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Me- mike- 26 years old, 6’2”
Me- mike- 26 years old, 6’2”
My niece maria- 13 5'6"
About one month ago my sister died. It was a very sad time. My niece went to go live with her ex stepfather (the father of her sister), but he hated her so he only took her sister. Then my niece, Maria, went to go live with her biological father in Beverly Hills, California. Unfortunately he was shipped out to Iraq for a 9 month service so she came to Colorado to live with me. At first I thought that she remember me, I haven’t seen her since she was four but sure enough as soon as she got off the plane she greeted me with a warm hug and a somewhat cheerful smile, but considering all she has been through I wasn’t expecting her to be all rainbows and unicorns. I noticed that she had changed a lot since the last picture her mother had sent me. She had luscious curves with her beautiful easily c cup tits, narrow waist and wide hips. She looked just like her mother.
“Hey uncle mike?” Maria called from the loft.
“Yeah,” Mike said.
“Do you want some OJ?” she asked me.
“Yeah, sure. Put it in one of the small cups though, okay?” mike said.
“Okay,” Maria said.
She went into the kitchen and opened the cabinet with the cups. She grabbed to glasses and poured the orange juice. After pulling her shorts down a little she started up the stairs trying to be as quiet as she could. Normally if she just appeared she could catch the last bits of her uncle jacking off.
Mike was pumping his hand up and down his cock, trying to make himself cum but sadly it wasn’t working. He didn’t want his hand he wanted a tight wet teen virgin pussy wrapped around his cock and he didn’t want just any pussy, he wanted his niece’s. If only Maria knew that she fueled his many masturbation sessions. He moved his hand faster and faster, closing his eyes and imagining her toned cheerleader body bouncing up and down on him. Suddenly he heard the door creak and immediately zipped up his pants.
“Here’s your orange juice,” she said dancing into the room, seductively moving her curvy body.
“Thanks,” Mike said as she simultaneously danced around him and handed him his juice.
She turned around and he saw the top of her green thong. She took one last look back at him and started walking when she bumped into a dresser where a box fell. Maria slowly bent over to pick up the box and could feel the heat of him staring at her ass. Mike was enjoying this so much that he barely had time to cover his rising manhood when she stood back up. Her ass was so plump, perfect for his cock to slide into, he thought. No, I shouldn’t be thinking these things, he told himself, and she’s my niece for Christ sake.
“Clumsy me,” Maria said eyeing his cock that just wouldn’t stay down.
“Well, everyone is a little clumsy,” Mike said looking at Maria as she ruffled her hair and slid her hand down her body, cupping her breast and over her naked flat stomach and finally sliding between her legs and around, finally hooking her fingers in one of the loops of her shorts. She stared at me while I rubbed the hard lump in my pants. I couldn’t stop looking at her and thinking how sexy she was. Finally she turned around, dropped one hip and strutted out of the room leaving me horny and lustful.
Maria was so proud of herself; her uncle had gotten huge at the sight of her. Everything worked out perfectly.
Mike had a plan. An evil horrible plan but still he was going to go through with it. Maria was a deep sleeper; I mean you could drop her from six feet in the air and not wake up. Tonight, while she was asleep he would sneak into her room and explore his wild fantasies. He just hoped that she didn’t wake up. And speak of the devil, Maria walked in his room wearing only a towel. Mike wished for the towel to drop. He was just staring at her leaning in the doorway her curves easily visible. Then, like a dream come true the towel slipped revealing her generous chest. She gasped as the towel kept slipping lower and lower, each inch bringing her closer to being fully revealed. Maria was only covering her nipples and Mike could still see everything else. Mike knew that he should look away but she was mesmerizing. There was only an inch left before her pussy was exposed. Sadly she grabbed the towel and covered herself before anything else was uncovered. The rising feeling in Mike’s chest died down.
“I’m just gonna go to sleep so good night uncle Mike,” Maria said.
“Good night, but you know that you don’t have to call me uncle Mike right? You can just call me Mike,” Mike said.
“Okay, well, good night Mike,” she said smiling.
“Good night,” Mike said looking at her picturing her half naked again.
Maria walked to her room and laid in her bed. Maria closed her eyes and relaxed into a deep sleep.
Mike was watching the clock, he never took his eyes off of it. He was waiting for midnight, he wanted to be sure that she was in a deep sleep. It was 11:59, close enough and Mike couldn’t wait so he crept into Maria’s room. She was soundly asleep under the covers with her legs spread about 6 inches apart. He pulled the covers off of her and sat down on the side of the bed. Mike pushed her legs apart with his hands and pulled her arms up above her head and started to suck on her breasts; playing with her nipples with his tongue. She arched her back and moaned in pleasure. He smiled at her pleasure and slid her underwear down. Her sweet teenage pussy was so supple looking. He couldn’t wait for his cock to plunge into the wet folds of her young pussy.

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2011-03-03 09:00:07
Don't you just hate it when a writer starts a story and never finishes it?

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2008-12-16 22:35:00
continue with her letting him and all his friends fucking her whenever they want

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good start. but finish it

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