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My first day off of the week, as Wednesday, and unfortunately I’m helping Ms. Victoria move into her boyfriend’s apartment. You think it be everyone guys dream to help a sexy woman like that move in and hope for that infamous porno scene where they decide to take a shower…with you. But she is the exact opposite of any of those girls. She is all business at work and I get a feeling she will be during the move. Right before I hit the door I hear my phone ring. “Hello,” I answered. “This Friday you and I are going to get down and nasty, one on one, all day long.” I smiled knowing it was Rochelle on the other end. “Sounds like a great plan, so where is this down and nasty business going to take place?” I asked. “My place,” she replied, “and be prepared to get wet,” she says giggling on the other end. “Can’t wait, see you then,” I replied. “Muah, bye big boy.”

My cock was already hard as a rock when I got off the phone. I big smile came across my face and before I can retreat into my mind the phone rings again. “You forget to tell me more about….,” but before I could finish Ms. Victoria’s voice chimed in. “Where are you?” she asked, “and more about what?” “Oh, sorry Ms. Victoria, just talking to a friend about the weekend,” I quickly said trying to recover. “Well get your butt over here and help me,” she ordered. “Yes Ms. Victoria,” I replied as I hung up the phone and ran out the door.

The moment I got to Ms. Victoria place, my eyes were already wide as a deer in headlights. For starters, I figured it would be a couple of boxes and one or two pieces of furniture, but the size of the moving truck stated other wise, it had to be at least 20 feet long. The other eye opener was what she was wearing. Very short jean shorts and a tied white t-shirt. Her body was amazing, incredibly toned but also had it soft curves. Her ass was tight but nice and round. Her breast where also round and very tight. The long red hair put up into a bun and the glasses only made her look sexier and my cock was already stirring. But I knew I have to put that thing away and get to work.

“Well you finally got here, help me unload this thing,” she ordered. I smiled a little thinking of what I like her to unload and then quickly erased that thought and got to work. As I took box after box out of the trunk, my eyes would always return to what Ms. Victoria was wearing, and my shorts would get tighter every time. With the sweat covering her body, her shirt became see through and some how made her breast bigger as I watched them bounce in her jogging bra she had underneath. Throughout the whole move though I noticed a little smile come over her face as she looked at me, she even blushed a little. But I was so focused on getting all her stuff into her boyfriend’s place I never stop to think why.

It took about 3 hours to get the entire truck empty and when it all said and done we were both soaked with sweat. She went to the fridge and sat next to me as we tried to catch our breaths and cool off. “So what the hell was on your mind the whole time,” she said with a big smile on her face. “What do you mean? I just wanted to get the work done,” I said wondering what she was talking about. She giggled and darted her eyes down causing my eyes to look down and realize I’ve been sporting a hard on the whole time. “Oh fuck, sorry about that….but what can I say you are so damn hot,” I said blushing and covering my eyes waiting for her to yell at me. “Well I know you boys at the theatre were staring at me,” she said with her eyes wide looking down at my hard cock, “but I didn’t know any of you were so big.” I laughed a little as I watch her blush a little. “So I take it your man is not so blessed?” I asked. Her face grew even redder as she leaned back with her mouth wide open in shock. “I think that is none of your business,” she said still looking shocked.

I laughed, “Just teasing a little, come on don’t get serious now. Let’s have some fun.” She smiled a little and looked at me, “alright, alright….well I get a feeling you are pulling my leg with that thing so tell me the truth, is that a sock or something?” “Sorry,” I said, “it is all me and that is no line.” “Bull shit,” she yelled, “prove it." “Alright,” I said as I stood up and unzipped my pants, letting them fall to the floor as my cock falls out and bounces right in front of her face.

“Oh my fucking god,” she said as her mouth dropped open. I laughed as I stood there, “told you,” I said as I modeled off my big dick for her. Her eyes just moving up and down its length as I saw her mind racing. She slowly moved her hands toward it then backed off, but her eyes never could stop staring. I smiled at her, “well it’s out so go ahead and touch if you need more proof.” She is still shocked but a sly grin comes over her face, her hand slowly moves up as it reaches my long shaft and grips it.

“Oh shit,” she said as her hand squeezed my cock, “I never thought a guy could have a cock this big, but wow.” Her body shifted a little as her hand began to slowly move up and down. I softly moaned as she moved in closer, her eyes big and wide looking at my cock. I looked at her and smiled, brushing her hair from her face and leaning back as my eyes invited her to taste on my thick meat. “I can’t believe I’m about to do this, but I got to feel this fucker in me,” she said as her tongue slowly ran up my shaft and rolled over the head of my cock.

She slowly worked the head, using her tongue to get it nice and wet before wrapping her lips around the thickness. Her hand slowly stroked the base as her mouth began to work the head, only going a fourth of the way at first. Her mouth wrapped tightly around my head, popping it out every so often increasing the sensitivity. I grabbed her hair tight as she leaned back and spit on it. Stroking it up and down a little faster and looking at me. “So you are a nasty girl aren’t you?” I asked with a huge grin on my face. She laughed a little, “Oh fuck you have not seen anything yet.” She pushed her mouth back onto my cock and went even farther, going about half way but causing herself to gag.

She pumped up and down with the back of her throat on my cock, driving me insane from the new sensation. She pulls off and catches her breath, “didn’t think I could do did you,” she says as she spits on my cock again. “Oh hell no, didn’t think anyone could do that to me,” I gasped as the rush runs through my body. “Well let’s see if I can go farther,” she said with a big grin on her face. She slowly wrapped her mouth on my cock again and worked my head a few times before plunging again, pushing even further then before. My cock is now down her throat, making her gag as her muscles work my head causing another rush to run through my body. I try to control myself, praying I don’t cum too soon. She releases again, catching her breath as saliva runs down my cock and down her mouth.

Feeling the urge to cum from my cock, I stand us both up and take off every inch of clothing. I kiss down her neck to her perky, milky breast and begun to suck on her hard nipples. I push her back down to the couch and spread her pussy wide open, plunging my tongue hard against her clit. Licking up and down as my hands rub her breast, “Oh thank god, I was afraid you be like my fucking boyfriend and just fuck me, it has been so long since my pussy as been licked,” she said moaning as I roll my tongue up and down. I smile at her but never stop my pace. Moaning into her pussy as my tongue works furiously on her shaven, soft pussy.

Her moans become louder as I continue to drink her sweet nectar. She grabs my hair and pushes me harder against her pussy as her hips pushes up against my tongue. I move my head up and down as my tongue is pressed down against her clit with the movement of her body. Her pace quickens, and then she stops and pushes me off. “Just fuck my pussy baby, shove it deep and fuck me hard,” she commands as I pull off my clothes and press my cock against her wet cunt.

“That’s it, shove it deep baby don’t be scared, fuck me like a slut,” she says with her eyes begging for me. I push my cock deep and hard, pounding her pussy hard as I move in and out of her pussy before plunging deep inside her. Her legs spread wide as she lay down on the couch, “Oh shit,” she moaned, as I pushed deeper and harder into her, her pussy tightly squeezing my cock with each thrust I make. Her moans grow louder and louder as I quicken my pace, my balls slapping her ass.

Without warning she pushes me off and takes my cock back in her mouth, sucking her juices off of it. “MMM.....god let me ride this fucking cock,” she moaned as she cleaned my cock clean, sucking and stroking it at the same time before letting go and standing up. I sit down on the couch and she straddles me facing away. Her body leans back as she positions her pussy and slowly slides down my long shaft, causing a sensation to run up and down my spine. She begins to lift and lower herself, her body leaning back against mine as she pushed down further every time. She moaned as she began to quicken her pace, my hands pinching her breast and rubbing her clit as she began to ride me.

“Oh fuck yeah, you love this older cunt don’t you,” she moaned. I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back and body down on my cock, “oh hell yeah,” I said feeling her tight walls squeeze my cock with each movement. She bounced up and down on my cock, her breast bouncing with her as I forced my cock up into her body every time she fell down.
I then pulled her body back and began to pump my cock deep into her pussy, fucking harder and harder. Sweat falling off our bodies as I my hand rubbed her clit, feeling her pussy getting tighter and tighter.

“That’s it baby, make me cum,” she screamed as I pounded harder and harder. She leaned back and let out a loud scream as her body shook, juices gushing around my cock as she came again and again. The sensation comes over me as I feel my cock swell, ready to explode. “Damn, where you want me to cum, baby?” I asked, trying not to cum too soon.
She pushes off me and places her lips around my cock, jerking the bottom of my shaft causing me to release load after load. “OH FUCK, FUCK,” I screamed as I feel her take each drop from me and hold it into her mouth. After I was emptied, she leans back and shows me the massive load in her mouth; she closes her mouth and drinks it down.

We both are trying to slow down and catch our breathes, looking at each other and smiling. “Well damn, guess I’m fired,” she said as she got off the floor and sat next to me. “Why is that?” I asked looking at her. “Well you will tell your friends and word will reach our boss and I’m gone,” she said. I laughed a little and looked at her, “look I don’t want you to get fired, so it’s just are secret. And anyways I be in just as much trouble as you, especially with Rochelle.” She laughed, “Well good, damn hope my boyfriend is not in the mood because I don’t think my pussy can take anymore.” I looked at her and smiled, “well I bet now that no matter whom you fuck, you be thinking about my big cock.” She laughed and bit her lower lip, “Well yeah, so you better not cut me off or there will be hell to pay.”

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