I came to Mumbai after passing HSC for higher studies. So after coming to Mumbai I initially stayed in hostel but later on moved on to stay with my sister (her name is Sonal) who stayed with her friends on rental basis. My sis is 5 year elder to me and so were her friends….. so they had no problem in staying with me and considered me as their younger brother…….

Now leme describe myself .… I am average looking guy…. My sis says I have “The Next Door Guy kind of looks” with average height good build and decent attractive eyessss….. My life happened when I was 19 and my sis was 24. Once I was going through all the cloths kept for laundry and was actually trying to find a locket which I thought I kept in pocket of my shorts….. so I was searching for it. Suddenly I found something which started making me feel some thing…. Something like Heaven later on I realized that it is my sister’s under garment (bra) it was light pink in colour and was really so soft that I felt like I am touching feather.

I started feeling excited and was rubbing my hands like mad on it. I was so excited that I was going to kiss it (bra) and start shagging thinking about her (My sis) on that place only. I was about to kiss it and sudden my sis came asking me about her swimming costume. (I guess she must have seen what I was holding in my hands n wts I was about to do.) I told her that its in washing n also told her that its now torn from a side so she better a new one.

At that point of time she was wearing a bra and shorts, and I must say she was looking like the hottest babe I had ever seen. Hey le me properly describe my sis. She has really good body.. she is about 5.5 high with hot sex mind blowing boobs of about 37 and a perfect body… her Ass was just as required. I bet any one with normal sexual capacity will think about fucking her – Not just Once but would like to fuck her 3 to 4 times a day.

And by the way she is just a Indian girl with whitish brown skin.

She wanted to go for swimming but had no costume so asked me come with her to purchase one. I never enjoyed shopping with her so just denied but later on she offered me ice-cream in return which I accepted.

So we were going to a mall and on the way she saw a garment shop a told me that “we can purchase swimming costume from this shop”. We went in and were looking for her costume and I must say that they Had a good collection. Sonal selected four of them and went to try them on. After trying one of them she came to me asking about the fitting, its thn we realised that one of the employee was looking at her with wide open eyes. So she told me stand just out side the changing room, I said okay and we went there.

As we reached trial room she asked me to come in with her in the trial room as she was now not at all comfortable to come out in front of those employees. I denied but she pleaded and I had to go in. I was excited to go in with her.

Just after going in she started striping off her cloths and by penise started erecting. She was standing totally naked and I had no place to go and shagg. Oh my god she was soooooooo sexy. Looking in the mirror she pressed her boobs and asked me about it. I replied in normal tone that they are nice. She turned around and told me to see that which costume makes her boobs look big and sexy. I told her that I am your brother and how could I think about her that way. She said: I am just asking like a girl to boy about my body and is not concerned about the relation. Okay I thought and told her that she had really hot, sexy, perfect, attractive boobs……… she opened her eyes wide as if she saw magic n asked to stop commenting. After a minute of silence she noticed my hard cock and asked me if I’d like to touch her boobs and I agreed. The moment I touched it was amazing feeling for me as well as her. I started pressing them with my both the hands and suddenly she stopped me. Wore her cloths... went n out of the room…

We purchased a costume and were going home Soo… After all the stuff which happened in the changing room my sis (sonal) purchased the costume and we were on are way to home. We took a cab and both were seating behind, sonal was not talking at all even I was feeling bad about the incident as she is my sis and it bad to even think about sex with your own sis, but I went 1 step ahead by feeling her………and that also in a shop. We were seating quietly and after some time she stared into my eyes and then my pant which had no bulge as I was sorry for what I have done.

Sonal asked me why are so quite and I reminded her about changing room (indirectly as we were in cab and driver was also listing). She kept her hand on my thighs, gave me a naughty smile and whispered in my ears “its okay, it happens and don’t you think that I am irresistible for any boy in this world“. I was really excited after listening that. On that day my luck was really good as the rear view mirror (which is) inside the cab, was missing. I moved my hands on her thighs and started massaging them, she started feeling hot and was squeezing my pant and in no time my cock erected. I then started pressing her boobs and she was enjoying it. We reached home n she told me that now she is not at all interested in going for swimming and wants to…….. but the roommates were in the house so we controlled ourselves. I went to her bed room to chat wit her n she was lying on bed…. Believe me guys SHE was looking like a super sex bomb in her blue sleeveless t-shirt and small pant which was almost like her panty. (I thought that wore it purposely to attract me) we started talking…. It was general talk. She had the lust in her eyes of having sex with me. While talking whenever I got chance, I was massaging her thighs to seduce more. By evening we were not able to control and the last roommate went out with her friends.

Now it was just me and my sis in the house so I ran to her room and found that she was already touching her body (over the cloths). I hugged her n was about to kiss when she told to stop. I asked her why?

She replied hat we are siblings and should not do it, but was not ready listen her at all n started pressing her hot sexy boobs. Initially she apposed but later on she started moaning. I removed her t-shirt and saw her milky boobs in light blue bra. I opened it and kissed them one by one, I noticed that her nipples were hard like my cock. I made her feel mad; she was pressing my head on her boobs as if she will die if I don’t suck her boobs. I removed my all the cloths except underwear n sonal asked me remove it. I told her remove it herself which she did n took my cock in her hands and started squeezing it really hard n also giving hard strokes (it paining but I was also enjoying it). I told her take it in her mouth which she did not by say that she doesn’t like giving blowjobs.

I opened her shorts and then pulled her panty down n saw my sis totally naked 2nd time in my life. She was looking like a angel with big boobs, black sexy eyes, good butts, flat stomach and so…. In short she was like a super model. I saw hairs on her pussy which were wet.

I don’t like hairs on pussy so took her bathroom and shaved her pussy. She was laughing when I was shaving her pussy. Then even she shaved the hairs around my cock. We cleaned each other and went to bed.

I noticed that her pussy was covered by skin properly and it seemed like she was virgin…… so I asked about her virginity. She replied that she was virgin (at the age of 24). I was shocked coz a hot chick like her is still virgin and was also excited as I was the one how was about to make her loose her virginity. By the ways even I was virgin but had seen lots and lots of adult movies (so was almost a experienced man).

I kissed her lips, neck, boobs stomach - naval, thighs, back, butts Licked her feet and pussy…… her pussy was totally wet. She told me that its 2nd day of her periods and didn’t use those napkins coz she knew that I would come to her room for Sexperience. We both were kissing and sucking each other like mad. I again told her give me a good blowjob and this time she agreed. We shifted to 69 position, She took my 6 n half inches long dick in her moth and started sucking her wet pussy. Ohh man she was sucking like a professional. She took me to heaven n even I was trying to do the same. It had been an half hour and she cumed twice by that time.

Now I wanted to fuck her pussy and loose my as well as her virginity but she told me not to do it and showed me her butts. I understood that she wants to be ass fucked. I made her seat like dog and opened her butts wide apart, saw her ass hole inserted and removed my finger with some shit…. (I know its ugly, even I feel the same at that time) so I took a peace of cloth and cleaned her asshole (now it was almost 7 in the evening and we were having sex since almost 1 ½ hour). I guided my cock to her asshole with a good thrust inserted it in her hole. She screamed very loudly and told me to remove it, but I was unable too do it as the hole was tight. I convinced her to continue by saying that she will enjoy it after some time. I tried moving my dick in and out to give her good strokes and at the same time was holding her both the boobs in my hands and pressing them really hard…..

After around 3 minutes she started moaning she was saying ohhhhhhhhhhhh……….. ahhhhhhhhhhhh…….. fuck me hardddddddddd…….. press my boobbszzzzz……. I want you to fuck me harder and harder…… and so on….. as she was enjoying it, increased my speed. Her wet pussy was dripping lots of juice on the bed and it smelled much more seductive.

The bed sheet was wet, I was fucking a ass, the girl elder was then me, she was the hottest chick in town, she was virgin, and she was my SISTER. In this situation my emotions were mixed, I was feeling guilty as she was my sister and was feeling really good coz I was loosing my virginity, n excited coz her boobs were really attractive and above normal size (I forgot to mention that I am made about girls with big boobs), I was feeling honry coz the girl/babe/lady was virgin.

It took me around 20 to 30 minutes to cum. When I was about to cum I removed my cock and told her told give strokes with her hands and take my sperms in her mouth. She gave me strokes but didn’t insert it her mouth so I had to unload my sperms on her boobs, beleave guys she was looking much more hot babe with sperms on her boobs. she was spreading it with finger, I told her to atleast lick her fingerer with sperms, she did so gave me a wicked look n told me that it tastes good…….

After that We rested for some time and then went to bathroom to clean ourselves. After going in bathroom sonal asked me join her in the shower and we started cleaning each other. By the time she was applying soap on my dick, I again got erection n sonal also got excited n told to fuck her ass once more…. Under the shower I was fucking her really hard, she was making loud nice so I had to shut her mouth with my hands. It was cold water from shower hot babe under the shower and me fucking her like a devil. We enjoyed every bit of it. I cumed and then came out of bathroom after properly cleaning ourselves.

It was around 7:45 or 7:50 p.m. we dressed properly kissed once more, she went to kitchen to prepare food for night and went to my room thinking about her………

She was satisfied with the sex we had but I was not…..
By the time the rest of roommate came, we had dinner any went to sleep to our own bed, as I was the only guy in the flat; I was given my own separate room. I masturbated once more before going to bed.

I was not able to sleep, I wanted to fuck sonal’s pussy, so was thinking how to do it…….

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