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I was sitting in my 6th period English Class when I noticed my teacher who was tall blonde about a D cup and was wearing navy blue pantyhose and a short skirt. Every time she sat down she would spread her legs and there was a hole in were her pussy was. She wasn't wearing any underwear and she had just the rite amount of hair around her puss. I was stearing down there when she caught me and said "I'll see you after class." So class ended and I went up to her and asked he what she wanted and said "I saw you looking down at my pussy" I said "I'm sorry ma'am. " She said thats all right with me and i was wondering if you would want to have some sex because my husbands been gone for 2 weeks and i haven't had sex lately" so i said Sure why not so she went to her desk and pulled out a condom and said put htis on and we began to FUCK she yelled harder faster harder faster and her tits were flopping all round while her pantyhose tore as we fucked harder here it cums. She then got a dildo out of her desk and said i'll fuck myself you jerk off. So i did and she did then we fucked more and then we were done and we got dressed like nothing had happened.
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