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My wife knows how to get what she wants from me and now my daughter knows it too.
Fbailey story number 259

Daughter Lap Dancer

Let me start out by telling you about my wife Skyler. She likes to be called Sky. Her parents were hippies back in the late sixties and the early seventies. She could have been called Moon, Flower, Wind, or River for that matter.

When I first met Sky she was an exotic dancer at a very nice bar in upstate New York. She was the headliner. She could do things with her body that no other girl on stage could, plus she could actually dance. Sky had taken dance lessons since she was born. She took ballet, jazz, and even ballroom dancing. She could stand in the center of the stage in six-inch high heels and put one foot straight up in the air over her head. She used to take a dollar bill from a guy, crease it down the center, and place it on the very edge of the stage with some of it hanging over the edge. Then she would dance for a while, lean over backwards putting her head down below the height of the stage, and then she would pick up that dollar bill in her teeth and come back up to a standing position and continue dancing. During one performance she danced the limbo under a one-foot high stick. I’m telling you that Sky was the most incredible dancer that I had ever seen.

Even now at the age of thirty-eight with a fourteen-year-old daughter she impresses me. I hit forty this year and I feel old but she sure keeps me feeling young. The sex is great and she teases me all of the time. I even get calls at work that are ‘phone sex’ in the middle of the day. She will tease me with thoughts of making love in a phone booth and then follow through with it.

Her body is still a work of art and our daughter Stormy is following in her footsteps. Stormy is very pretty, just growing into her body, and becoming quite womanly. She too has taken dance classes almost since birth.

Whenever we are alone and Sky wants to spend a little too much money she offers me a ‘lap dance’ to compensate me for the purchase.

These ‘lap dances’ usually take place in the kitchen because of the smaller harder straight back chairs. I am stripped naked by my wife, my hands are placed behind my back, and then I get handcuffed with a pair of fur-lined cuffs that don’t even have a key. That way when I have had enough teasing I can just flip a lever and get out of them to grab and molest the dancer.

She usually puts in the soundtrack to ‘Animal House’ because the music is just what she likes to dance too. The beat is fast and she can really ‘get down’ as they say.

Once I am secure in my chair in the middle of the floor my wife dances and strips taking her time as she does. I get an occasional kiss, rub on my legs, and sometimes a breast brushed across my cheek. When she is completely naked there is more dancing. She still dances in her red ‘fuck me’ high heels. They make her calves bulge and enhance her ass cheeks. After she figures that I have been teased enough, she grabs the back of my knees and pulls me forward in the chair. She pushes me back against the top of the seat and tilts my head so that I am looking toward the ceiling. This position gives her just enough space at the rear corners to place her toes on the seat by my ass cheeks. She is facing in the same direction that I had been before. As she continues to dance she lowers her moist pussy to my lips and I hungrily eat her. Her juices taste so good that I never want to stop licking her. As I satisfy her needs she places her hands on my knees and leans forward until she has my rigid cock in her mouth. It is the best sixty-nine that you could ever get. Then just before I cum she stops, gets off the chair, and turns to face me. As the last song comes on called ‘Shout – Faber College Theme’ Sky inches forward in that limbo dance rubbing her juicy pussy into my chest hair. Then she sinks down onto my cock and puts her breasts into my face as she humps me. That is what a lap dance is all about in the first place. About then I release myself from the handcuffs and grab a hold of her tightly so that when I thrust up into she doesn’t go flying off into space somewhere. Those climaxes are among the very best for me and I give her the most cum. In the process she too produces an extra amount of cum. Together we get my balls all wet, the chair that I am sitting on, and then we make a good size puddle on the floor too. We are usually too exhausted to move for several minutes after one of those fantastic lap dances.

Anyway one day when our daughter was supposed to be at her girlfriend’s house I looked over and saw Stormy standing in the doorway staring at us with one hand down the front of her pants fingering herself. Her other hand was up under her T-shirt and was working feverishly on her own nipple. When she saw me looking at her she did not run away. I just cuddled my wife to me and waited until she had calmed down enough to get up. I actually found myself growing hard again inside my wife as I watched Stormy masturbate in the doorway.

My hands ran up and down my wife’s back. I cupped a breast and squeezed it as Stormy watched. Our eyes were locked on one another. My hand massaged my wife’s butt as Stormy lifted her T-shirt high enough to show me her bare breasts. She had lifted her bra up above them and her nipples were a light pink and quite hard. She used both hands to cup her breasts and positioned her nipples between her thumb and index finger. I watched as she rolled her nipples for a while. Then one hand slipped back down into her pants to play with her clit. I watched as my daughter had an orgasm. I watched as she bit her lower lip so as not to cry out. Then as I started fucking up into my wife’s pussy again my daughter disappeared. The second time was no where near as good as that first time but it was still good.

After we had showered and gotten dressed Stormy came home saying that her girlfriend’s parents had a family emergency and that she had to come home early. She apologized for upsetting our plans if we had any and my wife told her that we hadn’t. I just smiled knowingly.

Nothing was said but after that I had the feeling that my daughter looked at me differently. Occasionally I would see her in a towel coming out of the shower, she would not be so lady like when getting up off the couch, and she would allow me a quick glimpse of her panties. That was something that I had not been allowed to see in the past. My daughter was becoming much more erotic. I assumed that it was because her mother was so erotic herself.

Then one day when my wife was out, my daughter told me that she wanted a guitar and to start taking music lessons. I told her that things were a little tight and that maybe it could wait a month or two. Stormy insisted that she wanted to start right then…and then she offered me a lap dance. What! Yes, she actually offered me a lap dance just like her mother gives me whenever she wants something extra.

I could not believe my ears. Stormy did not give me any time to talk her out of it. She led me right to the kitchen. The chair was already in place, the fur-lined handcuffs were on the table, and the empty cassette tape case was on the counter.

Stormy hit play, the music started to blare and then she started undressing me. I was pushed back onto the kitchen chair and handcuffed. Then I watched as my beautiful fourteen-year-old daughter did a striptease for me. She was actually pretty good at it too. I was just as impressed to see her breasts and nipples as I had been in that doorway. However I was not prepared to see her pussy. It was outstanding. She had the most magnificent puffy lips that I had ever seen. Her clit was huge and engorged like a tiny penis. She had her lower half shaved clean but from just above her clit she had a full bush of crimson red pubic hair covering her mound. Her pussy lips were glistening in the light from the excess moisture that she was producing. When she turned around and touched her toes I was treated to her perfect tiny reddish colored asshole. I was mesmerized by the winking that it was doing. I knew right then that I would be poking my tongue into her rectum at my very first opportunity.

Stormy faced me, grabbed a hold of my knees, and then she did a hand stand right in front of me. She was very athletic and quite a good gymnast. Her ass was right in front of my face. She turned around so that I was looking at her pussy very closely instead of her smooth ass. Then Stormy placed her knees on my shoulders and pressed her pussy into my lips. I swear to God that my daughter’s pussy tasted even better than my wife’s pussy tasted and it was not just my imagination either. Once I was hooked on her love juice she sank her mouth down onto my stiff cock. She just kept going down and down and then she came back up. My very talented daughter was doing pushups on my hard cock. At one point I felt compelled to release her clit from my lips and to look down at her. Stormy had the entire length of my cock embedded in her throat. Somehow I just knew that her nose was sniffing my hairy balls. I latched back onto her clit again with renewed vigor. I gave that girl at least three orgasms before I cum in her mouth. She never stopped sucking me and I never went limp. Instead she got off, placed her heals on the chair behind me, and started to squat on my cock. She opened up her pussy lips and placed my cock at her entrance. She lowered herself about an inch allowing my cock head to just pop inside of her. Then she looked me right in the eyes and said, “Oh God, this is going to cost you a lot more than a guitar and lessons.” I replied, “Anything that you want honey just don’t stop.” Just then Stormy dropped down onto my cock. I felt her maidenhead break, I felt the tightness of her love tunnel, and I felt her cervix as she stopped her downward decent. Stormy stood perfectly still for almost thirty seconds before lifting herself up and lowering herself again, and again, and again, over and over.

For some reason I looked over at the doorway and there stood my wife smiling at me with one hand up under her blouse and her other hand in her pants. I smiled thinking that mother and daughter had changed places.

I really enjoyed the next few minutes knowing that we were being watched, that I was fucking my daughter, and that she had given me her virginity. When I cum in her she could feel the warmth splashing inside of her and she hugged my head to her breasts.

Finally I released the handcuffs and ran my hands up and down her spine. I went from the base of her neck to her ass cheeks. I even poked a finger into her pussy with my cock still in there just to get it wet and to poke it into her rectum. She jumped just a little and then she smiled at me before saying, “Oh God daddy, that’s going to cost you a whole lot more than my pussy did.”

I knew that I would be willing to pay the price, no matter what.

The End
Daughter Lap Dancer
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