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Based on a true story and a surefire way to pick up girls
Guys if you ain't getting your fair share of pussy I have the magic answer, the secret that will have women young or old dropping their knickers within hours of meeting you. So do you want to know the secret? The secret that will change your life for ever?

Well it's simple ...... you just need to get yourself a kid, under five years old is best, a toddler is good but a baby is better. Now before you dismiss this idea and stop reading think about it, all women love babies even those who don't want kids of their own. You only have to see them fussing round a pram to see the effect babies can have........ Oh yes babies are the best babe magnet you can get. How do I know this? ......Well as a result of a drunken one night stand this girl I vaguely knew (I'll call her Megan for the purpose of this account) told me she was pregnant. It happened at a New Year party. We had too much too drink and feeling horny a New Year kiss turned into a full on snog and the next thing we were in a toilet cubicle with Megan bent over skirt hitched up and knickers down as I pumped her juicy pussy from behind. It may not have been my finest performance but as I filled her wet pussy with my hot spunk it was a great way to see in the New Year ...... If only I had remembered to put on a condom.

So when she told me I was about to be a Daddy I was shocked and ready to pack my bags, jump in the car and put some distance between us as the last thing I wanted to do was marry her or move in with her. However Megan bless her, was quick to say that she didn't want to marry me and although she didn't mind if I wanted to see the baby occasionally she didn't need a father for it. (In England single Mums gets lots of benefits including free housing so I think Megan didn't want to lose out on these things by having me hanging around all the time)

Now that suited me just fine (although my male pride was slightly wounded that she was so quick to dismiss the idea of marrying me) so six months later after my beautiful daughter Emma May was born I went round every couple of weeks to see how she and Megan was getting on. One day I got a call from Megan saying she needed to be at the hospital where her Mum was and could I look after Ems (That was our nickname for Emma May which kind stuck) during the day. Normally one of her sisters would have helped out but they had got this flu bug and she didn't want to expose Ems to it. So reluctantly I agreed to help out. I phoned in sick for work and went round to pick up Ems. Megan gave me a quick lesson in changing nappies and a huge list of things to remember (I wasn't a hands on kind of father so I needed to be reminded) before dashing off to the hospital. Well I sat down in front of the telly wondering what I was going to do all day, I soon realised watching daytime TV wasn't going to be it. After giving her a feed Ems wouldn't settle so as it was nice day I thought a trip to the park would pass some time and I hoped the fresh air would tire out little Ems.

The plan worked like a treat and Ems was soon sound asleep before I got to the park. One thing that didn't escape my attention was the number of women who smiled at me as they saw me pushing the pram. A few even came up and chatted to me for a while, this wasn't so bad I thought and as the women bent over to look at Ems I got a good eyeful of cleavage which got my dick twitching and my mind thinking wicked thoughts.

Once at the park I checked out the area where the Mums went with their babies and sat down on a bench. Being the only male there I got quite a lot of interested glances and quite a few smiles. One young Mum pushing a double buggy caught my eye in particular. She was absolutely beautiful, petite, about 5'3" and had red hair, long and wavy as it cascaded around her shoulders. She was wearing a pale blue T-Shirt which was stretched over a pair of good sized boobs and tight black jeans. She had a great bum too. Personally I can't bear these size zero sticks that the fashion industry is obsessed with. I like my women to have some sexy curves on them just as this Mum had. I smiled as she walked towards me hoping she would sit down on the bench with me however although she smiled back but didn't show any signs of stopping. Then Ems did her star turn waking up and starting to cry she even brought up a little baby sick. I jumped up and looked for something to wipe her with. Damn despite bringing enough baby stuff out to to last me a fortnight I had managed to forget the wipes. I was just about to use my sleeve when I heard
"Here let me " as the beautiful redhead leaned in and wiped Ems clean. "There isn't that better sweetheart" she she to Ems in a soft soothing Irish accent and settled her down.

I could help but steal a glance at her cleavage as she leaned over and noticed a faint dusting of freckles on her nose and shoulders on her soft pale skin that many redheads have. "Thank You ...... you've got a magic touch" I smiled. "My name is Mark?" I offered.
"You learn quick when you have twins; ...Siobhan" she smiled back at me
She sat down on the bench and we chatted for a while. I was mesmerised by her pale blue eyes and that Irish accent. I tired hard not to stare at her boobs but that was difficult when her nipples started to poke through her T-Shirt. We had so much in common, her partner had left her suddenly, his drinking had always been a problem but it had become much worse after the birth of the twins. Yes I agreed I knew my partner had always liked a drink but she couldn't deal with the responsibility of being a mother. She went out one night with her friends and never came back. Preferring to party rather than bring up our child. The lies tripped off my tongue so easily that I almost believed them myself. Siobhan offered me a cup of tea and some lunch back of her place as it wasn't too far from the park. I readily agreed and once the kids were settled in the front room we went to the kitchen.
"Now sit yourself down while I make us something to eat" Siobhan said.

We continued to chat about nothing and I watched intently as she bent down and reached up, I don't know if she was deliberately showing me her body but I was enjoying the view immensely. After lunch Siobhan cleared away the plates, as she stood by the sink I walked up behind her and putting my hands on her hips I said "That was wonderful" I waited, drinking in her soft perfume, my cock thickening but didn't move away instead I waited for Siobhan to protest or move away herself. I glanced down at her heaving bosom, her nipples were rock hard again. Turning her head Siobhan said with a smile "I enjoyed it to ... are you ready for some desert?"

Oh yes I was. I moved in and kissed her on the lips. She hungrily returned my kiss and I allowed one hand to caress her firm ass and my other hand to slide up and cup her breast. Siobhan moved back and her ass rubbed against my stiffening cock. Keeping one hand on her breast I moved my other hand up her body, I carefully moved her red hair away from her neck and started to kiss and lick her neck, I must have hit a sweet spot as Siobhan began to moan "Ohh fuck yess ....more"

I moved my hand down from her breast and over her stomach, slipping my fingers into her jeans I soon felt the soft curls of her pubic hair, she loosened the front of her jeans and pulled then down a bit to give me easier access and I pushed further down so that my fingers found her hot wet pussy. All the time I kept up my gentle nuzzling of Siobhan's neck, I found if I kissed her then licked gentle upward strokes to her ear and finally nibbled on her lobe it really drove her crazy. My middle finger slipped between the lips of her pussy as I explored the wetness inside. I used my thumb the gently rub her clit.

I could see a blush forming on her neck and chest as I kept up my twin assault on her body for a good 10 minutes before Siobhan managed to gasp that she was coming; clenching her thighs tightly together as she exploded into orgasm. I didn't let up and kept working her clit as best I could, my hand was covered in her cum and her breathing was ragged. As Siobhan came back down I let her hair fall back across her neck and eased my finger from her pussy. I brought it up to show her how wet my hand was and intended to taste her cum myself when she opened her mouth and engulfed my finger suckling slowly and savouring the taste. She licked the rest of my hand clean as well. I took the opportunity to rub my rock hard cock against her ass. Siobhan moved her hand behind to feel the front of my jeans and to give my hard boner a rub through my jeans. "Hmmm big boy aren't you ?" She purred

I started to undo my jeans and pull them down along with my boxers so I could release my cock and plunge into her steaming wet pussy. I started to nuzzle her neck again and Siobhan breathing again became ragged. "You mustn't put in in me" she breathed. I could barely understand what she was saying as I needed to cum and I wanted to blast my spunk deep into her pussy. "I've got to ... I need to" I breathed into her ear. As I rubbed my hot cock against the soft white cheek of her ass.

"Nooo .... you mustn't, I not on the pill and I don't want you to get me pregnant" Frankly at this stage I didn't care even though I wasn't ready for any potential half brothers and sisters for Ems. My heart sank, I desperately wanted to part those wet lips and plunge my cock in hard and fast and unload my pent spunk but I couldn't she had said no and I'm no rapist. I said nothing, still engulfed in my disappointment, wondering if I would even get a blow job when Siobhan offered up a solution.
"I know you need to cum .... but not in my pussy" She seemed to hesitate "But you could" sounding unsure she continued " You could do me in my arse?" This time I hesitated as I took in what she had said ... she was offering me to fuck her in the ass .... did I hear that right?
Siobhan must have been worried that she had shocked me as she added "Its okay, I like it, I've done anal lots of times"
You gotta love catholic girls they can't use contraception but they don't let that stop them having some fun.

"If you're sure" Was all I could say before Siobhan wrapped her delicate fingers around my hot cock and stroked it up and down, I was almost at bursting point as she smeared some of the pre-cum over the head. "You need to get this wetter" She said and being careful not to let it go inside she rubbed the length of my cock between her very hot and juicy pussy and coating my cock with her cum.

I quietly spat into my hand deciding that I should really lubricate the delicate pink hole of her ass, my thumb slipped in easily and Siobhan moaned in pleasure. I thought this girl wasn't lying about liking anal. I pulled my hips back so my cock slipped from her hand and pulling my thumb out I took hold of my cock. Siobhan reached back and spread her asscheeks giving me a clear view of her pink puckered ring with a few wisps of red hair around it. I pushed the head of my cock against her asshole, normally women tense up at this point which just ends up ruining the whole experience but Siobhan was very relaxed and actually pushed back onto to my cock at the same time as I pushed forward, my cock slipped into her almost to the balls in one go. I spat into my hand again and as I pulled back I lubed her up again before slowly pushing back in. I continued taking long slow strokes while Siobhan continued to hold her ass open for me. With my other hand I started to play with her clit again. I could feel my balls churning desperate to release the heavy load they had been busy producing. I loved the feel of her hot ass as engulfed the length of my cock "Harder ..." Siobhan gasped This is what I had been waiting for and I quickly upped the pace, fucking her faster and harder. The red blush was coming back to her chest as I pounded her ass. After several minutes I could feel my orgasm approaching and I couldn't hold back any more.
"I'm coming .... Oh fuck ...Yessss" I shouted and plunged back into her for the last time as I blasted my hot spunk deep into her bowels, I thrust four or five times each time pumping Siobhan with more spunk. I didn't realise she had come as well as I held on tight not wanting to pull out but noticing my hand was covered in her cum again. We kissed and laughed as I felt my cock gradually begin to soften. It slipped out of her ass easily and a whole lot of my cum came with it running down her thighs. "You'd better let me clean that up" Siobhan said and rinsed a towel under the tap. Turing round to face me we kissed again before she squatted down and started to clean my now soft cock. I could hear more of my spunk being expelled from her ass but neither of us were embarrassed as she continued cleaning my cock.

Once Siobhan was satisfied with her handy work she began to kiss along the length of it, thanking it for fucking her so good. Amazingly considering how much I had already cum my cock responded to her gentle kisses and began to fill with blood again. As it thickened and rose up Siobhan began to stroke it in her hand. Looking up at me she smiled and asked if I was ready for seconds. I didn't think it would be possible but my cock was now nearly fully hard. "Yes .... I'm a greedy boy where deserts go" I replied as I realised I had not yet seen Siobhan's boobs so I determined to strip her clothes off. Tugging at her T-Shirt Siobhan soon got the message and raised her arms so I could pull it off completely. She quickly unsnapped her bra and let her lovely boobs hang free. Her boobs were still quite pert considering she had had kids and a good handful. She had the most delightful pale pink nipples, the aureole were quite large with very hard nipples sticking out from the middle. I reached down to caress one as Siobhan took my raging hard cock in her warm soft mouth. Incredibly her nipples seemed to get even harder as I stroked and pinched them. Siobhan seemed to enjoy this as she sucked harder on my cock getting it very wet. Her tongue flicked around the head of my cock as she stroked up and down my shaft, her other hand cupped my balls tenderly before she kissed her way down my shaft so she could lick and kiss my hairy balls. Taking a handful of her red hair I rubbed my hot cock all over her face even giving Siobhan a few gentle slaps with it as well. "Suck my cock" I gasped.

Siobhan quickly wrapped her lips around the head suck with an intensity that was making my toes curl. I knew I was going to cum soon so I pulled her head back and off my cock. Her eyes flared up at me as if wondering why I had stopped her. Normally I would have been happy to shoot in her mouth but I wanted to cum on her boobs so I asked to cup her breasts. Siobhan pinched and pulled her own nipples and caressed her breasts before cupping them together pushing the hard nipples up towards me. I rubbed my wet cock hard my hand becoming a blur and let out a roar as a stream of hot white spunk shot out across both boobs covering her nipples and dripping down over her hands. I was amazed by just how much cum I had produced on a second go. While I was still coming down from my orgasm Siobhan eagerly took my cock in her mouth again I let out another roar as she sucked hard on the now sensitive head and swallowed down what little cum was left inside the shaft.

There wasn't much more to say after that. We both got dressed and I promised to call her again as you do, knowing full well I couldn't and wouldn't. I had told such a pack of lies I knew I would get caught out and I wasn't intending to take anymore time off work to look after Ems or go back to that park anytime soon either.

Okay so I know I'm a bastard and over the years I have told some terrible lies to get into women's knickers. I haven't just booked a room in hell I've probably booked an entire suite but I am having had some fun on the way.


2009-08-24 06:22:25
Loved it. The deception is soooo common, but single women are hot and ready. Great way to meet women.


2009-07-15 06:01:07
totally realistic....PLEASE.


2008-10-09 15:08:31
Yes this is one of the ways
good to read.
But more way to go.


2008-09-10 09:51:15
well written so please tell us more

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