I finished the new chapter last night but it was so late I had to crawl off to bed instead of posting the story, but I'm posting it now. Yes, we'll finally get to Nancy with this chapter so enjoy it and let me know what you think.
Chapter 7

“Damn!” Jason shouted as he slammed on the breaks and came to a stop as the light turned red. Suddenly he chuckled as he realized this was the same place and time that he’d had to stop a month earlier when he was headed home from the office. This time he wasn’t worried about what he was going to do about Karen, he knew exactly what he was going to do - fuck her like crazy as soon as he could get her alone. Even after fucking his daughter several times a night for the past month he just couldn’t get enough of her body. Somehow they always managed to find something new and different to keep the sex interesting, and while he couldn’t see their fucking getting mundane.

As the cars zipped by him in the intersection Jason wondered what he and Karen would try tonight. Maybe he could move the chair in his room to face the full size mirror and then fuck Karen in the chair so she could watch herself in the mirror while she rode his cock. Of course he’d be able to watch the action himself and the thought of watching his penis slide in and out of his daughter’s slit while she bounced up and down in his lap made him so horny his prick sprung erect before the light changed.

Of course Karen would make her nightly plea for him to forget about the condom and knock her up with his baby but he’d have to say no again, just like he did every night. Still, a part of him liked the idea of knocking the girl up with her own brother or sister and watching her belly grow bigger and bigger with every passing month until the baby was born. Jason wondered if his dream of knocking Karen up was stronger than usual because of the news he’d heard running through the office.

According to the rumors Mary Temple was pregnant, something he wasn’t sure he believed until the saw the white faced girl rushing to the bathroom with her hand over her mouth. If he had the timing figured out that meant that Ted Hensine had managed to knock her the same week he popped his daughter’s cherry and started fucking her. This made the third girl Ted had managed to knock up since he hired the man as his office manager and Jason wondered what his wife Cathy would do this time. With the other two children she’d agreed to adopt them after they were born and they were now part of the family that included her own two children. Would she end up adopting her husbands third child by another woman, or would this finally end their marriage? It was hard to believe that his wife, Elizabeth, had recommended Ted for a job when he’d moved into town with his wife and two kids. Since Ted’s wife Janice had been Elizabeth’s best friend and roommate back in college he’d expected her to tell him to fire the bum after his first affair, but she and Janice both took things pretty calmly that time.

After several affairs that he knew of Ted had managed to knock up one of the girls he had an affair with (not someone working in the office fortunately) and he expected things to blow up then. But for some reason Beth and Janice took everything in stride and Janice even seemed excited about adopting her husband’s illegitimate child. After that Jason gave up trying to understand Ted and Janice’s marriage, especially when Ted continued to have his affairs and even managed to knock up another one of his girlfriends. Still, after adopting two of her husband’s children how would she react to a third one?

The light finally changed and Jason hit the gas and shot through the open intersection. Once he was on the other side of the traffic light Jason caught sight of his home and forgot all about the mess his office manager was in because all he could think of was how fast he could get in the house and slam his cock into his daughter’s hot wet pussy. As he pulled into the driveway a big drop of water hit the windshield and Jason took a quick glance at the sky, surprised to see how dark the clouds were as they roiled across the sky. At least he’d managed to make it home before the thunder storm hit.

Jason entered the kitchen and smiled when he saw Karen chopping onions for dinner. “Hi honey,” he said as he sidled up next to her and put his hand on her well shaped ass as he looked to see what she was cooking.

“Don’t ‘hi’ me daddy,” Karen said with a sniff.

Jason took a closer look at his daughter and noticed how red her eyes were from crying, and he didn’t think it was from the onions. “What’s wrong Karen?”

“What’s wrong? What’s wrong?” Karen asked, her voice rising angrily with every word. Karen threw her knife in the sink and Jason managed to grab the cutting board before it followed the knife. For a second Jason wasn’t sure what his daughter was going to do next but she managed to get her temper under control and threw her arms around him with an anguished cry as her tears soaked through his suit and shirt.

“I’m sorry daddy,” Karen mumbled into his chest as he did his best to comfort his daughter while his prick hardened with the touch of her tits pushing against his chest. “Of course you have no idea what’s been happening, in fact I did my best to hide it from you so you wouldn’t worry.”

“So what’s wrong?” Jason asked Karen as he patted her back consolingly. “When I left this morning you were so happy I didn’t think anything would ever bring you down to Earth.”

“That’s because when you left for work this morning my period was two weeks late and I thought for sure that you managed to knock me up when you popped my cherry.”

“And that changed?” Jason prompted when Karen stopped to wipe the tears from her face.

“Yes,” Karen sniffed, “my period started as I was getting ready for school. I guess the pleasure and excitement of finally fucking you upset the timing of my period until now. “So this morning I was happily contemplating how big my belly and tits were going to get with your baby and then everything came crashing down. I managed to keep things bottled up during school but once I got home I couldn’t stop crying. It was so bad I didn’t even start making dinner until just a few minutes ago.”

“Don’t worry about dinner,” Jason said, patting Karen’s back comfortingly as her tears ended in hiccups. “I’m more worried about you than dinner. I’ll just go ahead and order a couple pizzas, and while I’m doing that you go to my room and strip out of your clothes. The best way I can think to take your mind off not being pregnant is to give you so many orgasms that you forget all about it.”

“Do you have any idea how many orgasms that will take,” Karen asked, giving her father a weak smile that didn’t quite crumble into tears.

“No,” Jason admitted, “but I’ll consider it a challenge to find out how many I can give you.”

“Maybe you should hold off on the pizzas until you’ve given me enough,” Karen said with a weak chuckle. “After all, it would be pretty embarrassing if dinner arrived in the middle of an orgasm.”

“I guess you’re right,” Jason said with a quick laugh as he as he set the phone back. “Speaking of interruptions, where’s Nancy? We don’t want her walking in on us anymore than the pizza delivery guy.”

“I think she realized the kind of mood I was in and went to hide in her room a couple hours ago,” Karen answered her father’s question as the two of them walked past Nancy’s room on the way to his. “She said something about taking a nap and you know how deeply she sleeps.”

“I know,” Jason said with a nod, “we should have at least an hour of pleasure before she wakes up.”

“What do you have in mind, daddy,” Karen asked as they entered his room and closed the door behind them before turning on the overhead light. “Since I’m having my period it will get pretty messy if we try fucking.”

“I know that,” Jason told his daughter as he helped her pull her shirt over her head, “but I can still eat your pussy and suck your tits until you beg for mercy.

“I never beg,” Karen said as she slid her jeans down to form a puddle on the floor.

“Yes you do,” Jason said as he tossed his suit jacket across the back of his chair before slipping out of his shoes. “Every night you beg me to stop using a condom and fill your tight little pussy with baby juice so you can have my baby.”

“Ok, I guess I do beg,” Karen said as she reached behind her back to unsnap her bra and drop it to the floor, Jason was sorry to see that it was one of her everyday school bras instead of his favorite black lace one.

“By the way, Karen,” Jason said as he stopped to enjoy the sight of his daughter stripping out of the last of her clothes before she hopped onto his bed, “I’m sorry you didn’t get pregnant.”

“Sorry enough to fuck me without a condom when my periods done?” Karen asked hopefully as she spread her legs so her father could get a good look at her naked cunt. Jason could see the string from her tampon hanging out of her slit and wondered it there was anything about Karen that wouldn’t make him horny.

“Not that sorry,” Jason said weakly as a part of his mind told him just how sexy it would be to see his daughter’s belly growing bigger and bigger as his baby grew inside her.

“Not yet you mean,” Karen said as she gave her father a knowing smile and waited for him to strip out of the rest of his clothes so he could join her on the bed.

“Maybe,” Jason said as noncommittally as he could as he dropped the last of his clothes to the floor and sat down next to the naked thirteen year old. He wondered how his daughter could know him so well since he’d been thinking the same thing, that his resolve would only last so long before he gave into her wishes. “But you’re far too young to be thinking about having a baby, and you’re my daughter, it just wouldn’t be right for me to knock you up.”

“Your lips say no, no, no, but your cock says yes, yes, yes,” Karen told her father as she ran her fingers from the base to the tip of her father’s rock hard prick. “But I’m as patient as I am convincing. I know I’ll talk you into knocking me up sooner or later.”

“Probably sooner rather than later,” Jason muttered in a voice he hoped was too soft for Karen to hear, but from the wide grin she gave him he suspected his daughter had heard every word.

“So what are we going to do first dad?” Karen asked as she ran her fingers intimately along her father’s hard shaft.

“As much as I’m enjoying this,” Jason said, breathing through his clenched teeth as he tried to hold off his orgasm, “I think your days been worse than mine so ladies first.

“Oh daddy,” Karen giggled as her father pushed her back so hard that she bounced off the mattress as her father straddled her waist and started massaging her naked tits. “You know I’m no lady, I’m a horny slut, I’m your horny slut.”

“And I wouldn’t have it any other way,” Jason said as he squeezed his daughter’s tits until her nipples popped erect, red, hard, and ready to be sucked.

“You know what I like daddy,” Karen said with a gasp as her father leaned forward to put his mouth over the swell of her tits and sucked her nipples between his lips where he teased the sensitive little nubbin with his teeth and tongue. “I just wish it was our baby sucking on my tit like that.”

Jason didn’t bother to say anything but kept working on Karen’s tits as he put his hand between his daughter’s thigh’s and started running his fingers along her drooling slit. “Oh God daddy, you really do know what I like,” Karen moaned as the sexual energy started spreading from her pussy and tits toward her belly. “I can feel the orgasm growing in my belly, please daddy, don’t stop, no matter what don’t stop even after I cum.”

As her father’s fingers moved to the top of her slit to rub her oversize clit Karen could feel her belly starting to quiver and she groaned with pleasure through her clenched teeth. “I’m almost there daddy,” the thirteen year old cried as her breath started to come in gasps as mini explosions ran through her whole body as they built up toward the big explosion she knew was about to come.

Jason could feel his daughter’s body on the edge and tried to slow down his manipulations just enough to keep her there for a little longer but he knew he wouldn’t be able to hold her on the knife edge of pleasure for long. Even as he continued to suck on his daughter’s nipple her felt her belly give another lurch and then her tit was pulled away from his mouth as the girl’s body arched beneath him and he was tossed away from her as her body bucked with pleasure and she screamed.

“Oh God daddy,” Karen panted as her father looked down at her, grinning like a fool. “That was the biggest orgasm I ever had. How did you make me cum so hard?”

“I thought you said your mother taught you everything,” Karen’s father said with a chuckle.

“Well she forgot to teach me about this,” Karen said with a weak grin. “What did you do?”

“I brought you to the edge of your orgasm and then I backed off just enough to hold you there for a few seconds before you actually came,” Jason explained, proud of the fact that he’d actually managed to pull it off.

“I’ll have to remember that trick,” Karen panted. “Does it work on men too?”

“I hear it can,” Jason said with a shrug, “but it’s harder to pull it off.”

“Did you hear that?” Karen asked, sitting up in the bed.

“Hear what?” Jason asked straining his ears to hear whatever had Karen upset.

“The storm,” Karen said. “Remember I told you that Nancy was taking a nap?”

“I remember,” Jason said with a bewildered nod.

“And what is the only thing that can wake Nancy up when she’s sleeping?”

“A thunderstorm,” Jason said with a wry grin. He wondered if Karen realized that he’d finally caught on to what she and her sister had planed for him, but he decided to let the game continue for now because it made him even hornier than he had been.

“Does this mean that it’s finally my turn to fuck daddy?” Nancy said as she pushed the door open and stepped into her father’s bedroom. As the door swung open far enough for Jason to get a good look at his younger daughter he realized that she was wearing nothing but a pair of lace panties and a bra that could have been a close match for her sister’s sexiest lingerie except that they were white instead of black and instead of a heart covering her pussy and nipples she had cherries.

“Nancy you just ruined everything,” Karen said as she glared at her younger sister. “Don’t you remember? You were suppose to come in her scared and snuffling because the storm woke you up and you wanted to snuggle into bed with dad.”

“I know that’s what you told me to do and say,” Nancy said with a sniff, “but even I realized how corny your idea was so I decided to come out with the truth right away. If daddy isn’t ready to fuck my tight little cunt after fucking yours for a month he never will be.”

“Calm down Karen,” Jason said with a chuckle as he waved his youngest daughter over to join the two of them on the bed, “Nancy’s right, it took me a while to catch on to what the two of you were doing, but once I did it all fit together.”

“What do you mean dad ?” Karen asked as she watched her father run his hands over her eleven year old sister’s almost naked body, paying close attention to the bra and panties that covered her nearly flat chest and virgin pussy.

“First, there was the way that Nancy always managed to be asleep or busy whenever we wanted to fuck. I remember the first night when you masturbated on my thigh she just lay there watching TV without even looking around to see what all the noise was about.”

“That was pretty obvious,” Nancy giggled as her father reached under her bra to finger the nipple pushing against the cherry on her bra. “Did you know that I was masturbating the whole time Karen was getting off on your leg?”

“I wondered about that when I finally put things together,” Jason said with a grin as he moved his other hand down to stroke his daughter’s pussy through the juicy cherry of her panties. By the way Karen, you weren’t teasing about finding Nancy a sexy training bra when we went shopping were you?”

“I was teasing you,” Karen said with a giggle as she reached down to stroke her wet pussy as she watched her father play with her younger sister through her bra and panties. “But I wasn’t lying either.”

“I guess you weren’t,” Jason said with a chuckle. “Whose idea was it to get cherries for Nancy’s lingerie?”

“That was my idea daddy,” Nancy panted, she could feel her clit rubbing against the fabric of her panties as her father stroked her slit through the clothe. “Karen wanted our lingerie to match with her’s being black lace and mine being white, but I thought cherries would be better then hearts for me because I still had my cherry.”

“What else gave us away dad?” Karen asked as her pussy started to quiver with sexual energy.

“The biggest giveaway was when I finally realized that you weren’t the one who stroked me off under the table that night we had Chinese. At first I thought you were the one who did it and I told you not to take a chance like that again,” Jason said with a wistful smile as he remembered the feel of the small hand stroking his shaft during that dinner.

“I remember,” Karen said, “but I thought you missed the surprised look on my face when you mentioned it that night.”

“I did miss it,” Jason admitted with a chuckle, “it wasn’t until later that I realized you had both hands above the table while someone was jerking me off. That meant Nancy was the one who stroked me off that night.”

“Yeah it was,” Nancy admitted, blushing slightly at her admission, “I promised Karen that I’d give the two of you a month before I joined in, but I was so horny after listening to the two of you fuck the night before that I had to do something. I guess I hoped that if I got you horny enough you’d ask me to fuck and that way I’d get around my promise. But when you talked to Karen after dinner she knew exactly what I was trying to do and reminded me of my promise so I decided to back off until the month was up.”

“I still say you messed up the whole seduction scene, Nancy,” Karen said, her voice and breath coming in gasps as she played her dripping pussy and sensitive tits.

“Daddy didn’t seem to mind,” Nancy pointed out with a gasp of her own as her father dug his fingers a little deeper through her panties.

“I was enjoying the whole seduction story you planed out,” Jason admitted with a short laugh, “it reminded me of one of those old porno movies from the seventies and eighties, right down to the corny dialogue and paper thin plot. But do you have any idea how horny I get when I watch one of those old movies?”

“Mom did say something about that Nancy said with a grin. “I guess that’s why Karen and I decided to come up with such an obvious seduction plan.”

“It wasn’t that obvious,” Jason said with a satisfied smile as he heard his youngest daughter let out a moan of pleasure as her played with her young body. “And no matter how obvious it was I still got pretty horny. Especially when Karen would use words like tittie and cunny to make herself sound even younger than she was, all to make me think about fucking you Nancy.”

“I guess the plan worked out better than we expected then,” Nancy gasped as a jolt of sexual energy ran up and down her spine. “Because you’re obviously horny enough to fuck me here and now.”

“I sure am,” Jason said, giving his daughter the most seductive smile he could. “Are you as good a fuck as your sister?”

“I don’t know,” Nancy said with a shrug, “I’m still a virgin, and mom didn’t have as much time to teach me about sex and fucking as she gave Karen, but after mom died Karen taught me as much as she could before tonight.”

“You mean your mother was teaching you about sex before she died?” Jason asked in surprise.

“She started teaching me right after I had my first period a year ago,” Nancy said with a quick nod. “Maybe she didn’t have much time to teach me that much about sex, but she was able to teach me enough to make me horny for your cock daddy.”

“I still find it hard to believe that your mother taught the two of you about sex, but it’s obvious the two of you know what I like, and only your mother could have taught you that.”

“So daddy,” Nancy said with her best seductive smile, “are you ready to pop my cherry now?”

“Close,” Jason said with a grin, “but first I want to eat that cherry pussy of yours before it’s gone for good, then I want to pop your tight little cherry so you can watch while I stick my hard cock in your cunny.”

“How are you going to do that dad?” Karen asked, almost as excited as Nancy was about getting her cherry popped by her father.

“You’ll see,” Jason said with a grin, “it’s something I thought up on the way home tonight, something I was going to do with you, but I think it will work even better for Nancy’s cherry. Now why don’t you be a good sister and help me get Nancy out of her lingerie?”

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