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What's a horny woman to do?
The Lonely Traveler
by Veronica

Being a single businesswoman, I travel extensively internationally attending one boring meeting after another. I have found myself spending many lonely nights in strange cities generally holed up in my hotel rooms ordering room service studying reports for the next day’s meeting. One night while in Amsterdam, I wanted something other than business reports spread out on my bed. Since my male counterparts have always bragged about their rompings with various female escorts, I decided it was my turn to do some bragging of my own.

I asked the concierge at the hotel where I was staying if there were any reliable male escort services and before I knew it, the most incredibly handsome, blonde haired young gentleman appeared at my door for our “date”. I explained to this Adonis named Christian that I wanted to have some “fun” that evening and he winked with one piercing blue eye and said that he was there to satisfy my every need.

Christian took me to a disco in the “blue light” section of Amsterdam where the music was blarring, the liquor was flowing and people were pressed tightly together on the dance floor gyrating to the noise. We ordered drinks and Christian grabbed my hand and pulled me onto the dance floor where I watched his cute little ass in very tight jeans move sensually to the music. As the night wore on and the music got slower, Christian’s body pressed tightly against mine, his hands working their way down my back to my own firm cheeks. He fondled my bottom and one hand worked its way up under my very short skirt, and he smiled deliciously when he found that I was not wearing anything underneath. I pushed my large, rounded breasts against his chest and I could feel his cock pressing against me as our hips rotated together in a kind of foreplay.

We went back to my hotel and Christian grabbed me in the elevator, pressing me against the wall, and plunged his tongue deeply into my mouth while gently massaging one of my now hardened nipples. We entered my room and he asked if he could be of any more service to me that night. I answered by removing my blouse and skirt,

He walked over to me and started trailing his fingers up and down my arms, pausing to circle my breasts while he planted hot kisses on my face and neck. He gently guided me to the bed where his tongue replaced his fingertips and as he sucked my nipples, his hands worked their way down my stomach slowly to my wet pubic hair. His hand made circles around my mound, not quite touching my inner lips. I wiggled under his hand, wanting him to touch my hardened pearl, but he was teasing me, making me pant, making me wait.

I ripped at the zipper of his jeans and out poured the largest, most beautiful stiff cock I had ever seen. I grabbed his cute little ass and pulled his body to my face, opened my mouth and started licking at the rounded head while my hand fondled his balls. He was so large that I didn’t know if I could take that whole thing into my mouth but I knew I was going to try. My tongue moved slowly up one side of his shaft and then down the other, pausing at the head to suck lightly, teasing him like he had teased me. My lips encircled his rock hardness and I started taking his cock into my mouth. I could feel it throbbing, wanting to go deeper and deeper. My mouth moved up and down that long pole and I realized that no matter how wide I opened my mouth, I couldn’t get it all in. It was the most magnificent cock I had ever seen.

Christian then positioned my body on the bed and opened my legs gently. His tongue started at my neck and worked its way down, nibbling at my nipples gently, tonguing my breasts, my stomach, my long silky thighs. His hands once again found my moist cunt and this time, his fingers opened up my inner lips. I gasped as he stroked gently around my clit and then inserted his fingers inside of me. His mouth moved up from my thighs and I could feel his tongue stroke the area where his fingers had been. He moved around and around my clit, then finally flicked it lightly with his tongue. My body shuddered and my cunt was so hot I thought I was on fire. As my hips started rotating under his mouth, he licked my hardened pearl faster and then just as I was about to explode, his tongue pushed deeply inside of me moving in and out like a smaller version of his dick. I exploded juices in his face again and again until he finally stopped.

He gently rolled me over on the bed and brought my hips up doggy style. I could feel that hard shaft gently pushing at the outside of my dripping pussy. He entered me very slowly, while he reached around with his hand and started slowly massaging me again. His hips started moving faster, pushing himself into me deeper and deeper, while his hand moved furiously on my clit. I couldn’t wait any longer and as my inner muscles contracted clenching his dick and feeling his hot juices pouring inside of me, my body convulsed in the longest orgasm I ever had.

He collapsed on top of me and we laid there for awhile dizzy from our intense climaxes. He asked me if there was anything else I needed or wanted, but I couldn’t even speak. I slept the most delicious sleep that night and the next morning my meeting didn’t seem quite so boring.

I couldn’t wait to get home and brag to my male counterparts that they weren’t the only ones who could have some fun while on a business trip.


2006-04-12 09:09:35


2005-08-01 22:58:05
That sure got the hard on going!! Nice to read woan pleasuring herself - any time you're travelling this end just call . . . .


2005-01-31 16:38:58
I liked the story. Finally, a women gets to have some fun! lol have some more experiences and write them down for all of us here. With love, -me


2005-01-28 11:23:22
Same old boring (and fictional) pattern.


2004-09-15 21:57:26
wish i could go on a trip like that, business or otherwise!

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