Teen boy peeps on mother, and finds picture of sister naked with her besttfriend
When I was 14 I had the biggest crush on my older sister’s best friend Jena. My sister Kristen and Jena were both 15 and both were by most definitions hot. Jena had short brown hair and brown eyes. She was the outgoing type, beautiful smile nice body.
One day I was home alone, my sister was down the street at Jena’s. I decided to peep in my sisters panties drawer, something I had been doing now for about a year. I opened the drawer and started checking out her panties, sniffing them to see if any weren’t washed. In the bottom of the drawer buried by undies and bras was an envelope, inside were several pictures of my sister and Jena. I quickly realized these weren’t normal pictures, the first couple were of them posing in sexy panties and bras, then the next few were them shaving each others pussies. I had seen all this and more already on the internet but seeing Jena like this gave me an instant hard on. The last pictures I could not believe. They were of the two of them using a purple dildo on each other and eating each others pussies. This confirmed it, I always thought they were a little too close but I had no idea that they were lesbian lovers! But who took the pictures? This made me so hot, I needed to cum. I snatched one of the pictures, in it my sister was pushing the purple dildo up Jena’s shaved crotch, Jena was lying on her back, one hand on her pert b-cup breasts, the other grasping one of my sisters huge d-cups. I put the rest of the pictures in the envelope and stuffed them back in the bottom of the drawer. I went to my room which was across the upstairs hallway from my sisters. I laid on my bed and propped the picture on my night stand. I dropped my drawers and started stroking my 5 ½ inch hard penis. Soon I was close to cumming, I was moaning Jena’s name as I shot a load on my belly. Before the last squirts of cum were out I heard a giggle from my bedroom door. It was Jena!
“I had no idea you liked me that much”, she said laughing. I quickly made a futile attempt to cover myself up, my face beet red with embarrassment. I couldn’t say a thing.
“Someday you’ll get a real piece of pussy, until then it looks like you have things under control.” She said.
“What are you doing here?” I mumbled.
“Just came to grab my bikini that I left in your sisters room. C-ya.” With that she left. Thankfully she didn’t see the picture I was jacking to. How was I going explain this to my friends if it got around? I kept the picture in my room hiding it.
Kristen slept the night at Jena’s house that night leaving me and my mother home. My mother was single, she broke up with yet another boyfriend a couple of months ago. She was drinking a tall glass of wine when I told her I was going to sleep over at my friend Matt’s house across the street. She said it was fine and I went over to Matt’s. We hung out until about 9 pm and then I decided to go home. I was yearning to jack off to the picture again. When I walked into the house I noticed the TV on but my mother wasn’t watching it. I went upstairs and pulled out the picture. I laid down in bed getting ready to jack off when I heard a deep moan. It was coming from my mothers bedroom which was right under mine. We lived in an old house and there was a heat vent in the floor off my room, that when opened you could see down into my mothers room. I had used it before to peep on her when she changed. She had a nice body for a woman her age, my sister got her blonde hair and big tits from my mother. She continued to moan so I decided to peep. Looking down into her bedroom I saw her lying on her back naked in her bed. Her long legs were spread and she was vigorously rubbing a dildo on her harry mound. I instantly recognized the dildo as the one in the pictures of my sister and Jena. My imagination ran wild, was my mom the one that took the pictures, or was my sister using my moms dildo! My mother continued to moan, she was pinching one of her tits wither free hand. My mothers boobs sagged a lot because of her age, and her areola were bigger than a half dollar. I by now was stocking my had prick. Soon my mother began to cum, Her legs began to convulse as she cried out in pleasure. This brought me over the edge and I came instantly. After a couple of minutes I saw my mom get up and stash the dildo on the top shelf of her closet.
The next morning my sister came over with Jena, my mother was out at the store. My sister was being bitch to my as usual and Jena was also her normal self.
Then my sister said “I heard Jena caught you whacking off.” They both laughed. My sister continued, “You are such a perv! Always whacking off every second you think no ones around. Why don’t you try to get a real girlfriend.”
“He asked out Kelly, remember, but she turned him down.” Jena said, making a sarcastic frown.
Just then my mother pulled in the driveway. Thank god I thought to myself.
When mom came in Kristen asked her if she could go with Jena and her sister and parents to Jena’s Aunts house out of state next weekend. My mother said it was fine and Jena then asked my mother if she would feed their cats, and again my mother said no problem. I was excited, not having my bossy older sister around was always nice. The rest of the summer week was uneventful. My sister left with Jena’s family as planned and the first might they were gone my mother was getting dressed up for a hot date. She asked me if I could feed the cats at Jena’s house and gave me the keys. This must have been the best thing ever, I had to try really hard not to get an erection right therein front of my mother. My mind was running wild with thoughts of checking out Jena’s panties.
After dark I went over to her place. I unlocked the door and locked it behind me. I quickly fed the animals and then started snooping around the house. Jena’s room was downstairs, I spent a half hour checking out her panties and bras. I rubbed her dirty panties in her hamper on my hard cock, thinking how the last flesh these touched was Jena’s pussy. Soon I was stroking my cock with them. They were pink and very soft. I didn’t last long before I was shooting a huge load into her undies. After I went upstairs and checked out Jena’s younger sister Mandy’s room. Mandy looked a lot like Jena. She was 11 and had brown hair, hers was curly. She didn’t have Jena’s brown eyes, instead her eyes were blue. Her panties were really tiny and she had no need for a bra. Jena’s mother on the other hand had the sexiest lingerie collection I had ever seen. Her mother was a bit overweight, but otherwise was good looking. I went back downstairs to check on the cats, they had already eaten all there food. Next I went down into the basement to change the litter-box. Their basement door was just before Jena’s room. I went downstairs, the cats followed me through the small cat door fixed into the basement door. I changed the litter box and walked back upstairs. On my way up it dawned on me that wall along the stairs was Jena’s bedroom wall. If only I could make a peep hole. It was a great idea, then I could peep on Jena like I had done to my mother last week. I turned the basement light off and went into Jena’s room and turned her light on. Her walls were made of knotted pine boards. I went back into the basement and could see a light shining though a tiny hole about halfway down the stairs. This was it. I peeped threw and could see most of Jena’s bedroom, including her dresser and her bed. Next I unlocked one of the basement windows so I could sneak in. The weekend seemed to drag on forever, I could not wait to catch Jena naked in her room. Until then I kept my 15 year old penis busy stroking to the picture of my sister and Jena a few times a day.

To be continued…..

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Boring, stupid and badly written

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I meant i wouldn't really care, sorry

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Haha my only slight, slight problem with this is, if that were me at that age, i would really care if my friends knew i was jacking off to a nude picture of some hot girl from down the street. Hell, they'd want to join!


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Hot!!! Hot!! can't wait for the next part

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Harry mound??? Learn to spell dude....

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