The fantasy of Josie - a young girl who just can't get it hard or nasty enough. As the title suggests, there is lots of vomit involved in the story, so if you don't like the idea then stop reading after the 6th paragraph!!!
Josie was a slut. The sixteen year old had run away from home just before her sixteenth birthday and had learnt the art of using her ripe young body to get what she wanted.

She had run away to the city after her Daddy and 5 of his friends had raped her for the third time in a month. They had again come into her bedroom after a night of heavy drinking and had torn her little vest top and panties from her tight, little body. One at a time, with her Daddy going first, they climbed onto her and sucked on her gorgeous, perky, growing breasts. Her tits were more than a handful at 15.

Her Daddy and his friends raped her pussy for just 30 minutes before they were fucked out, leaving the young lady with a cunt full of cum and feeling very unsatisfied. She wondered why they had to get so drunk before they raped her, why couldn’t they just stuff her full of cock while they were sober enough to REALLY pound her. She wanted cock in her beautiful small mouth and tight, fresh, shaven cunt at the same time. She wanted the fair skin of her face and tits to be slapped and spat on. She wanted thick cocks to be lining up to stretch her tiny little asshole to its limits and she wanted her stunning, long, dark red hair to be pulled and to be thick with creamy, white cum. As she thought about all of this, her Daddy and his friends left her in the house alone, as they were going to one of the others houses to get more drink. She decided to run away to the city and find some real men to use and rape her good.

Josie lay on her bed and scooped the cum from her hot gash, put it in her mouth and washed it around as she fantasised about what she was going to do. With three fingers in her snatch, she whipped up the pussy juice and cum until it was running down to her delicious little asshole. As she squeezed her tits and pulled her hard nipples with her left hand, her right hand alternated from jilling her cunt to scooping up the tasty, frothy cum and cunt juice mixture running down to her asshole and bringing it to her hungry mouth. After a few minutes her left hand slid down her beautiful, smooth skin and her slender fingers found her asshole. “God, I wish there were some guys here to chew my tits and spit in my face right now” she groaned to herself as she sawed 4 fingers in and out of her cunt and 3 in her shithole. “Uh! I need some cock in my throat. I need to gag on some big, thick cocks!”. Josie took her fingers from her asshole and propped her head up with pillows so the she was looking down at her perfect young body, her cunt leaking from between her lovely, wide-spread, well-toned thighs.

As she looked at herself she nearly came at the sight of how hot she looked and she wished she had a hot girl like herself that she could eat out and do nasty things with. She pushed the fingers from her asshole into her throat and made herself cough and gag. Her mouth filled with thick saliva and she spat it onto her tight body. “Oooh that feels and looks so good on my skin” she said outloud as she arched her hips upward, a surge of pleasure ripping through her cunt, stomach and thighs. With that, she was gone into a world of self-depravity. The fingers of her left hand worked her throat as the fingers of her right hand worked her cunt. She quickly stuffed her little asshole with a fat magic marker, giving her twitching asshole something to grip and grind against. She continued to spit the thick throat slime all over her gorgeous tits, chest and stomach. She spat straight up in the air so that it landed back in her own pretty face and lovely hair. Getting her fingers deeper into her throat, she retched hard. As she drew her fingers out of her mouth her beautiful blue eyes were watered and she again spat the slime onto her stomach.

The amount of spit now on her upper body was cascading off of her curves and down her sides onto the bed. “Oh yea, that’s it, come on you cunt, cover yourself in spit and then puke all over yourself. It feels so good to puke as you cum, you fucking nasty, young, piece of shit whore” she grunted to herself. She ran her hand through the slime all over her upper body, rubbed it around and massaged it into her skin. Another surge shot through her stomach and snatch, her legs twitched uncontrollably. “I really, really, REALLY have to cum NOW!”. She ran her left hand through her hair, making it thick with goo. She then stuck her thumb in her pussy as well and started fisting herself. “Gotta cum, gotta cum nasty, gotta be a disgusting slut”. Pushing her fingers back into her throat she finally got what she was after, as she retched loudly.

She aimed at her tits, stomach and pussy as the vomit began to pour from her mouth. She kept her fingers in her throat as she puked on herself, continuing to make herself retch and gag. She was covering herself with her vomit and her body was bucking wildly on the bed as her stomach muscles worked overtime, regurgitating and cumming at the same time. Still coughing and puking, Josie took her fingers from her throat and started rubbing the vomit all over her hard cumming body. “SO FUCKING GOOD! SO FUCKING NASTY! SO VERY, VERY FUCKING NASTY. SO VERY FUCKING GOOD!” her mind screamed at her as she fisted her cunt deep and hard, rubbed her puke all over herself and spat out the remaining puke in her mouth onto her young tits. As she coughed she started to come down and felt very tired. However, as she took her right hand from her snatch she brought it to her mouth and sucked the copious amounts of her cunt juice from it. “Mmmmmm, yummy” she said, and started to use both hands to rub the puke around her sexy body.

Thinking about what she had just done started to turn her on again already. She opened her eyes and looked at herself. “Oh fuck!” said said and another hard surge of pleasure shot through her asshole and cunt. With her right hand she scooped up a large handful of vomit and started rubbing it into her cunt and asshole, masturbating with it. With her left hand she scooped up some more puke and rubbed it all over her face and neck until it was so thick even her useless father wouldn’t have been able to recognise her. After reaching for another handful she opened her mouth and started filling her mouth with what had been spewing out of it just minutes ago. When she had her mouth full of puke she sat up in front of the mirror opposite her bed, pushed her puke filled hand back up her puke covered pussy and pushed the magic marker out of her vomit drenched asshole. As she worked her small, puke smeared left hand up her little shithole, she looked up and saw herself in the mirror. Her hair was dishevelled and had drying, thick slime and puke in it. Her pretty face was covered in so much puke she wouldn’t have recognised herself. Her watery, blue eyes shone through the mess and devoured the nasty image she was looking at. Her sexy little mouth was open wide and filled to the brim with thick vomit. Her beautiful body was covered in it, puke hanging from her gorgeous tits. She could see her stomach straining beneath the mess as she held back the impending cum. “FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK! YES! I WISH THE FUCKING WORLD COULD SEE ME AND CUM OVER ME AND USE ME FOREVER! I‘M SUCH A DISGUSTING LITTLE PUKE WHORE!” her mind told her. The little whore closed her mouth and swallowed the puke as she started to cum on her pounding fists, whilst looking at her filthy body. Racked with orgasm, she fell back into the vomit on the bed and as soon as the had cum washed over her she brought her hands to her face and licked them clean of puke and cunt cream. Two minutes later she fell asleep, led in, and still covered in, her own puke.

Josie dreamt of lying naked, except for 7-inch wooden fuck-me heels, in a dark, dirty alley at 2am, surrounded by a dozen dirty tramps who were fucking all of her holes viciously and filling her with sperm. The tramps stood around her, spitting and pissing on her, slapping her and pulling her lovely cum-streaked hair. A woman who was walking past the entrance to the alley with her boyfriend saw Josie being abused and walked up the alley. The woman, who was in her mid-twenties, pushed the men aside and stood over the truly abused Josie. The woman asked Josie if she was okay. She got up onto her knees, looked up through spit covered eyes and said “I’m fine, I’m dreaming all of this and I want so much more, lady”. “Okay, honey” the woman said and Josie opened her mouth. The sexy blonde woman bent over and stuck her fingers down her throat, puking so much that Josie swallowed several mouthfuls of vomit and her hair, face and body were covered as well. One of the tramps had pulled the sexy womans tiny skirt up, and tottering on her 6-inch platform heels, the woman received a hard ass-fucking as she puked on Josie. The other 11 tramps and the womans boyfriend were stroking their aching cocks and cumming all over Josie and the woman, whose slutty boobtube had been pulled off her huge, perky natural tits. Josie lurched forward onto her hands and pushed her puke covered tongue into the slutty womans pussy, tasting her gushing snatch. Someone shoved a fist up Josie’s exposed, loose asshole.

All of a sudden the delicious dream ended and Josie woke up with her right hand up her asshole. “Fuck! I’ve got to get out of here!” she said to herself. It was 6:30am. Josie jumped in the shower, washed the vomit from herself, quickly jilled a small orgasm out before packing some clothes into a small bag and leaving for the city…

8 months later, she was led in a dirty alley, naked, surrounded by 20 tramps, all with their hard cocks out, sixteen-year-old Josie sucking them, one-by-one…

End Of Chapter 1

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