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the beginning of a relationship between an older white man and a sweet young black girl, there will be some incest in here, as well.
this story is FICTION. just because i was a wily little slut as a child doesnt mean other children are. look, but dont touch. otherwise, your ass will belong to some big ass lifer named billy bo. got it? good.
and if you don't like older men banging young and very young girls, white men and black women, or any other interracial combo of old/young sex, please, keep it moving. i didnt write this for your uptight ass.
this is my first of what i hope will be a full novel. if i get some feedback, i'll post more, tweek, etc., if not, i'll know it sucked, lol!

The Belonging, Part One: The Start of Chelle
Harris sat quietly in the bedside chair, staring intently at the form in front of him. She was exquisite, he had to admit, with her toasty brown skin, dark curly hair clinging to her face as she sweated. She let out a small moan and lifted her pelvis slightly off the bed, her tiny, hairless pussy wet, lips slightly swollen around the vibrating egg he'd left inside her. She whimpered, straining against the handcuffs, and he knew it wouldn't be long before she awoke. she'd be craving his cock again, and he'd be obliged to satisfy her, loving the feel of her taught wet little girl cunt stretched around her daddy's big cock, the way her little nipples hardened under his tongue, her breathy voice as she repeated back to him everything he'd taught her. Harris had done well, he had to admit to himself, had bred a perfect little half-breed cockslut, and his success had begun totally by accident, 7 years ago, when he'd met her mother walking past his house on her way to school.

The Beginning

Harris was 48 at the time, divorced for three years, and doing well after his chain of garden supply stores had gone statewide. He now preferred to let business managers run things, and sit back and watch his net worth grow. Most days he spent on the computer, checking his stocks, and plotting what to do with the money- take a trip? Travel awhile? Buy lots of ridiculous toys? he'd given his ex-wife a fair share- half of whatever he'd been worth at the time of the divorce- because she'd been a good woman, always willing and for the most part able to satisfy his sexual desires. She was a tiny blonde, 5'0 on her tip-toes, with a very lean, athletic body. He didn't know why, he'd never been attracted to the silicone and curves, preferring a flat, gymnasts type body instead. He’d loved to tie carol up, spank her, and wake her up by shoving his fingers, a dildo, or anything convenient inside her pussy- brushes, carrots, whatever popped in his head.
Carol wasn't a big fan, but she was a good sport, and had been until Harris got tired of going through the motions. He had become less and less attracted to her, though she had by no means let herself go. Harris didn't understand it, but he'd let carol know, and good sport that she was, she'd agreed to an amicable split, with half of his assets and no future claims, and he'd agreed to help her out if she ever needed it. But she was remarried a year later, and he couldn't foresee her needing anything from him, as she was now a doctor’s wife.
It was while he was online fooling around with his stocks one morning that he'd discovered what had attracted him- and later unattracted him- to carol. He’d grown bored watching the ticker and decided to try porn surfing, something he'd not done so far, but had heard plenty about. Harris was old fashioned and thus far had gotten all of his sexual aids from toy stores and magazines. he'd been randomly typing in sexual terms with '.com' on the end when he'd ran across it- a black screen, with a pair of eyes that looked as if they were a young girls, and a request for his visa information. He would have clicked off the site- after all, there was no deion of its contents, and no reason to think he should trust it, but looking at those eyes, his cock stirred and made him want to stay. What the hell, he thought, I’ve got credit protection. With that, he entered his information and waited.
The next screen was a girl, maybe eight or so, on a webcam. She was Indian, with dark hair and olive skin, a pretty little thing with a bright smile and wide eyes. She was naked except for a pair of socks, and was kneeling on a bed, little hands working furiously at rubbing her tiny slit, moaning and smiling at the cam. He never thought about little girls before- at least not directly- and was surprised when, instead of shock, his body began to tingle, and his cock jumped to attention in his boxers. He immediately unzipped his khakis and freed himself, breathing deeply as he stroked his hard 8 inches.
on screen, the girl had given up rubbing and now laid back on the bed, knees bent and legs spread, and was spreading her cunt for the camera. it glistened with her juices, and inside the slickened labia was a gorgeous bright pink hole, no more than an inch or so wide. She slowly dipped her fingers inside it, moaning softly, and with the other hand pinched at her nipples. Harris watched, squeezing his dick as she grew wetter and slipped two, then three little fingers inside. His breathing had grown heavier and more labored as he watched the obscenity before him, and thought he had achieved the height of enjoyment, when the scene changed.
Onscreen, the Indian girl was now joined by a white man, his big hands running all over her body. "She likes that," he chuckled to the viewers, as the little girl shuddered under his touch. "You like that, don't you, little brown whore? Mm-hm. I got something for you. Something you really want. Open your little whore mouth. That’s it..." the girl opened her mouth, and the man stood up next to her on the bed. Turning her head, she accepted his waiting cock into her mouth, moaning louder, "mmm, mmm, ummm...." and thrusting her pussy off the bed. The man laughed, "suck that cock, you greedy little cumwhore. That’s right. Serve my big white cock. That’s all you're good for. Fuckin and suckin. That’s it... move your hand, bitch. I’ll show you what to do with that cunt." obediently, the girl took her hand away, and the man replaced it with his. He wasn't a little man, 6'2, Harris figured, and easily 200 pounds and his hands were big, meaty things that looked rough. Quickly he jammed his middle finger into her hot young pussy hole, and she pulled away from his cock with a loud, "oooh, mister... oww...” he grabbed her by her hair with his left hand and pushed her face back into his crotch. "You stop sucking when I say you do. Put that cock back in your mouth slut!"
The girl quickly took his cock in again, but instead of letting go, he held on and yanked her head up and down on his cock. She choked and gagged at the throat fucking, but he didn't let up, instead pumping his finger harder and harder into her as he thrust his dick deeper into her mouth. She was squealing, writhing under his attentions, and Harris was moaning aloud, throbbing painfully and wishing it was him.
Suddenly the man pulled away, squirting cum all over her face. It covered her cheek and chin, and dripped down to her flat chest as she sat up, grinning happily. The man chuckled, and asked, "What are you smiling about, slut?" "It’s juice, the juice that comes when I do good." she was like a puppy in a show, begging for treats. The man patted her head and said to the webcam, "this is a slut who knows what she's good for. Goddamn!" he exited camera view laughing.
The girl wasn't done yet. She took some of the cum from her face and rubbed it onto her pussy, licking around her mouth for the rest. She was still playing with the cum when a man entered, this one Indian. He looked at the girl and asked, "Were you a good slut for the nice man?" the girl nodded. "Yes, papa." to which he replied, "I see... did he fuck that nice pussy of yours, asha?" she shook her head. "No, papa." to this, he stood and took his pants down, his cock very erect. "Then papa will finish you tonight."
She bounced up and down for a moment t, beaming from ear to ear, and then laid back on the bed. "No no," her papa said, "like this." he sat on the bed, and picking her up, positioned her over his cock. With one hand he began to lead it in, then gripped her by her tiny waist and sat her down. She squealed and moaned, and he bounced her up and down faster and faster, groaning with each one. "Ride papa's horsey, baby, make papa feel good. Papa lets you have cock all the time, make papa feel good for being nice to you... so tight, so hot, ohhh my daughters pussy is sooo good... my slut, my little eight year old slut... fuck on papas cock..."
Harris was grunting now, thrusting his cock back and forth as he jacked himself furiously. He’d never been so aroused in his life. The girl was panting as her body was raised and then slammed back down on her father’s cock, the cum from the man before giving much needed extra lubrication. " my papas... cock..." she was gasping. "I.. am... slut... ohh, thank you papa so much.... ohhh... papaaa...." her words dissolved into the plaintive mewl of a child lost between agony and absolute ecstasy, and mingled with her papa' grunts- as well as Harris' own- as he came deep inside her, pulling her down and holding her around her neck as he thrust up inside her. She collapsed onto him, and Harris cried out, "damnit, ahhh!!" as his own cum gushed out and sprinkled the computer screen, and soiled his pants.
He knew immediately and without any doubt what he wanted now. A little girl to try out everything he had just seen. He vibrated with the thought of it, but wondered how it could happen. There weren't any truly young girls in his immediate vicinity, the youngest on his street being the neighbor’s daughter Lucie, who was about 15. he also wasn't willing to kidnap a child- his depravity had limits- and as he and carol had both been only children with no children between them, there were none he had access to.
He sighed and sat back as the image on the screen dissolved, and was replaced by 0900EST 250.00. He looked at his watch- 8:00- and figured that was what time the next show started, and how much the site cost. The 250 had been pocket change well spent in his eyes, and he was hooked. Not only had the age of the girl turned him on, but her skin, dark tan, smooth. He wondered what it would be like to dip his cock into a piece of fresh exotic baby cunt. Damn. He throbbed despite the massive load he had just blown.
After wiping down the computer and changing into a pair of sweats, Harris walked outside and stood on his porch, watching the teenagers walk to school. They walked in groups, cliqued up, for safety and status, he reasoned. The blondes, the brunettes, the nerds, the preppies, the jocks, the cheerleaders... Harris laughed to himself thinking of all the peer group pressures faced by the average teen, and wondered whoever thought those were the best years of one’s life. "Hi, Mr. Bradford," called one of a group of cheerleader uniform clad girls walking down the other side of the street. He waved amiably, "hello there, Lucie, have a game today?" he asked the neighbors daughter.
"No, it's spirit day, Mr. B. pep rally. First games' on Saturday against ford!"
"Alright then, maybe I’ll go. Have a good one Lucie, tell your folks hello!"
Lucie waved a pompom in response, and he watched as a group of boys chased up to them, taking the girls' book bags and falling in step behind them. Harris remembered being a horny little bastard, trying to impress girls with such silly things as carrying books. Luckily by the time he’d reached his junior year his dad had taken pity on him and showed him the way things were done. Harris' father had dominated his mother, never being physically violent, but rough just the same. his mother didn't seem to mind though, she had hopped-to with pleasure at every command, and long before Harris knew what the sounds meant, she'd squealed happily almost every night of the week. The secret, his father had told him, was not to kowtow. Don’t wait for a girl to figure out what she wants. Tell her what she wants, and be firm about it. Harris had figured it was pretty jerky, but after trying to get past second base for so long, he went with this piece of advice. It had worked. the same girls that all the others were chasing, were coming to him instead, anxious to show off the goods and figure out why he wasn't drooling over them, following them, begging for their phone numbers. It was how he'd ended up with carol, a popular girl who'd been as sexually game as himself. had he a second chance, he was sure he could have the sexy little Lucie, whose dark blond curls and gray eyes alone made her a good idea for a fuck. lucie’s body was much more developed than carol's had been or ever would be, however, and though he wasn't crazy about curves he'd love to explore hers.
In fact, he'd love to be able to have carol in her prime in a three way with Lucie right now. he could imagine it, fucking lucie’s 15 year old twat while she licked at carols soft downy cunt... pounding hard into lucie’s tight young ass, spanking the firm soft flesh while carol's long red nails gripped Lucie curls and pulled her in, forcing Lucie to tongue fuck her. Carol had a lovely pussy, with a nice sized clit that poked out just enough to take it between your teeth and pull. he could almost hear Lucie moaning through a mouthful of carol's creamy cum, and carol panting, "oh, harry, fuck her, fuck her, make her eat my pussy, make the slut lick my pussy harder, please..." god. he could feel carol's mouth cleaning lucie’s juices from his cock, Lucie laying spread eagle, watching, rubbing her wet crotch. Harris wondered if Lucie was shaved, decided that she would be, at least in his mind, and removed carol from his cock, ordering her to get cuffs and restrain Lucie, that he'd allow her to have Lucie as a fucktoy now. He and carol had done a few threesomes, and though she'd tried not to let it show, Harris had picked up on the fact that she enjoyed other women, especially when told to dominate one.
In his mind carol had followed through, and the handcuffed Lucie was moaning. "go ahead, sweetheart, play with your new toy," Harris kissed carol on her neck, and she moved toward Lucie, ran her fingers over the shaved teen, and devoured her, fingering her deep, mindless of the nails. "You like fucking my husband whore? He’s mine. We’re using you, that's it. You’re our fuckslut, you cum for me like you cum for him. Yes, that's it, little whore, tell me you like fucking my husband." Lucie cried out as carol's fingers got more and more rough, and carol deftly bit down on one of her nipples. "Tell me you like it! Thank him for sharing his cock with you!" carol was adding fingers quickly, and Lucie bucked wildly underneath her. Harris stroked his rock hard dick and watched with amusement. The more she bucked to get away, the more she succeeded in working carol's petite hand inside her, and Harris knew carol liked fisting. She could be a right dirty little domme, he'd always thought, if she ever decided to switch teams.
Sure enough, carol worked her fist into Lucie. carol, being so petite, had a wrist that wouldn’t do any major damage, but Lucie was a tight young hole not used to feeling so much inside her, and she screamed loudly and wriggled as carol pumped away, pulling out to the knuckles before plunging back in to the wrist. Finally Lucie let it out, screaming, “thank you Mr. and Mrs. Bradford! I love fucking Mr. Bradford’s big cock! I love being your whore! Thank you!"
Satisfied, carol pumped a bit slower, and leaned down and began to suck at lucie’s clit while withdrawing her fingers one at a time. Lucie mewled as she came, and Harris, pleased, straddled her face and stuck his cock in her mouth. He fucked her face gently, deciding carol had done enough, and got ready to cum down her throat... he felt her shiver as carol's small hand slid up Lucie body, then heard a light suckling as carol began sucking gently on Lucie engorged pink nipples. Carol lightly fingered Harris' ass, then reached under and massaged his balls. He heard Lucie moan louder around his cock; carol had the other hand down in her hot pussy still, massaging it after its pummeling. "Swallow it, baby doll," he'd whisper to Lucie as his cock exploded in her mouth...

Harris shook himself; he'd had that fantasy in different variations every morning for awhile now, sometimes abusing the hell out of both girls, sometimes making love, sometimes simply watching. The site had brought it out of him, not the natural dominant streak but the desire for young pussy, and every morning, Lucie was younger and younger in his fantasy. But Harris was good friends with don and Becca Wallace, lucie’s parents, and knew he couldn't act on it.
It was a few weeks later, after a morning movie and jack off marathon, that found Harris standing on his porch. He was considering giving carol a call to say hello, they still spoke often and he actually liked the new husband, when he caught glimpse of a lone figure coming down the street. She was walking a little slow, and he could tell from here that he'd not seen her before. He walked down the porch stairs, out into the yard as if to get his newspaper, but watched her approach. She was very dark, a cocoa complexion, with long legs that were too much for her still-skinny body. She was wearing the shortest pair of red shorts he'd ever seen, her hips just starting to fill out a bit. it was topped by a white sleeveless tee that was pulled and tied behind her, tight over her small breasts- b-cup at most, Harris guessed, but most likely an a- and her thick black hair was pulled back into a pony tail. Her flat tie up sandals made a clacking against the sidewalk as she approached, and Harris went and leaned up against his fence in anticipation.
When she was close enough, he gave a casual friendly wave and said, "Hello, there, haven't seen you around the neighborhood. I’m Mr. Bradford- Harris Bradford. Your parents just move in?"
The girl paused a moment before answering, her dark, almond shaped eyes assessing him. The arch in her eyebrow seemed to challenge him, as if he'd asked the wrong question. Harris shrugged. "Just asking. I’ve lived here about 15 years, seen most of the kids in this neighborhood grow up, know the neighbors. thought I’d get to meet your folks, too." a little disconcerted by her stare- and the fact that her tight little body and big soft lips were giving him a serious hard on- he turned to walk away when the girl said, "hey, mister... Mr. Bradford, right?... sorry about that. It’s just that since we've moved here from Westland last week, not a whole lot of people have been friendly. We don't exactly, you know, fit in."
Harris turned back around and looked at her, about to say something to the effect of, of course you do, I can't imagine anyone around here being that way... when he realized it was probably true. There were no black families in this area, the closest thing they had to ethnicity in this neighborhood was a Chinese boy adopted by the Newton’s around the corner. While Westland was an urban metropolis with no end of racial diversity, here in the groves was completely opposite. It was a high end suburb, with its own police department and schools, and such places did not, in fact, encourage much diversity. "Well, no place is easy at first, but I apologize if you all feel uncomfortable. But like I said, I’d like to get to know you, just like I do everyone else."
She actually cracked a small, crooked smile. "I’m Chelle. Well, Michelle, but I like Chelle."
"Nice to meet you Chelle. You can call me Harris if you'd like. On your way to school are you?"
"Ok. Harris. Yeah, I’m going to school right now." her demeanor had changed again, a little standoffish as if she wanted him to stop asking questions. She crossed her arms over her developing breasts- definitely an a, they were a bit smaller than carol's had been- leaned her weight on her right leg, and cocked her head to the side.
Harris knew he'd hit a spot. "Well, you just don't have any books, and I’m pretty sure you're violating every rule of the dress code. And you don't seem worried about being late. So why don't you tell me where you're really going, Chelle? I’m a cool adult. I won't tell." he winked.
"Well... first of all, saying you're a cool adult, makes you a not cool adult, you should know," Chelle said. "And I guess I can tell you, my parents aren't home for you to tell on me anyway. They’re never home," she added bitterly.
"Then see, what can it hurt? Where are you headed looking so sexy today?" Harris knew it was a bit risky, but he was emboldened by his foray into the world of underground porn still, and willing to give it a shot, see if dad's advice still worked.
"What did you say?" Chelle asked sharply.
"Well, you know what you look like, those long legs of yours in those little shorts, belly button out. You have a nice body for a girl your age, and you know it. Why else would a 16 year old be showing it off like that? You don't need to be shy about it, I’m sure you're not shy with whatever lucky guy you're wearing it for." Harris had no delusions of the girl being 16, but he assessed from her outfit and heavily applied lip gloss that she wished she were.
He was correct.
She unfolded her arms, stuck her little chest out a bit, and smiled. "I’m not 16," she laughed. "I’m 12."
"12! I wouldn't have guessed, you look much more mature. You have a boyfriend already? More than one, I bet." Harris looked outwardly friendly, but inwardly, he was like a wolf on a sheep’s tail, playing with it, stalking his prey. He had decided he wanted this girl, and being the type never to hesitate when he'd decided on a course of action (hence the success of his supply chain), Harris was determined to close the deal.
She was beaming now, her juicy ovular lips parting to show perfect white teeth. "Well, I wish I really did look sexy. My boyfriend said he likes girls with... bigger ones," Chelle said, motioning her breasts. "He’s in high school, so I know he sees bigger ones all the time."
"Well, your boyfriend is crazy. You look really hot. Little boys don't know what's what, anyway," Harris threw in casually. "Is that that who you're headed to see?"
"Yes, we hook up at his mom’s house when she goes to work."
Harris laughed aloud. "His mom's house? You mean he doesn't even have enough sense to take a pretty girl like you to a room? Well that's a shame. I’ve got my own place here, all by myself, and I’d love to have a beauty like you over to play video games, shoot pool, and watch a movie. Relax in a nice hot Jacuzzi. Or when it's hot like today, maybe go swimming out back."
"You have a swimming pool? man, we haven't got ours in. my dad keeps promising to buy one since we moved in, but he never has time for anything, so we probably won't get one. What kind of system you have? I have a 360 at home."
"Well, I have a ps3 and a wii I keep wired for my godson, he visits sometimes over the summer. Do you like those?"
"Yeah, those are cool."
"Well, why don't you come over then? We can play, and if it gets too hot inside, we can get in the pool. You have a suit at home?"
"Yeah, I got a purple one for my birthday a few weeks ago. I can go get it... but my boyfriend s waiting on me though, I gotta go."
Harris shook his head, "well, when you get tired of that kid stuff, you come see me. I bet your boyfriend doesn't make you feel like I could, the way a pretty girl like you should feel."
Chelle drew back a bit. "What do you mean by that?"
"Just what I said. You fool around with your boyfriend, don't you? Right? Well, I bet he just wants you to satisfy him. But that's how boys are. Men know that they're supposed to make you feel good, and that's that."
"Well... I do feel good. Most times."
Harris had to work hard to keep the smug look off his face. He had her. If she was willing to talk about it, it was a simple matter to get her to do it. "Just sometimes? How long have you been fooling around with this boy?"
"A year, almost."
"Wow, that's a long time for a girl your age. How old is he?"
"15. I’ll be 13 next month."
"Mm-hm. just what I thought, he's too young to really know what to do for you. How far have you two gone?"
"Ummm..." Chelle paused for a moment, as if just realizing she was having this discussion with an essential stranger. Harris could see a little hesitation, which he knew would lead to failure, so he intervened quickly.
"I know you want to go play with your little boyfriend, Chelle, so I won't hold you up. But would you like to get a cool drink before you go? it's gonna be a scorcher, and you're already sweating." it was true, a freakishly warm mid September had left the city with 90 degree weather, and it was, at this stage of the day, already 75. "It’s a long way from here to the city," he added.
Chelle nodded, grateful for the change in conversation, and said, "Well, yeah, okay. I didn't eat breakfast this morning and I am kind of hot already. I could use a drink or something, a cold soda if you have any."
Harris smiled and opened the gate, watching her bony little legs undulate from the shorts. She would have a dynamite coke bottle shape when she was finished with puberty, he could tell, but right now she was perfect. A little tall, about 5'6, and when she had passed him he saw that despite her lack of abundant hips or any other meat for that matter, she had a perfectly round, soft ass that was going to drive some rapper crazy one day. He chuckled inwardly at his own thought, and closed the gate behind her. His dick throbbed in his sweats, and he was glad he'd gone commando after the last jack off session.
"Go on up, door’s open," Harris said, careful to keep his voice level, not show any excitement. "Kitchen’s straight back, can't miss it." he bounded up the stairs after her, as Chelle walked slowly inside. Walking straight back, the hall opened up to a huge kitchen, complete with sun roof, island, and sliding glass, which revealed the large swimming pool he'd had put in just last summer. The sunny yellow in the kitchen must have appealed to Chelle, because her body seemed to untense itself as soon as she walked in, and picked out a stool around the island.
"What kind of soda would you like, Chelle?"
"Um, Pepsi is good," she said, still eyeing the environment. "I like your kitchen. It’s nice."
Harris brought her the soda, waited for her to take a sip, and looked at his watch. 8:45.
"Well, my movie is going to start soon," he remarked casually.
"What kind of movie?"
"Oh, you're too young for the kind of movies I like."
"Ohhh, you mean like a porno? I’ve seen pornos before, you know."
"You have? Do you watch them with your boyfriend?"
"Yeah, his mom has a bunch, so we watch them. That’s how we start messing around, we watch those movies."
"So you like them?"
"Yes," she said a little shyly.
"That’s okay, don't be shy about it. You’re supposed to like them, that’s what they're for. Do you get hot when you watch them?"
"Sometimes. But the girls are... they have boobs already, and it reminds me how flat I am. It sucks. But he always gets hard so I have to-" Chelle stopped again, frustrating Harris, but he knew he had her. He had to keep drawing it out, but if the girl had been fooling around since 11, she was no wallflower virgin. He was sure if he could keep prying things out of her he could get the little nasty girl inside to come out. So he pressed on.
"You have to what? Hand job? Blow job?" Harris asked gently. "I know you're not this shy."
"Blow," she finally said. "He likes that."
"Does he ever return the favor?"
"No. he said he doesn't like it. But he fingers me."
"Have you ever done more than that?"
"Yeah, sometimes. I try to do like the girls in the movies, you know, get on top?"
Harris almost pulled his dick out on the spot. Jackpot.
He leaned closer to her, and let his hand fall on her leg. "Can I ask you something, Chelle?" she nodded. "Would you like to get your little pussy eaten? Would you like to know what those girls' pussies feel like, what your pussy is supposed to feel like when you're with a guy?"
Chelle shifted on her stool, but didn't move her leg. "I don't know... I’ve never... with anybody but him.."
"But you want to. I can tell you've never cum before, never had an orgasm. You’re too shy about it. Once girls have an orgasm, they want them all the time, however they can get them." Harris was in her ear now, his breath heavy, the smell of coconut-scented oil wafting from her hair to his nostrils, oddly erotic. Chelle was breathing slow and shallow, not moving, allowing Harris to rub his hand along her leg, her outer thigh. "You’re the prettiest little thing I’ve ever seen, you know that? Does your boyfriend ever tell you how pretty your dark skin is, how sexy your lips are, how fucking hot your little body is?" Chelle made a sound, he thought it was a very soft no, and her head unconsciously tilted closer to his mouth. "Well he should baby, I would. You like that, don't you? Being told how sexy you are?" Chelle's eyes were closed, and Harris was willing to bet if he touched that pussy of hers right now, it would be soaking wet. He pulled back abruptly, taking her hand, and said, "Come watch a movie with me."
Chelle’s eyes opened, for a minute stayed glazed over, then cleared as she blinked at him. "I- I don't know..."
"You’ll like my movies. The girls in them are just like you, pretty little girls who love having their pussies played with. And they don't waste time with little boys, either. They know what a man's cock can do. Just watch, if you don't like it, we'll play video games." Harris was sure to leave her an out, she was still skittish, he could tell.
"Well... I mean... you're white," she blurted out.
"Just watch baby," Harris laughed, "lots of black girls like having white cock. Come on," he chided, pulling her towards the office by her hand, "you'll like them, honey. I know you will. Just like you liked me touching you, talking to you.."
Chelle didn't protest that, she had liked Harris' touch and talk, so she obediently followed behind him.
Harris sat at his computer desk, pulling Chelle down to his lap. She felt his hardened (painfully hardened) cock pressing into her, but said nothing. Onscreen, the time and amount had disappeared, replaced once again by the black screen asking for his credit card info. He typed it in deftly, and waited. Less than a minute to show time, a new screen promised him. "What is this site?" Chelle asked.
Harris rubbed her thigh lazily and said, "You’ll see soon, baby. It’s different every time."
The screen cleared, and a picture solved into view- a gorgeous little girl, Brazilian, maybe, or Cuban. She had lovely caf?u lait skin, a head full of black wavy hair that hung down her back, big hazel eyes, was standing naked in a room. The collar and leash around her neck attached her to a table in the center of the room, and she was barefoot, sucking her thumb. her body was breathtaking, a slightly round tummy, chest slightly puffy around her dark brown nipples, beautiful little legs leading up to a hairless, lipless slit. She wasn't developed in any way, and couldn't have been over six. Harris fought the urge to moan as he squeezed Chelle's leg. "See, sweetie," he said softly, "she's younger than you and look how sexy she is. Her body is beautiful, lots of men want her... " He took Chelle’s hand and placed it on his pulsing cock. "See that? Men only get that way if a girl is sexy. You make me get hard, baby."
"She... is she going to have sex?" Chelle asked. She sounded slightly horrified, but her eyes were transfixed on the screen, where the girl was now turning back and forth, showing her body to the webcam. Chelle also hadn't let go of his dick, instead was squeezing it a bit. "Is she?"
"Yes, Chelle. She needs to cum, like all little girls do, and she wants cock. That’s why I asked you if your boyfriend made you cum, if you wanted me to help you. Watch, see how good they'll make her feel."
Chelle grew quiet, and they watched together as a man, another big guy, Harris noted, with black hair and dead blue eyes, entered the room. He yanked the girl's leash, and said to the camera, "Ava. four and a half. Been fucking her since she was two, teaching her to suck cock since she was a baby. Bought her when she was seven months. Hope you enjoy. Available to party."
"What does that mean?" Chelle asked. "Available?"
"Means she likes lots of men to fuck her, baby, and when she's been good, her daddy let's her out to play."

"Is that what he is? Her daddy?"
"Well, he said he bought her, so I guess he'd be her owner. But I bet she calls him daddy."
"Oh," Chelle said, quiet again. Onscreen, the girl, Ava, was on her hands and knees, and her owner was spreading her open for the camera, displaying a tiny little ass and cunt hole.
"I bet yours is pretty too," Harris murmured, running his hand up the inside of Chelle’s thigh. "Pretty and brown and soft. Do you have any hair on your pussy yet, Chelle?"
"I... no. only a little bit." she said softly.
"Do you like watching her?"
"Yes... I do."
The child was now being fondled by her owner, standing with her legs spread wide as he knelt behind her, pinching her miniature nipples, massaging her pussy, which easily fit in his hand. The girl moaned, leaning back into him. "She loves cock, any kind she can get. Here," he said, standing up and turning her sideways. "Feeding time. Baby eats now."
She reached into his pants, pulled out a fully erect cock, and took the head into her tiny mouth. "That’s it. Feed on my cock, baby whore, master knows you're hungry. Good girl."
She responded with wet slurps as she fought mightily to get his cock in her tiny mouth. The head alone stretched her jaws, and her little hand pumped the remainder of his hardness furiously. Chelle’s hips moved in a circular motion, grinding her crotch against Harris. He slid his hand further up her thigh, and allowed his fingertips to caress her outside her shorts. "You like that, don't you?"
"Uh-huh," Chelle moaned, her fingers squeezing and releasing his dick. Her eyes were half closed, and she sagged back so that her neck rested at Harris' mouth. His free hand reached up and under Chelle’s shirt, gliding across her braless tits. He pinched her hard nipples lightly, rolling them between his fingers. A sharp breath escaped her lips, and this time Harris didn't try to suppress it, he groaned and thrust his pelvis upwards, jamming his cock against her soft ass.
On screen, Ava's owner had picked her up, laid on the table she was leashed to, and sat her on his face. Her enticing four year old body was wrapped around him, and she whined loudly as he sucked on her tiny slit. His fingers dug into her smooth brown flesh as he gripped her waist and bounced her up and down on his tongue. "Like that lil cock? Get you all ready for papi's big one?" he panted between bounces. Ava squealed and tossed her head back, obviously enjoying the 'lil cock' immensely.
"Mmm, I want to taste you Chelle, taste that sweet pussy. Take those shorts off, let me see how sexy you are. Show me how hot you are down there."
By now, she had soaked through the thin cotton and lace of her panties and shorts. Harris tugged at the waistband, and Chelle lifted obligingly. He peeled the material away from her body, and sat back, massaging his cock, as he admired the site before him. Chelle had a beautiful cunt, puffy dark lips surrounding a bright pink bulb of a clit. She did not, as promised, have much pubic hair at all, just a thin black peach fuzz that glistened with her wetness. She'd removed the top without his asking, and her small, still-budding breasts stood at attention, the two of them about a half handful of chocolate apiece, crowned with oddly large, almost jet-black areolas, and taught, hard, rounded-off nipples about the diameter of a dime. Her eyes shut tight, she stood before Harris a perfect ebony fuckdoll.
He fought the urge to just push her to the floor and pound into her; he had gotten lucky meting Chelle, and knew it was easy to blow it. Instead, he stood and removed his own pants, and led her by her wrists to sit in the desk chair. She went obediently, no noise coming out of her except heavy breaths. Harris ran his hands over her body, whispering to her as he went. "God, you’re so sexy baby.. Such a beautiful body... I bet you taste so sweet..."
Chelle responded by thrusting her cunt toward him, the heat of it tantalizing harris’ hungry mouth. She smelled of johnson’s Baby Wash and some sweet fruit, probably a lotion. He moaned and dug his hands into the wonderful soft flesh of her ass, and stuck his tongue into his first fresh black pussy. The taste was unbelievable. Harris had had the pleasure of many cunts in his time, and none of them separate or all together could equal this. She was a savory sweet like spiced pumpkin, her cum a foamy slickness that coated his tongue in goodness. Her moans were loud and immedeate, and spurred him on in her blazing hot young cunt. His tongue thrashed and flailed wildly inside of her, feeling the pussy muscles convulse around it. Her sounds growing louder and louder, chelle bucked underneath him and finally with her bony fists she grabbed haris’ hair and pushed him in, drowning him in twelve year old pussy nectar as she came. “mr. bradford- oh god- ohhh, my god, so gooood!!!”
Harris grunted, praying not to cum yet. He wanted to feel those juicy black lips on his cock, he wanted to feed the young girl his load, mark her with it. Harris had had two firsts today- his first young girl and his first black cunt- and he was determined it not be his last.his dominant streak was ablaze, and he knew as surely as anything he wanted to own chelle, own her developing little body and its exquisite juices.
He came up and looked into her face. Chelle was sagged in the chair, sweating in earnest and still shuddering after her orgasm. “so, my pretty little girl, has your boyfriend ever done that to you?”
“n-no,” she stammered.
“but I can, baby. I can make you feel like that whenever you want. I’d love to, you taste so good, chelle. Sweetest little pussy I’ve ever had.”
Without another word, harris lifted the limp girl from the chair, sat, and pulled her to her knees. She paused only slightly, to look in his eyes, a strange mix of fear and longing resting in her own, then gave his cock the sweetest kiss. “harris?”
“yes, baby?”
“I want to make you feel good, too,” she said, and took his entire member in her mouth.
She really had been learning from pornos. Her jaw worked furiously as she twisted her head up and down on his shaft. Her thick soft lips had amazing suction, and pulled at the skin of his cock while her tongue ran up and down the vein. Harris was completely discombobulated, her skills so amazingly proficient that he was unable to form any cohesive thought. “my god, baby- my sweet jesus holy god, so good, ah baby, soo good…”
She moaned as she slurped, loud wet noises that turned harris on even more. He was deep in her throat when he exploded, screaming without shame and clasping her head to his cock. She started to pull, shaking her head, and harris could not help but be frustrated in her lack of training. “no!” he barked hoarsely. “swallow, chelle, fucking swallow—yes—good girl…”
Finishing with a thrust that gagged the child still holding his cock in her throat, harris grunted and slowly took himself from her mouth. Chelle’s eyes were huge.
“did I make you mad?”
“no, of course not,” he started, pulling the naked kneeling girl to him. “you were so good, baby. I’ve never had anyone make my cock feel that good!”
“you yelled at me… I never swallowed it before.”
“I know that, I shouldn’t have yelled. You like the taste of it, my cock juice?”
“oh, yes, I want more.”
Harris grinned, eyes closed, as he stroked her soft thick hair. “you can have more if you like, chelle. I’d like to play with you again and make love to you and teach you how to be sexy like the girls in the movies. That’s what you want, isnt it? I know.”
“yes,” chelle sighed, “I want- I want you to teach me. I want to be your girlfriend.”
“what about the boy you’re seeing? If I teach you, I don’t want some boy messing things up.”
“he won’t”, chelle answered without hesitation. “I don’t have to be with him.”
Harris fought hard to hide his smug satisfaction.
She was his.
“do you want to belong to me, chelle?”
“belong to you?” she repeated with wide-eyed wonder, climbing from her kneeling position in front of the desk chair.
“yes, chelle, belong to me. Be my little black princess, body, mind, and soul. I will love you and teach you, and you will become the epitome of a sexy young lady because of me. I will mold you and make you and always be here for you. belong to me.”
Her long limbs curled into harris’ bare lap, her head resting in the crook of his neck and his shoulder, he felt her exhale. “like my daddy?”
“yes, chelle, like a daddy.”
“yes.” She said abruptly, firmly. “I want you to be my daddy. My white daddy. And I will be your little girl from now on.”
“good girl. We will be very happy,” he smiled.
The only response was a soft, light snore. Chelle was that quickly asleep, content.

Harris opened his eyes a bit, staring at the little four year old ava on his computer screen, all but forgotten, being plowed in what must have been the most delicate pussy to be had, by her owner. Her grunts and cries were not of pain but of practised pleasure, and unbelievably, harris’ cock responded. He wrapped his arms around the pretty little nubian doll who was now curled in his lap, and thought greedily of the days ahead.



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