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I was in the wrong place at the wrong time....
I was in the wrong place at the wrong time, with friends who
had been drinking. I wasn’t thinking very well and let them
attempt to drive. Well we got into an accident. No one was
hurt, thank goodness, but their car was totaled. My friends
were taken to jail for drinking and driving. I hadn’t been
drinking and was free to go home. Unfortunately, I had no
way home. My parents would not have picked me up. Under these
circumstances. One of the officers, was actually off duty
and offered to take me home. I thanked him from the bottom
of my heart. This way, my parents couldn’t really get too
mad, because I was innocent.

The cop who offered to drive me home was really hot! His uniform
fit kind of snug and I could see how well hung he was. He was
kind of muscular, but not “Arnold Schwarzenegger” type.
He opened the front passenger door for me. A real gentleman!
I was impressed!

Since my friends and I had been out partying, I had dressed
for the occasion. My outfit was really skimpy and he had
been eyeballing me.

Short, bikini cut skirt, no panties. Pussy shaved clean.
Tight belly t-shirt that outlined my young firm tits and
perky nipples. Spiked heeled shoes. I admit, I wanted to
get fucked! I caught him staring at my tits and my ass. I had
to bend over to fix the strap on my shoes, he could see my ass
and pussy very well, since I had to spread my legs a little.
Everyone else had left, so he came up behind me, taking hold
of my hips and pressed his groin against my bare ass. He slapped
it a few times, then rubbed it. He kept saying, “Mmmmm! Very
nice ass!” He slapped it a few more times then rubbed it,
then bent over and was biting it. He bit pretty hard, but
it still felt pretty nice. I’m not usually into anything
kinky, but I had to admit, this was getting me hot!

He reached his hand up my skirt, playing with the crack of
my ass, eventually moving up to my very wet tight pussy,
he stuck his fingers in a little, pulled them out and licked
them off. He stuck them in again this time flicking my clit
back and forth with his wet finger tips. It felt so nice,
I was going to cum any minute. He continued flicking my clit,
until I couldn’t take anymore and I came all over his hand.
I was moving my hips back and forth and around in circles,
my body trembling with each wave of my orgasm. I came so hard,
my pussy was dripping wet. He still had his groin tight against
my ass, so I was rubbing him hard. He was growing harder and
throbbing harder. He was moaning, telling me how good my
pussy felt and he wanted to eat me and fuck me with his engorged
hard cock.

After my orgasm ended, still keeping his groin tight against
my ass and rubbing it, he reached up and grabbed my tits,
rubbing and squeezing them hard and pinching my nipples
hard between his fingers. Moaning the whole time, he said,
“Mm, mm, mm, baby, you have a gorgeous body, I want all of
it!“ Breathlessly, I told him, “You got it baby, You got
it!“ He leaned in close to my neck and ears blowing his hot
breath on my skin, teasing my neck with his lips and tongue,
asking me if I’d like to feel that on my pussy and clit. Breathlessly,
I said, “Oh yeh!“ Then he whispered in my ear, telling me
what he was going to do to me. He was sending chills down my
back that made me shiver. I pushed back against his rock
hard groin, rubbing my naked soft ass against him. He was
hissing and grabbed my hips holding me tighter against
him. “Baby, I’ve got to have that juicy hot pussy right now!“

“Oh yes!”, I said. “Take me now! Any way you want me!"
He said, “Oh I’m definitely going to eat that fine pussy first,
then I want you to give me a little head and get me good and
primed to fuck your hot, tight, cunt, good and hard.
Ahh, you little slut, I'm going to give it to you bareback, deep and hard!”
“Oh yes, I love a nice hard hot cock ramming my pussy
hard and deep. Bareback is my favorite,give it to me now!
Give me your fucking cock you mother fucker!
Sink it in as deep and hard as you can!"

We had driven to a remote area. He pulled the car over, got
out, walked to my side, opened the door. He pushed my seat
back further away from the dash board, then turned me around,
pulled my skirt up, shoved his face in my pussy and started
eating me and licking me good. He ate pussy so good, I started
having orgasms immediately! I started cumming so hard
and it felt so good. I was screaming and hissing, holding
his head tight against my pussy as I was cumming what seemed
like buckets. He was lapping up all my cum, flicking my clit
making me cum more and more. He was moaning, “Mmmm, what
a nice young pussy!“

He licked and sucked my cunt until I couldn’t cum anymore.
He stopped eating my pussy, sat back on his heels, licking
my cum off his lips and mouth, breathlessly, saying, “Baby!
You’re pussy tastes so good!“

After we caught our breath, I stepped out of the car, getting
down on my knees, tilting my head back and told him to fuck
my mouth all the way to my throat. He said, “Mmmm! Baby! You
got it!“ He unzipped his pants, letting them drop to the
ground and kicking them off with his feet. He pulled his
boxers down and let his cock lose! It was huge, hard and hot.
I could see it moving back and forth it was throbbing so hard.
“Wow! You’re really horny, aren’t you?“ He said, “After
eating such a wonderful pussy, you bet! Suck my cock baby
and let me fuck your mouth!“ I tilted my head back. He grabbed
hold of his cock and slipped it in my mouth all the way to my
throat, he threw his head back, groaning and hissing as
I swallowed the head of his cock down the opening of my throat.
I sucked and swallowed as hard as I could, making him hotter
and harder and throb more and more. He was grunting, “Oh
baby! I’m gonna cum if you keep that up! I don’t wanna cum
down your throat. I wanna cum inside your pussy!“ He fucked
my mouth harder making slushy sounds. “Baby!? I’m cumming!
I’m gonna squirt some of my cum down your throat!“ I felt
his cock swell and throb more, then I felt his hot cum squirting
down my throat. He was grunting, “I don’t want to use all
my cum in your throat, I wanna save some for that sweet fuck
hole! Please, stop sucking and swallowing. I need to get
control and stop cumming.“ I held real still as he tried
to get control. Soon the throbbing slowed down and he was
just dripping a little cum. He slowly pulled his cock out
of my mouth, wincing because he was still on the verge of
cumming. He managed to pull it out without cumming anymore.
“Ahhh! Baby! That felt so good! You really know how to give
a good blow job! I want your sweet little pussy now!“

He helped me off the ground and led me to the back of his patrol
car. He lifted me up on the back of it. Holding my legs apart
and straight up, pulled me to the edge of the car. He shoved
his cock inside and started fucking me hard. It hurt a little
as his knot went through the tight opening, and I winced,
but only for a minute. He was ramming me hard and fast. He
was hitting the back of my pussy. It felt really good to have
such a nice hard cock ramming me so deep. I was moaning and
writhing my hips, bucking and fucking him back. I put my
legs around his waste and he grabbed my ass, pushing himself
in deeper and harder. Soon, his cock swelled and all I could
feel was hard, hot, throbbing cock fill my pussy. He grunted
loudly, his body trembling breathing heavy. He yelled
loudly, “I’m cumming baby! I’m cumming and squirting all
my hot thick cum deep inside your great pussy! Fuck me baby!
Fuck my cock! Yeah, that’s it, fuck it hard!” I was moaning
and hissing with my own orgasm. We continued fucking each
other fast and hard until our orgasms starting getting
less and less intent, until our cum slowed to a few drips.
He held his cock deep inside my pussy, both of us still throbbing
a little. He held it there until the throbbing slowed way
down. He gently pulled his cock out, wincing as his knot
came out of the tight hole. Groaning, he said, “Oh baby!
That was so good! I haven’t been laid like that for a very
long time! You have the best pussy! " "You’ve got a pretty awesome cock!”

We licked each other clean and got dressed. We got back in
the car and I asked him if he was going to explain to my parents
about the accident and how it wasn’t my fault. I told him,
if they thought it was my fault, they would ground me forever.
He rubbed my bare shaved pussy softly, sticking his fingers
inside my pussy, pushing and pumping my pussy, and said,
“We can’t have that, I want to fuck you over and over and often!
Of course I’ll vouch for you and turn on the charm so they
will like me and let me take you out. Okay?“ Moaning as he
rubbed my bare pussy and finger fucking me, breathlessly,
I said, “Okay, you got it. I’m cumming again!“ He stopped
the car, leaning over my pussy, stretching my legs out and
licked my pussy, making me cum harder and licked up all the
cum. “Mmm, baby, you have a sweet, tight pussy! I can’t wait
to sink my cock deep inside you and ram your cunt hard! I can’t
wait to fuck you again“. We arrived at my house and he went
in with me, explaining to them what had happened. Then he
asked them if he could take me out and they were very agreeable.
My pussy throbbed at the thought of having his engorged
cock buried deep inside me again!

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