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This IS a true story. Enjoy it for what it is worth, and comment as you wish.
We sat down on the couch, cuddling up together to watch The Devils Rejects. As usual, I was getting horny watching blood being spilt while sitting next to my slut for a girlfriend. My left hand went from resting on her stomach, to her leg, down to her pussy. It was hot enough to be radiating heat through her g-string and levis.

Still on the couch, I slid my hand up, and then under her pants and started rubbing her clit as we watched people being knocked off. Both of us loved gore 'cause it made us horny as fuck. Whispering into her ear, telling her how I'd love to ram my cock in to her cunt as she watched people being killed only made her moan. Reaching her hand down, she felt my cock pushing against it's limits in my pants. Returning the deed, she reaching and started sliding her fingers along the head of my dick.

I took a moment to stop rubbing her clit to suck off her juices. Using the moment where I wasn't flicking her clit, I used both hands to get her bra strap undone and her shirt slipped up. Sliding my hand back down, I started in on her clit again as my tongue began working its way along her breast to her stiff nipple. As her breathing changed, and her hand moved faster I felt her panties get moist next to my hand as her hips buckled under me. Using the chance of her post-orgasm fog I slipped her on to the floor and unbuckled her pants.

With the movie still running it's gore, I slide her pants off. Getting in to position, I start to lick her cunt up and down. I feel her hips moving again, ramming her clit in to my lips as my tongue goes up and down and two of my fingers find and work their way along her g-spot. Moaning, she grabs my long hair and holds my head right where I want it as she cums again, but on my face this time. I moan this time, enjoying the sweet taste of her horny, sopping wet pussy.

Looking down her body at me, she askes me to just fuck her already. Grinning into her pussy, I nod my head with a sparkle in my eyes at the offer. She has but one request... she wants to be able to see the tv as I ram my shaft up in to her. Smiling at the thought, I slip her clothes off along with mine. Sitting back down on the dark red couch, I pull her onto my lap in a reverse cowgirl position. Reaching around, I grab a hold of my cock head and guide it into her snatch.

Both of us sigh as the bottom of my dick rubs along her g-spot and up into her velvet soft hole. She starts rising up and down, watching the movie intently as she rides herself on me. Reaching around, I grab a hold of both her breats and start to massage and tweak her nipples. Arching her back, I feel her pussy spasm again, and along with it comes a slight leak of fluids on to my dick, balls, and on to the couch.

Sliding in and out of her starts to take a toll on me, esp. with the way she is riding me and putting constant pressure on the bottom of my dick. I slide my hands down to her hips, and hold her down and thrust up. Arching her back again as my dick goes even deeper into her, she grips on to my thighs for the on coming orgasm. Sweating and moaning I feel my balls tighten up, my dick throbbing, I shoot my first stream in to the bottom of her cunt. I feel her pussy tighten at the feeling, and it milks another stream out of me. She then cums with me, as I keep shooting streams of my jizz into her already drenched fuck hole.

After we both are all done cumming, she slides off me real quick, spins around, and slides right back in to me. With my semi-hard dick in her, she rubs her nipples against my chest hair as we start to make out. In between kisses and bites, we whisper vicious promises to each other of what we will do next. She enjoys it, because she feels my dick getting harder inside of her.

Starting the motions, I start to fuck her oozing, sloppy, slippery cunt. I lean forward, and start to whisper in to her ear, and remind her that my dick is fucking her jizz filled pussy. Moaning, she just digs her nails into my back and starts thrusting on to me. Reaching down behind her, I slide my finger along her cunt lips and my dick to gather some of the mess. I then bring it up to her face, and slide it in to her mouth. Licking her lips, she stops gouging my back and starts cleaning up her pussy as she fucks me and eating what she can find.

Holding her close, I keep her from moving for a second as I lean forward and push us both down towards the carpet. Now being over her, I place her legs on my shoulders and start to thrust deep in to her. Hitting her cervix, I hear her cries through the haze of lust. I see a tear running down her cheek, and I wipe it as I kiss her forehead. Ramming in to her, feeling my balls slapping into her tight ass, I feel another orgasm coming.

Crying out now with every thrust, she starts to shake alittle from the pain. She has her hands dug into my hair and scalp. I feel her own organs tighten up as she orgasms, even through the pain. This pushes me over the edge, and I shoot my second load into her. After two spurts, I pull out and let the rest shoot on to her stomach and outside her pussy.

How the day finishes off though, is a story for another time.


2009-01-15 01:43:39
No one dies in the story.

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