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So I love reading erotic stories. They get me hotter than watching porn. I thought I'd try my hand a a story. It's my first so be gentle with me. I hope it gets u hot too! Synopsis: A sexually frustrated woman, and a little competition for the same position at work, makes for interesting staff meetings.
By MakeItJuicy4U

“Man, do I hate Mondays. I’m so stressed”, Michelle thought as she sat at her desk pretending to work. And to make matters worse, I’m already 3 days past the deadline some idiot in production established in order to get this book I’m editing on the shelves in time for the biggest shopping day in the country. Otherwise known as “Black” Friday, or the day after Thanksgiving. Never mind that the author didn’t deliver her draft to me on time. No, I’m supposed to pull a miracle out of my ass and still make the deadline. But no one understands how difficult it is to edit these books by these celebrities that have no business writing a letter much less a book. And really, how many more tell-all books do we need? Didn’t we get enough watching that hot mess on TV? Really, Whitney’s my girl and all but she needs to just quit.

Then there’s the little matter of that low-down piece of shit, Derrick. I don’t know who he thinks he is. I can’t believe he had the audacity to stay out all weekend. On top of that, he doesn’t call me at home. No, he leaves me that lame ass voice message ‘at work’ of all places. Hmm, I knew something was up ‘cuz he can’t go two days without trying to get some booty and then about three weeks ago he starts coming in all late and not even trying to smell this pussy. Well, I can’t wait to see what happens when he tries to use the key to get into my condo. If what he said in the message is true, then he should just be getting to the condo right around five o’clock. By then, I should be finished proofing this document and out having drinks with my girls. I know he’s going to go fucking berserk. Serves him right, if he wants to be gone, then he can be gone for good.

He really must think he’s all that. But for real, he wasn’t my type to start with. Derrick is about 5’10” and that’s a little short for my tastes but he has the prettiest eyes. I’ve never seen such long lashes on a man before. And, he’s a little on the heavy side but his rap was tight and I guess that got his foot in the door. Too bad he fucked up. One thing’s for sure, I’m not gonna miss his little dick. He could barely get it in before he was busting a nut. I guess that’s why he can lick a pussy. Yeah, now that I think about it, I’m gonna miss that long tongue. Let me tell you, he might not be a good fuck but that man sure can work a tongue. His tongue is sooo long and thick and the way he would stick it in my pussy and twirl it all around, my pussy is throbbing now just thinking about it. And he’s not stingy with it either. Once he starts licking he could be there forever…sometimes I’m begging him to stop.

Derrick’s other secret weapon is that he has the softest, biggest, pillowy feeling lips that make you just want to kiss and suck on all day. And when he puts those thick juicy lips on my pussy and starts’ kissing it like it’s my mouth, I go crazy. He loves to do that too. When he has me moaning and begging him to let me cum, he wraps those sexy lips around my clit and starts sucking. Let me tell you, I get so fucking horny and the cum starts pouring from my pussy. But the absolute favorite thing he does with that tongue is when he licks my asshole. Derrick loves to lick that ass. I wasn’t all that keen about it but I gotta admit, that brother turned me out. The way he’d tease my ass licking it gently and making little circles and shit. Then while he was doing that he’d take his thumb and rub on my clit. Just when I was on the verge of cumming he’d stick his tongue deep in my ass and wriggle it all around. Woo damn, I’m about to cum just thinking about it. Oh well, too late now. I’m sure that once he gets home, I can forget about getting that tongue action anymore.

“Shit, what am I doing? I need to finish editing this book before I screw up my chances at that promotion. I know that I’m in the running for the job along with that fine brother Marcus but if I nail this and the book sales skyrocket, then it’s a wrap. I would be a shoo-in for that Executive Vice President’s opening. Speaking of Marcus, man, he sure was looking good at this morning’s progress meeting. I wonder what he’s thinking about our little competition. And what was that look he gave me when the boss mentioned that both he and I were the forerunners for the VP job? I hope he’s not doing what all men do when they are faced with a pretty woman…assume she has no brains. Most of the executives currently employed at the publishing firm were all of the same type… and full of them selves. I get so sick of them smiling all up in my face. I know that they just want to take a dip in my brown sugar. From what I can tell, Marcus isn’t like that. Could be he was staring at my chest. I admit that my ample 38D breasts can be a bit distracting. Trust me when I say that I know how to play up my assets. I just love wearing tight sweaters that show my nipples and watch the men try not to stare at them. I love teasing them because I know how badly they want to suck on them.

But I get the feeling that Marcus wasn’t thinking about my cleavage this morning. It’s as if he knew something was bothering me. And we all know who’s responsible for that. Nevertheless, I try not to wear my emotions on my sleeve but it seems like he picked up on something. After the meeting, when we were riding in the elevator on the way back to our offices, it seemed as if he was standing a little bit too close behind me. I could smell the powerful scent of his cologne along with some other masculine scent that sent signals straight to my feminine core. But when I turned back to look at him, he wasn’t standing all that close after all. I could have sworn I could feel him breathing against my neck. It probably felt that way because of his tall and broad 6’ 2” frame. I’m guessing he weighs somewhere between 195 to 210lbs of packed muscle. Hmm, just like I like ‘em. I wonder what else he’s packing? Okay Michelle, get it together. What are you doing fantasizing about a co-worker? Remember your number one rule, “never shit where you eat” excuse my French. “Get back to work” I tell myself and I’m glad to see that I have only a few pages left. Good thing too because thinking about Derrick and then Marcus has me all hot and bothered and I ‘m having a hard time concentrating. I finish the last pages and send the book off to production. Whew, what a relief. I look at the clock and see that it’s a little past four. Maybe I’ll call the girls to make plans for tonight. But first, I’ve got to do something about this throbbing pussy.

What the heck, it won’t take me long to cum. My door is closed and the do not disturb sign is posted. I get up from my desk and go sit in the more comfortable soft leather chair I set up in the corner. I love this part of my office. I brought in a few of my favorite things to make it homier and it’s a nice space to sit when I need a change. My favorite framed print hangs in the corner. “Interlock” by Kevin Williams hangs on the wall. Some might say it’s too risqu?or work but I say that it’s just sexy. Most of Kevin’s art speaks to me. There are so many that I wish I could have my own personal gallery. Another favorite is “Feel ‘N It”. But that one is just too much to hang in the office. Between my art, Maxwell playing from my iPod and the scented potpourri, I’ve managed to make a sexy little ‘home away from home’ space. Sitting here now with my pussy anticipating the release to come and imagining myself in the picture with my hair all loose and wild, I take both of my breasts in my hands and start kneading them. Gently at first but then I increase the pressure until my nipples pop out. Now that they are fully aroused, I can pinch and roll them between my fingers. Pinching them sends an electric jolt straight to my clit. I’m already too turned on to be playing with my sensitive breasts but I can’t help teasing myself a little more. I decide to take off my sweater and bra. The cool air from the air conditionings makes my nipples tighten even further. I kneel on the chair and begin to rub my titties on the cool back of the leather seat. I feel so freaky doing this at work. But hey, a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. I might as well get the full effect of the leather on my body and remove my skirt. I don’t want to risk staining it with my juices which have soaked through my panties and are practically running down my thighs already. After all, the door is locked.

After removing my skirt, I start to rub my slick pussy through the soaked thong panties. Just as I begin to get a nice rhythm rubbing my pussy, the cell phone rings. From the ringtone, I can tell its Derrick. Hmm….what to do answer it or finish playing with my hot swollen pussy? I decide to answer the phone. Big mistake ‘cuz all I hear is fuckin’ bitch this and fuckin’ cunt that. Don’t let me have to come down there. “Oh” I say as I stand to my feet and begin pacing the small room, “Yeah, I might be a bitch but I’m no fool. You must think my name is Boo boo the clown or something. Don’t call me again until you can tell me where to ship your funky ass clothes.” Click…I hang up and turn off the cell. Now, I’m just plain pissed. That muthafucka has the nerve to cuss me out when he was away doing who knows what with who know who all weekend. Just as I take a deep breath and try to compose myself I hear a sound that chills me to the bone. Someone clears his throat. “OH MY GOD!” I scream. Standing behind me is not only Marcus but some other random guy whom I’ve never seen before. And here I am standing in my thigh highs, heels and a g-string. “Umm, I knocked. I thought I heard you say come in.” Marcus said trying to hide the smile on his face.

(To be continued.)

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