Not a true story, however, has elements of truth and the girl is based on my daughter, the man is based on me.
Caravan Holiday

John pulled up alongside his caravan. His daughter was in the seat beside him, waking up from her sleep. She had slept from the port, a 2 ½ hour drive.

He looked at her, her thin long legs leading up to her mini skirt and the prizes underneath.

He had brought the caravan about 10 days earlier whilst on holiday with the family, and he had time to come over, complete the transaction and do some DIY.

He had persuaded his wife that bringing over their daughter – Erin, was a good idea as she could help with cleaning, have some independence etc. What his wife didn’t know was that the daughter was going to get some serious sexual awakening.

Erin yawned and opened her eyes, he gently shook her arm and said ‘we’re here’

He stepped outside the car and opened the caravan door, his eyes widened when he realised that the previous owners must have been along and cleaned the van the previous weekend.

Less for me to do he said, as he turned round and saw his daughter struggle through the door with a bag.

They unloaded the car for the next 20 or so minutes, he occasionally caught a flash of Erin’s panties as she crawled in the boot of the car for items.

Erin was just 13. She was tall for her age and swam a lot. She had nice long legs which she loved showing off, she had a thing for short skirts and small cut off shorts, under which she had taken to wearing tiny thongs. Her breasts were not big, but just right, and her brunette hair came to her shoulders.

After unpacking, he moved the car, then came into the van and opened the windows to air the place. Erin had made her bed in the twin room, and she started on the double, he went in and saw her on the bed on all fours tucking the undersheet over the far side of the bed.

Her short skirt had ridden up and her pert arse was on display, the cheeks cut in two by a tiny white thong, her shaved pussy lips were visible either side of the thin strip of material. His cock swelled immediately and he placed his hand on her bottom.

Nice view he joked.

Glad you like it she said sarcastically.
His fingers fell between her ass cheeks and lightly touched her pussy.

That tickles she said as she squirmed away from his touch.

They had both indulged in mutual masturbation at home, usually when his wife was out, she had rubbed his cock as he had rubbed her clit and pussy.

She had come a few times and the pair of them had realised that she got very wet and oozed a fair amount of juice, so they had to be careful she didn’t wet the sheets too much.

We’ll change after lunch, then I’d better start on a few jobs he said, pulling away his hand.

As he turned, Erin caught sight of him sniffing the fingers that had just caressed her pussy, she started to get wet at the thought of her dad naked in bed with her.

She was probably as excited as he was, she loved her daddy dearly and she loved fooling around in bed with him. She was amazed by the size of his cock, she had never of thought that something that big could fit inside her mother, let alone her.

After lunch, they changed, he got into his shorts and t-shirt and proceeded to change light fittings and lay carpet tiles. After musing a few minutes in her bedroom, Erin changed into a white bikini, it was probably a size too small on both her bottoms and top, and breasts were only just covered.

He looked up as she stood in front of him, he gazed up and his eyes met her bikini covered pussy, the indent of her slit visible through the material, as well as a few hairs poking out of the side.

You need to tidy up down there he pointed

Oh, ok she said and went to the bathroom.

He saw he reach for a razor, she pulled her bottoms off and he saw her sit open legged on the toilet, her back to him. He heard her start to shave herself, she must have used her fingers to pull her pussy lips as he distinctly heard her gasp, she must have grazed her sensitive clitoris.

After a few minutes she came back into the lounge and presented herself, pushing her pubic mound forward.

And now she enquired

Better, he said, no hairs left?

Not one she laughed.

He then noticed a wet spot on the bikini, just under the prominent bump of her clit.

See you later she said as she flounced out of the door.

It was warm, almost too warm, he groaned as he laid the last carpet tile, the temperature outside was about 25 degrees, but I felt 10 degrees warmer inside.

Erin came back a few minutes later, she had been swimming and her bikini was see through. She didn’t care what anyone saw as she strolled back to the caravan.

Her dad was sitting on the seat drinking a small beer, it was hot and he had taken off his t shirt, sweat glistened on his body.

His eyes widened as his daughter came in the van, she walked up to him, her nipples and aureole plainly visible through her top and her shaved pussy slit and erect clit were begging to be looked at.

Hmm, he pondered aloud, as much as I like looking at your body, some of the older people may not do.

Ok she said, which of the others do you want me to wear?

How many did you bring he asked

About 4 or 5 she replied, would you like to see them?

Yes he replied eagerly.

She walked back to her room and returned a few minutes later with the other bikinis in her arms.

Leaning over to her dad, she whispered, pull the curtains and you can see them on me.

He turned and closed the curtains so no-one could see her change in front of him.

Slowly she took off the white bikini, the top first, her breasts bouncing gently as she moved, her nipples still erect, he noticed the ends were inverted.

She stood up and undid the ties at the side of the bottoms, the material fell away revealing her shaven mound, her clit was proud, the pussy lips glistening.

His cock began to rise and he shifted awkwardly, trying to ensure his cock kept upright.

She put on a lime green bikini, it covered her in all the places it should, she then stripped slowly again, her eyes firmly fixed on the bulge in his shorts.

She then tried on a black all in one, he grunted approval, then she said she would try it on in reverse. As she put it on, her breasts bounced again and he tried to cover them with the rear straps, but try as she might, she couldn’t cover them.

He had drunk another 2 bottles by the time she got to the last bikini.

Mum bought me this one, she said, she said you might like it. Erin gave him a huge grin and blushed.

The smallest piece of material came out of a bag and she stepped into it. The tag said Wicked Weasel. He was familiar with the brand from the web site and various ladies in a state of undress on other, more salubrious sites.

The front just covered her clit, she then put on the bikini top, it, again, only just covered her nipples, let alone the rest of her tits.

His hard on was huge. He realised that his wife had set him up with his daughter and by buying the tiny bikini, had given him elicit approval to fuck their daughter.

She leant over and kissed her daddy on the lips, their tongues met in a slippery dance.

More to follow if favourable comments are received.......

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I love to tease my daddy by giving him "fashion shows" whenever I buy new clothes. The best is always when I show him my new bikinis. When I am done I always hop up on his lap and thank him for buying me all the new clothes and wrap my arms around him and give him kisses. I can feel his hard on below me and I like to wiggle my butt on it.

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i Have been fingering my daughter since she was ten year's old ,I said i will fuck her when she is fourteen and i have only two month's to wait.

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can't wait for the next chapter

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My father rubs and fingers my cunt lots. I am now 13...he started that when I was just 5 years old. He tickles my cunt so good.
i love it.


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sentry by name-by nature. stand-down. chillax. it's a fucking story. IQ (knowledge is power)
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