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My fourteen-year-old sister-in-law goes on vacation with us.
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Summertime In Colorado

I absolutely love summertime. The hotter it is the less the girls wear. Instead of long jeans they wear short shorts. Instead of full blouses they wear skimpy tops. Coats are strictly out of the question too. Bikinis are popular even if it is just the top half with a micro mini skirt. Like I said I absolutely love summertime.

Girls of all ages are wonderful to look at. Touching them might be a different story but looking at them is still legal. The problem today is that thirty-year-old girls look eighteen but so do thirteen-year-old girls. It really is quite a problem.

Take my wife and her youngest sister for example. My mother-in-law had a change of life baby so my thirty-eight-year-old wife has a fourteen-year-old sister. Hell our daughter Lois is eighteen years old and she used to baby sit her Aunt Veronica.

Veronica spends a lot of time with us and seems to think of us as her parents most of the time. She confides in my wife and we go to her school for open house and special activities. With her parents being retired at sixty-two and sixty-eight they are older than her friends grandparents are. My in-laws are more than happy to let us take over. It was even discussed that we would raise her if anything happened to them.

We had planned a month long vacation in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado and taking Veronica along with us. It was a high school graduation present for Lois before going off to college in the fall. As it turned out Lois went to college early to start classes in the summer. That way she figured that she could get a jump on her education. She was planning on getting her four-year degree in just three years including all of the summers in between. It was possible, so we wished her well.

So we were in Colorado for the entire month of July. It was certainly not as hot as it would be back home and we could see snow on the mountain peeks. We were situated on a mountain lake with a few other cabins scattered around the shore. We had our own dock to sit on, fish from, and to dive off of. Except the water was ice cold. That particular lake had ice on it up until a couple of weeks before we had arrived.

Well that very first day my wife and Veronica were a lot braver than I was, that was for sure. Those two girls put on their skimpy little bikinis and jumped right into the lake. They stayed in the water for quite a while before coming back out. I helped them both back up on the dock and was rewarded for my efforts. One of my wife’s breasts fell out of her top and her bikini bottom slipped down so that I could see half of her ass, crack and all. Then I helped Veronica up. She too had a breast fall out and laughed about it. Her bikini bottoms practically fell off because they were tied too loose. I was able to see most of her pussy and when she turned around I got to see her entire ass too.

I thought that she would be embarrassed about it but obviously she was not. She then asked my wife, “Hey sis does this mean that I can sunbathe nude now?” To which my wife replied, “I don’t see why not. You don’t have anything that he hasn’t seen now.”

So instead of pulling her bottoms up she simply slipped them off, tossed her top and bottom to me, and then she laid down on the end of the dock.

I walked back to my wife with Veronica’s bikini in my hand. My wife looked at it, smiled, and then added her own bikini to the pile. I took them in the cabin and returned with two cold beers and a Pepsi. I then sat on the dock and stared at the two sisters, especially Veronica. Her nipples never unstiffened, her body was covered with goose bumps, and her pussy slit was moist. She was suffering in the cold just to expose herself to me. I really appreciated it and I finally told her so.

I said, “Veronica you are turning into quite a young lady. You are very sexy and someday a young boy will steel your heart.”

Veronica replied, “I’m not interested in a young boy, I’m interested in only you.”

I spit out a little beer and then looked over at my wife. She was grinning from ear to ear. So I said, “But I’m your brother-in-law.”

Veronica then said, “I know and that means that we are not related by blood and that it wouldn’t be incest.”

I just glared at my wife. She just smiled back at me and said, “She does have a point you know.”

Then I said, “But she is only fourteen.”

My wife then said, “Now that could be a problem.”

Veronica added, “Only if anyone finds out about it and I’m certainly not going to tell anyone.”

My wife smiled and said, “Well I’m not going to tell anyone either.” She looked directly at me and asked, “Are you?”

Then it was my turn to smile. I had just caught on to their little game. I walked between them, knelt down, and placed a hand on both of their pussies. They each opened their legs and allowed my palm to feel the warmth of their crotches. Then I asked, “Is this okay with both of you?” To which they replied, “Yes.”

So I slipped a finger into both of their pussies and probed around a little before finding their clits and giving them a workout. Soon Veronica’s goose bumps disappeared but her nipples stayed hard. The two sisters enjoyed a couple of orgasms apiece before I stopped. Veronica was the first one to tell me not to stop.

My wife just smiled and told her, “This is where he gets his reward.” She gave me the nod to go ahead.

I moved over and parted Veronica’s legs. I slipped my shorts off and touched the head of my cock to her pussy. I parted her lips and touched her moist hole with it next. Then it was just a matter of doing it. First I waited a moment for her breathing to calm down. Then she told me that she was okay and that she wanted me to make love to her. That was all I was waiting for. I eased my cock into my young sister-in-law and watched the smile cross her face. I had never had a fourteen-year-old in my life, not even when I was sixteen and screwing everything in sight.

As it reached the end I paused then slipped it out to her entrance and back in again. I was giving her a good four or five-inch stroke instead of the quick one or two-inch strokes that I normally give my wife when I’m excited and I was certainly excited. It was killing me to take long strokes but it was also extending my pleasure and hers. Her tight little tunnel was squeezing the length of my cock as it slipped in and out. I was pretty sure that the head of my cock was kissing her cervix with each in stroke. I lifted my hips so that the upper side of my cock would stimulate her clit on the in stroke too. I knew that in that position that my cock would apply some pressure to her rectum as I went back in too giving her a nice feeling. I figured that if my wife liked it that her sister certainly would.

It might be my imagination or just sentimental but I swear that I could hear the wind blowing, the fish jumping, and the birds singing as I pumped my fourteen-year-old sister-in-law full of fresh hot cum.

She was dreary eyed as she whispered, “Thank you sis. It was everything that I had dreamed of.”

Then my wife whispered back, “Good, because you are going have to take care of him for the rest of the trip.”

Veronica smiled and whispered, “Okay.”

To which my wife said, “Every morning, every afternoon, and every night for the rest of the month.”

Veronica smiled and said aloud, “Thank you God for answering my prayers.”

Finally I had something to say, “Thank you God for answering my prayers.”

My wife said, “You’re both welcome, but you don’t have to call me God.”

The End
Summertime In Colorado
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