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Caught at work in a compromising position trying to relieve some pressure by the co-worker who just happens to be up for the same promotion/
Best Man for the Job (Part III)
By MakeItjUICY4u

While the two men were disoriented, Michelle rushed toward the door and pulled the handle. Derrick had been leaning against the door and was surprised when he found himself tumbling into the room. “Umpf, what the…” His eyes opened even wider when he saw the sight before his eyes. Two naked men looming above him and Michelle crouching behind the door. Marcus quickly closed the door again just as Michelle began crawling toward Derrick and crying. “I’m so glad you’re here If you only knew what I’ve just been through” she said as she began crawling across the floor to reach out to him. “Well, it’s quite obvious to me that you were being the slut bitch that I always knew you were. Don’t touch me with some other dude's nut all on you! He spat back at her. Rising to his feet, “I really don’t care to hear this little story. Just give me the keys so that I can get my shit and bounce.”

“But, but, Derrick it’s not what you think. I was forced to…” “FORCED…hold up bitch. Ain’t nobody force you to do nothing you didn’t want to do.” Manny said. Derrick turned to him and got his first real look at both men. He began smiling as recognition slowly dawned on him. “Hey, what’s up playa.” He said as he reached out and started giving Manny & Marcus the well-known intricate “Q” handshake. “I can’t believe it. M&M. Y’all muthafuckas still hanging with each other and still banging bitches I see. Damn, too bad I missed the show. Did y’all have her moaning Mmm Mmm Mmm? “And you know it. They don’t call us M&M for nothing” Marcus said. “So tell us, what you been up to? We gonna have to go have a drink and catch up on old times. Whatever happened between you and Trina? Did you walk down that aisle or what?” “EXCUSE ME” Michelle shouted.

All three men turned to look at her. “Derrick are you just going to stand there talking to these men like there isn’t anything wrong here? “The only thing I see going on is that a nasty trick got her payback. I’m just sorry that I didn’t have a chance to see things pop off.” Turning back to his “Q” dogs he began barking and the other men followed suit. “I must be losing my mind” Michelle thought. “Oh yeah man, you would have probably cum in your pants if you’d been here.” said Manny. This made Michelle laugh as she said “Oh, so you are familiar with the minute man here? Yes, Derrick, you probably would have cum in your pants, just like you always do. At least your “boys” know how to fuck. Just how close are you “Q’s? Maybe that’s why you are so good at eating my ass huh Derrick? Did you like all of your fucking frat brother’s asses?” Smack…Derrick back-handed her across the mouth. The hit her hard enough to spin her around where she fell face down onto her desk. Her body began shaking as she cried. Stepping up behind and whispering in her ear he said, “That’s why we didn’t work out. You talk too much shit. I tried to do everything in my power to make you happy including licking your ass every time you pushed it in my face. So don’t try to act like you ain’t a fat ass freak that loves to feel the tongue in your ass. But you never let me put nothing else in there. Why’s that huh?”

Derrick realized that his dick was getting hard as he pressed his body to hers. Her nice round ass was at just the right height with her bent over the desk. “Maybe before we call this thing quits, I’ll get a little taste of that ass on my dick. I wonder if you’ll think my dick is so little once I shove it in your virgin asshole” “Oh yeah man, that’s a great idea. Make that ass bounce on that dick playboy.” Manny said. “We gonna sit back and watch you do that shit. Hey Marcus, do you wanna bet on how long it takes our man to make that bitch cum. I got $20 that she’ll be begging in 10 minutes.” “Okay , I’ll take that bet even though I think she’ll be cumming long before that. As we know, she is one hot piece of juicy fruit.” Marcus replied. While they were talking, Derrick had unfastened his belt and pants and they were pooled around his feet along with his boxers. Michelle was trying to push herself up off the desk but she only managed to push her ass into Derrick’s now fully erect penis. Thinking…Michelle figured that if she began grinding her ass into him, she could make him cum prematurely and avoid having her tight ass violated. Resting her forearms on the desk, she raised herself up to give herself leverage and began winding her ass on his dick. The position also allowed her breast to hang down and bounce against the desks’ surface. When the men saw what she was doing they began encouraging her. “Damn!” Marcus said, “man check her out, Manny you are going to lose that bet. At the rate she’s going, it’ll be 5 minutes before she’s dripping cum all over the floor.”

Derrick was encouraged by her motions too. He took his palm and slapped her right ass cheek hard enough to make it shake. The action surprised Michelle and she let out a small yelp but she continued grinding against his shaft. She noticed that his dick was sliding on her ass and figured that it must be oozing precum. This made her double her efforts and she grabbed the edge of the desk with her fingertips so that she could hold her weight. Then she leaned her body back into a squatting position and begun to shake her ass up and down. This time her breasts were pinned against the edge of the desk and her nipples were being stimulated as they rubbed back and forth on the sharp corner. Marcus and Manny moved closer to the action, one on either side of the couple. If Michelle had looked at them, she would have seen that her ministrations had managed to make both men hard again and they were both stroking raging hard-ons. “Oh yeah, that’s it baby, work that ass. Make it bounce for us baby. Faster baby, make that muthafucka shake like an earthquake.” All the men began commenting in unison as Michelle worked them into a frenzy.

Derrick was now spanking her now pink-tinged buttocks in a frequent rhythm. He’d hit her twice and then rub it in a soft circular motion to soothe the sting. He knew that this was making the skin of her ass so sensitive. Marcus and Manny wanted to get in on the action so they each grasped a breast in their hands and began to work her nipples like they learned she liked from their previous tryst. Up until this point, Michelle thought that she was controlling the situation but when she could feel the tingly throbbing her clit experienced every time her ass was hit or her nipple squeezed, she realized she was wrong. When Derrick slipped his hands between her legs and felt her hardened clit he asked her “So do you want us to stop? Are we forcing you to do something you don’t want to do?” He was gently tapping her clit and she was still working her ass. But now there was also the sound of her moans as the men continued simultaneously stimulating her different erogenous zones. Michelle only moaned but she didn’t say anything. “Oh no, we want to hear you ask for it? Until you do, no one will do anything else to you.” Marcus said. “Fuck that, I’m taking that ass like I promised” said Derrick and with that, he grabbed two handfuls of ass and using the precum on his dick, slammed his entire cock into Michelle’s ass. He reached around to grab her hips so that she couldn’t escape, but he needn’t have worried because she was passed out.

“Damn dog, did you kill her.” “You musta ripped that ass open.” “Nah, she’s alright, I just popped that ass cherry.” These are the comments she heard as she began to awaken. When the men saw her eyes open, Derrick told her to bounce her ass up and down like she was doing before he plugged her hole but she didn’t move. “Okay, I admit I should have taken it slower, but I was so angry with you and I wanted to make you pay. I’m sorry. The worst is over, and I’m sure you’ll find once you begin to move that it doesn’t feel that bad. If you move, you can control how fast or how slow you want it to go.” He flexed his dick. “While you were out I flexed and stroked you a little so that now, your ass has become accustomed to my dick. Come on try moving just a little.” Derrick coaxed as he flexed his dick again. “Do that again.” Michelle said in a small voice. “What, flex my dick again?” he asked. “Yeah that kind of felt good.” He flexed and she moaned. As he was repeating the action over and over he felt her begin to bounce her ass back down onto his dick. “Ooh yeah, do that shit girl.” “Wind it up on that cock.” “You look so pretty fucking that dick girl. I wish we had a video camera to record this. The men were excitedly commenting.

Ooh, Ooh, mmm, mmm, Michelle was beginning to make so much noise that the men all began touching and kissing her wherever they could reach. Derrick began backing away from the desk and pulling her with him. Now the others had access to her breast. Manny moved in front of her and leaned his body on the desk so that his protruding member was in reach of Michelle’s mouth. He pulled her head down onto his pole and grabbed handfuls of hair. Michelle didn’t have time to think. She was working on pure instinct and she hungrily sucked him into her mouth. What her mind was wondering was how on earth Derrick was able to still be fucking her. He had never lasted this long as far as she knew. Just then, she felt fingers enter her pussy and that sent her over the edge. As her pussy began clenching and sucking on the fingers, her sphincter muscle started squeezing on Derrick’s dick. Derrick was squeezing his ass cheeks tightly to keep from cumming himself but it was extremely difficult with the endless contractions he was experiencing from Michelle’s orgasm. When he felt them stop, he pulled out and turned her around to face him. He squeezed his dick tightly and held it before Michelle’s face. “I’ve tasted your ass on numerous occasions, now, it’s your turn to taste it.” he said.

Manny was disappointed that his dick had been removed from Michelle’s luscious mouth since he was so close to cumming. He stood and continued to stroke his cock and watch the action as Derrick’s dick slid into her mouth. She frowned when Derrick put his penis into her face, the pungent odor was turning her off. She didn’t plan to comply. But when Derrick turned her body, Marcus was in full view of her now open asshole. Since he had been patiently waiting his turn to fuck her again, he took this opportunity to shove his much bigger dick into the gaping hole. It was the surprise of his actions that caused Michelle’s intake of breath and enabled Derrick to stick his funky dick in her mouth down to his balls and pubic hair. Not able to keep himself from cumming, Derrick quickly shot his load down her throat. His knees buckled at the intensity of his release and he pulled his still dripping penis from her lips and made his way to one of the leather seats. Manny didn’t waste anytime getting into position for Michelle to finish sucking him off.

With his boy going to town on Michelle’s ass, he had to be careful that she didn’t accidentally bite him. The pounding she was receiving had her head thrusting at maximum speed. As she was bent over, taking the pummeling, he noticed that she was squeezing one of her nipples with one hand and fingering her twat with the other. He reached down and grabbed both of her breast. “Look at me” He commanded. He had to repeat himself because Michelle didn’t respond at first. When he had her attention he asked “Will you suck this cock?” “Do you want Marcus to fill your fat butt full of cum? She looked at him, then back at Marcus and finally at Derrick. “Yes, yes! Give me that dick. I’m gonna suck you so hard, your nuts are going to shrivel. Marcus I want you to hose my ass down. I want to feel you hot cum shooting into my ass. I want you to cum together so that I’m filled with nut from both ends.” “Okay, ask an you shall receive. But I want you to feel your asshole tighten on my dick as you cum. Play with that pussy and let me know when you are about to cum. If we time it right, the three of us can all reach our climax together.” Marcus replied. Everyone began the frenziest fucking ever seen. Michelle sucked on that dick with all her might. The sound of her slurping and the spit dripping from her mouth was proof that she was having a hard time keeping up with the face fuck. But she wanted to cum for the guys so she continued and reached down to finger her clit.

Michelle was about to cum but she couldn’t speak to let the guys know, instead she grabbed Manny’s ass and started tapping him as her moans increased. Marcus could feel the slight tightness in her rectum and asked her if she was getting close. She replied by moaning “Mmm Mmm Mmm.” Across the room, Derrick began laughing and stated, “Oh yeah, M&M at work again. Come on Michelle suck that dick and work that ass.” Just then Michelle started to cum. Her muscles began clenching and unclenching. “Fuuuuck…I’m going to shoot.” Marcus said. Manny joined the chorus of sounds and started barking as he filled Michelle’s mouth. All three men joined him in a round of “Q” dog barking as the trio collapsed in a pile on the floor.

One year later…

“Man…are you sure about this? You know that marriage is a big step?” Manny asked as Derrick continued to put on cuff links and awaited Marcus’ response.

“Yeah, I’m sure. I never thought that I’d settle down. But now that I have found a partner that can keep up with me in every aspect of my life, I’m good. Michelle is the best person for me. You know that when neither of us was promoted and the boss’ son-in-law was brought in, I could have just strangled him. But then Michelle and I combined our talents and opened our own company, things just fell into place. Now I’m happier than ever.”

“But man, Michelle is a big ass freak. You are gong to have a lot to deal with with her” they said.

“Yeah, I know she is but so am I. Oh, and guess what, we are about to open another business for after hours…a couple’s only swing club. We think alike and that’s why we’re going to be great together. I know that neither of you could handle it but that’s why I’m the best man for the job.”

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