Based around a young girl I know, very petite and pretty. Her age has been left out deliberately, but she *could* be about 10.
There was a light rap on the door. Cautiously he opened the door to see the tiny figure in the gloom.

Yes, he asked.

I’m scared, replied the frail figure.

Come in he said and she entered the room, he silently closed the door. Suddenly there was a little sob and she flung her arms around his waist.

As he placed his hand on her head, his subconscious began to grow. He only had pants on, in the darkened room he could make out a strappy top and bed shorts.

As he sat on the bed, she jumped onto his lap, his hand round her waist. His manhood was full and he hoped it didn’t jut out.

He leant back, pulling the covers open, and slid his legs in. The little figure decided to straddle his body, drawing her knees up either side of his chest. As she rested her head against his upper chest, he felt her pert bottom against his erect penis.

He must have fallen asleep for a little time, he awoke with a start, his hands were cupping her bare bottom, kneading the flesh lightly. He couldn’t work out where her shorts were. He bought one hand up and realised her top was bare as well.

She lifted her head slightly and mumbled at him. I took them off.

This little sexpot was obviously more experienced than he thought. He moved his hand back down and felt her bottom again, this time he dipped his fingers between her legs and was surprised to feel moistness there, as his hands lightly touched her genitals he made no contact with pubic hair.

Too young for any he thought.

By now his hard on was huge and the top had burst over the top of his pants. Slowly she pushed her body down, her legs still either side of him, and he felt her preteen vagina touch the top of his penis.

He pulled her labia apart with his fingers, then he eased his legs up causing his cock to move towards and into her vagina.

Hmm, she cooed, as his penis began to enter her slick pussy. He was not surprised to meet no resistance in her.

However, she was very tight as she was a tiny, thin girl. He managed to lodge about 4 or 5 inches inside her, then he started to gently move in and out of her.

She moaned gently as he worked in and out of her vagina. It got too much for him, knowing the little girl was impaled on him, he came in a gush, squirting his cum deep into her preteen pussy and womb.

He fell asleep as soon as he came, but woke shortly after. He saw the girl rise off him and he saw his cum glint in the soft light as it ran from her tiny pussy and down her leg. She scooped some onto her finger and she bought it to her mouth and licked it off.

She went to the sink in the room and she wiped herself on his towel and walked back to the bed.

He started to get erect again, and she saw him get stiff.

This time she straddled him with her tight pussy facing his face. She grabbed hold of his cock and he felt her warm mouth engulf his cock. He gripped her thighs and eased her pussy to his waiting tongue and started to lick her wet pussy.

He eagerly probed her vagina with his tongue as she wanked and licked him. He started to build up again, he quickly licked the girls anus and his finger in turn and eased it into her ass. She grunted as he went up her and jerked him faster.

He came in a rush, the spunk splattering her face and hair, she caught some in her mouth.

Without waiting for her to clean he moved her around and told her to sit on his face, he munched on her pussy working spittle around her ass, he spat in his hand and rubbed his cock again, she realised he wanted to put it in her ass, and she duly obliged.

She spat in her hand and rubbed his cock with it, she then perched over his cock, and she slowly placed it against her anus. They both rubbed spittle into the join and she pulled her tiny ass cheeks apart. Slowly the cock popped into her ass, she winced, then started to bounce on it.

The tightness of the girl was almost painful, but he put it out of his mind as she moved up and down. He tweaked her tiny nipples and rubbed her minute clitoris, working her into as much a frenzy as he was.

Once again, he shot his load into the girl, her ass filled with cum she dismounted and bent over for him to look at her anus.

It was as red as her pussy, cum dripped out of her. He got out of bed and told her to get on her hands and knees on the bed.

He rubbed his cock again and placed it at the entrance to her pussy, she was still wet, he pushed slowly forward, savouring the tightness of the girl. Once again he managed to get about 4 or 5 inches in her, he whispered for her to wiggle her thighs as he wiggled his cock in her, the entrance to her tiny womb opened deep in her uterus and his cock slid further in to her.

She almost fainted as he entered her fully, he moved slowly in and out, then he came again, squirting deep into her womb.

As he withdrew, the girl collapsed onto the bed, and fell immediately asleep.

Quickly he reached for his camera. He took nearly 60 pictures of the girl. Open legs, anus, nipples, cum on her face, and lots of her preteen cunt. He held it open, photoing the clit and hole.

He also took a few of his cock in her pussy and anus whilst she was sleeping, and he came on her pussy and face again for good measure.

He then dropped back into bed and slept until 7am.

He shook the girl awake and told her to go back to her room.

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