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Caught at work in a compromising position trying to relieve some pressure by the co-worker who just happens to be up for the same promotion/
Best Man for the Job (Part II)
By MakeItJuicy4U

“Oh snap! Man what kind of freaky place do you work at? I need a job here. Bitches running around all butt ass naked and shit” said the stranger. Shhh…Marcus said putting his finger to his lips while closing and locking the door. He still had that funny smile on his lips but something in his eyes didn’t match the smile. “Well, well, well, what do we have here? The biggest office tease caught in the act of…hmmm just what did we catch you doing Michelle?” Marcus asked. Michelle’s heart was pounding so fast she couldn’t even think straight. Stammering and bending to reach for her skirt she began “Umm, I umm was just going…no I mean I was uh changing my clothes. Yeah and then, umm then the phone rang and I uh.” “Oh, so you were changing huh. So where are you off to, the gym? Club? Funny, I don’t see your change of clothes anywhere. All I see is this pretty red sweater. If I’m not mistaken, it’s the same one you were wearing and that skirt you’re clutching is definitely the one you were wearing in the elevator.”

“Man, that bitch is straight lying. She wasn’t in here changing no clothes. I know when I smell some hot pussy. And that’s definitely one of the aromas floating around in here. And look at her, her nipples are all stiff and shit and I can see pussy juice shining on those thick juicy thighs of hers. Damn you were right she is one hot muthafucka. I can see why you’ve been talking about her so much.” Marcus said “Okay okay, calm down and lower your voice. We don’t want to attract any undue attention. Someone might come and interrupt our little meeting. Oh, pardon me. Where are my manners? Michelle this is my road dog and frat brother, Manny. Back in college our “Q” brothers nicknamed us M&M ‘cuz wherever you saw one, you saw the other.” At this, Manny began to bark, the trademark of the Q’s. Michelle looked at him and noticed that he was rubbing his dick through his pants.

Marcus said “I was just stopping by to introduce you. We were going to invite you out for a celebratory drink to wish you good luck…but now I’m thinking that I’m the lucky one. I’ve imagined seeing those nice long nipples and I must say, I’m not disappointed.” “Well, if you all would excuse yourselves for just a minute and allow me to put myself back in order I’d be happy to accompany you for a drink.” Michelle said as she began to step back into her skirt. But quick a lightning, Marcus grabbed the skirt from her hands. “Whoa, slow your role. I for one am enjoying the show. How about you Manny – do you see any need for her to put this back on?” He replied, “Nah man, she looks fine just like that.” “Okay, enough! Marcus just get out of my office and take your barking little “Q” dog with you.” She replied, trying to make her voice sound as authoritative as possible given the situation. Both men burst into laughter. “Marcus, you’d think that the roles were reversed and she had just caught you in a compromising position. She trying to sound all big and bad. Someone needs to teach her a lesson.” And while unbuttoning his pants, Manny said and “I’m gonna do just that.”

Michelle watched wide-eyed as Manny proceeded to undress. She looked at Marcus hoping that he would be the sensible one and stop his friend. But all he did was to lean back against my desk with his legs outstretched and crossed. That’s when she noticed the bulge in his pants. “I’m going to scream. You both had better get the fuck out of here.” Marcus replied, “Go right ahead, because the whole team has already left for the bar. I begged off since my friend was visiting. And everyone knew not to disturb you since you had that big deadline. I wouldn’t have known you were finished proofing Whitney’s book had it not been for my connection in production letting me know. So right now, the only folks on this floor are, you, me and my horny, what did you call him? Oh yeah my little barking HORNY “Q” dog brother. Now you have two dogs to show you just what it means to run with the big dogs. I’ve been trying to figure out how to ensure that I get that promotion and you just hand me the job on a silver platter.” “How do you figure, you are in my office about to rape me and you think that somehow that gives you the upper hand? You must be crazy!” she shouted.

Marcus said “Well, it would be your word against mine and of course let’s not forget my boy Manny here. Besides, I have the fact that I’m well-liked by my colleagues and you, well, lets just say that they’ll be a whole lot of folks who’ll be happy to see the Ice Princess taken down a notch.” Manny interrupted the conversation “Enough talking already, my dick is harder than a muthafucka, let me fuck this bitch. I’m sure some good dick will help thaw her out.” Eyes tearing she looks from one to the other and begs “Please please don’t do this. I’ve never done anything to you Marcus. Please just leave.” But he simply smiles at her as he steps closer to her. He grabs her face gently and using his thumbs begins to wipe away the tears that have begun running down her face. “Oh come on now Michelle, why all the tears? We aren’t going to hurt you. That is unless you’re into that. No, we just want to give you that good lovin’ you’ve been missing. I heard you talking on the phone and I know you haven’t had any good dick lately. I could see that juice that was coming from your pussy when you didn’t know we were here. All we want to do is help you out. Manny and I know exactly what you need. Just relax.”

His voice was so soothing and while he was talking he had begun to run his hands up and down her back. He pulled her body closer to him and let the heat from his body warm hers. Michelle hiccupped and said softly, “No we can’t I can’t let you do this” But her body was betraying her and Marcus felt her hips pressing into his groin. He cupped her ass cheeks and pulled her harder against himself and started swaying to the music that was still playing in the background. He noticed that she had closed her eyes and he motioned for Manny to come up behind her. They had done this before, so Manny took his cues from Marcus and moved quietly so as not to startle her. She gasped when she felt the heat from his body as it made contact with her ass. She was especially aware of the heat emanating from his thick dick. She quickly pulled away from Marcus only to find that she just pushed Manny’s dick between the crack of her ass and she could feel him pumping up and down. She looked into Marcus’ eyes and was about to voice a protest but he quickly took her mouth with his and began kissing her so that the words were quickly replaced by a low moan deep in her throat. He worked his tongue into her mouth and she began to suck it in rhythm to Manny.

Michelle felt soft kisses on the back of her neck and big hands reaching around her to grasp her breasts. She knew that she should be struggling but these men knew exactly how to work her nerves. Pretty soon, she knew that she’d be past the point of no return. Just as she was going to try another protest, Marcus stopped kissing her and began trailing kissed down her neck. When Manny felt his chin approaching his hand he removed it and allowed Marcus access to the nipple that he had so expertly brought to hardness. The next time Michelle gasped was when she felt Marcus’ hot wet lips as they wrapped around her nipple and began sucking. All the while, Manny was still squeezing and pinching the other nipple. Just then, someone inserted a leg between hers and was trying to get her to spread her legs wider. “I really should try to stop them” she thought one last time. But she was really worked up and her pussy was practically begging her to comply by the continual throbs that were pulsing along with her accelerated heart beat.

“Come on let me touch that pussy. I want to see just how wet you really are.” Manny whispered as he continued to work his leg between hers. Michelle opened her thighs wider as Marcus moved his mouth to the other tit. By now, both of her nipples were so sensitive she knew that she would cum soon just from this stimulation. She began to squeeze the muscles in her pussy. Squeeze, release, squeeze release as Manny reached between her legs, moved the saturated panties to the side and palmed her mound with his entire hand. His four fingers pushed down on her mound while his thumb rubbed across her anus. Michelle began panting and pumping her pussy into his hand. “Damn” Manny said to Marcus. “She is soaking wet. I can feel the juice running through my fingers.” Oooh ooh, oh,” breathing heavily as she clutched Marcus shoulders, Michelle starts moaning, yes, yes, I’m, I’m gonna cum. Don’t stop!”

Meanwhile, Marcus had been removing his clothes so that he too could feel the softness of Michelle’s body next to his skin. When he heard her exclamation, he quickly dropped to the floor with his back to Michelle. He slid back so that when he looked up he was positioned perfectly beneath her swollen labia. He could see it perfectly since she didn’t have any hair on her lips. Manny was now squeezing both of her breasts and grinding his hard shaft into her nice round ass cheeks. When Marcus reached up with his tongue and stroked her clit, the response was immediate and loud. “Ohhhh God, I’m cuuumming.” she screamed. Manny moved one of his hands to Michelle’s mouth and stuck two fingers in her mouth. She responded by sucking them into her warmth. Everyone could hear Marcus swallowing what sounded like gallons of her juices. When it seemed she was finished, Manny noticed that her knees were buckling and he began lifting her and backing up to the leather chair. He made sure to position them in such a way that when they fell into the seat she would be fully impaled on his protruding member in one long stroke.

Unaware of what was about to happen, Michelle tried to catch her breath and gather her thoughts. “What am I doing? I’m being taken against my will but I love every minute of it. I should really try screaming or at least try to get away.” she thought. No sooner had that thought crossed her mind when she felt herself falling. She reached out to grab at something, anything but there was nothing to grab on too. “I got you.” Manny said just before his ass touched the chair and he grabbed one of her ass cheeks to guide his entrance. Oomph….oh fuck! Michelle said. And that’s exactly what Manny proceeded to do. Without missing a beat, Manny slid his left arm under Michelle’s and reaching up and over her breast took hold of her right shoulder. He wrapped his other arm around her waist so that he had her in a nice secure grip while he went to work on that pussy. He used all of the muscles in his thighs to propel Michelle’s’ body up and down on his dick. “Damn bruh, this bitch’s pussy is so juicy but it’s still tight around my dick.” Manny proclaimed. Michelle was moaning as she reached out to grasps the arms of the leather chair. She really had no control over the pounding she was receiving and all she could do was hold on for the ride. “Open your legs. Put them outside of mine” Manny instructed.

Michelle was working on pure sexual instinct now and did as instructed. Manny reached down with his right hand and began to spank her mound whenever his dick was buried deep inside her now quivering hole. Thrust, spank, thrust, spank was the pattern he established. Marcus had been watching all of this with stroking his dick. He noticed that Michelle kept her eyes shut tight. He told her to open her eyes and look at him. When she did, she saw that he was holding his huge cock in his fist and was stroking it so that each time his hand came up, the tip was fully buried in his fist. Then the head would slowly poke back out as he pulled down on his dick. “I want you to lick your lips for me Michelle. Yeah, like that and let go of the chair. Manny’s got you; you’re not going to fall. I want you to take all of that dick. That’s right. Now squeeze those big fat titties. Show me how you like to play with them. You know what I want you to do for me right? I’m going to come over there and rub my dick on your lips. I want to see you suck this cock. Do you want to taste me?” Marcus moved closer to Michelle. He still held his penis and she could see a few glistening drops of his cum on its tip. Michelle loved to suck dick, especially when it was one as nice as Marcus’. He had just the right length and the head was a perfectly shaped mushroom at least 2” wide. Her mouth really was watering to taste him. He was close enough now that she could smell his masculine scent. The cologne along with the slight sweatiness was making her dizzy. She reached her tongue out to take a quick taste of the precum and knew that she couldn’t resist taking him into her mouth. It’s a good thing too, because with Manny still thrusting into her and bouncing her body so that her face moved forward, she had no choice but to open her mouth and allow Marcus entry.

Michelle began to work her tongue all over Marcus’s cock. She let all of the juices build up in her mouth and drip down her chin. You could hear her moaning “Mmm Mmm Mmm” over and over. The room was filled with the sounds of moaning, slurping and slapping as the trio continued to please each other. “Damn girl, you are good at that shit. You got my nuts tingling already. You keep that up and I’m going to be filling that pretty mouth of yours with all of my hot nut.” Marcus said. He reached out and grabbed two handfuls of hair and began to really pump his dick into her mouth and then further back down her throat. She gagged a few times but Marcus didn’t care as he kept pistoning his entire 8” throbbing manhood into her mouth. Michelle reached behind him and grabbed his ass and squeezed. She loved a man with a nice muscular ass and Marcus was definitely blessed with that. “Hmmm, when this is over, I would love to lie on top of his ass and grind my pussy on him. I love rubbing my clit on a man’s ass, especially one with hair” she thought. Thinking about this put Michelle over the edge and she began to orgasm again.

Her orgasm was like an on switch for both of the guys. First, Manny who was trying his best not to blow his load until her mouth was free, began to feel the tingling in his nut sack. And feeling her pussy begin to pulsate and suck on his dick was just too much. “Yeooow” he yelled as the first spurts of hot cum began to pump out of the engorged head of his cock. He grabbed Michelle by the hips with both hands and thrust himself all the way in until his dick head was pressing against her cervix. “Oh, yeah, I’m about to fill you with all my thick hot sperm.” Manny said. Michelle began grinding her ass down on his dick to try to push him even further into her cunt. Just then, Marcus began shooting hot cum down her throat. She hadn’t been expecting it and began to choke. Marcus was shooting so much cum into her mouth she couldn’t get the timing right and began to cough. Some of his cum even shot from her nose as she worked to get a breath and keep up with all of the action. Marcus pulled back and looked at her to make sure that she was going to be alright. But he wasn’t finished yet and he didn’t want to remove his cock from her mouth until every last bit of his spunk was expended. When he was satisfied that she could breath, he began pumping the last remnants of cum from his dick.

The guys began slapping each other high-fives and talking shit about what they had just done. Michelle had her forehead resting on Marcus’ stomach. Some of his cum was there from when she was choking but she didn’t care. Her whole body felt like butter and she didn’t think she’d be able to move anytime soon. Just as everyone’s breathing began returning to normal there was a loud bang on Michelle’s office door. “Open up the damn door Michelle. I know you’re in there. I can hear you. Besides, I checked with security at reception and he said that you hadn’t signed out yet. I want to get in my house so open this muthafuckin door before I kick this bitch in. You can’t just lock me out of my own place like this” said Derrick as he began shaking the handle on the door. Everyone in the room stood stock still as they wondered what to do.

(To be continued)

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2008-11-28 19:26:32
wat a sucky story i culdnt even cum off this until the end and i wasnt satisfied damnit

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