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Cindy was a 16 year old girl at her high school in Kentucky. She was well liked by all her teachers and was an honnerable student. She always made the best grades, she was captain of her cheerleading squad, she was always the first person every guy asked to the dances, parties, and to go on dates. Standing at 5'6 tall with blonde hair, 36C breasts, and a slender tanned figure, she was almost always the center of every guys wet dreams or object of masterbation. Every guy wanted to fuck her but there was one problem standing between them, she practiced abstinance and wouldn't alow any guy touch her breasts through her shirt let alone shove his cock in her pussy.

Even though she practiced abstinance unlike the other girls at school, she was still asked to have sex every chance a male got when they got within spitting distance of her.

It was a dark, musky saturday night and Cindy was walking down the dimly lit streets. She had just came from wild party at her best friend Marcy's house and she was as drunk as she could get. She was stumbling over her own two feet. Cindy was wearing a hot pink tank top and hip hugging jeans that were just low enough to see her glimmering belly ring.

Cindy was about 5 blocks away from her home when something unexpected happened. Suddenly, a cloth with chloriform on it was across her mouth and nose and having no choice but to breath it in, she quickly passed out. By the time she woke up, she was strapped to a dirty, stained matress on a concrete floor in what looked like to be an old storage building. Surrounding the bed was about 5 strobe lights and right infront of her was a video camera. She started screaming for help but she knew no one could here her but she kept screaming despite that fact. Then she heard a voice come from infront of one of the strobe lights but she couldn't see the figure that uttered the sound.

"Shut up bitch!" came a mans voice as he slapped her across the face. Cindy was still drunk and was aware of a slight burning feeling left on her cheek by her abducter's hand. She squinted her eyes to see the figure but only saw a muscular siloute until he stepped forward and she could see his full face. He was musculare and had sandy blonde hair that fell right above his ears.

"What's going on? Who are you? Why am I here?" She asked in terror.

"Oh, don't worry baby, you don't have to know any of those, just know that your mine now bitch." he said as he bent down and kissed her neck and sucked hard on it leaving a red hickey. Cindy moaned from the slight pain of the hard kiss. Then, she saw him pull a shiny object from his back pocket and screamed in horror as she saw the knife. He quickly covered his mouth with his other hand.

"Don't worry! I'm not going to kill you." he said as he moved behind her.

"I'm just going to get some loose ends out of the way." as he said that, he neeled down and moved the knife to the bottom of her left leg at her ankle and slid it under the leg of her jeans about an inch. As he did, he lifted it up and started cutting away at leg of her jeans. As he did, tears welled up in her eyes and tears started to role down her hot cheeks. He cut leg of the jeans all the way up to the belt loop revealing part of her left ass cheek and all of the back of her left leg. He quickly did the same with the right pants leg and then cut the waist of her jeans, revealing her legs and most of her ass that was holding her super girl thong in place with the string burried between her ass cheeks and with the super girl logo right above her crack.

"So, you think your super girl? Well super girl, I'm gonna be your Super Man tonight. And your gonna love it." A squeele escaped her throte because she already had an idea of what would happen next. He took the sharp weapon and cut away her thong, partly revealing her well shaved pussy.

"So you knew you'd be getting company soon now did ya?" he said while he took his right hand and placed it between her legs and under her ass so he could make contact with her cunt. He started rubbing her pussy, hard, and he could feel her pussy getting wet.

"So, you like that bitch? You like me fingering your crotch?" Cindy tried to keep herself from getting wet and hornie but her body was doing other wise. Her body was doing it's best to get her hornie and make it seem like she was enjoying it. He quickly moved his hand away and crawled on top of her. As he did he whispered in her ear and said, "Should I cut this tank top off or should I just rip it off?" she didn't answer so he said, "Okay, here comes my little friend then." He took his knife and cut across the middle of the back of her tank top and cut the tie behind her kneck letting the side fall loose around her. All that was left on her body was her white bra that was covered with cherries. He quickly unfastened it and pulled it from under her and threw it on the pile of clothes next to the matress.

He moved his hands under her waist and fondled her breasts. Her nipples got hard and he pinched him with his muscular hands and she let out a sigh of pain. Before she knew it, she was flipped over on her back. her arms were tied in a V shape formation and her legs were spread open giving a bird's eye veiw of her pussy.

"I'm gonna fuck you good, I'm gonna make you mine bitch." he said as he pulled down his blue jeans and quickly slid off his muscle shirt revealing sexy, tight, tanned abs. She could see his pre-cum on his hanes underwear. He slowly pulled down his underwear revealing his 10 inch cock that was thick and standing strait out at a 90 degree angle to his body. He moved over to wear her legs were and lowered his head to her right thigh and started licking it. A sob escaped her throte wich was soon replaced with a moan of pleasure because it felt good to her and it made her horny. Even though she knew it was wrong, she was kind of enjoying it. He quickly moved his tunge to the other thigh and licked the inside of her left thigh like he did with her right.

Then, he moved his mouth between her legs and started to lick her pussy lips and teased them a bit with his tongue as he moved his tongue in between her pussy lips. Then he moved his mouth to her right pussy lip and started to suck on it making her groan and move her hips a little from the feeling of him slowly start eating her pussy. He then moved to the left pussy lip and did the same. Then he moved his hands to both pussy lips and pulled them apart and stuck his head in between them and started to nibble on her clit and tease it with his tongue. A slight giggle escaped her mouth because it tickled a little when he teased it. She felt herself getting wet and soon went into an orgasm, a feeling she had never felt before and was quite a surprise to her to have that feeling. He sucked the juices coming from her pussy and then moved his head away and up to her mouth and kissed her. The taste of her own pussy tasted good to Cindy and she never thought she would enjoy it.

He moved behind her legs and guided his cock into her pussy. "No, please don't do this! Please!" she yelped as he found her opening. He slowly guided his cock through so he could enjoy every inch of her pussy. After he got about a few inches in, he felt her hymen.

"Oh no way? You're a virgin? Oh this makes it even more better." He said as he drew back an inch, then rammed his cock full speed into her pussy. She let out a blood curling scream from the pain from the thin membrane being torn through by his unfamiliar cock. Tears roled down her face from the pain as she felt his sack make contact with her now unvirginized pussy.

"You're mine now slut. I took your innocence and now you will belong to me." He said with a harsh laugh that had an evil essance to Cindy. He pulled out then rammed back in hitting her cervix hard.

"AHHH!! SHIT!" She screamed as he hit her sensitive spot. He liked hearing her scream, it made him feel strong, and impowered and like he was in control of her. He rammed into her several more times until he got a steady rithum and fucked her at a fast pase. Tears roled down her cheeks as he invaded her pussy.

"Oh God, I'm gonna cum!" He said. A few short seconds later, he filled her pussy with semen which made her cry even harder. She wasn't on the pill and he wasn't wearing protection so she knew it was a likely chance that she could get pregnant. He pulled out and he was still rock hard. He moved over to her face and said, "Suck it clean you dirty bitch!" She shook her head in defiance and clamped her mouth tight. At that he pinch her nostrals together blocking her airway and after a few seconds she opened her mouth and gasped for air. At his chance his shoved his cock in down her throat making her gag.

"Bite it cunt and I'll kill your damn fine ass!" He said as he took her by her hair and started moving her head up and down on his cock as he moaned in pleasure. He shoved her head all the way down to his sack and told her to open her mouth and take them in too. She unwillingly did so as she had no choice and sucked on them making him even hornier. Soon enough, he was cumming in her mouth and commanding her to swallow it or else. She did and that made her gag even more. He then pulled out and turned her over on her back.

"Okay, you're gonna get the full experience you dirty cunt. I'm gonna fuck your ass too and you're gonna tell me how much you love it. And you better love it or else bitch." He said. He took his thumb and pushed it about an inch in her ass hole and that made her squirm a little. As she squirmed he slapped her on the ass to make her sit still. "Damn it bitch stop moving or I'll cut your throat!" She stopped moving. He pulled his thumb out and quickly replaced it with his cock pushing her hole to the limit. She cried out in pain and started screaming for him to stop even though the head of his dick was the only thing in so far. He slammed hard into her and she screamed a scream so load that it would have woken the dead. He pulled out then slammed in even harder forcing her to scream in pain.

"Tell me how much you like it bitch! Tell me how much you like my big cock in your ass!" He said as he reached under her and grabbed her breasts and used them as leverage to pull back on. With a painstrucken cry she said.

"I love your big cock in my ass." She muttered out through sobs. "Yea bitch! You know you love it, you know you love my big cock in your ass!" This lasted for a good ten minutes as he made her repeat how much she loved him invading her ass even though she was in so much pain she couldn't bare it, physicly and mentally. He pulled out and kissed her on her neck and sucked hard. He flipped her over again putting her on her back. He got ontop of her and lowered his head to her breasts and consumed her nipples into his mouth and he teased them with his tongue and teeth.

After he had his fun, he nocked her back out with chloriform and dumped her a block away from her house in an abandoned ware house and ran off. Cindy woke up the next morning from a glimmer of sunlight coming through the lone window in the building. She sat up on her arms and noticed a note laid on her stomach. She picked up, still weary of what happened that night and the boos she had drunk. She quickly unfolded the paper and revealed a typed letter addressed to her.

Cindy, I loved last night, your pussy feels so good around my cock. Don't worry, I'm not gone, I'm still watching you the same as I did before you even knew me. I know you enjoyed last night as much as I did.

Your lover.

After reading it, flashbacks of what had occured the night before crossed her mind as tears welled up in her eyes. She grabbed her clothes and put on what she could and ran home. Her mother nor father was home and none of the neighbors were awake so she wasn't seen. She ran up to her room and got in the tub and took a hot bath. Her body ached and she was mentally scarred. She knew she would never forget what happened to her. She knew she would always know what that monster did to her. She felt so dirty, so vialated, so unpure. She got out of her tub after a thirty minute bath and got in a robe and fell asleep on her bed.
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