In which my sister insists on finding out what happened between me and Debbie...


(Recap: my twelve year old sister, Tracey, told me that her friend, Debbie, had been telling their school-friends that me and Debbie were boyfriend/girlfriend and that we'd had sex. I'd arranges with Tracey to be alone with Debbie for a couple of hours to 'sort things out'. I ended up making love with her. Tracey has been trying to find out what happened but neither me or Debbie are saying anything...)

As luck would have it, I didn't see a lot of Tracey for almost three days. I'd arranged to go out on Sunday, so I was out all day and didn't get back home until late. On Monday I was at work all day and Tracey was at school. I avoided her Monday evening by going down the pub until I knew she would be in bed. She caught up with me on Tuesday evening.
Something had gone off between mum and dad before I'd got home from work. The atmosphere between them was poisonous so I took refuge in my bedroom. Tracey, mum told me frostily when I asked, was having a bath. I took that as my cue to make myself scarce.
My little sister was at that age where 'having a bath' meant a minimum of an hour pampering herself and doing god-only-knows-what behind the closed and locked bathroom door. It drove dad nuts, especially when he wanted to pee. Me, I just found it amusing!
The sound of footsteps padding past my bedroom door registered in the back of my brain, but I was so engrossed in the latest novel I was reading I didn't take an awful lot of notice. It was only when I heard knuckles knocking on my door and the handle turning before I had the chance to invite the knocker in that I realised how long I'd been reading.
My dear twelve year old sister strode into my bedroom, a big smile on her face.
"Gotcha, now!" she said as she closed the door behind her. I groaned.
I loved my sister, I really did, but at times - like now - she could be a royal pain in the arse. And I knew what was coming.
Last Christmas I'd bought her an expensive pink fluffy bathrobe with the words 'My Brother's Favourite Sister' embroidered on it. I'd had it specially made for her, too. It was Tracey's most treasured possession, she told me once. In the intervening months mum had had to virtually peel it off her to wash it. I was fairly sure I'd seen it hanging on the washing line at some point over the past week or so, but Tracey was wearing it when she strode across my bedroom floor and joined me, uninvited, on my bed.
"Hello, trouble" I said wearily
"I'm not trouble!" Tracey giggled as she settled herself beside me.
"By the very facts that (a), you're a girl, (b) you're my little sister and (c) you're twelve years old makes you the dictionary definition of trouble" I told her in a passable imitation of a pompous schoolmaster.
Tracey giggled again. I could always make her giggle.
"Yeah, I know" she said self-importantly, "but ya love me anyway!"
She had me there and the smile I tried to cover with my hand didn't fool her for a moment. She giggled harder and I gave up.
"Yeah, I do" I admitted hugging her. I waited for next inevitable words.
"If you love me so much, why won't you tell me what happened on Saturday, then?"
"Ah, but which bit of Saturday?" I teased.
"You know what I mean!" she squealed. "You and Debbie" she added, just in case it had slipped my mind.
"Oh, right, that bit" I said.
"Ad-aaaaam!" she whined, "don't keep teasing me!" Tracey pouted, which made me laugh. I loved it when she pouted, mainly because she wasn’t normally a pouty girl.
“I’m not telling you, Trace” I said. “It’s private between me and Debbie”
“But that’s not fair! Debbie’s my friend!” my little sister complained.
“And I’m your big brother” I reminded her.
“Debbie won’t even talk to me now” Tracey whined.
“Why not?” I asked, genuinely concerned.
Tracey didn’t answer, just pouted.
“Maybe if you didn’t keep badgering Debbie about what happened on Saturday, perhaps she’d talk to you” I told my sister. It was an educated stab-in-the-dark as to what the problem between the two girls was. Tracey’s silence affirmed I’d hit the mark.
"She won't tell me anything" Tracey sulked. "She just said it's private, too". My sister's voice dripped sarcasm on the word 'sarcasm'.
"That's because it is" I said
"That must mean something happened, then". She might have been irritating, but she wasn't stupid.
"Mmm, maybe" I hinted
"See! I knew it!" Tracey exclaimed, turning to face me. "I knew it!" she exclaimed again. I smiled at her.
"Tell me, then!" she demanded.
"Why should I?" I wondered aloud
Tracey looked at me, momentarily lost for words.
"Because Debbie's my friend and... and..." she tailed off, her brow furrowing in thought, "and because I'm your sister and you love me!" she announced triumphantly.
I just looked at her, not speaking.
"Come on, Adam", she tried again, an uncharacteristic wheedling note in her voice, "I promise I won't tell anyone" she added, suggesting that that line of argument was the deal-clincher.
I smiled, my lips curling up slowly. It had been my intention all along to confide with Tracey about me and her friend. It was fun - for me, anyway - to tease her and watch her get increasingly frustrated when she couldn't get her own way, which didn't happen very often, if I'm being honest.
I knew Debbie wouldn't crack; she was so enamoured of me after we'd hurriedly tidied ourselves and scuttled from my bedroom on Saturday that if I'd asked her to walk home stark naked, she would have done. The harder Tracey pressed her, the more Debbie would hold her tongue, which was the very thing I'd suggested to her before we'd left my bedroom.
If I allowed things to go much longer, Tracey and Debbie would fall out, big-time. I knew my little sister well enough to know that she wouldn't stop pushing until one of two things happened; she either found out what she wanted to know or, more likely in this instance, she drove her friend away for good. The latter scenario was the last thing I wanted to happen.
I leaned forward and kissed the tip of my sister's cute button nose. She grinned at me, showing all of her perfect small white even teeth.
"Are you going to tell me, then?" she asked, her eyes twinkling with anticipation.
"Do I have any choice?" I sighed in mock resignation
"Not really, no" she giggled and snuggled closer to me. Her damp hair smelled of something fresh and fruity: strawberries I thought. It was nice.
I cleared my throat theatrically, which made Tracey giggle again, then I began to speak.
I told her everything, starting from when she left us alone, to Debbie asking to use the toilet. I told my sister how I'd waited outside the bathroom door and scaring Debbie when she came out. I explained to her about how I'd led her friend to my bedroom and sat beside on her the edge of my bed and asked her about the things she'd been saying in school.
Tracey was rapt as I described how I'd offered to turn Debbie's lies into the truth. My little sister's eyes widened as I went into detail about exposing my stiff prick to her young friend and how I'd made her hold it, then take me in her mouth. My sister's breathing became very slow and shallow as I detailed how I'd made Debbie gag, my concern for her and then kissing the little girl to comfort her.
I felt myself becoming aroused again as I recounted how I'd slipped Debbie's strappy top off her shoulders and fondled and kissed her tiny titties and how I had stroked her pussy. Tracey's eyes widened in wonder when I told her how I'd slipped my hand into Debbie's shorts and panties and my surprise at how wet her pussy was.
My prick became visibly stiff when I spoke about first fingering her friend's pussy with her shorts on, then removing them and breaking her hymen with my finger. Tracey was breathing faster and her face flushed when I described Debbie's initial pain then how pain was turned to pleasure as I stimulated her clitoris.
I pictured in my mind the image of Debbie's skinny naked immature body laying on my bed as I told Tracey about undressing her, then undressing myself and getting on my bed with the little girl.
Tracey squirmed beside me as I described how I licked and kissed and fingered her twelve year old friend's pussy before I finally slipped my stiff prick into her sex. I held nothing back in describing how tight Debbie's pussy was and how I'd soothed her while I made love with her.
Tracey smiled at me when I said how I'd wished that she, Tracey, wasn't due to arrive home when we'd agreed and that she'd be later, but I knew she would be on time because that was the sort of girl she was.
I tried to describe to my little sister how I had felt when I'd cum in Debbie's pussy; how wonderful and magical it was and how I wanted to do it all over again almost as soon as my prick slipped out of her young friend's body.
My prick was uncomfortably stiff in my trousers when I finished and I felt as horny as hell. I wanted nothing more right at that moment than to whip it out and wank myself to relieve the tension in it. With my twelve year old sister with me, that wasn't a practical option, though.
"So, now you know" I said, hoping she'd be satisfied and bugger-off to her own bedroom.
Tracey turned her upper body to face me. As she did so her bathrobe fell open slightly. She didn't seem to be aware that not only was her bathrobe open, but that she was also exposing one of her titties to me.
"Wow, that was fantastic" my little sister was saying, but I was hardly paying her any attention. The sight of her small round titty was distracting me.
"She is sooo lucky" Tracey said, drawing-out the word 'so' then let out a big sigh.
"Why's that?" I asked, managing to tear my eyes away from Tracey's chest. Some very strange and disturbing thoughts were confusing me.
From nowhere, tears started trickling down Tracey's face.
"It's not fair!" she sobbed, bringing her hands up to her face.
Oh, God! Her bathrobe fell open a little wider and the view I had of my little sister's titty now included her nipple. I felt my prick twitch. I loved my sister dearly but at that moment I fervently wanted her out of my bedroom. I needed to wank - urgently!
Her tears, though, took me by surprise.
"Hey! C'mon Trace. What's the matter?" I asked
For a moment or two she just sat with her face in her hands. She sniffed, took a deep breath and dropped her hands to her lap. She still didn't seem to be aware that one of her titties was on show.
"She's a lucky bitch!" Tracey said harshly. "I'm still a virgin and she's not" Tracey hissed as more tears fell from her eyes.
I was slightly shocked. My sister was usually one of the sweetest and kindest of girls, so to hear her sounding so bitter - and jealous, I was in no doubt - was very out of character.
"Your time will come..." I started to say, but Tracey laughed at me.
"Yeah right, of course it will" she said quietly, "but not with the boy I want it to"
What the hell was she on about?
"Is there a boy at school you like, then?" I asked
"Not at school, no" my little sister said, looking straight at me. I still didn't understand. "But there is a boy?" I clarified.
"Yeah, the nicest boy in the world" she said, still staring at me.
The atmosphere in my bedroom thickened suddenly as realisation dawned on me. Tracey's lips curled in a smile as she saw the confusion leave my face.
"Me?" I asked.
Tracey nodded, still smiling.
Oh, shit!
"But... but, I'm your brother!" I reminded her
"I know" she said simply. "And you're also one of the nicest guys I know" she added. She said it as a statement of fact, not as flattery. I knew bull-shit when I heard it and I certainly wasn't hearing it now.
Tracey's small round titty with it's dark brown aureole and nipple was still in my eye-line. It was making this unexpected turn in our conversation much more difficult for me to manage. It didn't help, either, that I was still feeling incredible horny.
"Thanks for the compliment, sis" I said warmly, "but brothers and sisters... It's illegal anyway" I added.
"I know. It's called incest" my sister advised me, in case I didn't know.
"That's right" I agreed. "Then you'll also know that people go to prison when people find out!" I added.
"Only if someone finds out" Tracey countered. "Anyway", she went on, "there's a girl in my year who lets her dad do it to her!" She said 'dad' as if it was the most disgusting thing she'd ever heard.
I would have asked who the girl was, but I really didn't want to go there.
"Look, Tracey" I tried, "there must be loads of boys at school who fancy you. I bet any one of them would love to, you know, with you, ... You're a very pretty girl" I added.
"None of them are as nice as you, though"
I was finding it harder to offer up good arguments against what my twelve year old sister was saying. My still-stiff prick, my horniness from talking about what I'd done with Debbie and the sight of my little sister's titty was fuddling my rational brain.
"If I wasn't your brother, Trace..." I said gently
"I'm not worried" she replied. "Anyway, there's no other boy I know who I'd rather lose my virginity to" she told me with all the dismissiveness she'd have shown if she was offering me a biscuit. “I love you”.
“And you know I love you to bits, sis” I told her tenderly. Before I knew it our faces were moving together and our lips met.
I’d kissed my little sister hundreds of times before, but never like that kiss. For a few precious moments it wasn’t my baby sister’s lips mine were firmly pressed against, but those of a pretty young girl I wanted to make love with. She could almost have been Debbie.
I felt Tracey’s hand settle on my thigh, then slide up to my crotch. Oh, Jeez, I didn’t want this, but I did! Her fingers lightly brushed over the swelling between my legs and I felt my prick give an involuntary twitch.
“We can’t, Tracey” I hissed urgently as I pulled away from her. “Apart from anything else, mum and dad are downstairs!”
“They won’t notice” my sister said dreamily, her hand stroking my bulge, “they’re too busy arguing”.
I’d become so wrapped up in our conversation that I hadn’t noticed the raised voices coming from the lounge.
“They’ll be at it for ages yet. You know what they‘re like”
She had a point. Mum and dad didn’t argue all that often, but when they did, they really went for it. Past rows had gone on for hours!
My twelve year old sister leaned over me and her bathrobe fell open completely. “Oops!” she giggled. All of my half-hearted objections disappeared in a flash as I feasted my eyes on Tracey’s titties.
They were bigger than Debbie’s, but not much. Where Debbie’s were snooker-ball sized, my sister’s were more the size of a couple of ripe apples. And they were beautiful.
The pinky-white skin accentuated the dark brown of her aureoles and nipples. I reached both of my hands to them and folded my fingers around them. Tracey sighed and pressed her hand against my crotch more firmly.
I gently squeezed both small round mounds, feeling her nipples pressing into my palms. I tweaked each of the hard dark buds in my fingers, causing my sister to shiver with pleasure.
“I want to see you” she whispered, her fingers squeezing my stiff prick.
Wordlessly, I stood up and my little sister watched me as I undressed. I felt her eyes staring at my rigid shaft as it sprung from my underpants. She had shrugged off her bathrobe and was laying completely naked on my bed when I rejoined her.
Tracey was only an inch or so taller than her friend, Debbie, but was slightly bigger built. Where Debbie was malnourished-looking, Tracey looked the picture of youthful health. I thought she was beautiful.
Her small titties stood up proudly from her chest as she lay on her back, looking at me with unadulterated love. My eyes travelled down her slim body to the swell of her pubis, noticing that she had no hair there yet. I found that incredibly sexy and arousing as I lay down beside Tracey.
“I love you, sis” I said softly, then kissed her.
“Love you too” she murmured as my lips pressed against hers. I laid a hand on her chest and fondled her delightfully sexy little titties. I felt her hand reaching for my swollen shaft and shifted my hips so that she could reach me.
Her fingers folded around my length and I exhaled a sigh of pleasure as for the second time in a few days an immature schoolgirl held my prick. I slid my hand down my twelve year old sister’s body to her smooth hairless pubis,
It was her turn to sigh when she felt my fingers brushing lightly over the soft swell of her virgin sex.
“Oh, god” she sighed in my ear, “that feels so nice!”
I eased a finger between the folds of her sex, feeling her moistness. Tracey gasped in surprise when my fingertip stroked the hard sensitive bud of her clitoris. I began to slowly rub it, running my fingertip over and around the tiny hard bud.
“Oh! Oh!” she whimpered, “it never feels like that when I do it” she babbled.
I wasn’t at all surprised to learn my sister masturbated. If anything, hearing her say as much turned me on just a little more than I already was. I rubbed her clitty harder, pressing my finger against it firmly as I rotated it around and around.
My little sister was panting and writhing beside me as I rubbed her hard sensitive nub.
“Oh, fuck!” she cried suddenly, “you’re gonna make me cu....!!” Her small body convulsed and her head thrashed from side to side as she orgasmed. I kept my finger firmly against her clitty as she moaned and thrust her hips into the air. I felt her hand tighten painfully around my prick as her immature sexy young body tensed, shuddered once, twice, then flopped like a rag-doll.
“No more!” she cried weakly, “no more”.
Tracey’s chest heaved up and down as she drew in big lungs-ful of air. I gave her clitty a final gentle prod before removing my hand from her pussy.
“Oh, Adam!” she squealed as she threw herself against me. “That was amazing! I’ve never cum like that before!
“Glad I could help” I said nonchalantly.
We lay kissing for several minutes, my hands constantly touching and feeling my little sister’s naked young body. She smelled so clean and fresh - and young - and her skin was so soft that I couldn’t keep my hands off her.
As she’d orgasmed, Tracey had let go of my prick. When her breathing had returned to normal I rolled myself on top of her slim body. She opened her legs and I positioned myself between her thighs.
The head of my prick nudged at her labial lips. I looked into my pretty sister’s face as I pressed my hips forwards. My prick bumped against her wet pussy.
“Relax, babe” I said softly and pressed my hips forwards again. Tracey was still too tense to allow me to enter her easily. I nudged my prick at her opening two or three times more, increasing the strength of my hip thrusts each time. On the next thrust I felt her pussy give and I slipped the swollen purple glans into my sister’s virgin body.
Tracey’s eyes opened wide when she realised that her big brother’s stiff prick was slipping into the moist tight confines of her virgin pussy. A tear slipped from each eye as my full length filled her young body for the first time. Then she smiled and I felt my heart melt.
Legally wrong it may have been, but for pure sexual arousal, there was nothing to beat it. As I made love to my twelve year old sister’s sexy immature body, I felt more aroused than I ever had in my life.
Looking down on her face and seeing some of my own facial features reflected back at me was the most erotic feeling in the world and I felt proud that Tracey had wanted me - and only me - to be the first boy to make love with her.
We kissed passionately as my prick moved freely in my little sister’s tight sex. My hands were busy on her small titties, feeling and squeezing her delightful mounds of firm soft flesh. I tweaked her hard dark nipples, which made Tracey shudder in pleasure every time I did it. In between kisses, my mouth licked and sucked greedily on her titties, my tongue lashing her hard nipples.
“Fuck me, big brother!” Tracey urged, “fuck me harder!” I’d never heard my little sister swear before, ever. Hearing her use the ’fuck’ word under those circumstances drove my arousal up another couple of notches and I obliged her.
I began to thrust my hips into my sister’s tight wet pussy harder and faster.
“Oh, yeah, Adam” she gasped, “that’s better!”
I’d been turned on making love to Debbie. At the time I’d thought it was the best sex I’d ever had. But, now, with my swollen rigid prick slamming into my twelve year old sister’s pussy and hearing her urging me to “fuck me as hard as you can” drove me crazy.
Over and over again I drove my prick as deep into my little sister’s young body as hard and as fast as I physically could.
“Aah, God, Adam!” she cried a little more loudly than I was comfortable with, “you’re gonna make me cum!!”
Suddenly, I felt her pussy tighten around my pounding shaft as Tracey arched her back and shuddered from head to toe. I had to clamp a hand over her mouth to muffle her orgasmic cries as her sexy little body convulsed and writhed.
I felt the tension ease around my prick as my sister’s orgasm peaked. Sharing Tracey’s pleasure in what we were doing spurred me to even greater efforts and I pounded my shaft in her young body with more vigour still.
Time after time my prick thrust into Tracey’s soaking wet pussy. I heard wet squelching sounds every time I shoved myself into her sex because she was producing so much love fluid.
The tingles began, slowly at first, but became increasingly stronger with every thrust of my rigid shaft in my sister’s sex. I felt my sac tighten and contract and I just had time to gasp that I was going to cum before prick swelled and my world was smothered by an overwhelming blanket of sexual sensation.
I was still pounding my shaft in Tracey’s sex as I filled her tight passage with thick creamy cum. Tracey was orgasming again, her young body thrashing beneath me as my sac emptied in her pussy. My whole sense of being was completely centred on the fantastic feelings coming from my prick as it slipped in and out of my twelve year old sister’s body. I had never felt so sexually fulfilled - so alive - as I did for those few amazing, incredible, wonderful moments as I gave my sister every single drop of love in my body to her.
Slowly, slowly, my head cleared and reality crept back into my consciousness. My hips slowed, then stopped, pounding Tracey’s pussy. I slipped out of her cum-soaked sex and lay down beside her, knackered, but incredibly elated.
Tracey turned her face to look at me, the biggest grin I’d ever seen on her lighting her face up.
“There, that wasn’t so bad, was it?” she said deadpan. I looked at her, then burst out laughing. Tracey threw herself into my arms and we giggled like a couple of lunatics for several minutes before we were able to bring ourselves under control again.
“It’s gone quiet downstairs” I said as I wiped the tears of laughter from my eyes on a pillow. “We’d better, you know...”
“Aww!” Tracey whined, childishly, smiling as she did so.
“Yeah, I know” I told her, fondling her gorgeous little titties as I kissed her. “I don’t want you to go either”
There was nothing more to say after that. Tracey hopped off my bed and retrieved her bathrobe from the floor. She looked so young and sweet standing there. I loved her to bits.
“Love ya” Tracey said as she went to the door.
“Love ya back” I replied, as usual.
“But my front’s nicer!” she retorted automatically.
“Yeah, I know, now” I added. My little sister turned and smiled before opening the door and leaving without another word.
Somehow or other, Tracey and I managed to get through the rest of the evening. The stony silence between our mum and dad didn’t encourage idle chit-chat and we all sat, uncomfortable in each other’s company, watching telly. By ten o’clock I couldn’t stand it any longer and announced that I was going to bed.
“I think I will too” Tracey said, rising to her feet. She followed me out the door and grabbed my hand as soon as it closed behind us.
“I want you again!” she whispered loudly in my ear as we walked side-by-side upstairs.
“I know how you feel” I said softly as we reached the landing. I took my sister into my arms and held her tightly, my prick swelling as we kissed. Tracey rubbed her hand over my bulge and I groaned.
“I could do something about that” she suggested sexily. Oh, Jeez, I was more than a little tempted to take her up on what she was offering.
“Oh, I’d love you to, Trace” I told her with feeling, “but we’d be seriously pushing our luck.
“Yeah, I know” she agreed, kissed me again and broke away from me. There was a look of hunger in her eyes that I was sure was also in mine. I patted her cute arse, said goodnight and went into my bedroom.
As soon I was in bed I began to pump my swollen prick, bringing to mind everything that had happened on that very bed with not just my sexy little sister, but also with sweet young Debbie. I pictured Tracey in her own bed, frantically fingering her wet pussy, rubbing her sensitive clitty and bringing herself to another violent orgasm. I came hard again, the thick spurts of cum needing more than the usual two or three tissues to wipe up.

The slamming of the street door woke me up the next morning. My sleep had been filled with dreams of naked young little girls, including Tracey and Debbie. I was just about to slip my prick into the open mouth of a cute little doll of a thing when I was rudely awoken. I swore.
Mum was rattling about downstairs still. She usually left just after dad and I assumed that whatever had gone on last night had carried over to this morning. They were both normally considerate of me and my sister and left for work without us hearing them.
I lay in my bed trying to recapture the dream I was having but it was gone. The erection I’d woken up with hadn’t, though. I was gently stroking myself when I heard the street door close, followed by the clack-clack of mum’s heels as she walked down the footpath. It couldn’t have been more than thirty seconds later that my bedroom door burst open and Tracey breezed in. She was naked.
“Hi!” she said brightly.
“Hi, yourself”
My sexy little sister walked over to my bed and stood there looking at me.
“I couldn’t wait any longer” she told me, leaning over and kissing me. I could smell her pussy even from my prone position. Jeez, was she ever a horny little bitch!
“Are you going to move over, or what?” Tracey asked after our third long kiss.
I lifted the duvet and she laid on top of me.
“I couldn’t stop thinking about you last night” she told me, her head laying on my chest. “I came three times before I fell asleep!”
I laughed and called her a randy little madam.
“It’s all your fault!” she retorted, propping herself up to look at me. “If you weren’t so handsome and so, you know, good with this...” she said, reaching around her back and patting my swollen prick, “...I wouldn’t have been so horny!”
“Sorry, Trace, I didn’t mean for you to lose so much sleep” I told her, smiling, then planted my mouth over first one, then the other of her sexy little titties. I sucked them both hard, drawing the hard dark bud of her nipples between my teeth.
With no-one else in the house, my twelve year old sister felt no need to hide what she was feeling. She gasped and groaned as my lips, tongue and teeth made love to her titties.
“Oh, god, Adam” she moaned, “that feels lovely!” she cried, wriggling her hips. I could feel dampness from her pussy.
“I need you in me” she gasped. Tracey raised her hips up then, using her hand, guided my prick to her wet pussy. I sighed loudly myself when she sat down on me and my shaft became enveloped in hot wetness. My duvet fell to the bedroom floor.
Immediately, Tracey began to move herself up and down, grinning wickedly at me as she looked at the expression on my face.
“Like it?” she asked, all sweetness and innocence”
“Oh yeah” I said and grabbed her. I kissed my little sister with a passion I had never felt before for any girl. I could never have imagined that I could feel the way I did at that moment about my own little sister. If this was what incest felt like, then I was all for it!
It wasn’t very long before Tracey announced she was going to cum. I became even more aroused as I watched my pretty little sister enjoy yet another orgasm. Her face screwed up and her eyes closed tightly. Her slim young body became as rigid as board and I felt her pussy tighten delightfully around my rigid shaft.
“Aaaa-hhhhh, FUCK!!” she screamed as her sexy little body convulsed and she bounced herself up and down on my shaft. “Aaah, Jesus, that’s good” she whimpered as another wave of sexual release washed through her. The tightness around my prick eased off as her orgasm peaked then tailed off.
“Fuck me, big brother, fuck me! she urged.
I wrapped my arms around her waist and held her tightly. I began to hump my prick into Tracey’s sopping-wet pussy, bouncing her small body up and down. My sister pushed her crotch as hard against my prick as she was able as my hips rose and fell on my bed.
“Harder, Adam! Fuck me harder!” Tracey begged.
In one swift movement I rolled my little sister onto her back without my shaft slipping out of her pussy. Immediately, I started pounding myself in Tracey’s sex, grunting every time my hips slammed into hers.
“That’s it, Adam, that’s what I need!” Tracey cried as I pinned her immature body to my bed with my swollen shaft. I shoved its length deeply into her pussy over and over again, enjoying hearing my sister’s foul language and exhortations to fuck her harder.
I’d been horny myself when I’d been woken up so it wasn’t very long before those all-too familiar tingles began.
“You fucking asked for it, you randy bitch!” I yelled as I felt my sac contract. “Now you’re gonna fucking get it!!”
My prick swelled in Tracey’s pussy then exploded thick gobs of cum into her. Still I kept pounding, pounding my prick into her tight pussy until my sac was drained. Panting like mad, I collapsed on top of my little sister.
“I’m gonna cum again, Adam!” Tracey yelled as I rolled off of her. She had one of her hands between her legs and was frantically rubbing her clitty. I could see the cum I’d shot into her dribbling out of her pussy as she writhed about on my bed.
“Adaaaaam!” she screamed as she tipped herself over into orgasm. Again, her sexy little body wriggled and convulsed beside me. The thought crossed my mind that any bloke she went to bed with would not have to work too hard to give my little sister satisfaction between the sheets if she had such massive orgasms at just twelve years of age! What would they be like when she was sixteen, seventeen and older? Christ, it didn’t bear thinking about!
“God, I needed that!” Tracey declared when she had recovered.
“Yeah, I noticed” I commented dryly.
“I didn’t hear you complaining, dear brother” she said
“Nope. No complaints from me” I agreed as I kissed her.
It was over ten minutes past the time we would have usually been up and getting ready for school and work. I mentioned as much to my sister.
“I don’t want to go to school today. Do I have to?”
“Yes” I told her, coming across like the responsible older brother, even as I lay naked in bed with my sister.
“But there’s much nicer things we could be doing” Tracey said coyly, her fingers reaching for my sticky prick.
“I have to go to work” I reminded her.
“But I want to do all of things with you that you did with Debbie” Tracey complained.
Damn! I hadn’t thought of that.
“Why not call in sick?” she suggested. That made me think for a moment.
I’d been in my job just over a year and had not taken a single sick day, unlike some of my colleagues who seemed to have days off on a regular basis.
“I’ve just had an idea!” Tracey piped up. “What if I meet Debbie and get her to bunk off school as well. Wouldn’t that be great?”
I should have nixed the idea there and then. I made the mistake of looking at my sexy sister’s naked young body and thought of the possibilities a whole day alone with her and Debbie presented.
“Sounds good to me” I said slowly, “but it’ll be difficult, you know, for me and you, I mean...”
“No it won’t” Tracey assured me confidently. I can’t say that I shared her confidence, but my prick was ruling my head by then so I just said ’okay’ and it was all set.
As Tracey got dressed to meet her friend I said that I would ring the school and pretend to be dad and let them know that she wouldn’t be in today. We’d wait and see if Debbie wanted to spend the day with us before I did the same thing for her.
Tracey was out of the street door in much quicker time than it usually took her to get ready for school! Debbie lived about ten minutes walk away from our house and my sister wanted to make sure she didn’t miss her. She kissed my cheek and virtually skipped out of the house.
Seeing her like that reminded me again that she was still really only a kid. I couldn’t reconcile that image of her with the sexually abandoned girl I’d been making love with less than thirty minutes ago. What a contrast!
I made and drunk a cup of coffee while I awaited her return, alone or with her pretty young friend.

If ever I needed a reminder of how young the two little girls I’d made love to really were it came in the form of Debbie. As I’ve said, she was a tiny little thing anyway. In her school uniform - pale blue blouse, navy skirt and white socks and a navy and black tie - she didn’t look a day older than eight or nine years! The bagginess of her shirt concealed the two tiny bumps of her immature titties. Had I not had the pleasure of seeing her sexy naked little body with my own eyes, and known she was within a few weeks of the same age as Tracey, I would never have guessed her true age.
By contrast, Tracey looked like Debbie’s older sister, not her school friend. She had thrown on a tight tee shirt and a pair of ratty jeans and a newish pair of trainers. She stood maybe four inches taller than Debbie and was more physically rounded than her friend. My little sister’s titties poked out proudly from her chest and the jeans she was wearing clung to her perky arse like a second skin. Even at her tender twelve years of age she looked good; very sexy. I wondered briefly how and why I’d never noticed before...
She escorted Debbie into the lounge like she’d won first prize in a competition.
"I've told Debs you've told me" she announced before I'd had a chance to greet the little girl. I felt a momentary flash of irritation at my sister; I'd planned to tell Debbie myself at an appropriate moment before..., well before whatever else happened next. She smiled shyly at me and I gave her a 'you know what she's like' look. Debbie smiled again and nodded.
"Hiya, Debbie" I said, rising from the chair I'd been sitting in. She took a couple of steps towards me and I held her pretty little face in my hands and kissed her. Again, I was struck by how pretty she was. My prick began to swell.
"I'm going to make a drink" Tracey said. Me and Debbie both said we'd have tea. My sister turned and left the room. I sat down in the chair where I'd been sitting when the two schoolgirls arrived and pulled Debbie onto my lap.
"Have you missed me? I asked softly, running my hand over her chest.
"Mmmm" she murmured dreamily as she felt my fingers close over the swell of her tiny titties. My other hand was laying in her lap and, as I stroked the two hard bumps on her chest, I slid my other hand under her school skirt.
The little girl's legs opened a little wider when she felt my hand sliding up her inner thigh. She flinched when I ran my fingertips over the crotch of her panties, fingering her pussy. Debbie's breathing became shallower and faster as I fingered her immature sex and tiny titties. My prick was rigid under the little girl's small arse and as I eased a finger under the gusset of her panties and fingered her wet little pussy, I wanted nothing more than to lay her on the lounge floor and slip my shaft into her tight sex.
I didn't hear Tracey return to the room, carrying three steaming mugs on a tray.
"You two didn't waste any time" she commented, seeing my hand under friend's skirt, fingering her pussy. She was smiling as she carefully placed the tray on the coffee table. I removed my hands from Debbie's pussy and titties and the little girl smoothed her skirt before hopping off my lap and taking a seat opposite me next to Tracey on the sofa.
Tracey smiled at her friend, stood up and walked over to me.
"Isn't Adam handsome, Debs?" she asked.
"Yes, he is" she agreed.
"I love my big brother to bits" she said warmly, then without warning, leaned over me and placed a kiss on my lips. Over her shoulder, I could see Debbie. Her eyes were saucer-wide as she watched her friend kissing her own brother in a way that sisters weren't supposed to. I wondered what was going through her mind?
After kissing me twice more, my little sister stood up, turned and smiled at Debbie.
"That feels nice, doesn't it Debs?" she asked as she walked back over to the sofa and sat down next to her surprised friend.
Debbie simply nodded in agreement.
"I wish I'd been you a few minutes ago", Tracey told Debbie. "I mean, being touched like that. I bet it feels really nice"
Debbie looked at my sister, and blushed.
"I'd love to be fingered like that" she added, "especially by someone as gorgeous as my big brother"
I just sat there, listing to my little sister, barely able to believe what was coming out of her mouth.
"Yeah", Tracey was saying, "I bet it would feel really nice to have his fingers on my pussy like they were on yours"
Debbie looked over at me. I could see confusion - and panic - in her expression. I tried to telegraph 'don't worry' signals to her, but I wasn't sure she could read them.
"Trace", I said, a warning tone in my voice, "stop now"
"It's alright" she answered airily. "We're all friends here, aren't we Debs?"
"Yes" Debbie answered softly.
"So, there's no problem then, is there?"
"No". Another barely audible reply from the little girl.
Tracey handed out the drinks she'd made and the three of sat there, unspeaking, while we sipped at them.
I had no idea what was going through the minds of the two twelve year old schoolgirls, but my brain was trying to process what my little sister had said and done. The best I could come up with was that Tracey was trying, in her clumsy way, to prepare her young friend for the possibility of having to 'share' me with her. I found that I didn't disapprove as much as I might have done.
We all finished our drinks within moments of one another.
"Why don't you two go upstairs" Tracey said, "while I wash these up", indicating the empty mugs. I looked at Debbie. She smiled at me and stood up. I led her by the hand out of the lounge as my sister collected our mugs together.
I led Debbie to my bedroom and we lay together on my bed. We began to kiss and my fingers fumbled at the buttons of her blouse. I felt a thrill of excitement when my hands reached for the little girls tiny titties and found that she wasn't wearing a bra again. Immediately, my fingers were on those sexy immature bumps, stroking and squeezing them, their nipples becoming hard and stiff.
After a few minutes I broke off kissing the little girl and moved my head to her chest. I closed my mouth over one tiny titty, then the other, sucking the small mound into my mouth. At the same time one of my hands was snaking between Debbie's thighs. I fingered her tight pussy, slipping a finger under the gusset of her panties as I'd done earlier.
The schoolgirl let out a small gasp when she felt my finger slip into her warm moist pussy. my mouth was still working on her sexy tiny titties when I slipped a second finger into the schoolgirl. I could hear Debbie breathing faster as my fingers began to slip in and out her pussy, slowly finger-fucking her.
I had grabbed the nearest thing to hand when I got dressed, a pair of jogging bottoms. I hadn't even bothered with underpants. They had a draw-string to help keep them around my waist, which with my other hand, I managed to undo. Without removing my fingers from my twelve year old lover's pussy I managed to slip my jogging bottoms down to my thighs, freeing my swollen prick. I eased my fingers out of Debbie's pussy and positioned myself between her open legs.
The little girl looked at me, laying there with her sexy tiny titties exposed, still wearing her school uniform. I thought she looked sexier right then than she had when she'd been in that same position naked a few days ago. I moved her panties gusset to one side and pressed the smooth head of my prick against her moist opening.
This time when Debbie felt me pushing against her sex, her pussy accepted me with no resistance. I slipped easily and smoothly into the schoolgirl's pussy, filling her tight sex with every millimetre of my length.
My mouth clamped over Debbie's titties as I began to slowly make love with my sister's friend. I barely registered the soft creak of my bedroom door opening and closing behind me as my shaft slipped smoothly in and out of the little girl's immature body.
I kept an old armchair to one side of my bed where I threw my clothes. As my prick made love with Debbie, I saw Tracey walk to the chair. She was naked.
She saw me looking at her as she opened her legs, exposing her pussy, and began to finger herself.
Oh, man, I've gotta tell you, that was something else! I had my stiff shaft buried to the hilt in one little girl's pussy while my eyes feasted on the sight of my naked twelve year old schoolgirl sister fingering her own pussy. It drove me crazy!
I began to shove my prick into Debbie's sex hard, very hard. Tracey fingered herself in time to the thrusts of my shaft in her friend's sex, making small moaning noises of pleasure and enjoyment. That was when Debbie realised that we were not alone.
Her head whipped round to where the noise was coming from. She let out a gasp of surprise when her eyes were confronted by the sight of my naked little sister's pussy filled with her own fingers. She looked at me, her eyes asking the question. I simply smiled at her as I slammed my prick into her tight pussy once more.
It was all too much for me to take in for too long. Tracey was wanking herself and moaning and groaning so much that I knew she was on the brink of orgasming. I felt my sac contract and those wonderful pre-climax tingles build in intensity. I pounded my prick into Debbie harder and faster still as my sister squealed loudly and fingered herself into orgasm.
Seconds later, as Tracey writhed in the chair beside my bed, my prick swelled in Debbie's pussy then erupted the sac-ful of cum that had accumulated into her sex. I felt every drop of my thick cum as it shot out of the head of my shaft and filled my schoolgirl lover's body. Time after time I shoved my stiff organ into her immature body, the sounds of my little sister orgasming an erotic accompaniment to my own climax.
Me and Tracey were both breathing heavily by the time we had come time from the highs we'd enjoyed. My wilting shaft slipped out of Debbie's battered pussy and I laid down beside her. Debbie quickly pulled her skirt up around her waist as she felt the load of cum I'd given her begin to leak from her sex. It made a small sticky pool between her thighs as we lay together, our lips meeting in soft kisses.
Tracey sat on the edge of my bed, grinning happily.
"That was something different" she declared to no-one in particular.
"Yes" Debbie said.
She was looking at her friend, her pretty face a mask of confusion.
"Tracey" she asked, "aren't you worried about Adam seeing you undressed?"
"You are a sweetie!" Tracey exclaimed. "Of course I'm not!"
"But he's your brother!" Debbie cried, shocked.
"It doesn't matter, Debs" Tracey said, "I love Adam. And" she added "he loves me too"
Debbie looked at me. I could hardly deny the implications of what Tracey was hinting at. Besides, I didn't want to.
"It's not the first time I've seen Tracey naked" I told the little girl.
"We're, uh, closer than some brothers and sisters" I added.
"You mean... you and Tracey...?"
"Yeah!", Tracey whooped. "Isn't it great!"
For the longest moments, I thought we'd blown it. Debbie looked from me to my sister and back again, several times. It was easy to read what was going through her mind from the expression on her face. She closed her eyes and laid her head back down on a pillow.
Tracey looked at me, an uncertain smile on her lips. I looked away. I was worried.
The three of us sat - or lay - not speaking for several minutes; long agonising minutes of fear and uncertainty for me, and probably for my sister as well. It was Tracey, after all, who had brought her friend into our private secret. If it went wrong...
"I know it happens" Debbie said, and sat up again, "you know, brothers and sisters, dads and daughters..."
"There's that girl at school..." Tracey interrupted
"Belinda" Debbie agreed. "Anyway, I was just thinking" She looked at Tracey, then at me. "You seem so... happy and comfortable with each other. maybe it's not as bad as it sounds"
"Debs, really, it isn't!" Tracey enthused. "I love Adam so much and I know he loves me as well!"
"Well, you're lucky" Debbie said softly, "I wouldn't want either of my brothers seeing me naked!" She giggled and the tension that had built up over the preceding minutes disappeared like a puff of smoke. I let out the breath I hadn't realised I'd been holding.
"I bet you wouldn't want to make love with them, either, would you?" Tracey laughed. Debbie screwed her face up in an expression of distaste. "NO!" she yelped and the three of us burst out laughing.
Debbie had an older sister, Janice, and two older brothers, Martin, who was seventeen and well known to the local police, and Jimmy, aged nineteen who had had such a thing about another local girl that her dad had had to take legal action to stop him pestering her. The girl was only ten years old the time.
Mention of the two brothers seemed to suck something out of the atmosphere in the room. Our laughter tailed off. I decided it would be a good time for me to go to the toilet and pee. Tracey took my place beside Debbie when I got off my bed.
“It’s called your clitoris” I heard my sister saying as I returned to my bedroom. “Boys call it your clit or clitty” she explained.
I walked in to see, firstly that Debbie had removed her school uniform and, secondly, that the two schoolgirls were sitting on my bed, their legs spread open. I’m sure it wasn’t entirely coincidental that they happened to be facing the chair where my sister had sat while she wanked herself to orgasm no so long ago. I sat down and had a clear view of two sexy immature twelve year old pussies..
Tracey had opened her pussy lips to expose her clitty. Debbie followed suit. From where I was sitting - less than five feet away - I could clearly see that my sister's clitty was far more developed than her friend's. Tracey's was the size of a large pea where little Debbie's clitty was barely the size of her own small fingernail.
"Just touch it lightly, like this", Tracey instructed, demonstrating by lightly stroking her clit. She gave an involuntary shiver of pleasure. I'm sure she would quite happily have wanked herself again, but somehow, she managed to keep her mind on what she was trying to do.
I watched Debbie self-consciously probe her pussy. Her finger oh-so gently touched her hard little bud. She closed her eyes in concentration, but even I could see that she wasn't feeling anything special.
My sister was watching her friend. I saw her nod her head, as though confirming something to herself. Then she did something completely unexpected.
"Here, Debs, let me show you" she said, removing Debbie's hand from her pussy. Then, without missing a beat, slid one of her fingers along her schoolfriend's slit!
Oh, shiiiit! Most of the guys I knew fantasised about seeing two young girls getting it on together. Hell, I had decent collection of porno depicting just that scenario. But - and it's a bloody big 'but' - all of those girls were at least eighteen years of age! Yet, there was me, sitting there start naked, my eyes on stalks watching my gorgeous twelve year sister fingering her twelve year old friend. Was I one lucky bastard, or what!
And, it was getting better.
Tracey rubbed Debbie's tiny clitty over and over, but the poor kid wasn't feeling anything; zilch. She looked pained and puzzled - and a little worried.
"Don't worry, Debs", I said reassuringly, "maybe your clitoris isn't as developed as Tracey's"
A wan smile crossed her pretty face, but she didn't looked convinced.
"There's nothing wrong, Debs" Tracey chimed in. "It feels nice anyway, doesn't it?"
"Yes, yes it does" Debbie answered warmly, smiling at my sister as Tracey fingered her once more.
Now, I wasn't about to sit idly by and potentially pass up an opportunity to bring a fantasy to life. Who would ?
"Debs, why don't you do to Tracey what I did to you?" I suggested. She looked confused. "You know, with your mouth" I added. Her eyes cleared, widened and her jaw dropped open. Then the sexiest smile I'd seen on her face ever crossed her face. Wordlessly, she slipped off the bed and knelt on the floor.
Tracey wasn't slow on the uptake. Her legs parted like the Red Sea.
I felt my prick start to stiffen as I watched little Debbie confidently place her face between my sister's legs, inching it closer to Tracey's waiting pussy. I got to my feet and sat next to Tracey, watching Debbie poke her pink tongue against my sister's moist pussy.
Tracey grinned like the Cheshire Cat when she felt her friend licking her sex. She turned her face to mine and we kissed, my hands automatically reaching for her tits. Her nipples were rock hard in my palms. Tracey placed her hands on Debbie's head and pressed her face more closely against her pussy, urging her to lick her harder.
Talking of harder: my prick had risen to full erection again. I felt my sister wrap her fingers around my shaft and to slowly start wanking me.
"Yeah, Debs, that's good. Lick me a bit higher up... Yeah, yeah, that's it! Oh, God!!" Tracey's fingers tightened around my prick as, I assumed, Debbie's tongue stimulated Tracey's clitty. It felt bloody good to me, too!
"Debbie! Ah, God, Debs!" my sister moaned, her hand wanking me furiously. "Ah, yeah, c'mon, faster girl, faster"
Debbie's had was bobbing up and down, her tongue working overtime as she gradually brought my sister close to orgasm. Tracey pushed her friend's face more firmly into her sex, urging the young girl to keep going and not stop. I wondered how the poor kid could breathe!
"Aaah!!! I'm cumming. I'm cummmmiiiiiing!!!" Tracey squealed then her sexy schoolgirl body convulsed and she was gone. Debbie emerged from between my sister's legs, her face wet from Tracey's pussy. Tracey immediately slapped one of her own hands onto her sex and started to furiously rub herself. She fell back onto the bed, legs splayed open wide as she writhed and twisted about as her orgasm wracked her body.
Debbie stood beside me and watched my sister. I reached for her and she stepped into my embrace. I turned her face to mine and kissed her. I could taste my sister on her, which turned me on even more than I already was. Debbie returned my kisses with more enthusiasm than she had previously. Clearly, licking my sister had done something for her, too.
In the back of my mind, I was wondering how she'd learnt to do what I'd just watched her doing. She was so confident and comfortable that I had the suspicion that she'd done it before. If so, when?
I felt like the schoolgirl had read my mind.
"I've done it with my sister before" she said quietly, "in case you're wondering. She made me do it!" she spat out in a tone of voice I didn't think she was capable of. "The fat cow forced me to lick her when I was just a little girl" she told me. I saw a tear trickle from her eye and I wiped it away.
"You didn't have to..." I started to say
"No, it's alright" the little girl assured me. "With Tracey, it was, you know, different. Nicer". Debbie managed a brave smile for me. I kissed her again, holding her tightly against my naked body. I was getting strong feelings for the pretty twelve year old girl, and they were confusing me. I sat with her on the bed, my arm protectively around her shoulders.
Tracey had just about recovered from her orgasm and was laying on her side watching me and her friend. I saw her looking and she winked at me. I smiled at her, then I kissed Debbie and removed my arm from her shoulder.
"Hey, little sis" I said as I stood up, "my prick needs some attention. Are you interested?"
"If you come closer, I'll show you how interested I am!" Tracey quipped, grinning wickedly.
To give me and my sister a little more room, Debbie shuffled further up to the head of my bed. She plumped a pillow and placed it behind her back then settled to watch.
Instead of getting on the bed with the two schoolgirls, I stood at the side. My sister stretched her slender body out with her head near my crotch.
"Oh dear" she said, looking at my flaccid organ, "this poor thing doesn't look very happy, does it?"
Debbie giggled.
"Well, maybe you ought to do something to cheer it up" I suggested.
Tracey looked at me and gave me another of those wicked grins.
"Anything for my big brother" she said and opened her mouth.
I couldn't help letting out a sigh of pleasure as my little sister's mouth closed around my prick. Tracey held me firmly in her lips and began to move her head backwards and forwards. It felt like being wanked with moist velvet fingers and I quickly began to swell in her mouth. In no time at all I was ramrod stiff again. I felt Tracey grin around my stiff shaft, no doubt feeling pleased with herself.
I looked across at Debbie. She was sitting upright, her back against the headboard with her legs splayed open. She was looking down at her crotch, watching her busy fingers rubbing between her slit. She must have sensed me watching her for she looked up sharply... and blushed! Bless her. I found it so sweet and endearing that, even though we had made love and my sister was sucking hungrily on my rigid shaft, she was still shy about being seen doing intimate things to her immature body. I blew her a kiss and mouthed 'I love you' at her, which made her blush even more. She turned her face away and returned her concentration to her pussy.
I'd surprised myself: I hadn't intended to say those three words to my sister's friend. They'd popped out unconsciously. I didn't believe I actually meant that I loved her. I was just caught up in the eroticism of the situation.
Tracey reached one of her hands between my legs and cupped my balls in her fingers. She rolled them around, very gently, which sent all sorts of new sensations through me. Sensing that I was enjoying what she was doing, my little sister gave my balls a gentle squeeze. That made me gasp, in pain and pleasure, so she did it again.
Jeez, I'd never felt anything like it. In fact, knowing how delicate things were down there, I never even suspected that having my balls played with would be so bloody erotic!
While Tracey sucked and licked the purple head of my prick, her fingers caressing and squeezing my balls, my eyes watched Debbie. The sight of that skinny little girl slipping her fingers in and out of her tiny tight pussy was almost enough to make me want to shoot my load into my sister's mouth.
Tracey must have either sensed that I was nearing climax, or tasted pre-cum in her mouth. She gave my prick and long, hard suck, pulling her head back so that I slipped out of her mouth with an audible 'pop'.
"No way are you wasting that!" she declared. "There's only one place you're cumming, and it isn't in my mouth!"
Debbie looked at my sister, then at me. I don't know what was going through her mind, but she was about to witness just how close me and my sister really were.
Tracey laid herself on her back, her head near her friend's legs and opened her own legs. I positioned myself between my twelve year old sister's thighs and placed the throbbing head of my rigid shaft against her pussy lips.
I pushed my hips forward and felt myself slipping smoothly into my little sister's hot wet pussy once more.
Debbie's eyes opened wide as she saw me making love with her friend. Her fingers began to thrust in and out of her pussy faster, which turned me on no end. I reached for Tracey's tits and began to fondle them both as my prick moved rapidly in her pussy.
"Debs!" Tracey gasped, "sit over my face!"
Without hesitation, Debbie stood up on the bed and placed her feet either side of my sister's head. She squatted down so that her pussy was directly over Tracey's mouth. I watched with mounting arousal as my sister's pink tongue licked hungrily at her young friend's sex, flicking along her slit noisily, wetting the little girl's pussy with saliva.
Debbie was facing me. She had her eyes closed and her head thrown back as her friend stimulated her immature body. I was struck again by just how pretty Debbie was, looking even sexier in the throes of sexual arousal. The sight of her enjoying having her pussy licked and sucked by my sister drove my own arousal to even greater heights.
Tracey had done such a good job with my shaft in her mouth that it wasn't too long before I felt myself reaching the brink of climax again. I increased the strength and pace of my hip thrusts in her young body, driving my shaft as deep into her sex as I could get it.
"Oh, God, Adam", she gasped with her mouth full of little-girl pussy, "that's it. Don't stop. Jesus!"
I felt my sister's pussy tighten around my rigid shaft. I pounded myself in her pussy harder still, causing her to cry out in delight.
"Ahhh, shiiiiit! she squealed as her hips bucked off the bed and her small body convulsed. "Adaaaaam!!!" she cried as my pounding prick brought her to orgasm again. I was struggling to keep my prick in my sister as she bucked and writhed under me. I was on the brink of climaxing myself and I didn't want to let anything prevent me from depositing my load of cum in Tracey's pussy.
I laid my hands on my sister's hips to hold her still and furiously slammed my swollen organ into her sex. Seconds later I felt my balls contract and my prick swell. Then everything went gloriously blank.
All of those wonderful, indescribable sensations I'd experienced making love with my little sister before were as strong and sensational this time around as they were the first time. My pricked pumped what felt like gallons of my thick creamy fluid into Tracey's pussy, filling her with my incestuous love for her, giving me feelings that I would never forget. My prick pounded in my little sister's pussy over and over and over, until every drop of cum I had to give her had passed from my body into hers. It was only when I felt my organ begin to lose its stiffness that I stopped humping and collapsed beside her.
At some point Debbie had laid herself down. I was laying between two naked, sexy twelve year old schoolgirls, feeling like the luckiest guy around. I kissed both little girls then lay back, grinning idiotically.
Maybe ten minutes later, Tracey got up to use the toilet. I looked at my bedside clock and saw that it was only ten o'clock. Still almost the whole day to spend with these two gorgeous schoolgirls. How on earth would I cope...?

THE END (of part two)

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