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The unforgettable happening, which I am going to tell you, is not a cock and bull story rather it is my first sexual endeavor I made when I was studying in my fourth year of engineering. Let me first introduced myself: I am living with my uncle in Lahore. Being a peasant my physique is robust and skin is fair. Many women of the village were drawn to me but I did not take notice of them partly owing to my father’s inclination in religious activities in the village and partly due to the fear of being caught red handed. Even then my eyes remained thirsty for a glance of some girl’s boobs. To see my propensity in education my father get me admitted in the engineering collage in Lahore and orchestrated my dwelling with my uncle in his own bungalow in Lahore.

In Lahore I started living with my uncle. It so happened that my uncle and his family planned to visit Murree for a week due to humid weather: they wanted to take me with them but I was to prepare for the exam so I delicately refused.

In the second night I was sleeping in my room after completing homework that all of a sudden I heard a bang with which supply of electricity disconnected. I kept lying on my bed waiting for the restoration of power but it does not seem to be restoring. It was the month of July in which rate of humidity gets increased. My whole body was wet due to perspiration. When it reached beyond my endurance, I stepped out of my bed and began pacing around the room. I could not help feeling the hard erection of my cock. The darkness was arousing my dormant and society-snubbed fucking desire. The blood of my complete body seemed to be mustering up in the small cylinder of my cock. Realizing that no one is home I put off my gown and started rubbing my cock in the open lawn. The masturbation took two or three minutes and get me released for the time being.

The weather was so hot that I could not even think to sprawl on bed so I thought for the fresh air on the roof. I went on the roof after putting off my shirt and began pacing back and forth on the roof. I could see the moonlight peeping through the thin clouds. My shirt was soaked with the skin. The cool breeze was blowing which sent waves of pleasure all through my body and caused my cock again erect. Having walked almost 5 or 7 minutes, I leaned my elbows on the sidewall of the roof, craned my neck to have the view of the garden of neighbors. To my utter astonishment, I saw a shadow of a girl wearing only chemise and short. The beads of sweats were running from her neck to down in the middle of her boobs making her chemise wet. She too was pacing around the lawn. Her short was soaked with her buttocks. It all was made me horny. My heart began slamming against my ribs. My cock was near to explode. I kept my eyes upon her. She slipped her hand under her chemise to pass some air between the breast skin and cloth. She might was feeling itch due to cloth on her breast. She put her both hands’ fingers under the straps of her chemise and flung it over her shoulders. This made my gallant heart to come out and stuck in my throat. She was now only in a very thin bra and shorts. In the dim moonlight I could see the bulge of her boobs that were perfect and half round. Suddenly she heaved a long sigh and look upward as if prayed for the power to restore instantly. Her eyes clashed with my gaze. I saw her becoming flushed. She went inside.

I remained standing there. After two or three minutes she came back and I got happy: much to my pleasure she has taken off her wet bra and was now wearing a dry bra. Her slim belly was naked. Her naval button was shinning owing to the few sweat drops. Now her gait was brandishing. I waved my hand when she looked toward me. She smiled in response to my inviting gesture. Constant pressure of blood in the veins of my cock was making my eyes shut. I climbed down the wall and rushed towards her with a pounding heart. No sooner did I reach at her, I folded her in my arms and squeezed her boobs with my hairy chest. She heaved a sigh of relief in such a way as a bird takes after getting rid of confinement. She kissed me passionately; started rubbing my hairy chest and put her hand on my crotch. It sent electrical-like waves that ran through my spinal cord and urged me to devour her. I began to move my hands all upon her lithe body. I sucked her earlobe, breathing hard in her ears. I insert my tongue into his mouth besides kneading her boobs. The waves of pleasures were dancing all through my body. I wanted to fuck her within no time but with the intention of tantalization I was procrastinating.

I could sense the tension of itch she was feeling in her vagina. I put my lips on her succulent lips and began to suck. I felt her lips soft, juicy and shivering. I cupped her breast after inserting my hands inside the bra. I squeezed, I flattened, and kneaded her breast. I pinched her nipple, which I felt getting hard. I felt my dick close to burst. I unbuckled her bra and disclosed the beauty of her half round breast not for mine alone but also for the moonlight. The moon was shedding its light on her boobs and enhancing their vulnerability. I swirled my tongue on her erect nipple and with other hand squeezed her other boob. I encircled my spittle-wet tongue around the areola of her boobs. It seemed to me as though I have demounting in paradise. She was breathing hard. I unfastened her shorts and made her complete naked. She got so excited by the foreplay that she tore away my shirt and pulled down my shorts. She bent down on her knees, craned her head to look at me, giggled, leaned her head forward and gulped down my cock. Oh my God her tongue was like wet pussy. The saliva of her mouth with the fraction of her tongue was transporting me to heaven. She was a first-rated sucker. She encircled her tongue around the bulbous head of my cock. She made an abortive attempt to insert the tip of her tongue into the tiny hole of my cock. The sensations were flowing through my body without any hamper. She spit on my penis head and rubbed it with the palm of her hand. I was feeling her hot breathings on my wet and tongue-sensitized skin of my cock. She, with one hand, held the root of my cock and with other hand began to chafe the backside of my hairy thigh. When I was near to ejaculation, I took my cock out of her mouth and let her make a vulnerable position on the grassy field under the guidance of my arms. I started showering kisses frantically on her leg from toe to inner side of her thighs. Her flexible thighs made me extremely horny. I inserted my thumbs into the plastic band of my shorts and yanked it down. I was now totally undressed. I orchestrated myself between her legs, raised them enough to see her throbbing and oozing cunt. Pre-cum was trickling down to her thighs. With my forefinger and thumb I squeezed the clit. It was big and demanding. I blemished the precinct of her vulva with the transparent fluid. I placed my hands on her knees and make a pertinent pose to insert my throbbing dick in her pussy. I placed the bulbous head of my dick on her vulva and applied a light jerk forward. The bulbous head went inside. I felt a sharp tickle run through my body. I slowly started increasing the weight of my body upon her and allow the penis to move forward inch by inch which struck eventually at the cervix. My dick started working like a piston. The root of my penis was striking her pubic area time and again. Our pubic hairs were intertwined. I was racing my cock in and out very fast. Her pussy saliva was dribbling and sqwelching with every stroke. She was moaning. She folded me with her legs around my waist-might with the intention I could not escape. I kept on ramming hard. I felt as though all my blood is coming out from the little hole of my dick. I sprinkled the white foam upon her D-shaped boobs. She in return began to massage the foam around the curves of her breasts. I was perspired. My sweat was dripping on her neck then I lifted my head and gazed into her eyes. There was a glint becoming dim. She closed her eyes, delicately smiled, and gave me a notion of satisfaction. I kissed her lips and turn aside. After a while, I asked her name. She told me I am Tania but my parent calls me Tani. After that we played the same game at different location and many times.

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2014-12-21 09:07:48
This could have got me wet but the grammar was a major turnoff. Thanks for the story anyway


2005-12-25 13:19:07
didnt know it is so open in Lahore or anywhere around that place. You wud have been castrated as the humid weather wud have the whole town in the open - seeing you perform. Be more respectful to privacy.


2005-02-22 00:16:33
u make all readers hot enough to comple ......
wating more such type of stimulating 4 sex stories


2005-01-05 18:58:36


2004-10-11 22:00:01
good story but you need to use a spell checker as the mispelled words detract from the story.

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