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Sexual awakening of an older woman...
Georgina was a plain looking, middle-aged, married woman who worked for a pharmaceutical company as a trainer. She had been married for twenty years, had two teen-aged children, a house in the suburbs, two fairly new cars in the driveway. To most people she had an ideal life, but Georgina was a very unhappy person.

Robbie was in his mid-thirties, had a sprawling house in an upper middle class neighborhood, a brand new Corvette for him and a Mercedes for his wife of ten years. He had been the top salesman at the same pharmaceutical company for five years, and he had a reputation as working hard and playing even harder.

Georgina knew Robbie by reputation only and had never worked with him, but one day she found herself training a new class of salesmen and Robbie was going to be the guest speaker at the welcome dinner. They sat next to each other in the restaurant and Robbie thought that Georgina could be very attractive if she removed her glasses and dressed in more flattering clothes. He knew that she led a pretty boring life and that her work at the pharmaceutical company was pretty much her whole life.

After dinner and many drinks, Robbie casually put his arm on the back of Georgina’s chair and leaned over her to speak to someone else. She was very conscious of the scent of his masculine cologne and the hardness of his exercised body, and she felt a stirring that she thought had been buried for a lot of years. Robbie moved his hand from the back of her chair and played with her neck, gently massaging with his fingertips. He suggested they have a nightcap at the bar without all the other people in attendance and she heard her own voice saying yes.

At the bar, Robbie placed his hand on Georgina’s knee and she jumped, electrified by his touch, but didn’t try to remove it. He played up and down her thigh very slowly with his fingers and she was horrified as her own hand placed itself on his knee. She had never been so bold in her whole life, but a combination of the alcohol and Robbie’s extreme masculinity was determining her judgment that night.

Robbie leaned closer to Georgina, draped his other arm over her shoulder and lightly grazed her breast with his hand. He saw her nipple even through her prim cotton blouse come to attention and he moved his fingers over it back and forth, while his other hand probed her thigh under her skirt. Georgina’s breath started coming quicker and as she watched her own hand play with Robbie’s leg, she saw a bulge building in the crotch of his pants. Robbie suggested they go back up to his room in the hotel and Georgina only hesitated for a moment before nodding her head in agreement.

Once they were in the room, Robbie removed Georgina’s glasses, grabbed her and kissed her passionately opening up her mouth with his tongue. He probed deep inside her mouth and nibbled on her lips, as his hands ran up and down her body. His fingers worked on the buttons of her blouse and when he removed it, he saw that she had a great pair of beautiful round breasts straining to get out of her plain white bra. He unsnapped her bra and released them and saw her large brown nipples standing erect, waiting to be sucked and pinched.

Georgina didn’t know what was happening to herself, but she felt incredibly sexy for the first time in a lot of years. She boldly reached over and started massaging Robbie’s bulge through his pants as his head moved to her chest and he took one nipple into his mouth. She clumsily unzipped his pants and his large cock tumbled out and now was clutched in her hand. She played with the head and moved her hand up and down the shaft, and she could feel it pulsate and grow larger.

Georgina and Robbie tore at the rest of their clothes leaving them in a heap on the floor, and Robbie guided Georgina to the bed. She laid back and he laid on top of her, kissing her again passionately on her mouth, then trailing his tongue down her neck to her breasts.
This time, his tongue played circles around her nipple and then he sucked hungrily first on one, then the other, while his hand explored her stomach. He moved further down and licked her stomach and navel, while kneading her breasts with his hands. Georgina’s body was on fire, and she wanted him to go further down, to taste her, to eat her, something that had never been done to her before.

Robbie’s tongue made its journey down to her pubic area, where her hair was glistening with wetness. He barely kissed it, then moved on to lick the inside of her thigh, then back up again to her cunt where he hesitated and kissed again before moving on to her other thigh. He parted her legs and bent her knees so that he could see her clit which was starting to get hard. He first stroked her with his fingers, inside the lips of her pussy, then barely touched her clit and he felt her shudder. He moved his finger gently on her pearl and watched it get larger as two other fingers worked their way inside of her. He fingered her for a while slowly at first, then with more urgency as his finger kept up its pressure on her loveknob. He saw her hips move against his hand and as she moved faster, he moved his fingers faster and harder. Her breathing came quicker and she screamed and arched her hips in orgasm against Robbie’s hand.

Robbie’s head moved down and he licked the insides of Georgina’s thighs again and this time she knew what she wanted. She grabbed his head and put it between her legs grinding his face into her dripping pussy. He teased her with his tongue, gently flicking at her enlarged clit, then licked down until his tongue was inside of her. He moved in and out of her, then worked back up to her pearl, applying more pressure with each swipe of his tongue. He was slurping up her love juices while his hands pinched her nipples and massaged her breasts. Her body started writhing and as she forced her pussy harder into his face, he mouth fucked her faster and faster until her muscles grabbed his tongue and she again shuddered and orgasmed.

Georgina got up and pushed Robbie on the bed, his hard cock rising in the air. She had never done this before but somehow knew exactly what to do. She licked up one side of his shaft and down the other and then sucked on the head as her hands played with his balls. His pre-cum started dripping and she lapped it up furiously, then opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around his cock. She moved her mouth up and down slowly at first, then with more urgency, pausing at the head to lick and suck. She could feel him grow larger and larger inside her mouth and she wanted him to cum down her throat. She felt his cock start to twitch, and as he grabbed her head and held it on his cock, his hot love juice sprayed the back of her throat. She had never tasted anything so sweet and she hungrily swallowed it.

Robbie got up, pushed Georgina onto her hands and knees and with his cock still hard, entered her from the rear. With one hand he massaged her breast and with the other he massaged her clit, as his dick buried itself deeper and deeper into her wet pussy. He pounded faster with every stroke and Georgina met his every move. She wanted that thing as far as it would go inside of her. Their thrusts became more furious and Robbie’s hands worked harder on her clit and her breast, igniting her pussy on fire again. As Georgina’s inner muscles grabbed hold of Robbie’s cock in another orgasm, Robbie shot another load of cum inside of Georgina.

They stayed together that night, repeating their performance many times until morning. Georgina emerged from Robbie’s room a new woman, and that day she went out and bought herself a whole new wardrobe, clothes that would flatter the new and improved Georgina.


2005-01-16 18:40:07
I wouldn't mind 'training' Robbie myself!!


2004-09-25 18:30:30
good story, needs a sequel. excelent plot, do another.


2004-03-01 09:31:47
Hot, well-told story. Love to read a sequel, wherre things really get kinky and explosively hot.

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