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Lets make a naughty movie
Lights, Camera, Action
By Veronica

It was a perfect day to lie around and watch movies. After a couple of boring tapes on the video cassette recorder, Sean and Maria decided to spice things up a bit and pull out their x-rated movies.

They watched as attractive, large breasted women and long-cocked men kissed, fondled, pinched, probed, licked and screwed on screen. Sean said to Maria, “Wouldn’t it be a kick to make these kinds of movies for couples who wanted to film themselves?” Maria thought about it and how much she would enjoy making a film with Sean just so they could watch themselves whenever they wanted to. The longer they talked about it, the better the idea appealed to them and they formulated a plan to offer this service.

Their first job came from a couple who wanted to capture some of their more memorable moments on film. Sean and Maria drove to their home and set up their camera and lighting equipment in the couple’s large, mirrored bedroom. Mrs. Smith who was a beautiful, black haired woman with long legs and large breasts was dressed in a black garter belt, black nylons and lacey bra. Mr. Smith was a tall, fair skinned incredibly handsome man dressed in tight jeans and no shirt. Sean and Maria knew this was going to be a fun first job.

When the camera was rolling, Mr. Smith sat on the bed and watched as Mrs. Smith danced seductively in front of him to a slow, sexy song playing in the background. She came up to him, pushed his face between her large breasts and rotated her hips as the music played. As his hands reached out to touch her, she gently pushed them away, backed up and took off her bra. Maria motioned for Mrs. Smith to cup her breasts and pinch her nipples while her hips rotated, walking closer and closer to Mr. Smith. Maria motioned for Mr. Smith to stand up and remove his jeans and as he did so, Maria gasped out loud at the size of his cock. Sean laughed because he knew Maria was probably getting turned on by the size of this giant.

This couple needed little direction for their next moves. As Sean held the camera high above the bed, Mrs. Smith pushed her husband down and started licking and kissing his chest while her hand encircled his dick. As her face moved further down his torso, Sean came in for a better angle and Maria made little motions with her tongue for Mrs. Smith to start licking his rod. Mrs. Smith slowly licked his shaft up one side and down the other, while cupping his balls in her hand. She then circled around the tip with her tongue and as she opened her mouth to take him into her mouth, Maria found herself opening her mouth wanting to taste that cock, too.

As Mrs. Smith worked up and down her husband’s dick, taking as much in as she could, Sean turned off the camera for a second so Maria could turn Mrs. Smith’s body around so that she was now in a sixty-nine position. Sean was also getting turned on and was having a hard time holding onto the camera so he set it up on a tripod next to the bed. Mrs. Smith’s dark pubic hair was visibly wet and Mr. Smith opened up her inner lips and probed gently with his tongue. He inserted one finger into her vagina as his tongue licked her clit. Maria was having a hard time controlling herself and she could see that Sean had an immense hard-on in his tight jeans.

Mrs. Smith was deep throating her husband’s throbbing cock and Mr. Smith was devouring his wife’s pussy while finger fucking her. Maria and Sean knew they were going to have to film the end of this quickly or would wind up joining Mr. and Mrs. Smith on the bed.

Maria motioned for Mrs. Smith to stop sucking long enough to turn around and mount Mr. Smith, but Mrs. Smith was so close to orgasm that she couldn’t. Mr. Smith stopped fingering her and inserted his tongue as far as it would go, while rubbing her clitoris furiously. Mrs. Smith started moaning, her hips pushing into her husband’s face, and she let go of her love juices into his mouth with a shudder.

Maria and Sean were now visibly panting but wanted to finish this thing so they could rush home and take care of their own business. While Sean moved the camera from the tripod, Maria had Mrs. Smith mount her husband. Sean’s camera came in for a close-up as his dick disappeared inside of her dripping pussy inch by inch. She leaned back a little and Mr. Smith again started stroking her clit while Mrs. Smith cupped and massaged her tits. Sean’s camera caught the intense thrusts of Mr. Smith’s incredibly long cock going in and out of Mrs. Smith’s twat, faster and faster, until Mr. Smith pulled out and shot the biggest load of cum Sean had ever seen right onto Mrs. Smith’s chest. She rubbed it all over her brown nipples as she looked directly into Sean’s camera and smiled.

Sean and Maria quickly packed up their equipment, gave Mr. and Mrs. Smith their video, thanked them and rushed out the door. They jumped into their car and Maria reached over and pulled Sean’s zipper down as they drove off. His cock was rock hard from all the action he had just seen and Maria hungrily attacked it. Her mouth was working its way up and down so fast that Sean had to pull the car over. The couple tore off their clothes, jumped into the back seat and started tonguing and licking each other. Maria laid down on the seat, spread her legs and Sean saw that her pussy was as dripping wet as Mrs. Smith’s had been. She grabbed his cock and guided him in and their hips met in frenzied fury as they pounded against each other. Maria wrapped her legs around Sean’s waist and she could feel his hot throbbing dick ready to shoot his own load right into her. Her breath started coming quicker, her hips moved faster and she had to bite down on her lip to keep from screaming out as her pelvic muscles clamped tight around Sean’s shaft. She shuddered in orgasm after orgasm as Sean’s cock finally released a large load of his love juice inside of her.

After resting for a minute and looking out the car windows to make sure no one was around, Sean and Maria dressed and drove home smiling. “Wow,” Maria said, “I never thought making movies could be so much fun.”


2004-04-23 14:25:46
this sux. i agree with Frank. need more detail.


2004-03-16 16:42:20
Need more detail in describing pussy, cock, tits, ect.

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