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A new job changes my whole life. Casual Friday is one thing but Topless Tuesday is so much better.
Fbailey story number 253

Topless Tuesday

My interview was on a Friday. I had always been advised to avoid Monday and Friday interviews because on Monday everything was hectic following the weekend off and that Friday was bad too because everyone wanted the week to end and the weekend to start. In this case I did not have a choice.

I arrived in my best three-piece suit. I know that vests are not in but I like them. When I was greeted down in the receptionist’s area by my escort, I was surprised. The woman was very attractive but she was dressed in a pair of Daisy Duke cut off jeans and a top that tied just under her breasts. All I could think of were those old reruns of ‘The Dukes of Hazard’ television series. She was just an older version of Daisy. She made my cock start to stand up inside my pants. After a pleasant greeting she asked me to follow her. I couldn’t take my eyes off her ass as I followed her to the elevator. Once inside she pushed the button for the top floor and then turned to face me. I watched her breasts heave as she breathed very deeply. She had a really nice smile too.

When the elevator stopped and the doors opened up, she led me to the boss’s office. Along the way I noticed that everyone was dressed quite casually. I saw only two men but seven other women. The women were all very pretty. I could certainly see myself working there.

I thought that the interview had gone very well. The boss was nice and he told me about Casual Friday and then about Topless Tuesday. I thought that Casual Friday was a great idea but I really didn’t believe him about the Topless Tuesday. Anyway I was hired on the spot and told to show up the first thing Wednesday morning to start work. I mentioned something about starting on Monday and he laughed saying that he tried that once and it did not work out at all with Topless Tuesday the very next day. He said that by starting on Wednesday the girls could get used to me and vice versa. I told him that Wednesday would be fine with me. He told me that during the week I could wear a nice pair of pants, a dress shirt, and a tie that was not too loud. He said that Friday was quite relaxed and that I could wear shorts, Hawaiian shirts, or even T-shirts with advertising on them. Then he told me that I should wear a shirt to work on Tuesday that I would want to wear home. He shook my hand and led me back out to the elevator.

I spent the entire weekend thinking about working with eight topless women. I was trying to remember each one of them but all I could really remember was the woman that reminded me of Daisy Duke. I tried to imagine her topless as I jerked off. The weekend took forever then Monday arrived. However I could still not go to work. Wednesday was a long agonizing way off.

When Wednesday finally arrived I was at work a half-hour early. The receptionist made me wait until ‘Daisy Duke’ arrived to take me back up. This time ‘Daisy’ or more precisely Helen was in a very nice dress that showed just a hint of cleavage, her little waist, and her knees. She looked very professional. It was a huge contrast to the way she had looked the last time I had seen her.

I was ‘processed’ that morning. I was photographed and fingerprinted, I received my badge to enter the building, and I was assigned to a desk. My log in name was assigned and I was shown how to use the company computer system. Helen told me that my fingerprint would get me access to our floor on Tuesdays by touching the screen at the top of the elevator selector. The rest of the day was spent getting used to their system by making small changes for the other people. Each person got to spend about a half-hour with me. We got acquainted and they walked me through some of their changes. I got to meet them all and I really liked each one of them.

Thursday and Friday went well and I enjoyed the casual look on the women. The weekend was not as long that time. Monday was just as hectic as I had imagined it would be. The phones never stopped ringing and the fax machine never stopped printing. I could not even begin to keep up. The girls told me not to worry about it, that they would all help me catch up on Topless Tuesday. Just before quitting time we had a group meeting in the conference room. Apparently I had been on probation to see if I would work out, if I could do the job, and if I could get along with all of my co-workers. Obviously I had passed my test and the job was mine. Champaign was opened and a toast was made welcoming me to the company.

I was ready very early for Topless Tuesday and could hardly wait to see if it was for real. I had arrived about an hour early and was sitting at my desk when a few of the women started to arrive. They just looked at me and laughed. I was not the first man to arrive early on his first Topless Tuesday. They asked me when I had arrived and I told them. Again they laughed at me, checked a chart that was in one of drawers, and then said that Helen had won the pool.

As my reward I watched the three women remove their blouses and then I got to unhook their bras for them. One was a front clasp but I got to unhook it anyway. Those three women had magnificent breasts. Topless Tuesday was for real. Of course I had to remove my shirt and tie too. Then as the other women arrived they removed their blouses and then let me remove their bras for them. I had an up close and personal experience with each set of breasts. I saw a fairly small set, a very impressive set, and one that had been surgically enhanced. I saw a cute butterfly on one woman’s breast, a rose on another, and pierced nipples on yet another woman.

For the first hour they all took some of my work and caught me up quickly. For the next hour they caught themselves up. Then for the next two hours the girls took me into the conformance room. There I got to fondle their breasts all that I wanted too. So I held them, I felt them, and I tasted them too. I got to compare the Silicon Implant breasts to the real breasts. I heard stories about the tattooing, the piercings, and how they lost their virginities. I heard about their periods, birth control, and their sex lives. I heard about pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding. I heard about dieting, tanning booths, and exercise classes.

Those eight women stuck their nipples in my mouth quite often. I was sure that they were all getting off on teasing me.

Pizza and beer arrived at noon for our lunch. The other two men and the boss joined us in the conference room and we had a great time. I could not believe that we got beer and that the boss paid for it. We each had enough beer to get tipsy. Lunch took an hour and a half that day before the boss said that it was time to go back to work.

As we were filing out through the conference room door Helen held me back. The door was closed and Helen locked it. We were alone in the room when she pressed her breasts against my chest and kissed me. Helen had a beer or two more than I did and was feeling her wild oats. Helen was the woman that had the rose tattooed on her left breast, two daughters, and was still married. She had said that her love life was not all that great and that she would love to spice it up. Apparently I was the spice that she needed. Helen really did remind me of an older version of Daisy Duke and as she removed her skirt and her thong panties I was very impressed. She was very physically fit and her bush was just trimmed not shaved off. Her tummy was slightly rounded, as was her fantastic ass. Helen stood up on top of the conference table and danced very seductively inviting me to join her. I removed my shoes, socks, pants, and my underwear then I climbed up on the table with her. As Helen pulled me to her my hard cock hit her right in her pussy. She smiled and said something about being a good shot.

Helen danced so seductively that I thought we were already making love. She reached down and bent backwards slipping my cock up into her pussy while we were standing. She was up on her tiptoes so my hard cock was up against her clit tight as I was basically holding her up with it. I started thrusting my hips forward and backward lowering her and raising her back up onto her toes again. Meanwhile my cock was slipping in and out of her wet pussy. She really enjoyed it and then all of a sudden she jumped up and wrapped her legs around my waist then settled back down onto my cock again. I wished that I hadn’t had so many beers just then. First my legs were weak with her extra weight and second I had to piss like a racehorse. Helen rode me for the two-minute mile before I placed her on her back in the middle of that ten-foot table and tried to fuck her right into it. I was slamming my pelvis into her pelvis repeatedly and I knew that she would be bruised the next day. She was panting worse than I was and her very impressive breasts were heaving up off her chest. Finally after a very long eight or nine minutes I climaxed during her third or forth orgasm. I pumped Helen so full of cum that most of it leaked back out of her pussy and onto the tabletop.

I laid next to her and held a breast as I kissed her and thanked her for allowing me to make love to her. Then I jumped off the table and just about filled a pitcher with my pee. Helen laughed and asked me to hand her another one. She promptly placed it on the table, squatted over it, and peed allowing me to watch. She did not fill it as much as I did but she sure gave me a run for my money.

As we dressed from the waist down to rejoin the others Helen asked me if I would like to do it again next Tuesday. I told her that I would be willing to make love to her anytime, anyplace, and anywhere that she wanted me too. She kissed me like the lovers that we were.

When the door was unlocked and we walked out the other girls were looking and smiling at us. We had not gotten away with anything but no one said anything about it either.

I could not believe how productive we were as a group that day without any phone calls, faxes, or visitors. Just before quitting time Helen took me back into the conference room for another session of lovemaking. That time she leaned over the table and let me take her from behind. It was good but I knew that I could do better. Helen was very happy with my efforts as they were.

At quitting time I helped each woman get her bra back on. Helen kissed me right there in front of them, thanked me for the fantastic sex, and promised me more next Tuesday. I could not believe that she had done that.

As we rode down in the elevator together she explained to me that by simply telling them and getting it over with that it would take away all of the office gossip about us. She certainly had a point.

The End
Topless Tuesday
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