How some silly rumours led to some interesting outcomes!


Tracey, my kid sister, had been dying to tell me something since I arrived home. She was like a cat on a hot tin roof, bless her. When mum finally stopped grilling me about work and dad had concentrated his sole attention on the TV, Tracey virtually begged me to go up to her bedroom. She was an intense kid at the best of times, but this was unusual behaviour even by her standards. Intrigued, I followed her upstairs. Almost before her bedroom door had fully closed she was speaking.
"You'll never guess what!" she gasped, excitedly.
"What, Trace?"
"What Debbie's been saying about you" she virtually panted
"Like what?" I asked, not particularly interested in what a twelve year old schoolgirl had to say about me. I was beginning to regret being sucked-in by my sister's eagerness.
"Don't be like that, Adam" Tracey pouted, "or I won't tell you and you can find out for yourself!"
She was like that. Her moods could turn on the flip of a coin. Something to do with her age I supposed.
"Okay, I'm sorry. What has Dopey Debbie been saying now?"
"Don't call her 'dopey'!" Tracey whined. Gawd! I was making a right balls-up of this, and I still didn't know what the big fuss was all about.
"Sorry. Sorry. I apologise" I said, hoping I sounded more contrite than I actually felt. I was getting a tad irritated, to be honest. Tracey looked at me to gauge how earnest I was. Not finding me wanting, she sighed theatrically.
"Okay. I'm only going to tell you if you're going to listen to me" she said, standing in front of me, hands on hips, just like our mother when she was having a nagging session. Were all twelve year old schoolgirls so bloody obnoxious?
"Yes, Tracey, I promise I'll listen. I won't even say another word" I added, drawing my fingers across my closed lips, as though zipping them shut. As ever, it made Tracey giggle and peace was restored between us. Thank god!
Tracey sat on the edge of her bed and I squatted my five feet, eleven inch frame into a pink plastic chair designed for bums considerably smaller than mine. Tracey smirked, but wisely didn't pass comment.
"Anyway" my sister began, as though there had been no interruption to our conversation, "Debbie's been telling the girls at school that you're her boyfriend" she said.
Was that all? Christ all-bleedin'-mighty!
"And" Tracey continued when she saw the look on my face, " she's been saying that you and her have, you know..." she tailed off.
"What?!" I gasped.
"She told Melissa and Suzie and some others that you and her had done it together!" There was a minxy gleam in my little sister's eyes that I didn't take kindly to, but what she'd just told me took precedence.
"That silly little brainless bitch has been telling your friends at school that I've had sex with her?" I said, my voice rising in shock and horror.
"Yeah. She said you've done it in your bedroom, twice" Tracey clarified.
"Oh, for fuck sake!" I yelped, jumping to my feet and knocking the chair over.
"Shh, keep your voice down. Mum or dad will hear you!" Tracey hissed. She had a point, though it was unlikely to be dad. Once he sat in front of the box, nothing short of an earthquake would get through to him.
"Sorry" I apologised unnecessarily, but lowered my voice anyway.
"That stupid little cow! Doesn't she realise the bloody trouble she could get me into if people actually believe what she's saying?! Jesus!" I was seventeen years old and Debbie was just a couple of months past her twelfth birthday. Bloody stupid little brat!
"A couple of the girls called her a liar, Adam" Tracey said, trying to console me, I think.
"But how many of them didn't call her a liar, Trace? They're the ones I'm worried about"
My head was spinning as the consequences of what Debbie had said began to filter through my mind. Shame, accusations, prison, for god's sake!
I couldn't think straight right at that moment. I needed time to mull things over and decide what I was going to do to straighten it all out.
"Look, let's keep this between you and me for now, okay?" I said to Tracey.
"Yeah, of course" she agreed.
"Thanks, sis, and thanks for telling me" I said as she stood up. I hugged her and kissed the top of her head. She giggled and hugged me.
"Love ya!" she told me.
"Love ya back" I retorted
"But my front's nicer" was her stock reply, followed by a giggle as she opened her bedroom door. I swatted at her arse as I followed her out of her bedroom and down the stairs, smiling in spite of what I'd just heard.

For the rest of that evening I couldn't get it out of my head. I was angry, I was scared and I wanted to do something, but I didn't know quite what. Various ideas floated around my head, none of them particularly workable. In the morning, I collared Tracey before she went to school.
"Will you be seeing Debbie today?"
"Well, yeah, we have maths together"
"Right, that's good" I said. "Do you think you could invite her round on Saturday morning?" I asked.
"Why?" was my sister's immediate response.
"Why doesn't matter!" I hissed at her. "Just ask her round, please"
"Okay. Keep your hair on!" Tracey sniffed.
"Sorry, babe, I didn't mean to snap at you" I told her, putting an arm around her shoulders. "Oh, and no need to mention what you told me last night" I added and winked at her. It earned me a smile.
"I'm not stupid you know" she retorted, smiling at me to soften the words.
"I know, I know. You're the most wonderful little sister any guy could have and I thank my lucky stars every single day that I have you in my life!" I declared theatrically, my hand covering my heart.
"You're silly!" Tracey said, giggling girlishly. I loved her to bits, really.
"C'mon, gis a hug and kiss then" I said, opening my arms to her. It was a morning ritual when she was at school as mum and dad left the house before we were out of bed most mornings. I hugged her small body until she squirmed, planted a sloppy kiss on her cheek and patted her bum when she wriggled out of my arms. She was a sweet kid, as far as little sisters went. I wished her a good day at school, which earned me a derisory snort, and watched her as she walked down the footpath before closing the street door behind her. I left for work myself not long after.
"Debbie said she'll come" Tracey told me that evening. "She's really excited about it!" she giggled.
"Great. That's good" I said. "Um, sis, do you think you could, you know, make yourself scarce for a couple of hours when Debbie gets here?" I asked
"I could" she began slowly, "if you tell me why" she added.
"I just want to talk to Debbie" I said, “and I thought it would be easier, you know, if no-one else was around..."
Tracey didn't really believe me, I could tell. She sensed there was more than what I was telling her, but didn't know what.
"I'll even give you some money to spend" I added by way of a bribe. I needed my little sister to be out of the way if what I planned was to work.
"Okay!" she said happily, and it was as simple as that.
I knew that mum and dad would be out all day Saturday, so that wasn't going to be a problem I'd have to worry about. Now that I'd got Tracey out of the way, too, I'd have at least a couple of hours alone with Debbie. A lot could happen in two hours...
I kept watching the clock, cursing as the hands dragged around at least half their normal speed, it felt. Debbie was due to turn up at ten o'clock and, at a couple of minutes before ten, the doorbell rang. Instead of feeling more relaxed, I suddenly felt even more tense than I already was.
Tracey went to the street door to admit Debbie and she escorted her friend into the lounge.
"Hiya, Debbie!" I greeted the little girl, managing to sound more cheerful that I actually felt. Why the hell was I so bloody nervous?
"Hello, Adam" Debbie replied, her voice soft and shy. Her eyes looked down at the floor and I wondered if she had any idea that I knew what she'd been saying around school? She sat next to Tracey on the sofa and the two girls chatted about school stuff. At least, my sister did. Debbie seemed capable of only giving 'yes' or 'no' answers, and nodding her head. After almost ten minutes I was becoming impatient for Debbie to leave, as we'd arranged. I managed to catch her eye and mouthed to her 'now'. She took her cue perfectly.
"Sorry, Debs" she said, standing up, "I've got to go out for a little while. Something my mum asked me to do for her" she lied convincingly. "Adam, though, will look after you" she added, giving me a look that I couldn't interpret.
Debbie looked at her friend, then looked at me. A small shy smile crossed her lips before she told Tracey she would be okay. Two minutes later and the street door was closing behind my sister and the clock was ticking.
Now that I was alone with the schoolgirl, I had no idea what to do next. I mean, I could have come right out and asked her about the things she'd been saying, but it didn't feel right to me somehow. Tracey had been gone three minutes already and not a word had passed between me and Debbie.
"Can I use the toilet, please?" Debbie's voice interrupted my thoughts.
"Oh? Er, yeah, of course" I mumbled. "You know where it is" I added, needlessly. Jeez, I was acting like a teenage boy on a first date. What was wrong with me?!
I watched the little girl as she left the lounge. I waited until I heard her footsteps ascending the stairs, then rose and followed behind her. I heard the bathroom door close as I quietly walked upstairs. I was still not sure what I was going to do next even as I reached the landing and stood outside the closed bathroom door.
I heard the toilet flush, then running water as Debbie washed her hands. I heard the towel rail squeak when she removed the hand towel to dry her hands, then squeak again when she replaced it. Dad had said a hundred times he'd "do something" about the squeak, but he never had.
I watched the door handle turn and the door slowly open.
Debbie gave a little start of fright when she saw me standing there.
"Oh, sorry, Debbie. I didn't mean to scare you" I told her and raised a smile to reassure her. She managed to return my smile, but didn't say anything.
"Um, I need to talk to you" I told her as she looked at me. She nodded her head, resignedly I thought.
"Let's go to my bedroom" I suggested. That was a spur-of-the-moment decision, spoken almost as soon as I had the thought. I don't know why I suggested it; it just felt right to me. I laid a hand on the little girl's shoulder and steered her the few steps to my bedroom.
I wasn't normally the tidiest of teenagers, if I'm being honest. Usually, there were clothes, books, computer games and the like scattered around my room like confetti. However, the view that greeted my sister's little friend was one of order and tidiness, courtesy of me whizzing around like a dervish earlier that morning. Hell, I'd even changed my bedding! Had she been there, mum would never have believed it. Thankfully, she wasn't...
"Here, let's sit on my bed" I suggested. Debbie willingly sat herself beside me and clasped her hands in her lap, her face looking down at her intertwined fingers. Stupidly, I noticed that her fingernails were bitten so much that they must have been sore. Such odd things were going through my mind.
I cleared my throat softly and inhaled a deep breath.
"Do you know what I want to talk to you about?" I asked.
Debbie remained silent.
"Come on, Debs, you must have some idea" I urged.
The young girl turned her face to look at me. Tears were brimming in her eyes and she looked utterly miserable. And bloody appealing, too!
She was a pretty kid, and would probably get prettier as she matured. If you've seen one of those posters for Les Miserables you'd get a pretty good idea of the little girl sitting next to me on my bed. I'd always thought the young girl in that poster was really cute. The face Debbie presented to me reminded me of that poster and I felt an odd tightening in my stomach. Oh, and my prick began to stiffen, too.
"I hear you've been saying things around school" I told her, my voice soft. "Things about you and me"
A single tear slipped from each of her dark brown eyes. I watched them trickle down her face. Debbie made no move to wipe them away. Neither did she speak.
"You told your friends that I'm your boyfriend, didn't you?"
The little girl looked away and nodded her head yes, just once.
"I don't mind that so much, Debbie" I told her, "but it's the other stuff you've been saying that worries me"
The little girl looked at me again, more tears trickling down her pretty face.
"I'm sorry" she said so quietly that I barely heard her.
"You told your friends that we'd had sex!" I said, injecting a note of anger into my voice, anger I was actually forcing myself to feel. Sure, I'd been angry the other day when Tracey had told me about it. However, I'd had time to think things through since then.
Debbie looked at me with those big brown eyes, tears slipping slowly down her face, her small mouth turned down in sorrow. Damn it, but she was distracting me!
"Do you realise" I said after tearing my eyes away from her face and looking at the wall, "that you could have got me into a lot of trouble by saying those things?"
I heard her soft voice mutter 'no'
"Well, you could have!" I told her more firmly
"I, didn't mean anything..." the young girl said, a defensive tone creeping into her voice.
"I'm sure you didn't. Even so, they were really stupid thing to say, you know?"
"Yes" she said simply.
Okay, now what? I'd said what I had to say... or had I? Yeah, I know I could have lectured her on how damaging it could have been for me if anyone had taken her seriously. I could have ranted on and on about little girls and older boys, blah, blah, blah. But I didn't. To tell the truth, I couldn't be bothered.
You see, I kept looking at the twelve year old schoolgirl's pretty little face, kept seeing that Les Mis poster, and kept getting ideas. My prick was getting stiffer, too.
I looked at Debbie and she at me. I smiled at her, a warm friendly smile of reassurance, I hoped. Debbie wiped her eyes with her hand and smiled back at me.
"Now, young lady" I said conversationally, "what am I going to do about you?"
The little girl looked at me, puzzled.
"Well, I've got my reputation to think about" I explained. She still looked puzzled.
"What do you mean, Adam?" she asked.
Indeed. What did I mean? And what bloody reputation?
"Well, you've told everyone at school that I'm your boyfriend, yes?"
Debbie cast her eyes down and nodded her head in agreement.
"And you've told them we've had sex, too, right?"
Another nod of agreement.
"But we aren't going out, are we?" I said.
Debbie looked at me again, fighting back tears.
"No" she said simply
"And we've never made love, either, have we?" I prompted.
"No" she said again as she lost her fight to hold back her tears. They began to run freely down her face and her chest hitched.
"Come on, sweetie" I said soothingly, "there's no need to cry". I placed an arm around her shoulders and pulled her slight body closer to me. "I'm not angry with you, silly!" I added, as though it was all a big misunderstanding and that we'd laugh about it later. Debbie sniffed back her tears, took a couple of deep breaths, then exhaled them. I felt the tension leave her shoulders as I removed my arm and reached for the box of tissues I always kept in my bedside cabinet (no prizes for guessing why!). I handed her a couple and she blew her nose, wiped her eyes and looked at me.
"What do you actually know about sex?" I asked straight out.
My sister's twelve year old friend blushed, beet-red, but managed to hold my gaze.
"Not very much" she admitted after a heartbeat or two.
"That's what I thought" I told her. "Anyway, seeing as all your friends at school think I'm your boyfriend, and think we've had sex, why don't we make your lies the truth?" I suggested.
It was obvious from the expression on her face that Debbie hadn't really understood what I'd meant. If anyone's face looked completely blank through not understanding something that had been said to them, then Debbie's face was it. She just sat there gawping at me stupidly.
"You've told your friends those things Debbie, when they were not true" I explained, "so now I'm offering you the chance to tell them the truth" I clarified.
"Oh" she said, the penny dropping at last.
I was standing in front of her, the swelling at my crotch very obvious. I reached for the zip of my jeans. The noise it made as I drew it down sounded very loud in my ears. I reached for my swollen organ and freed it from my underpants. It stood stiff and proud, pointing at the little girl sat on my bed.
"Have you ever seen a man's prick before, Debs?" I asked casually.
The schoolgirl had had her face turned down to the floor as I'd unzipped my jeans and pulled my prick out. She looked up at me and was confronted by the sight of my swollen organ. Her eyes widened and she gasped, blushed again and looked away.
"What's up, Debbie?" I taunted, "according to you, you've seen this before, haven't you?" I said as I gripped my prick and waved it in her face.
"Please, don't" she whined, attempting to turn away from me. I was standing 'up close and personal', leaving her no room to move, other than scuttling across my bed.
"Also according to you" I went on, "I've put this in your pussy". I sounded angry, not because I was, but because I was becoming very turned on. "Now bloody look at me!" I said firmly.
The tone of my voice must have got through to the schoolgirl. She slowly turned her head and slid her eyes past my prick and looked at my face.
"This is what you wanted, isn't it Debbie?" I said sweetly. "Why don't you feel it?" I suggested. It was said in such a way that it was more an instruction. Debbie took a deep breath, exhaled it and sighed resignedly. Her fingers were trembling as she brought her arm up from her lap and her fingers reached for my prick.
"That's better" I encouraged. "Go on, really feel me. Put your fingers all the way around it"
Debbie did as I instructed her, and I nearly swooned with how the touch of her fingers on my prick made me feel. I wasn’t a complete innocent when it came to sex; by no means very experienced, sure, but I’d had a couple of girls. Nothing I’d done with those girls was anything like that first touch of my sister’s twelve year old school friend’s fingers. My prick twitched as she closed her hand around my shaft and just held it.
“There, that wasn’t so hard, was it?” I asked, my voice tight and sounding completely unlike me. Debbie didn’t answer.
“Look at me, Debbie” I instructed. She turned her pretty face to me. I noticed that the fear I’d seen just minutes ago had been replaced by something else. Curiosity, maybe? Or something else, perhaps?
“Now, lets try something else” I said. “Open your mouth”. For the barest moment I thought she was going to refuse. Something flashed across her eyes, gone as quickly as it appeared. Her mouth opened and I guided the head of my prick into the small round opening.
Debbie’s mouth closed automatically around my shaft as it slipped into her warm moist orifice. I actually gasped as the little girl held me in her mouth.
“Suck me, baby” I said urgently. “Lick me!”
My prick had only ever been in one other girl’s mouth, and she was far more experienced than young Debbie was. Even so, the way that girl sucked me was nowhere near as erotic and exciting as the way the twelve year old schoolgirl was making me feel.
Not that it was good (not that I was any judge of these things, of course); it was just the fact that the girl was so young that was doing things to me that I hadn’t expected.
I felt myself tense as Debbie’s mouth tightened around the sensitive head of my prick and she began to suck me, hard. I felt her tongue tentatively lick the smooth glans, which made me shudder with pleasure.
“Yeah, Debs, that’s great!” I encouraged, “Just keep doing that!” My legs had become rubbery and I felt unsteady. I placed my hands lightly on top of the little girls head for balance as I unconsciously began to move my hips backwards and forwards in a fucking motion.
Oh, dear god, but it felt good! Debbie had gained more confidence the longer she had me in her mouth and her tongue was creating the most amazing feelings in me. I was moving my hips faster and more firmly, the more aroused I became. I was so carried away with my own enjoyment that I didn’t realise just how hard I was humping the schoolgirl‘s face. She pulled away from me, gagged and coughed violently as she freed my prick.
“Sorry, darling” I said, genuinely concerned and contrite. I knelt down in front of the little girl and stared at her, my heart pounding.
“I’m alright” she said after she’d taken a couple of deep breaths and wiped unbidden tears from her eyes.
“Are you sure you’re okay?” I asked again.
“Yeah. It just, er, scared me for a minute” she said softly
“I’m really sorry, Debs” I told her as I sat beside her on my bed. “It just, you know, felt so nice that I got a bit carried away”. To my surprise, Debbie smiled and I felt the mild panic that had overtaken me slip away.
How come I had never noticed how damn pretty she was before now? As I looked into her eyes and saw her drag a small smile for me from somewhere it struck me that she wasn’t just pretty, but very pretty. So, when I felt myself reaching for her, putting my arm around her shoulders and drawing her nearer to me, then placing my lips on hers, it felt as natural and as right as when I’d kissed any other girl.
Debbie’s lips were hungry; it was probably one of her dreams or fantasies or whatever for me to be kissing her. Her lips pressed against mine as though her life depended on it, and I found that I was becoming more swept up with my sister’s young friend that I had intended. It wasn’t comfortable sitting the way we were so I eased myself and Debbie onto our backs. My prick was still stiff and pressed into the little girl’s stomach as I held her slender young body close to mine and kissed her with mounting arousal.
In the back of my mind I could hear a clock ticking. I had no clear idea of how long it had been since Tracey had left us alone, but it felt like at least an hour. I kissed Debbie again, then released her from my arms. I propped myself up on one arm and looked at her. She had her eyes closed and a dreamy expression on her face. I darted a quick look at my clock/radio and was surprised - and more than pleased - to note that just over forty minutes had elapsed since Tracey had gone out. Still over an hour to play with...
Debbie was wearing pale blue shorts and a matching vest-type top with straps. I had no bloody idea what girls called those things! All I knew was that it was a flimsy-looking thing and, more importantly, dead easy to take off. Also, it told me that she wasn’t wearing a bra, either. The shorts might prove to be more difficult, though, but I’d worry about them when I needed to.
I leaned over Debbie again and kissed her. At the same time I laid one of my hands on her chest, my fingers feeling for her little tits.
To be honest, they were barely tits at all, little more than a couple of swellings no bigger than snooker balls, really. My hand completely covered one very easily.
I thought I heard Debbie murmur when she felt my fingers touching and feeling her tits, but I couldn’t be sure. I moved from one tit to the other, from left to right and back again, enjoying the feel of them more than I expected to. Both the girls I’d been with before had proper, mature tits. The second girl’s had been huge; big floppy things that both of my hands couldn't fully cover. Yuck!
Debbie’s tiny, immature ’no-tits’ were wonderful, I decided. Much more to my liking. She made a half-hearted effort to stop me pulling the straps of her top off her shoulders, wriggling under me as I tugged them down her arms. I shushed her and whispered that it would be alright and she lay still again.
I pulled the front of her top off her chest and exposed her tiny titties. I felt my heartbeat quicken and my prick swell as I looked at the sweetest and sexiest pair of titties I had ever seen.
They were pink and round, each with a dark pink aureole. The tiniest pink nipples I’d ever seen stood stiffly proud in the centre of each titty.
“My god, Debs, they’re beautiful!” I exclaimed in genuine admiration.
“They’re not very big, though” the little girl said softly.
“No, they’re absolutely perfect. Beautiful!” I told her and she smiled.
I cupped each of the tiny firm mounds in my fingers, rubbing my thumb over the hard nipple. Debbie shivered and I smiled at her.
“Does that feel nice?” I asked as I rubbed her nipples again.
“Yes!” she gasped as she shivered again.
I moved my hand away and leaned my face over her chest. I opened my mouth and swallowed first one, then the other, of those delightful little mounds into my mouth. I flicked my tongue repeatedly over the hard buds of her nipples, sucking them in my lips and thinking that I’d never felt anything so incredibly sexy in my life. Who would have thought that a twelve year old schoolgirl’s immature tits could be so bloody sexy?
I lay there, lost in a sexy world of my own as my mouth licked, kissed and sucked Debbie’s gorgeous tits. My hands weren’t idle though. I had laid a hand on her flat stomach and had slowly slid it down her body to her crotch. As my mouth was busy with her titties, my fingers were feeling Debbie’s pussy.
It registered in my mind that the schoolgirl hadn’t so much as flinched when she’d felt my hand touch her between her legs, as though she had been.. waiting for it? Expecting it? Whatever, as I ran my fingers along the crotch of her shorts I was wondering how she’d feel if I was doing the same thing without her shorts in the way? I was about to find out.
I moved my hand back up over the swell of her pubis, to the waistband of her shorts. I laid it flat on her stomach then eased my fingers under the waistband. I was pleased to note that it was one of those elasticated things, which meant no buttons to contend with.
I felt Debbie tense under me as she felt my hand getting closer and closer to her virgin sex.
“It’s okay, babe” I whispered into her ear, “it’ll feel nice, I promise”. I don’t know if she was reassured or not. Her body didn’t relax noticeably.
My fingers slipped under her panties and over the smooth swell of her hairless pubis. God, it was so smooth and soft! I swear my fingers actually tingled with pleasure as they stroked Debbie’s innocent untouched pussy. My prick, which had softened while I’d been attending to her tiny titties, sprung back to full attention as I intimately stroked the little girl.
That was nothing, though, compared to the shock I got when I slipped a finger between the folds of her sex. I don’t know what I was expecting, but it sure as hell wasn’t to find that Debbie was wet down there! I don’t mean moist, or damp, but wet. She was so slick and slippery that my finger slid all the way to her pussy opening before I meant it to. I had no idea that little schoolgirls could even get so aroused. Man, was I ever learning a thing or two!
I fingered Debbie’s pussy as best I could, given that my hand didn’t have a lot of room to move in. I ran a finger up and down her slit, feeling for the tiny nub of her clitty. She nearly jumped off the bed in surprise and gasped when I found it and pressed the tip of my finger firmly against the sensitive bud.
“Oh, wow!” she exclaimed, “that feels amazing!”
I couldn’t help but smile at her. I kissed her a couple of times then looked at her again.
“It’ll feel a lot nicer if we took our clothes off” I said, looking deep into her lovely eyes. I saw a look of uncertainty cross her face. Another slight press of my fingertip on her clitty soon drove that look away, though.
Instead of speaking, Debbie just nodded her head. I gave her clitty another light press before sliding my hand out of her shorts.
I helped Debbie to sit up. She raised her hands above her head and I removed her top, which I dropped on the floor. I moved to her waist and eased her shorts and panties over her hips and down her legs. They joined her top on my bedroom floor.
I stood up and quickly rid myself of my clothes before rejoining the now-naked twelve year old schoolgirl on my bed.
She wasn’t a big girl by any means. Fully clothed there was little of her. Laying naked on my bed, there was even less of her. Debbie was more skinny than slim, her skin quite pale as if she didn’t see the sun often enough. She was under five feet tall and if she weighed five stones it would have been a lot. She looked exactly what she was - a young, physically immature schoolgirl - and I thought she was the sexiest and most desirable little thing I’d ever seen.
I positioned myself between her legs and stroked her immature virgin pussy. Debbie had her eyes closed, probably unable to believe that her girlish fantasies were about to come true. I felt her young body jerk when she felt the tip of my tongue lick along her wet slit.
Her taste was completely different to that of an older girl. Where my other lovers had had a strong, musky smell and taste, young Debbie’s pussy was sweeter and cleaner smelling I thought. Not that I gave it a great deal of consideration as my tongue greedily lapped up all of the juices that were flowing freely from her pussy.
Using my fingers, I eased apart the folds of her pussy, exposing the tiny pink bud of her clitty. I felt the schoolgirl tense in anticipation as moved my head nearer to her pussy, then flick the tip of my tongue over the sensitive little bud.
Debbie gasped ‘oh’ when I licked her clitty, then ‘oh’ again. I flicked the tip of my tongue repeatedly over the little girl’s inexperienced, virgin sex, slowly to begin with, then more quickly. She began to squirm and writhe as her innocent little body experienced sexual awakening. Debbie was panting and moaning at the unexpected pleasure I was giving her pussy, which served to arouse me as well.
Still licking her clitty, I sipped a finger into the wetness of the schoolgirl’s sex. She let out a small sound of pain when my fingertip bumped up against her hymen. Without hesitation, I shoved my finger more firmly into the little girl. She cried out and her legs clamped together, trapping my hand between her legs.
“It’s alright, Debbie” I soothed, “it only hurts for a few moments”
“I, I wasn’t expecting that” she said, her voice sounding pained.
“I know, babe, I know” I said, “but it soon passes” I told her. My hand was still trapped between her thighs, my finger still deep in her pussy. I wriggled it around, then I felt her legs relax and she let out a whoosh of pent-up breath. Debbie opened her legs and I slipped my hand out from between them. There was blood on the finger that had broken her hymen. I wiped it off on my thigh.
“There, that’s better, isn’t it” It was a statement more than a question. Debbie nodded and managed a smile. I moved up to her face and kissed her gently.
“That’s the worst bit over” I said, kissed her again, then returned to her pussy.
I slid two fingers into the schoolgirl’s sex, feeling her pussy walls tighten around them.
“Just relax, Debs. It won’t hurt anymore” I said gently. It didn’t do any good. If anything, her pussy became even tighter. I tried to ease my fingers out of Debbie’s sex, but she was so tense and uptight that they were trapped in her.
Using the thumb of my other hand, I slipped it between the folds of the little girl’s pussy and found her clitty. I began to lightly rub it over the hard bud and in moments felt some of the tightness around my fingers ease. I slipped my fingers out of Debbie’s pussy, then immediately slipped them back into her. Although her pussy was still tight, I was able to finger-fuck her with more ease than before.
I caught a glimpse of my clock/radio in the corner of my eye. Christ! Where had the time gone? Tracey would be home in less than half-an-hour and there I was, arsing about with her friend!
I finger-fucked Debbie for another couple of minutes, her pussy still tight, but jeez, was she wet! I had no fears of her drying up on me when I withdrew my fingers from her and positioned myself between her thighs.
She did tense when she felt the head of my swollen organ bump up against her labial lips. I leaned over the little girl, pressed my lips against hers and pushed my hips forward. There was initial resistance, which I expected. I thrust my hips forward again, then again more firmly and aggressively. I felt a huge surge of emotion wash through me as I felt my organ being swallowed by the twelve year old schoolgirl’s tight pussy.
Tears sprang into Debbie’s eyes when she realised that her innocent virgin pussy was stuffed full of my erect prick. I kissed them away as I drew my length back then eased it slowly into the little girl again.
God she was tight! Her pussy held my prick an a vice-like grip, which wasn’t as uncomfortable as it might sound. For sure, those other girls hadn’t been as tight as the schoolgirl I was laying on top of, and I hadn’t felt half as much when my prick had been in their pussies.
It was though every single minuscule movement I made was being magnified a thousand-fold as I slipped my swollen organ in and out of my immature lover’s pussy. Nothing, nothing at all, in my limited sexual experience could have forewarned me just how wonderful, magical and downright sexy it would be making love with such a young girl. As my prick slipped freely in Debbie’s sex, I felt a swell of ..., well, love for her that took me by surprise. I don’t know; maybe I was confused or something. All I knew with any degree of certainty was that it was the most sexually exciting thing that had ever happened to me.
As Debbie became more used to the feel of my prick in her pussy, she relaxed more. I looked at her pretty face, at her wide-open eyes and her smiling mouth and felt delighted that I was bringing her dreams, fantasies or whatever to life. I felt great!
I couldn’t keep my hands off those delightful, tiny titties of hers. They fascinated me and excited me. As I slipped my prick in and out of her pussy, my mouth fell onto the firm round mounds and I sucked at them greedily. I felt Debbie entwining her fingers in my hair and murmuring to me. I didn’t have a clue what she was saying, but it felt nice anyway.
In the back of my mind was the unfortunate awareness that time was against me. I wished that I’d suggested Tracey stay out longer than the two hours we’d agreed on. I wanted what I had with Debbie to go on and on, and to not have to rush things. I gave each of her gorgeous little titties a final suck and lingering kiss before concentrating all of my efforts on her sweet young pussy.
I began to move my hips more quickly, slipping my prick into my twelve year old lover more firmly. Debbie opened her legs wider still to allow me to move more freely, which turned me even more than I already was.
I placed my hands either side of the pretty little girls head and watched her face as my prick slammed into her young body. She had her eyes closed a look of what I can only describe as pure bliss on her face as her immature body was taken from a girl’s to a young woman’s. Time after time my hips crashed into hers, driving my prick deep into her pussy. I was breathing heavily with the effort I was putting into making love with the schoolgirl, panting and grunting each time my prick plunged into her sex again.
I had been wanking since I was about eleven years old, so I knew what those tingles meant when they began in my toes. I started to pump even harder and faster still in Debbie, feeling those tingles build and build in intensity with every stroke of my stiff prick in her tight pussy. My head began to swim with sexual delirium as the tingles became a maddening buzz. I felt my balls contract and my prick swell thicker still.
“I’m gonna cuuuum!!” I cried, just as my prick seemed to explode and my mind went numb. For several long, beautifully agonising seconds all that I was aware of was the most incredible and amazing sensations and feelings emanating from my prick. I could feel cum erupting from the head of my madly pumping organ as it filled Debbie’s pussy. And still I couldn’t stop thrusting myself into her little body.
I never wanted those feelings to stop. They were too beautiful, too exciting and indescribable to let go of willingly. It seemed eons had passed when my head began to clear and I regained my senses: my proper senses. My hips slowed, the tingles and mind-numbing euphoria disappeared as magically as it had come and I slipped out of the schoolgirl’s sex, my prick still hard, but completely spent.
Debbie launched herself at me, kissing me and telling me that she loved me. You know, at that moment, I loved her too. I returned her kisses, couldn’t keep my hands off her skinny, little girl body and wished to hell that I didn’t have a little sister due home in under ten minutes...

I was sitting in an armchair and Debbie on the sofa when Tracey arrived home two hours almost to the minute after she’d gone out. She looked at me, looked at Debbie then back at me again. I kept my face bland, bored even. Tracey looked puzzled, then annoyed. She exhaled an exaggerated sigh after she’d greeted her friend. Debbie, too, gave nothing away and, when my sister’s back was momentarily turned, smiled shyly at me. I winked at her and smiled right back. She really was the prettiest little thing....
Tracey was a persistent little bitch. She got rid of Debbie as soon as she reasonably could after she’d got home. She tried pumping me for information about what had gone on while she’d been out, but I refused to play ball. She wasn’t satisfied with my assurance that everything was sorted out and there would be no further problems from Debbie.
“I’ll find out, you know” she said, making it sound like a threat.
“There’s nothing to find out” I told her, for the fifth or sixth time.
“We’ll see” Tracey said haughtily.

How was I to know how things would turn out? How was I to know that I would have another, equally amazing, experience with a twelve year old schoolgirl? And so soon after Debbie? That’s a story in itself, which I’ll tell you about sometime...

THE END.... of part one

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More realistic then a lot of stories good job

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QJqR6C I am so grateful for your blog post. Really Great.

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Mmm, my big bro loves me, too. He is also gentle and caring, just like the brother is this story. Time to go see what he's up to. I have an aching wet pussy that needs some urgent big brother attention!

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Sexy as hell. Simple, effective use of words. Made me blow twice before I'd reached the end!

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