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Sex in the air...
The Mile High Club
by Veronica

As a marketing consultant for a large company, I get to travel extensively. Along with the traveling part, of course, comes the inevitable delays or cancellations of flights which gives me plenty of waiting around time in airports. One of my favorite pastimes is scoping out the male travelers and guessing whether or not they would enjoy engaging in oral sex.

There are the typical three-piece business suit variety, Rolex watches implanted for all to see on their wrists, and cashmere topcoat slung across their arm. Then there are the more casually dressed businessmen, sports coat with designer jeans, cellular phone to their ear, laptop computer always hanging from one arm. Lastly, there’s the vacationer, generally with wife and kids in tow, wearing polyester shorts, black shoes and white socks.

Now, my guess as to who loves oral sex would have been the casually dressed guy because they’re usually younger, more fit and trim, and their eyes are usually wandering around, flirting with anything in skirts. Their jeans are generally tight displaying their equipment proudly. Boy, was I wrong, when I found myself in a deep conversation with Mr. Three Piece Business Suit while waiting on a flight to Washington one afternoon.

Our flight was delayed and he suggested we have a drink in the lounge while we were waiting. One drink turned into four, and being the aggressive, horny creature that I am, I led the conversation to my favorite topic, sex. Our flight was called so we boarded the plane and found our seats were together. After we took off, we had another drink and I found him staring at my large breasts peeking out of my silk blouse. I never wear underwear so I opened up my suit jacket a little wider for him to get a good look. His hand found my knee and his fingers starting making a trail straight to the top of my legs.
The plane was almost empty and I suggested perhaps we would be uninterrupted if we moved towards the back of the plane where there were hardly any passengers.

In our new seats and without anyone close by, he resumed his voyage up my leg. By the time his fingers found my pubic area, I was dripping wet. He got up for a minute, grabbed one of those thin blankets from the overhead compartment and laid it over our laps. When he got up, I could see a nice bulge growing in his pants. He spread my legs a little, and started massaging my hard little clit ever so gently. My hands found his zipper under the blanket and I released his large, throbbing member. I teased the head with my fingertips as his fingers entered my vagina and his thumb continued playing with my clit. He whispered that he liked oral sex more than anything and wanted to eat my pussy right there on the plane. I told him that I didn’t know if we could manage that but I’d sure like to try.

We were sitting in a row of three seats so he just leaned over and his head dove under the blanket as I lifted my skirt up to my waist. I scooted down on the seat and raised one leg so he could get a better taste. His tongue opened up my lips and made little circles around my very hard pearl. I wanted him to lick my clit but he kept teasing me until I finally grabbed his head and pushed his face right where I wanted it. His tongue licked furiously driving me crazy. Just when I thought I couldn’t take it any longer, his tongue went inside while his hand worked on my clit again. I arched my back, put my hands in my mouth to stifle my moans, and spewed wetness all over his face as I orgasmed.

He came up from under the blanket and I told him it was now his turn. I then laid my head in his lap, took my place under our protective shield and put that beautiful, large cock in my mouth. With my tongue I made circles around its head, catching little drops of his pre-cum, then licked up and down the long shaft. I opened my mouth wider and took it all the way down, then up, then down, again and again. His cock started throbbing, and I tasted his delicious cum as he shot his load into my mouth.

I got out from under the blanket, licking my lips, when he asked if I had ever fucked in an airplane before. I told him I didn’t think it was possible in the seats but he just motioned for me to follow him. We went into the tiny little bathroom, he locked the door behind us, lifted me up on the sink and took out his once again throbbing cock. I lifted my skirt and he plunged his rod deep inside of me, grabbing me by my ass and lifting me up against him as he rammed that thing in and out of me. In this position, he was having no problem hitting that g-spot and I knew I was going to orgasm again. As my body exploded in orgasmic spasms, I could again feel him shoot a load of that delicious tasting cum inside of me.

He zipped up his pants, went out of the bathroom first, then I freshened up and went back to our seats. We looked around but no one had noticed anything, or at least wasn’t going to admit it.

I guess all this time I was wrong about Mr. Three-Piece Suit. Those young guys in their sport coats and designer jeans might look the part, but it’s those quiet, boring looking business types that can satisfy a girl’s sexual hunger in so many ways.

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2009-09-07 11:06:56
giggity giggity goo gaga


2006-07-04 20:53:59
been there done that


2005-08-01 23:13:17
Hey! that wascheeky and good . . . hard as a bone just thinking of you going about the job . . .


2005-01-28 11:14:54
Now, my guess as to who loves oral sex - are you kidding? Stay away from cliches.


2004-12-22 01:33:13
That got me going,could of been longer

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