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This is my first story, feedback please
Sexual Fantasies of A Teenage Boy.

It had been a long hard day of school, not made any easier by the fact that all my classes were with the hottest Asian girl you could ever imagine. Her name was Sam, and she was the object of my desire, the center of all my sexual fantasies since I discovered masturbating.

When she wore a skirt her tight little ass checks poked out the bottom and had me staring all day long. And when she wore a low cut shirt it drove me crazy and I was hard all day long just thinking about sucking on those cute titties of hers. She was half Asian half Mexican, a perfect combination. She had those slight Asian eyes but were still rounded off like normal ones. Her skin was a like a golden brown, and she kept her hair short. Her was ass was perfectly sculpted; it was neither too large, nor too small. Her boobs were a cute 36B and her stomach was wash board flat. I had desired just kissing her for so long that every time I saw her I went crazy with desire.

The day finally came when I had my chance. She was in all my classes this year and as we went from class to class together we struck up casual conversation. Her boyfriend had just dumped her and she was really sad about that and just seeking some comfort and I thought I could be just the guy to give it to her. I found out she had rode the bus to school since she did not buy a parking pass assuming her now ex-boyfriend would drive her everyday. I offered to give her a ride home, and she accepted.

The day seemed to last forever until I was finally free to drive my dream girl home, just hoping maybe this ride would turn into something else. As we neared her house she told me no one was home and that if I wanted to hang out for a little while it would be cool with her, the least she could for me driving her home.

When I got inside she said she wanted to change into something more comfortable and came back in her sexy tiny black bikini, and said we should go for a dip in the pool. I told her I didn’t have a suit and she said not to worry, they had a large privacy fence. We went out to the pool and she dived in head first, I was a little nervous, seeing as I was about to strip in front of my fantasy girl. She could tell I was scared and promised if I took off my clothes and jumped in she would swim topless. I was in that water as fast as possible. And off came her top. It was the most glorious site I had ever beheld. Her beautiful perfect golden tan boobs with their prefect tits getting harder and harder. My cock instantly stood at attention.

Sam quickly noticed this and decided to toy with me, she would swim really close behind me and grab my waist and press her boobs into my back, or she would rub my chest as she swam by. Soon she climbed out and told me to join her inside to dry down. She ran into the house and as I walked inside I heard her yell to come up stairs. As I climbed up the stairs with just a towel on and a huge boner I heard her say she was in her room. My excitement increased as I walked up those steps, seeming to take forever.

As I entered her room I saw the most beautiful sight I have ever seen. Sam lying spread eagle fully naked on her bed. Fingering herself, moaning ever so slightly. I almost blew my load just at the sight of her. As I slowly walked towards her she reached out and grabbed my awaiting cock, her hand covered in her pussy juices and she said “Do you wanna fuck me you dirty boy?” All I could was nod. She slowly started stroking my dick, and soon put in her mouth going slowly up and down on my head working my shaft with her hands. I was in heaven, her tongue was going all over my cock and driving me crazy.

After a few minutes of this treatment she started to deep throat my whole cock over and over again, just as I was about to blast her full of cum, she stopped. And watched as I moaned in disbelief that she could stop right then and pleaded her to continue. She told me I need to earn the right to cum. As I laid on top of Sam we started to kiss with a deep fiery passion, and I slowly moved my hand down to her awaiting soaking wet pussy. At first I just rub along the outside getting closer to entering it every time but teasing her until she was basically begging me to shove my fingers deep inside her. As I entered her slowly she started to moan and cry out my name after a while of this I moved down and started to eat the most delicious pussy of my life. She was in pure ecstasy as I rocked her world with my tongue.

After she came many times she was begging me to fuck her pussy so hard, at first I complied, slamming my rock hard cock in and out of her soaking wet pussy and we were both moaning like crazy in the moment I told her I wanted to fuck her in her tight little ass and she got up on her knees in the doggy style position spread her cheeks and told me to shove it in. In one push I got my whole 8 inch dick inside her and she screamed in pain and joy. As I slowly speed up her shouts of pain were soon all of joy and she loved it in her ass. While I fucked her with my cock I also fingered her pussy it was driving her crazy. And as soon as I was about to cum she told me to shoot it all over her hot face.

I pulled out of her, flipped her over and I shoot load after load of hot cum all over her face. While I was cumming she fingered herself to another orgasm and was screaming moans of pleasure while cum hit her face and she swallowed the amount that went into her mouth. When I was finished she let me feed her my cum with my fingers and she swallowed every last bit.

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2008-09-16 13:40:51
weak story and too short

Anonymous readerReport

2008-09-15 22:49:27
solid...2 quick..more lead in and better scenes,,,describe the sex...but otherwise good!

Anonymous readerReport

2008-09-12 21:08:51
nice story, it got me going, could have been a bit longer, waiting for part 2, keep up the good work


2008-09-12 13:12:07
not bad;love to see a second story from this

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