Wife cuts hubby off after 30 yrs.

This is a story about how my sex life changed in my older years. I was a pretty happily married man for over 30 years. The wife and I, enjoyed a fairly active sex life for most of our marriage but all of a sudden she completely lost interest in sex period. Before, we would fuck, suck, play, and just about anything else you could think of. But after having a few kids, she completely cut me off. No matter how much I begged and pleaded, trying to reason with her, it did not one iota of good. I was completely cut off from what I dearly do, and was used to having on a regular basis.

At my age, finding women to have sex with was very difficult. Over the years, I had put on a lot of weight and my looks had deteriorated from what they were in my youth. In other words I was now a bald, fat, old man of 60. And to top it off, the only sex I had obtained in over 10 years was from prostitutes and I didn’t like the idea of paying for sex. Too impersonal and no excitement. I at least wanted an encounter with someone that would be a willing partner.

I had started to meet at the local coffee shop, located at the bus station. A few old cronies and myself would meet there a couple of times a week, drink coffee, and reminisce about old times and discuss anything else that came to mind. We would sit there for a couple of hours each visit and then go our separate ways. It had become something of a routine for us. Something we did that was enjoyable and helped to kill time during the day.

One morning about 11:00am,we broke up our session for that day and everybody left. I suddenly had to take a dump, so I went into the pay toilet to take care of business. I was sitting there amusing myself reading the graffiti on the walls. Pretty raw stuff, some funny prose and such. I heard someone enter the stall next to me and close the door. I sat there for another 5 minutes or so and heard nothing. Glancing at the wall, I noticed a hole had been cut through the wall a little below waist high.

Silly me, it never dawned on me why there was a hole at just that spot and it kind of intrigued me. I leaned forward and glanced through and what I saw surprised me. What I saw was a middle aged man with his pants around his ankles, legs spread wide, with a rigid cock in his hand. He was stroking it rhymically, with a look of sheer pleasure on his face. All of a sudden it dawned on me what the hole was there for.

Remembering my early teen years, I recalled my first blow job had been at a hole just like this one. I had went into a rest room at a downtown department store to relieve myself. I had heard about men who liked to suck men and I was interested,being only 14 at the time. A guy on the other side motioned to me with his finger and when I did nothing he said to stick it through the hole. I was scared to at first but curiosity finally got the better of me and I stood and turned toward the wall. I slowly stuck my teenage dick through the hole and quickly felt a warm wetness encircle my now expanding member. I got hard instantly and felt the mouth move back and forth on my cock. I came really fast. Much faster than I did when I jacked off. It felt like I imagined a hot pussy would feel.

This had happened many years ago and I hadn’t thought of that incident for years until I saw the guy jerking off in the next stall. As I watched, I felt myself getting hard for the first time in years and reached down and started to play with myself. I leaned back to get better access to myself and decided to go ahead and jerk off while I was that excited. As I stroked myself, I glanced at the hole and saw an eye watching me. I started to quit what I was doing but thought to myself, why the hell should I ? He was doing the same thing that I was, so I continued to jack off.

A few seconds later, the eye was replaced with a finger through the hole motioning me to come here. I knew what he meant and I thought to myself, should I or shouldn’t I ? I decided to give it a try. I hadn’t fucked in almost ten years and was getting excited, remembering my first blow-job. I decided to go for it. I stood up, stepped to the hole and started to slip my cock through. I was 8 inches and fairly thick but my cock slid in even though it was a tight fit.

The next thing I felt was a warm mouth cover the head of my dick and start moving back and forth, taking more of my length with each stroke. Man, it felt like a hot juicy pussy to me and I fucked the hole in the wall for all I was worth.It was a glorious feeling and my balls started to tighten.It had been so long since I had cum that I knew I would explode in no time. I felt the mouth sucking harder and I felt my cock jerk spasmodically as the sucking increased in intensity. I felt my cockhead swell and as it did, the mouth went all the way to the wall, taking all of my cock that he could get. He held still and waited. The wait wasn’t long because my dick started to spew it’s first load of cum in a long time. Squirt, squirt, squirt, squirt it went. I could hear swallowing on the other side as my balls violently emptied down the anonymous throat on the other side. I felt the mouth tighten around my hot prick as I continued to cum.

My balls were empty and I was starting to rapidly get soft. I felt the mouth leave my cock with a final lick at the tip and I slowly withdrew from the glory hole. Now I understood why they were called that. It was a glorious feeling alright. It had taken a toll on this old man and I was suddenly tired from all this exertion. I quickly pulled up my pants, got myself presentable and left the restroom quickly. All the way to my car, I wondered if people were watching me come out of the toilet and wondering what I had been doing in there.

I went on back home and as I walked into the house, my wife asked if I’d had a good time. I assured her that I had, and wondered if she could sense that I was fresh from having sex. I had heard that some women could tell and I was just a little apprehensive that maybe she was one of those women. My fears turned out to be groundless or else she could have cared less. I didn’t care which.

My next encounter was a few weeks later. I had decided that since I couldn’t find any women to fuck, that I would do this as an alternative way to get sex. I remembered reading a note on the restroom wall about a local park where you could find guys for sex. It said to park next to the restroom area after dark and to sit there and wait. I went there the next night that I was out. I had went to a local mall to do some shopping and decided to check out the park. I pulled in at a secluded parking place. There were only a few other cars there that night.

I parked the car, turned off the lights and ignition and sat there quietly. Just thinking about it got me fairly hard and I played with myself through my pants while I sat there. I had sat there about 5 minutes or so when a young man in his early twenties, walked over to my car and asked me if I had a light. I lit his cigarette and we were silent for a few seconds. He asked me where the action was and I said that I’d heard that it was here. He said, “What are you looking for ?” I said, “Oh I don’t know, just seeing what was available.” He said, “What, not getting taken care of at home ?” “Not really.” I replied.

He leaned against the car door, looked around to see that nobody was watching. No one was near so he reached into the car, put his hand between my legs and squeezed my cock gently. I spread my legs and slid lower in the seat to make it easier for him to feel what he was after. “Ummmm, nice, and I can tell that you are ready too,” he said. “I sure am,” I replied. “You got somewhere to go ?”he wanted to know. “Not really,” I answered, “My wife is at home now.” “You mind doing it in the park ?” he asked. “Will it be safe /” I asked him. “Sure,” he said, “I know a place we can go.”

“Let’s go then.” I said. He got in on the passenger side and directed me to a quiet, secluded spot with almost no traffic. A small picnic area in some trees with a couple of cement tables with benches and a cement grill. “Nobody ever comes here at night.” he said. We got out of the car and walked over to one of the tables. As we stood there, he reached out and squeezed my cock gently. I began to get hard and he noticed and grinned broadly. He unzipped my trousers with his free hand and then reached inside, found the opening to my shorts and slipped his hand inside, circling my hard cock with his fingers.

“Boy, you’ve got a nice piece of meat there. Most older guys I meet here have got small cocks and don’t get real hard either.” he said. “Nice set of nuts too. Do you shoot a good load ?” “Oh yeah,” I answered, hunching against his squeezing fingers. He unbuckled my belt, unsnapped my pants and asked me as they fell to the ground, “Take them off so I can get to it better ?” I slipped one foot out of my pants and boxers and leaned back against the table. He held my balls in one hand while stroking my stiff cock lightly with the other.

He kneeled between my legs on his knees and leaning forward, licked the head of my cock with his tongue. I pushed forward, putting the head against his lips. Feeling his lips open, I pushed even harder, putting about 3 inches in his mouth. He moaned and slid his mouth all the way to my balls and started sucking me slowly. He reached down and pushed his shorts and underwear down to the ground and stroked his 7 inch cock as he sucked me. I looked down at him and thought that he had a nice looking cock.

I wondered what it would feel like to suck another man’s cock. I had been thinking about it a lot lately and thought that I might try it, given the right opportunity. His cock was shiney in the moonlight as his pre-cum covered it from head to balls. The head was purplish and shiny,and bulbous . I grabbed his head and fucked his face and I felt the cum rise from my balls. He really knew how to suck. Sliding his mouth back and forth, licking at the slot in the head every time he withdrew.

He pulled his mouth off my cock and I felt him take one nut in his mouth and lick it, then he did the same with the other one. Once again he took the whole length of my turgid cock in his mouth and sucked it long and hard. I felt my load approaching so I held his head in my hands and fucked his mouth faster and faster. I felt myself starting to cum and I shoved my cock down his throat as far as I could. He gagged once and began swallowing my copious load and didn’t lose a drop.

I looked down and saw his cock swell and the white fluid shot out of the head of it as he started to cum. It fell in a puddle between his knees and he shuddered as my dick started to go limp. I pulled out and slipped my clothes back on,thinking that he was waiting for me to get dressed. I was going to take him back where I picked him up but when I finished getting dressed he had disappeared. I got in my car and drove on home.

The next morning, I went to the coffee shop for my usual visit and sat there with the guys, not paying much attention to the conversation. My mind kept going back to last night and the sight of that sexy looking cock on the young man. I kept thinking that I wanted to try sucking a cock if I got the chance. It would have to be just the right circunstances though, because I was pretty well known in this town and if my wife ever found out, I could kiss my marriage goodbye.

Our meeting went about like it usually did and we broke up about 11:30 as usual. I waited til they had all left and decided to go to the restroom before I left as I was a little horny after thinking about last night. I thought I might run into another guy or if nothing else, I could jerk off before I went home.

I went into the stall, dropped my pants to the floor and sat down. My cock was already half hard so I leaned back and stroked it slowly. I was taking my time, enjoying it, when I heard someone enter the stall next to me. I heard a zipper, then pants being pushed down and someone sitting down. I siopped what I was doing and sat back up pretending to be using the toilet. Curiosity got the better of me and I leaned over and looked through the hole.

What I saw excited me to no end. A man was leaning back and playing with his cock. He seemed to be in his 50’s.He had a real nice, sexy looking cock. It was a little on the smallish size, about 5 ½ inches but fairly thick, circumcised, and not completely hard yet. His pubic hair was fine and slightly gray and Thoughts of sucking it went through my head and I thought, should I try it ? It would be the perfect opportunity. No one could see me, and no one would ever know. I kept looking through the hole, watching it get harder as he played with it. He noticed me watching him through the hole and grinned. He pointed his now hard cock toward me and shook it sexily.He stood up and I could see that he had a set of balls that hung low. They were fat and looked like they were full. My dick got rock hard as I looked at the stiff cock on the other side of the hole. So close yet so far away.

I wondered how it would taste. If I would like it. He moved over to the adjoining wall between us. I continued to watch as his cock got closer to the hole. He took his hand off of it and I watched as it bounced up and down. He continued to flex his muscle and I watched it keep bouncing up and down. He stuck the shiny, reddish head of it through the hole and I watched as he slowly pushed more and more of it toward me.I could see the pre-cum oozing from the tip as he stood there in anticipation of what he wanted to happen. I thought to myself, it’s now or never, so I slowly leaned forward, touching my tongue to the slit in the head of his dick. It tasted kind of salty but yet sweet. Not unpleasant like I thought it would be. I decided to go further and took the head in my mouth and it felt hard yet soft to the touch of my lips at the same time. Finding that I enjoyed what I was doing, I took more of it in my mouth.

I heard him breath sharply as my lips touched the cold hard wall. I was surprised to discover that I had the whole length in my mouth. I withdrew til only the tip was still in my mouth. I went back on it all the way and he started a fucking motion from the other side. As I moved my head back and forth on it, he fucked back at me at the same time. He started breathing faster as we both worked at each other. I wondered how long it would take before he would cum and would I like it when he did.

I felt it as his cock started to throb. It seemed to swell even thicker as I kept moving my head, fucking my own mouth with this strange feeling of having a cock in my mouth. I was really enjoying it now. All of a sudden, I felt him start to cum. It was a weak stream shooting out without a lot of force, but a good amount none the less. I held it on my tongue,savoring the taste. A little more salty than his pre-cum had been but still not unpleasant. I swallowed it down as he shot in my mouth once more. After that last spurt, he started going soft and he pulled it from the hole and sat back down. After cleaning himself with some tissue, he pulled up his pants and quickly left.

I looked down at my own cock and saw that I had cum as well and didn’t realize what had happened.There was a puddle of white cum on the floor at my feet. I wiped my limp cock with tissue and cleaned the cum off the floor. Pulling my clothes up and leaving, I was more satisfied than I had been in a long time.

The next day, I was surfing the internet and went into a sex chat room that I had been frequenting for a few months. I decided to check out the gay chatroom to find out what was going on in there. There were quite a few people in there chatting and I got a private message, I guess, due to the nickname I was using,oldhornypop. It was from a 35 year old man who said that he liked older men. We chatted for awhile and I found out that he was bi-sexual like I was, was married and didn’t get enough sex at home.

I told him that I had just started having sex with other men and we also discovered that we lived only about 30 miles apart. We planned to get together as soon as we could, and exchanged contact information with each other. We decided to meet halfway on Wednesday of the next week. I told my wife that I was going for a drive that evening and not to expect me til late and to go on to bed when she was ready.

I drove the twenty or so miles to the arranged meeting place and saw his van as I pulled up. It was a ford step van with tinted windows and a plush interior. We exchanged pleasantries for a few minutes and seemed to like what we saw. His name was Rich, I told him my name was Don. He was a nice, clean looking guy, about 5’10” tall, well built, and had a crew cut.He was dressed in a t-shirt and sweats. I had worn a pair of shorts about mid thigh length and a t-shirt for comfort.

He told me about an old abandoned logging road that he knew of that went deep into the woods and was never used except during hunting season. It being the middle of summer, it was a very isolated spot.So I followed him there to allow us maximum privacy. We arrived after a couple of miles drive and pulled into a small clearing, surrounded by oak and pine trees. I climed into his van with him because it would be roomier. He had the air conditioner going and it felt good.

We again talked for a few minutes mainly about what we liked sexually. I found out that we had a lot of things in common. We both liked pussy and cock. He said that he had been interested in older men ever since he had been introduced to male sex by an elderly uncle at about age 11. I told him that I really had no preference as to age and that I had only recently been sucking cock. I told him about my situation with my wife and he remarked that it must be hard on me after having sex for so many years and being suddenly cut off.

He laid a hand on my leg and rubbed it while we talked. As his hand moved higher, I felt my rod begin to get harder. He said, “Why don’t we get in the back where we can be more comfortable. I’ll leave the motor running and the air on so we will be cool.” We crawled into the rear of the van I could see that it was very plush with shag carpet, a small bar, 2 beds along the wall on either side and 2 captains chairs that swiveled 360 degrees Real nice. He said, “Welcome to my pleasure wagon,” with a light chuckle.

I dropped my shorts as I sat down and watched him as he stared at my 8 incher as it got harder.I pulled off my shirt as I sat on one of the chairs and watched as he also undressed. First the shirt, then the sweats hit the floor. He was, as I said earlier, Very well built. His 7 inch cock swung to and fro as he sat and he stroked it slowly. I slid forward in my chair, spread my legs wide and grasped my almost hard cock in my hand and stroked myself as he was doing.

He asked me what I liked doing and I replied that since I was pretty new at this, I was willing to try just about anything. He then got to his knees between my legs and put one hand on each knee, sliding them up my legs then back to my knees again. I turned my dick loose and let it bounce lightly as it continued to harden. He cupped my balls in his left hand and rolled them around gently. Taking my cock in his other hand, it got fully erect with very little manipulation. As he stroked me, I could see little drops of pre-cum oozing from the tip. He leaned forward and started licking my ball sack first one side, then the other, taking one nut in his mouth for a few seconds, then the other followed.

I had never had this done to me before and it felt strange but thrilling.He then moved to the side and leaned over, licking the tip of my cock, getting the taste of my dripping on his tongue. He then took the head of it in his mouth and applied very firm suction to it. I felt it throb to his touch.Then he moved down about halfwas and withdrew til only the head was left between his lips. Next he went down on me all the way to my balls. I could feel my cock hit the back of his throat.

As he got into a steady sucking rhytm, I reached between his legs and grabbed his semi-hard cock in my hand and stroked him to full hardness. I could feel the head of his now erect cock swell to it’s largest proportions. As he continued to suck me, I could feel my balls already starting to tingle.I reached a little further down and cupped his heavy hanging nuts and rolled them around in my palm. I got a real thrill as I again stroked that hot hard cock in time to his sucking me. We both reached a peak at the same time and I felt as he shot a huge load of his hot seed in my hand

My balls tightened and twitched as I felt him cum, and my cockhead swelled and my cock rewarded his efforts bt filling his throat with my copious stream. He was so good at what he was doing that I thought my cock would never stop spurting. I finally went limp and he kept sucking as I still dribbled as I finished cumming. I then got on my knees and took his meat in my mouth all the way to his balls. His pubic hair was so long and thick that it tickled my nose and face.

I kept up my sucking and felt him start to harden again. He could do that with his youth but it took me a little longer the second time. I was enjoying it immensely though. It wasn’t very long til I felt the head of his cock swell up and a thick but still powerful stream hit the back of my throat and I was once again swallowing and enjoying another man’s cum.

We both rested for a bit and Rich said, “That was good Don.We need to double team a gal together sometime.” I replied, “I think I might like that. It’s been so long since I saw or had any pussy, I’ve just about forgot what it looks like.” “I know an old gal that likes to get it that way. You think you can get it up again tonight?” he wanted to know. “Hell yeah,” I said. He grabbed his cell phone, made a call, and talked a few minutes. When he hung up he said, “She’s ready, willing and able but drunk as a skunk. We can go to her house. She’s 55 and lives alone. We can leave your car here and I’ll bring you back later o.k?”

O.K. by me ,” I told him. We both dressed and Rich drove over to a little frame house between 5 and 10 miles away. We just walked in without knocking and I was a little shocked. She was ready for action, lying naked on the couch, with one leg on the floor, and the other propped on the backrest. Her pussy was shining for the world to see and I hardened a bit just seeing a pussy again. She said in a throaty voice, “Come on in here boys, I could use some of your big cock tonight Richie. Who is your friend ? “Thelma, this is old dangerous Don,” he said with a laugh. “Well, let’s get dangerous then boys !” she said as she stood and walked over to Rich, giving him a wet sloppy kiss.At the same time, she yanked down his sweat pants and grabbed his dangling cock and shook it. She looked over at me and said, “What you got for me dangerous ?” with a smile. I dropped my shorts and her eyes narrowed as my semi hard eight incher came in to view.

She smiled and said, “Boy, I’m in for a real treat tonight !” Rich walked over to the couch and sat on the edge and leaned back, rubbing his cock til it was hard again. She walked over to him, turned around and lowered herself on his “hot rod”. I thought he was going to get some pussy but as he spread her legs wider, I saw her mouth open wide as his hard cock slithered into the tiny pucker of her asshole. She gasped as his cock entered her and slid to the hilt.

As she relaxed, Rich said, “I thought I’d save the pussy for you Don, since you haven’t had any for so long.” “You ain’t been getting none lately. Well come see how this one feels.” she said as she patted her gapping pussy. As I walked to the couch and kneeled, Rich, with one hand under each knee, lifted her legs as high as he could and her cunt pointed directly at me. I moved forward and felt the head of my dick touch her hot pussy lips. I pushed a couple of inches in her and it felt like her pussy was trying to suck my cock in all the way so I let her have it all with one thrust. It felt extremely good to have my cock sunk to the hilt in a warm pussy. Getting sucked off is good but a hot cunt just has a different feel to it. I could feel Rich’s cock through the thin membrane separating Thelma,s pussy and ass. It was the first time I had ever done a double penetration and it got me real excited. I would feel Rich withdraw as I went in, and feel Rich drive it home as I pulled back.

Thelma kept trying to match our rhythm but was unsuccessful as we were doing opposite strokes. So all she could do was lay back and enjoy it, which she was doing very well. We both pumped our loads at the same time and Thelma just squeeled as both cocks exploded in her together.. After we had finished and were riding back to my car, I told Rich that we needed to get together more often and he smiled as he said,
“Just name the time dangerous Don.” and we both laughed together.

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