said with a chuckle that turned into a gasp of pleasure as her father sucked hard on her other nipple. “If Nancy catches us with your cock buried that deep in my cunt I don’t think we’ll have to explain anything. I’m sure she knows enough about sex by now to know exactly what we’re doing.”

“But,” Jason said hesitantly, “Nancy just turned eleven, does she really know that much about sex?”

“I did,” Karen said as she helped her father unhook her bra so he could remove it completely and toss it over by his own clothes. “And I’ve learned a lot more about sex since then - especially the last couple nights.”

“Yes I guess you have,” Jason said with a chuckle as he shifted his head down between his daughter’s thighs as he continued to massage the girl’s breasts. Jason pushed his nose up against the satin heart covering her slit and took a good hard whiff of the juices soaking through the cloth. “I love the smell of your pussy juice,” he told his daughter before he stuck out his tongue to taste her through her panties. “In fact I love your smell and taste so much that I’m already getting hard again.”

“Good,” Karen said with a soft moan, “are you ready to fuck me now?”

“Not yet,” Jason said, “besides, I want to eat your pretty little cunt first.”

“That sounds wonderful,” Karen said with a sigh as her father caught the waistband of her panties between his teeth and pulled them down far enough to expose the top half of her nearly bald slit. Releasing Karen’s panties Jason licked the thin strands of red hair around the top of her clit and then sucked the girls half erect clit between his lips to chew on the oversize organ.

“Eat my clit daddy, eat my clit,” Karen screamed as her body shivered with pleasure. The girl couldn’t take her father’s teasing any more and she reached down to slide her panties down until slipped the rest of the way down her legs to make a wet heap next to her bed.

Jason could feel Karen’s clit growing even larger between his lips as he ran the tip of his tongue across the tip of her sensitive pulsing organ as Karen’s first orgasm shot through her pussy and straight up to her tits, belly, and brain so the thirteen year old screamed with pleasure as her juices spurted out of her slit to coat her father’s chin. “Oh daddy,” Karen sighed as her body stopped bouncing around on the bed, “you eat pussy better then I eat cock.”

“Well I do have a few years of experience,” Jason said as he licked his daughter’s juices from his chin. “And now I really am ready to fuck you.”

“Oh good,” Karen said as her father stood up between her legs and she tried to wrap them around his ass.

“Well,” Jason said sheepishly as he stepped back before Karen had a chance to trap him in her crotch, “I’m almost ready. I almost forgot the condom.”

“Please daddy,” Karen whined, “do you have to wear those things? I want to feel your cum in my pussy, I want to feel your baby growing in my belly.”

“And if I know you you’ll talk me into it someday,” Jason said as he drew a foil wrapped condom from his pants pocket, “but right now you’re too young and I don’t intend to get my teenage daughter pregnant.”

“If you’re going to wear it,” Karen said with a dissatisfied sigh, “can I at least put it on for you?”

“If you want to,” Jason said, returning to the bed and giving Karen the wrapped condom as she sat up on the edge of the bed.

“I don’t want to,” Karen pouted, “but as long as you insist on wearing one I may as well help you with it.”

Jason watched Karen closely to make sure she didn’t try something as she rolled the condom down his shaft but he was satisfied with the result and helped her climb back into her bed before he slid between her spread thighs and aimed the tip of his rubber jacketed prick at her pussy lips. “Fuck me daddy,” Karen moaned as her father slid the rest of the way into her bed and her slit.

“I swear Karen, your tight little cunny is the most addictive thing I know,” Jason told his daughter with a groan of pleasure as his cock touched her cervix deep in her fuck hole. “I can’t think of anything I love more than having your slit wrapped around my prick. I don’t think I’ll ever get enough of fucking you like this.”

“Oh good,” Karen gasped as she bounced up from the bed with every thrust of her father’s cock because the only thing that would make fucking you better would be if we did it without the condom so you could get me pregnant.”

“Someday, maybe,” Jason said, giving his daughter a crooked smile as he looked down to watch her play with her own tits, “but you get an A for

“I’d rather get a B for baby,” Karen giggled as she wrapped her legs behind her father’s and locked her ankles behind his ass. “Now ram your beautiful cock into my pussy until we both cum.”

“I wish I could enjoy all my jobs this much,” Jason said as he rocked his prick in and out of his daughter’s slit, giving his cock a quick twist with every thrust. As he looked down at his horny daughter with her face contorted from sheer pleasure he wondered if she knew how much he wanted to rip the condom off and give her everything she wanted. But he already felt guilty about fucking the girl and he knew the sight of her belly swelling with his baby would only increase his guilt. Still, it might be worth it to see her waddling around the house with her tits full of milk and her stomach bulging out so far she couldn’t put her hands around her own waist.

“I’m cumming daddy,” Karen screamed as she threw her arms across her back and shoved her tiny tits against his chest as her body shivered through her orgasm. “Thank you daddy,” Karen gasped as her cunt muscles relaxed around his intruding cock, “thank you.”

“No, thank you Karen,” Jason said as he bent forward to kiss his daughter on the lips and then move down her face, neck, and chest until he was kissing and sucking her hard nipples as he continued to thrust into her tight slit. “After your mother died I thought I’d never be able to enjoy fucking again, but you’ve proven me wrong. I’ll give you all the orgasms you want, and love every fucking minute of it.”

“That’s funny daddy,” Karen giggled, “but you better live up to your promise because I plan to get every single orgasm you can give me.”

Jason brought his head up for some air and grinned as he looked down at Karen. His daughter’s head shook back and forth on the pillow with every thrust so her reddish brown hair spread out under her head and he could see the last of her stuffed animals jiggled around the mattress like they were enjoying the fuck as much as they were. As his daughter gasped and moaned under him Jason could feel his own orgasm starting to approach. His balls bounced off Karen’s jiggling ass every time his cock hit his daughter’s cervix and when he gave her his special twist with every thrust he felt her oversize clit sliding through his thick pubic hair, this time he didn’t think he’d manage to give the horny girl three orgasms for his one, but at least he’d give her two from the way she was starting to shake and shiver under him.

“Oh daddy, you feel so big in my little cunny,” Karen groaned as she felt the sexual energy running through her body. “I’m going to cum again.”

“I’m going to cum too Karen,” Jason told her as he grabbed her hips and started ramming his cock in and out of her tight pussy like a jackhammer.

“Cum with me daddy,” Karen screamed as she threw her arms around him and hugged him so hard her fingernails scratched his back.

“I am Karen, I am,” Jason said as he buried his cock as deep in his daughter’s slit as he could and shot his load into the condom as his little girl’s cunt tried to milk all the baby juice from his balls.

“That was our best fuck yet,” Karen sighed as her father pulled out of her with a groan.

“You say that every time we fuck,” Jason pointed out with a tired grin as he turned to look at his daughter’s tits as they rose and fell with her every breath.

“That’s because every fuck is better than the last one,” Karen giggled. “Just because I say the same thing every time we fuck doesn’t mean it isn’t true.”

“When you’re right you’re right,” Jason groaned as he sat up on the edge of Karen’s bed. “I’m a little worried about Nancy, what is your sister up to that she hasn’t heard us with all the noise we made.”

“Dad, I keep telling you, you don’t have to worry about Nancy,” Karen said as she sat up next to her father. “She would have said something by now if she was going to cause any trouble for us. If she suspects anything she’s keeping quiet, and I’m sure she won’t say anything now.”

“I guess you’re right,” Jason said as he removed the used condom from his wilted cock and tied it off. “But I don’t think we should take any more chances today.”

“What do you mean daddy?” Karen asked innocently as she batted her eyes at her father until he started laughing.

“Don’t give me that,” Jason said as he caught his breath. “The way you were teasing me at the mall today I thought I was going to tear your clothes off and fuck you no matter who was there to see us.”

“Oh good,” Karen said with her brightest smile, “I wasn’t sure if was doing it right or not.”

“You did just fine,” Jason said with a weak grin as he reached for his clothes, “but if we want to keep things secret from Nancy it would be a good idea if you dressed a little less provocatively around the house or I really could forget myself and start fucking you right in front of her.”

“Ok daddy,” Karen said with a disappointed sigh, “if that’s what you want.”

Jason finished getting dressed but hesitated as he reached for the bedroom door, “Just one thing, Karen.”

“Yes daddy?” Karen asked as she looked up at her father with a grin.

“Could you wear your new panties and bra when you come to my room tonight?”

“Of course I will,” Karen said, giving her father another quick smile as he opened the door and left her room.


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