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This is my first story, about a friend of mine, Kate, who gets a very nice surprise while she is enjoying herself in the bath...
Kate slipped off the bathrobe and tested the water before sliding into it. As she lowered herself she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror and couldn't help smiling. She was proud of her body. At 18 years old her 34C boobs were very firm and full and already her nipples were starting to harden. Her shaven mound glistened in the soft light and as the soapy water reached her crotch she sighed...With the bubbles surrounding her Kate felt the tension slowly slip away, to be replaced with a feeling of happiness and arousal. As she relaxed, her eyes closed and she began to soap her body, letting her hands trace their familiar path from the top of her breasts down to her pointed nipples and finally down to her crotch. Kate loved to finger herself, and she tried to do it at least once a day where ever she was, but the bath was her favourite place. As her hands moved down her body her smile grew until finally she closed her hand over her pussy and began to rub...

With 2 fingers Kate parted her pussy lips and groaned as the water rushed in, the heat of it making her want to cum right then. With the lips pulled apart she began to push her middle finger in and out, teasing herself, feeling her clit swell and her nipples harden. Kate had just thrust another finger into her hot pussy when she opened her eyes with a start and gasped. Standing over her, with a smile on his face and a bulge in his pants, was her neighbour, Josh. Frantically splashing around, trying to cover herself with bubbles, Kate blurted out, "How did you... I never heard... What are you doing here?!"
Josh replied with a grin, "I could ask you the same thing! I knocked, but you didn't reply. I was going to ask if you wanted to get some supper, but I think we should rather just stay in!"
Kate's head was spinning as she tried to answer and explain, "I was jus-"
Josh, however, quickly silenced her by bending over and kissing her, his lips pushing against hers, forcing her to keep quiet. Kate had always had a thing for Josh, and they had become friends quickly. But she had never imagined that something like this would ever happen. As Josh bent over to keep kissing her his crotch came closer and Kate began to rub her free hand against his bulging pants while her other hand continued to rub at her pussy, thrusting deep into it and pulling out to pull and pinch at her swollen clit. Just as she felt that she was about to explode Josh pulled away and smiled at her as he undid his jeans and then lowered his boxers.

Josh knew that Kate liked him, had always known it since he had moved in a couple of months before. Although he had had a girlfriend at the time he had noticed the way she looked at him and smiled. He had noticed too her fine, tight ass and firm tits. Now that he was single he had been hoping that something might happen between them, and now here was his chance. He had come over hoping to get something going and seeing Kate playing with herself had only hardened his cock even more. Now, as he pulled his boxers down his 20cm cock sprang free. Kate gasped when she saw it and began to rub her clit more furiously than ever. She hadn't seen a cock in over two months and seeing Josh's now was nearly too much for her. Without saying anything Kate stopped fingering herself and raised herself out of the water enough to grasp Josh's cock in both hands and begin to rub it. With one hand working up and down his shaft and the other fondling his balls Josh could feel his whole body tensing. When she heard him start to moan and shake Kate replaced her hands with her mouth and began to suck his cock from the head down. As his cock went deeper into her mouth Josh placed his hands on her head and started to thrust his cock deeper and deeper into her mouth. Although she gagged slightly Kate kept going, her tongue moving in circles over the head of his cock as it rammed against her throat. Josh soon tensed up and pulled free of her, but she kept her hands going, long hard strokes along his cock until he groaned and came hard all over her face. His cum dripped from her face and she quickly took his cock into her mouth again and sucked the rest of his cum out. When she had finished Josh removed the rest of his clothes and joined her in the bath. Josh took hold of her nipple in his hand and gave it a play squeeze. He could see that her pussy was still red and her clit swollen under the water. Lifting her out of the bath, Josh kissed her, and placed her on the edge of the bath with her open pussy right in front of him, and her asshole pushed against the cool tiling. In this position Kate knew she was helpless and gave in as Josh started to finger her wet cunt, slowly at first, but then harder and faster. She only ever fingered herself with 2 fingers, but when Josh worked his third finger in, pushing it deep inside of her and rubbing it against her G-spot Kate felt an electric shock pulse through her body, arching her back and tightening her pussy around his fingers as she came. Her cum covered his hand and she felt the pleasure continue as he kept thrusting into her pussy.

Just as she was about to orgasm again Josh stopped and pulled his hand out. However, before she could complain he had replaced it with his mouth and soon his tongue was right where his fingers had been, deep inside of her; pushing against the sides of her pussy and pulling out to suck on her shaved labia and to nibble her swollen clit. Kate had never had oral sex performed on her before, but she had wanted to try it badly, and now here she was being muffed by her next door neighbour while he fingered at the same time. The combined feeling of his soft mouth sucking on her clitoris and his hard finger pushing deep in her cunt, gave Kate a feeling like never before. As she came for the second time she groaned aloud and pulled his head closer into her crotch, insistent that he keep going. Josh had muffed a girl before, but never quite like this, and he gladly pushed his tongue further in, wanting Kate to experience maximum pleasure. When she finally stopped shaking he came up and kissed her hard on the lips and as their tongues intertwined they could taste each other’s juices. With his body pressed tightly against Kate's Josh felt his cock harden once more and, with a final kiss, he lay back into the water, pulling Kate on top of him...
Part II to follow soon...

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2009-06-15 04:56:39
20 cm dumbass not 20 in... good story btw keep up the good work


2009-05-19 20:43:00
no1 has a 20 in cock

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2008-12-20 01:00:39
blowjob described very well like a beuttifull story.
i and my wife read this and had a good lipwork for almost 3 days taking lesson from it .

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2008-09-04 13:38:37
Was alright


2008-09-04 08:05:52
Good story. Can't wait for Part 2. Write more soon.

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