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Two college girls find out the meaning of Sensuous, IL
It was mid morning in Sensuous Illinois. A place where everyone is friendly, warm atmosphere and a beautiful location. With a name Sensuous how could it not be beautiful. There were no riots, fighting or even bickering with any of towns people. A place of peaceful meaning . . . Not many tourists visited this quaint little town nor did the towns folks want tourist to visit.

Entering the town to Sensuous is Main Street running North and South with several side roads adjoining Main Street and in the center of town was Erotica Avenue running East and West. In the middle of the crossroad was the only traffic light. On all four corners stood a street light of iridescence-orange. When lite at night the surrounds land scape glowed excitement brings sexual desire to all couples joining its corner of the town. The roads are made of cobble stone with vibrant white, blue, and gray tones entwined with mud to keep them into place like a blanket of soft flannel sheet covering a newly made bed. As you enter the town, your eyes gaze upon rows of variegated green and yellow leaves on trees with a sense of calmness filling the air. Encircled around each tree are fragrances of brilliant red and succulent white roses gleaming
with passion as the warm sun embraces each pedal. Side walks sparkled like diamonds on a freshly snow-covered mountain. Houses were built with elegance of white and gray time, all uniquely positioned for each individual family style.
There was something about this town that owned up to its name . . . Sensuous, everyone who lived there knew and abided the name except two girls, Terra and Monica.

Terra and Monica were told about this town from a former friend they met in college. Both girls were interested in the name and how it became Sensuous and both were going to find out. When college break came, both girls met and took turns driving to Illinois in search of their mission.

Monica was 5' 9" tall with a slender body, long bluish black hair that flowed freely to the middle of her back. Her brown eyes sparkled with delight to the accent of her dark tan skin. Her face, oval with high cheek bones and a smile soft and sidle in a seductive way.

Terra was 5' 3" tall and thin framed body, her hair was vibrant tone of auburn and brown that whispered around her round face. Her eyes of lust blue filled with pleasure as she smiled ever so passionately. Her skin soft and scintillating with tones of tan covering every inch of her body.

While both girls were from different ethnic background, they both had one desire . . . to search for the answer of why this town is called Sensuous.

It was mid afternoon when the girls finally arrived in Sensuous, Illinois. It was a long drive from college but both were happy to observe how beautiful this town really was. It was so breath taking and the people were so friendly, like the girls have been there before. The girls located the hotel on the south side of town. The hotels’ name was Park View Resort. With plenty of parking, and lavishing green grass blanketed the building. Red bricks join together marking luster to the building. White pillars embracing the overhang, side walk of dazzling silver and gold blanketed to the entrance of the door. Stained glass filling the doors with beauty to match the surrounding structure. As they entered the lobby, tan variegated marble flooring ran though out the lobby showing the lavish elegance of romance. The desk was embossed with copper and brass inlays of leaves. The top of the desk was marble to match the floor. In the middle of the floor was a fountain of flowing water showing passion with each flow of drops. As the girls entered their room, they saw a beautiful blue rug, with splattering pinks and green color dancing throughout the room. The bedding and curtains match the rug. As they look out the window to address the position of their room, they could see the towns breathe taking sight of colors appealing to the eyes.

After Terra and Monic settled into the Hotel they both decided to walk around and visit some of the sights. There was not much in the town to do so they went into a bar called the Dewey Inn for a drink and talk to some of the town folks.

Dewey Inn was a small bar, the entrance to the bar had French doors that swung both ways. Inside the walls were made of knotty pine that shined like the sun on a sunny day. The bar was in the shape of a U placed in the middle of the room, with red padded bar stools circling around to bar for guest to relax. On the wall behind the bar was a mirror showing reflection of the outside. Bottles of liquor filled to the max on the shelves for any kind of drink to mix. Tables filled the open area for seating convinces. The bartender was a friendly chap from Ireland. He had red vibrant hair with a beard to match. With his Irish accent and his quaint laugh fill the area with surrounding of joy.

As the girls entered the Inn, their eyes were awed by how uniquely the Inn was built. They set at the bar and chatted with the Irish bartender for they love to here him talk about his hometown. Both girls ordered red wine with ice and began to converse.
Being both from college, they talked about what their majors are and what they were going to do when they both graduated. As the girls talked; they both wondered about this little town and what people do for excitement. Monica and Terra were generalizing their thoughts about Sensuous, Illinois when two handsome men walked up to the bar and asked for a drink. Both men were friends and live in Sensuous all their lives and knew the true meaning of this town. As both men were standing by the bar, they noticed the two girls and knew these girls were not from around here. Eric and Chris introduced them selves to the girls and carrying small talk amongst each other. The girls finally ask about the town. Much to the guys surprise; Chris and Eric said they would gladly show them why the town is called Sensuous.

Chris was 6" tall, slender muscular built body very athletic and into body building. His skin tone was very dark from working as a lifeguard at near by park. His eyes sparkling with essence of radiant blue. Clean-cut shave with dark-brown hair encircling around his head which was trimmed neatly around the base of his neck. He had on a small diamond stud earring in his left ear. A masculine gold chain hung around his neck. Chris walked with shoulders high and perfect posture. The first thought through any ones mind was conceded but when you got past the hard core and met the inner self. He was robust with fiery passion burning deep inside his soul.

Eric, on the other hand, was 5' 9" carefree, easy going, had a great sense of humor. He loved to make people laugh with his witty lust remarks. Eric’s thick golden blonde hair hung just to his shoulder, well kept and clean, deep succulent blue eyes, clean shaved. His body was thin and truly in shape for anything led to his desire. Eric was dominate and aggressive of the two guys. He was far from harmful in any way but exotic in thought.

Both girls knew it was getting late and decided to go back to the hotel for the night. As the couples talked, they agreed to meet midmorning on the corner of Main Street and Erotic Avenue. The girls were staying at the Park View Hotel on the South side of town, and the guy lived on the north side of town. Asking if the girls would like an escort to the hotel but both girls declined. As the girls left Dewey Inn, to walk back to the hotel their emotions were wild, both couldn’t believe they were finally going to find out what made this town Sensuous.
The girls slowly stroll down Main Street laughing and enjoying the warm breeze of the summer evening as they head closer to the hotel. Entering the hotel were roses on the desk waiting patiently for each girl to observe. In separate vases of radiant red roses with both girls names on each separate vase. With delight the girls accepted and proceeded to their rooms.
As the girls settled in to bed their thoughts of the guys filtered their minds of lavish and innocence as both drifted off to sleep. It was 7:00 a.m. when both girls awoke.
The girls had a great rest, showered, and ate breakfast.

Terra dressed casually with blue jeans shorts that buttoned up the front. A White satin spaghetti strap pullover knit top to show off the sleek structure of her shoulders. With sandals to embrace her elegant feet.

Monica also wearing jean shorts with light-blue pastel top, which had no straps attached, that seductively shows her beautiful shapely bust, her top flowed freely around the shorts. Her sandals were light robin egg blue to match the outfit.

Both girls’ excitement was getting the best of their desire and couldn’t wait to meet Eric and Chris in the morning and to find about Sensuous, Illinois and how got its name. As the girls gathered their belongings, they preceded down the hall, to the lobby and exited out the entrance door. With anxious hearts and giddy wits they walked southwardly chattering and laughing with excitement. The sun was brightly shining and gleamed off the variegated stones on the street making the girls put on sunglasses to keep from squinting. As they walked toward Erotic Avenue, the girls could see the guys approaching. Both guys were dressed in white muscle shirts and blue jean shorts, with sandals on their feet. As both guys walked closer to the corner of Erotic Avenue and Main, they were calm and self-assured in showing the girls Sensuous Illinois. Reaching the intersection the guys crossed the street and met the girls.

The corner, where both couples met was surrounded with plush green grass, satin to the touch. Big maple trees filtered the burning sun with thick blankets of leaves. A gentle cool breeze brushing against their skin keeping them cool with infatuation. Chris greeted Monica with a warm hug and impetuous kiss that had her aching for more. Eric placed his arms around Terra waist, rubbing his lower desire ever so gently on hers. Kissing her passionately with his tongue searching and piercing each plunge of projection.

Not saying a word, the guys proceeded in showing Sensuous to the girls.
Chris still embracing Monica and Eric passionately kissing Terra both guys gracefully lowered the girls to the satin grass. Chris laying on top of Monica, holding her hands above her head as his body rocked back and forth on hers. Monica, adding to the movement with rhyme. Monica could feel the hardness of Chris’s manhood rise with every rocking move. Eric’s kissing was making Terra so moist and wanting him seductively. His body caressing Terras’ as she moans with delight. Chris removes Monica light blue top, reveling her sweet mounds of spirit. Chris slowly moves his hot wet tongue, to her nipples, sucking and nibbling making each rose blossom grow with flame. Eric’s hands were slithering up and down Terra’s inner and outer thighs, begging for more. As his eyes were dancing on hers eyes teasing her to excitement. Eric removes Terra’s top as he gently rubs his hands on her breast feeling her passion with every touch. His manhood throbbing, aching for the cave of eternity.
Chris, removing his shorts, exposing his manly thrill. Monica, reaches for the excitement to grasp but Chris grabs her hand, holding her head he places his love mussel in her mouth. Monica, frees her hand and, tenderly strokes his shaft, up and down, kissing and sucking every inch love. Eric and Terra’s naked body joining together as a unit, teasing her madly, begging for his shaft in enter her wet, moist cave. Eric kissing her tasteful lips, his hand rubbing her wet fortress brings each moan closer to desire.
Chris, lays Monica back on the lavish green grass, moves his head to her love spot and nibbles and licks her moisten hot love canal, her body reacting to his every whim. Both girls caught up with desire begging for more as Eric moves to kiss Monica and Chris catches Terras glance and kisses her to excitement. As both guys switch, the girls start to play with each other, catching the guys off guard. Monica stroking Eric while passionately foundling Terras sweet tongue, Terra gently playing with Chris’s love sack. The guys were took by surprise with the girls seductive move, each jealous with envy as Eric lays his body behind Monica’s finding her anal with his fingers, as she positions her self on her knees, begging for more, keeping up with Terras demand. Eric finds the canal to Monica he slowly enters her hot teasing loin, Monica endlessly kissing Terra, playing and sucking her mounds, Chris joins in with Monica and Terras wet wild kisses as Chris’s man hood enters Terras love canal moving in and out forcing the juices to moisten his every plunge. Eric, banging the back door of Monica secret opening almost exploding with pleasure. The girls exchange eye contact with pleasure and are determined to transpose with each others partner. Without stopping the motion of love they exchange each others delight. With excitement filtering each body, the sweat escaping form every pore, the magnitude of climax filling each with satisfied fulfillment. As both couples lay by each, others side, breathing heavily, hearts pounding for all too here. What seemed like seconds turned into hours of pleasurable lust. All satisfied knowing the guys knew what pleasure really is and showing the girls what Sensuous, Illinois is all about.

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2008-11-12 00:37:18
i thought it was very detailed and made me picture what the town of sensuous really looked like and what making love and pleasure is really about

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2008-09-13 12:57:40
if this story was entered in a contest for the worst story every written, it would win, hands down!

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