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young kid rapes his sleeping aunt
On Saturday, my dad’s side of the family had a little reunion. Just me, my dad, my aunt Suzie and her two kids, Clara and Morgan. Morgan was a year older than I am, which makes her 17, and Clara a year younger, so 15. We ate dinner, drank some wine and even smoked a joint together at the table, which was surprising but I guess I didn’t know my dad’s side of the family as well as I thought. Altogether it was a pretty pleasant evening
A little later, my head started getting a little fuzzy, and I excused myself to go lie down on the couch. I flicked on the TV and quickly fell asleep. When I woke up the house was dark. I stubbed my toe and cursed, regretting letting myself falling asleep. I was supposed to go over to my girlfriend’s house after dinner for some fooling around.

“That ship has sailed”. I thought, “might as well find somewhere more comfortable to sleep than this couch.” On my way to the basement (which I knew had a spare bed for guests), I saw a light coming from the kitchen. I wandered over there and saw my cousin Clara standing in front of the open fridge, wearing only panties and a large t-shirt that went down just below her crotch. I’d never thought of her as sexy before, and maybe it was just the wine and the lighting, but she looked fantastic. Beyond fantastic actually, she was a showstopper definitely. Long legs and thighs like a racehorse, and a pert little bum that was pressing against the fabric of the t-shirt as she leaned into the fridge. I could just see the bottom of her panty clad ass, and I was hard instantly. I took a moment to adjust myself before I made my presence known. She jumped, hiding something behind her back as she whipped around to face me. “Oh Matt! You scared me half to death you dork. What are you still doing here? “ She asked. Her question took a moment to register, as I couldn’t stop staring at her breasts. “I passed out on the couch; I was headed downstairs to the spare bed… what’s that you got there?” Her face turned red and she tried to throw what she was holding back in the fridge, but she missed and it came rolling across the floor towards me, bumping to a stop against my foot. I picked it up and studied it, confused for a second. A cucumber? And then I got it, and I couldn’t help but laugh. She blushed hard and punched me on the arm. Then she snatched the vegetable from my hand, stuffed it back in the fridge, and gave me a look that said, “Shut the fuck up, you didn’t see anything”. I watched her ass sway as she walked calmly back to her room. I guess she’ll be using her fingers tonight, I thought with a laugh. Just thinking about Clara was giving me a thrill and my hardon returned with a vengeance. True, she was my cousin, but maybe that was why it was so arousing. Anyways all I knew was I would definitely be coming over here more often.

And so I continued downstairs towards a warm bed and deep sleep, and maybe a little jacking off first to relieve my aching boner. I didn’t bother turning the light in the basement on as I started stripping off my clothes. I got in the bed and almost died of shock when my hard cock poked against a warm stomach. Startled, I tried to climb out of the bed as softly as I could so as not to wake the sleeping occupant. It appeared to be a woman, probably my aunt Suzie. My cock gave a twitch when I thought about the fact that I just poked my sleeping naked aunt with my hard manhood. Suddenly, I lost my footing and fell backwards and hit the floor with a loud THUMP! and knocked a lamp to the ground. I cringed waiting for aunt Suzie to wake up and start yelling, but it never happened. She even snored a little bit and rolled over. I replaced the lamp on the table and turned it on, facing it away from her immediately so as not to wake her up. That’s when I noticed the empty bottles of wine on the table, and the glass half full. She must be really drunk, I guessed. I also noticed a pile of clothes beside the bed, not just shirt and pants but a bra and panties also. She must really be naked under that blanket. “Just a peek,” I told myself, “why not.”

So cock in one hand, I lifted the corner of the blanket with the other and gazed lustfully at my aunt’s plentiful breasts. She was a curvy woman; very pretty for her age, with creamy white skin and tiny pink nipples. Before I knew what I was doing I was reaching out and cupping one of her tits in my hand. I was getting really excited squeezing and caressing her breast. I cast aside the blanket and touched my hard dick to her tits, rubbing it in between them and around her nipples. Then I let go of her breasts and with my right hand stroking my dick, let my left hand run down her body and land on her hot pussy. I felt her lips with my fingers, and rubbed her clit between my thumb and my forefinger.
Stroking my dick the whole time was getting me really hot, but I knew what I really wanted was for her to touch me. Actually what I really wanted was to fuck her right now, but I was restraining myself knowing that would be wrong. I let go of my dick and pulled her towards me so her bum was on the edge of the bed. Then I got down on my knees between her legs and got my first taste of pussy. I opened up on that bad boy, licking and sucking like crazy.

By the end I figured what the hell, if there was a line I crossed it a long time ago. So I placed my dick against the lips of her pussy and quickly, for I feared I’d change my mind, pressed forward and sunk half my length into her steamy depths.Right then I felt a sharp pain in the back of my head as something hard struck me. My sight left me and in its stead was an intense white and purple light, which soon faded and was replaced by screaming pain. I whipped around and saw Clara standing there her eyes wide in shock. The she said three words that changed my life “I’m getting dad”!

I jumped off Suzie and raced towards her, my dick making a PLOP sound as it came out of my aunt. I caught her and quickly grabbed her from behind, clamping my hand over her mouth so she couldn’t scream. Fumbling back to the room her naked unconscious aunt was sleeping in, I threw us both onto the couch, pinning her body under mine so she wouldn’t struggle.
Frantically trying to figure out what to do, I was suddenly distracted when I noticed Clara was still in that too big t-shirt and little white cotton panties she was wearing earlier. And on top of that, in the position we were in my hard dick was trapped between my stomach and her perfect ass. It felt too good to ignore especially with her wriggling around under me trying to get free. With my hand still on her mouth and the other around her waist, I lifted her up and began cupping her breasts in my free hand.
Panicked thoughts ran threw my mind. What was I thinking? This is just making things worse! As I slid my hand up underneath her shirt, caressing her naked breasts, all rational thought left my mind. I slipped her panties aside and forced my huge dick into her tight pussy entrance. I couldn’t believe it! I was raping my little cousin! All sorts of emotions raced through me, fear, lust, panick, guilt, excitement. But all I could focus on was how good it felt. I thrust into her again and again, reveling in the situation. She wriggled and sobbed against my hand, obviously making an effort not to enjoy it. I penetrated her, almost savagely, for I don’t know how long.

Eventually she stopped resisting, laying limp under me as I had my way with her. I felt my balls tingling, and I knew I would cum soon if I kept this up. So I increased my pace, fucking her wildly until I felt that cum start shooting from my balls into my dick. I pulled out just as I blasted off a huge load all over her ass and lower back. Then I collapsed on top of her, exhausted and pouring sweat. Around the same time, rational thought decided to saunter back into my head, and I realized what I had just done. Not only had I been caught raping my sleeping aunt, but it was her daughter who caught me and instead of doing something sane like running away to Mexico or Canada or something, I decided to rape her too, and pretty intensely. I almost threw up, but as the nasty feelings passed over me I realized I also felt happy.
I was thrilled and really turned on by what I had just done. I looked down at my baby cousin under me, noticed her little panty-clad ass covered in my thick cum, her shirt ripped to reveal her tits half in her bra, which had a broken strap now. She was quietly crying, and I removed my hand from her mouth, thinking maybe we could work something out. But she gathered breath to scream the second I took my hand away, and I quickly stuffed her mom’s panties in her mouth muffling her cry. It was arousing that it was her mother’s panties that I happened to grab first, as they were lying on the pile of clothes right next to us. I flipped her around under me so she was facing me. I wanted to talk to her, even though it was hopeless to try and get her to forgive me. Still I tried to explain myself, assuring her I got caught up in the moment, that I would never think of violating a woman in any way. But why should she believe me, the guy who had just raped her? She tried to mumble something else through the gag, and I asked her if I removed it if she would scream. She shook her head vigorously that she wouldn’t. So I removed the gag, keeping it close and ready incase she tried anything. But instead of screaming like I thought she would, she spat right in my face!

I got so angry; I threw the gag aside and in one swift motion shoved my semi-hard cock into her mouth instead. She bit down instinctively, and I grabbed a fistful or her hair in pain. Then I clamped one hand hard around her neck and squeezed, cutting off her airflow. She relinquished her hold on my dick and I released her neck, sliding my dick in and out of her mouth. On one stroke I went too far and touched the back of her throat, which made her gag and choke a bit. I liked how that felt so I started pressing my dick up against her throat entrance until I got it all the way in there. I was fucking her face nice and slow, savoring the feeling of the head of my cock in her throat for a couple seconds on each thrust. I started going faster and faster, enjoying her gagging on my big dick. This time it took me longer to cum, and just as I felt my balls boiling and that good feeling spread all over my cock, I pulled out and let off my load all over her face. Spurt after spurt after spurt it just kept coming, covering her face in thick white sperm. As the fog of my orgasm cleared I noticed Clara wasn’t crying anymore. In fact, even though my dick wasn’t in her mouth she wasn’t trying to scream or anything. She had her eyes closed, and her head tilted back as she was licking the cum from her lips. Her eyes fluttered open and she saw me standing next to her, towering over her with sweat glistening on my hard chest, and she fainted. Now I had two sleeping beauties on my hands and no idea what to do with them…


2017-12-15 17:35:25
I noticed that this story has been left incomplete since 2009. Its not nice, please complete it if you're still alive or not in jail


2009-03-11 19:28:30
Please tell me their is more


2009-01-06 07:07:40
i got so wet and hot reading this story.. likeed it alot.


2008-09-16 21:16:03
Really good. Can't wait to read more!

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2008-09-12 21:45:49
this story really a started off good, but it puckered off in the end, i just knew that after you had raped her, you was going to go down on here and make her feel really good, but no, you decided to shove your dick in her mouth and make her pass out, yeah right wake her up and eat her pussy, maybe you will have a chance.

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