I've been busy and managed to finish the new chapter even before the last one got posted. so I don't know how that one's gong to go, but this one is hot and for those who've been begging for it, yes, Nancy is the female star of this chapter.
Chapter 8

Nancy could hardly believe she was finally going to lose her cherry to her father after waiting six months for her sister to seduce him and then giving Karen a month to fuck him all by herself she was going to lose her virginity. As her father reached behind her to unhook her bra and Karen hooked her thumbs through the elastic of her panties to pull them down everything hit her so hard that she felt her whole body start to tense up in fear of what was about to happen.

Jason felt his eleven year old daughter tense against his chest as he unsnapped her bra and he tried to give her an encouraging smile as he bent down to kiss her on her lips, pushing his tongue into her mouth to play along her teeth as he pushed her down on the bed without letting the cups of her bra slip off her chest. “Nancy,” he said as he pulled his mouth away from hers, “I’ll understand if you change your mind.”

“No,” Nancy said with a determined thrust of her chin as she caught her breath. “I’m too horny to back out now. I’m going to lose my cherry no matter what, and you’re going to be the one to pop my it daddy.”

“If you say so,” Jason said with a reassuring smile as he pushed her bra cup down far enough to see the top of her nearly flat chest so he could lick the slight mound of her developing breasts. “But why don’t you lie back on the bed and Karen and I will help you relax a bit.”

“Ok daddy,” Nancy said in a trusting but nervous voice as a warm pleasurable sensation ran through her small tits at the touch of her father’s tongue. She raised her ass off the bed so sister could pull her panties off and then opened her thighs as Karen shoved her head between her legs to kiss her naked cunny.

Nancy could already feel the tension starting to melt away as the pleasure from her pussy and tits started to spread through her body and she glanced down to see her father remove her bra and toss it to the side before he pinched her nipples to make them pop erect so he could suck them into his mouth. Her father let out a growl of pleasure deep in his throat as he teased one nipple between his lips before switching to the other one and sending a wave of warm pleasure through her whole body.

“Feeling better Nancy?” Karen asked as she rubbed her sister’s bald slit, stopping to lick her fingers clean every few strokes, obviously enjoying the taste of her virgin juices.

“Yeah,” Nancy said with a dreamy grin as she let all her fears slip away as the pleasure filled her body.

“Nancy, I know I told you how much it hurt when I got my cherry popped,” Karen said as she pinched the other girl’s clit and teased the quivering nubbin with her fingertips, “but remember, I also told you how good it felt to fuck daddy after I lost my cherry.”

“I know,” Nancy said through a cloud of sexual pleasure as her body started building toward her orgasm. “But I still have to get through the pain of losing my virginity.”

“You could have popped your own cherry with your dildo,” Jason said as he removed Nancy’s bra and exposed her nipples before he tossed the sexy piece of fabric into the corner of the room.

“I thought about it,” Nancy admitted as her cunt and belly started to quiver with her approaching orgasm. “But I realized that I wanted you to pop it, not some piece of plastic. Besides, I would never deprive you of the joy of popping your own daughter’s cherry. I could never forgive myself if I did that.”

“Thank you, Nancy,” Jason said as he pinched his preteen daughter’s nipple and pulled it away from her chest, imagining how sexy she’d look when her tits really started growing. “I really am looking forward to popping your cherry, but I would have understood if you decided to do it yourself.”

“Karen, could you switch with me?” Jason asked as he gave Nancy’s nipples one more tickle before he moved down to take his older daughter’s place between her thighs. “I’d like to get a good taste of Nancy’s juices when she cums.”

“Sure dad, I’ll switch with you,” Karen said as she made room for her father and slid onto the bed so she could reach her sister’s flat chest.

Jason smiled with pleasure as he looked at his daughter’s bald pussy. Karen’s cunt looked naked until you got close enough to see the small tufts of reddish brown pussy hair that surrounded her slit. But Nancy’s eleven year old cunny had only a hint of the fur that would eventually grow around her cunt lips.

“Lovely,” Jason said between licks of his daughter’s drooling slit. “Your cunt is beautiful Nancy, and I’m so glad I’ll be the one to deflower you.”

“I’m glad too daddy,” Nancy said, her whole body shivering with the start of her orgasm. “I can’t even imagine anyone else popping my cherry for me, I’ve wanted you to do it ever since mom started teaching me about sex.”

Jason put the tip of his finger just inside Nancy’s pussy lips and slid it along her slit until he reached the top of her cunt and tickled the girl’s clit until it popped out of it’s sheath. After the size of Karen’s clit Jason was a little surprised to realize that Nancy’s clit was just as small as he would have expected for a girl her age, he wondered if that meant his younger daughter’s clit would be normal sized.

“I’m cumming,” Nancy screamed as her body jerked and jittered around her father’s bed. “Oh God, this is better than anything I ever did for myself, even better than you described Karen.”

“How could I ever describe how good it felt to cum with daddy playing with your cunt?” Karen asked. “But if you think this feels good, just wait, fucking is even better.”

“I don’t know how anything could be better than this,” Nancy said with a sigh as her body calmed down after her orgasm, “but at least I won’t have to wait long to find out, will I daddy?”

“Fuck no,” Jason said, grinning at his own joke as he pulled away from his daughter and reached for the chair next to his bed. He arranged the chair in front of the full length mirror mounted on the wall and then jogged around the bed to open the drawer in his band stand so he could get a condom.

“Daddy do you have to,” Nancy asked when she saw what her father had in his hand. “I was really hoping we could fuck without a condom the first time. You fucked Karen without a condom several times that first night.”

“Only because I didn’t have any,” Jason pointed out, “and I was worried about all the cum I dumped into her pussy that night until now. If Karen is too young to have a baby than you aren’t either. By the way, when was your last period? Karen said hers was almost two weeks late and since I’ve heard that girls and women living together tend to have their periods at the same time.”

“That hasn’t happened yet dad,” Nancy said, “my periods haven’t settled down to a regular schedule yet, but I did have my period last week.”

“Which means that you’re entering your most fertile period right now,” Jason said with a frown, “so even if I was tempted to take a chance and fuck you bareback this would be a bad time to do it.”

“Not the way I see it,” Nancy said with a weak grin.

“Don’t tell me you want to have a baby too,” Jason said with a weak groan as he sat down on the chair.

“Of course I do daddy,” Nancy said as she slid off the bed and walked over to stand in front of her father so he could see her in her naked preteen glory. “Why else do you think I’d like to fuck you?”

“Because you love sex?” Jason asked with a weak smile as he gave his daughter an appreciative look.

“Well I do,” Nancy admitted, “but I like the idea of getting pregnant and having your baby even more.”

“And if I know you and your sister you’ll get what you want sooner or later,” Jason said with a weak sigh. “If anyone ever found out what the three of us are doing I’d be damned, but if I passed up the chance to fuck either of you - no matter what the consequences - I’d be a damned fool. So I’m damned, but I’m not a damned fool.”

“Does that mean you’re going to fuck me without a condom daddy?” Nancy asked hopefully.

“No,” Jason said as he tore open the condom package and unrolled the latex sleeve down his shaft. “Now, you come here and turn around to face the mirror so your back is toward me.”

“What are you going to do dad?” Karen asked as she watched her sister back up between their father’s thighs until his latex gloved prick poked her between her ass cheeks.

“I’m going to do something I was thinking about doing with you tonight,” Jason said with a grin as he placed his head on Nancy’s shoulder so they could look at themselves in the mirror. “But since Nancy is ready to get her cherry popped I thought she’d like it even better.”

“What am I suppose to do daddy?” Nancy asked as she flexed her knees so her father’s prick slid along the crack of her ass.

“All you have to do is lift yourself up until your pussy is above my prick and then sit down on it,” Jason explained to his youngest daughter. “You’re going to control how fast we go and how deep I go, you will decide when I pop your cherry because you’re going to control the whole fuck. And on top of that you’ll be able to watch everything in the mirror.”

“I’m going to enjoy this,” Nancy said as she reached between her thighs to grasp her father’s cock and wedged the tip against her drooling slit.

“So am I,” Jason said as he reached around his Nancy to fondle her small tits and help hold her steady as she balanced on tiptoes as her cunt lips kissed his quivering cock. “I wonder which one of us will enjoy more?”

“It’s would be stupid to argue about something like that daddy,” Karen pointed out as she lay on the bed and watched the two of them reflected in the mirror. “I bet you both enjoy it just as much.”

“I’ll agree with that,” Jason said, grinning at his reflection in the mirror as his eleven year old daughter’s cunt chewed the tip of his prick. “Whenever you’re ready Karen,” Jason reminded his daughter.

“Don’t rush me daddy,” Nancy said as her pussy teased the tip of her father’s cock. She watched herself in the mirror, the sight of her juices rolling down the condom covering her father’s shaft made her so horny that she couldn’t wait any longer and she let her feet drop flat on the floor.

Jason heard Nancy’s feet hit the floor and he could feel the girl’s pussy lips strain against the intrusion of his cock head for a second before they gave up the fight and spread open far enough to let the knob enter his daughter’s body. Jason wasn’t sure who’s gasp was louder as the first inch of his cock slid into Nancy’s fuck hole but he could see their grinning reflections in the mirror as the little girl held herself steady to adjust to his prick before she let more of his shaft slide between her cunt lips.

“Look daddy,” Nancy cooed as she let her pussy chew on the head of her father’s cock. “Doesn’t it make you hot and horny when you see the head of your cock inside my cunny?”

“Not as hot and horny as the feel of your cunt muscles chewing on my cock,” Jason said with a strangled chuckle as he resisted the temptation to grab Nancy’s shoulders and shove the girl down as hard as he could on his cock. As good as it felt to have the head of his cock in her pussy he knew how much better it would feel to have the whole shaft buried as deep as it would go in her belly. But he promised to let her control the fuck, and he was going to hold himself to that promise.

“Whenever you’re ready Nancy,” he reminded his daughter again.

“Don’t tease him too much Nancy,” Karen warned her sister, “if you do daddy will cum before he gets his cock all the way in your pussy and then you’ll have to wait to get you cherry popped.”

“Ok,” Nancy said, taking a deep breath so her expanding chest pushed her tits against her father’s teasing hands. Once she let her breath out Nancy flexed her knees and let her hips drop about an inch so her father’s cock penetrated another inch of her virgin cunt until it reached a thin barrier and she lifted herself up a fraction of an inch at the sudden pain.

“This is it Nancy,” Jason told his daughter as he pinched her erect nipples. “That was your hymen, the next time you drop an inch on my shaft that’s going to be the end of your virginity. Are you ready?”

“I better be,” Nancy said through clenched teeth as she raised her hips to get a running start on popping her cherry. Nancy was tempted to close her eyes against the impending pain, but she realized that if she did that she’d never forgive herself for not watching the moment when her father’s cock slammed through her cherry so she forced herself to keep her eyes open as she flexed her legs to drop down a full two inches on her father’s cock. For a split second Nancy was afraid her hymen would hold against her father’s assault but then she felt it rip against the head of his invading cock and she screamed at the pain running through her body.

“Congratulations Nancy,” Jason said holding Nancy steady on her shaky legs as she leaned back against his chest and panted for breath. “You just lost your virginity.”

“Thank you daddy,” Nancy said as she caught her breath.

“Lift yourself up a little Nancy, I want you to see something,” Jason said.

“Ok daddy,” Nancy said, obviously confused at her father’s request but willing to do as he asked.

“There,” Jason said as a couple inches of his cock was revealed. “You see that red smear on the condom?”

“Yes,” Nancy said with a grin as she realized what she was seeing.

“That’s all that’s left of your cherry,” Jason told his daughter. “Now there’s nothing to stop my cock from going all the way into your tight little cunny.”

“Oh goody,” Nancy said, “that’s what I’ve been dreaming of for over a year now.” Before her father could say or do anything more the eleven year old girl lifted her legs off the floor and let gravity slam her cunt down hard into her father’s crotch.

Jason let out a gasp of pleasure and pain as Nancy’s hot little cunt wrapped around his whole shaft and the little girl’s ass slammed into his belly. “Sorry daddy,” Nancy said with a low moan of pleasure as her father’s cock filled her pussy with so much pleasure her eyes almost crossed as she watched their reflections in the mirror. She could see her father’s balls quivering against her stretched slit and she hoped her father could hold off his orgasm until they could cum together.

“That’s ok, Nancy,” Jason said reassuringly, “you caught me by surprise, that’s all. I’ll be just fine. What about you? Taking all my cock at once like that must have hurt.”

“No,” Nancy said, “it didn’t hurt at all. In fact I’m ready to start fucking for real.”

“Go ahead,” Jason told his daughter, leaning forward so his thinning hair fell forward to cover his face until he brushed it out of his eyes. “After all, you’re still in control of this fuck.”

“Ok, here we go,” Nancy told her father as she raised her ass off her father’s thighs until only the head of her father’s cock was still wedged between her pussy lips. With a grunt she dropped her hips back down again until she felt the tip of her father’s cock tickle her cervix and sent a shudder of pleasure running up her spine.

“Your cunt feels so good around my cock,” Jason groaned, his balls quivering against Nancy’s slit as the girl rotated her hips in his crotch.

“Not as good as your cock feels in my cunt daddy,” Nancy groaned as she slid her cunt up and down her father’s shaft, she could feel her own orgasm starting to build in her belly and she knew it wouldn’t be long before her body exploded with her father’s cock buried deep in her fuck hole. “The only thing that would be better was if you were fucking me without the condom. I want your cum daddy, I want your baby growing in my belly.”

“Just like your sister,” Jason said with a weak chuckle as his eleven year old daughter rode his cock closer and closer to orgasm, “but it isn’t going to happen this time.”

“Does that mean it will happen next time,” Nancy groaned as the sexual energy in her belly threatened to explode with every stroke of her father’s cock.

“No,” Jason said as his balls clenched, ready to fill the condom with the baby juice his daughter wanted in her belly. “But the way you and Karen are going at it I’m sure you wear me down eventually.”

“I’m cumming daddy,” Nancy screamed as she slammed her pussy down on her father’s cock and held it against his balls as her cunt muscles clamped tight around his cock.

“So am I Nancy,” Jason screamed as his balls pumped baby juice through his shaft and into the pouch at the tip of his cock.

“You were right Karen,” Nancy said with a weak smile as she leaned her sweaty drained body against her father’s chest. “It’s impossible to tell someone how good fucking feels, you have to do it to know what it’s really like to have a cock in your cunt.”

“It made me so horny to watch the two of you fuck like that,” Karen said as she put her fingers to her mouth to suck them clean before she slipped them back down to her pussy for more juice. “I almost forgot how hungry I was.”

“You’re right, Karen,” Jason said as he lifted Nancy off his cock and dropped her unresisting body on the bed before he removed the condom from his wilting prick. “I forgot about dinner too. You help your sister get cleaned up and I’ll go call for the pizza.”

“Ok dad,” Karen said as Nancy mumbled a weak agreement.

Jason saw Karen move between her sister’s legs and start to lick her pussy clean as she left his bedroom. As the door closed behind him he turned to look down at the condom is his hand and noticed the red streaks from Nancy’s cherry and wished there was some way he could keep it as a souvenir of the day.


2014-02-11 10:26:02
"Jason's Little Family: The Beginning Chapter 8" - Jason, Karen and Nancy Carter - (Father and Daughters)

The Carter family, Jason and thirteen year old Karen and eleven year old Nancy are now without their virginity and VERYwilling to expand and build upon the start of the Carter Family Incestual Dynasty. Both girls, with the intensive training and encouragement of their seven months ago deceased mother Elizabeth, are determined to become pregnant!! Their father is weakingly discouraging them, insisting on using a condom; the girls despise bareback fucking!!

Jason is so damned lucky--he should be thanking The Almighty every night for the blessings bestowed upon him (and his deceased wife) for the gift of Karen and Nancy--and their determination and insistence on being his complete and total incestual lovers, and to bare him many children, loving him totally without any reservations!! Let's get it on!! Go Karen! Go Nancy! GO Girls!! Jason...get with the fucking program!!


2014-02-11 10:04:14
"Jason's Little Family: The Beginning Chapter 8" - Jason, Karen and Nancy Carter - (Father and Daughters)


2014-02-11 10:04:12
"Jason's Little Family: The Beginning Chapter 8" - Jason, Karen and Nancy Carter - (Father and Daughters)

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