She's Back !

It's been over 20 years, since I heard from my ex-wife.
And out of the blue she contacts me.
She was a hot blond and a model to boot, back when I was married to her.
She was so hot I married her twice, would of married her again if she ever came back.
Back then we were so-so swingers.
Oh there was a time when she had re-married and we had a little hook-up.
I had rented a room, in the same motel as her and her husband,
in fact my room was right behind theirs.
It was wild, she would sneak out at night and visit me.
That ended by us getting caught and me getting my ass kicked.
I could of whipped him, but I was tired from fucking his wife all night.
Well that was my last encounter.
It was nice to talk to her again, I apologize for being a bad husband back then.
She is now re-married again and she's a red head.
I can only imagine how hot she is.
47 years old now, I know when I see her I will see the young hottie I use to fuck.
I have a problem, I am happily married, I can't see her.
I told her we couldn't meet, we would get in trouble.
I asked her what she wanted, was her marriage having troubles ?
No; she replied, she was as happy as can be.
She did mention, we had a lot of fun times together and
we couldn't get along, like oil and water.
She's the kind of woman that needs a lot of attention and her current husband is always
out of town on business, so I know what she wants.
I wanted to come out and ask her bluntly.
Do you want to have wild sex when your husband is out with a guy that would keep a secret and
would not spill the beans? I couldn't ask her.

Time had passed, we had traded photos. She was hot, I started to shake.
I noticed she had a boob job, they looked perfect, from what I could see, she didn't send me a naked
picture. Now more than ever I wanted to see her in person but I know we won't be able to resist each other.

That fateful day, I met her in a truck stop restaurant.
She was beautiful. She had a sexy dress with high heels, I could see that she had aged.
It gave her a classy look.
I wanted her bad, I couldn't think of anything but her.
I could see her lower lip quiver, my knees were shaking.
She put her arms around me, gave me a hug and a little kiss on the cheek.
She smelled so good, she remembered what I liked.
We sat down and talked about the good old days and even had a little argument about something
stupid that happened over 20 years ago.
I had a hard-on that took my breath away, I was feeling dizzy.
I put my hand on hers, she grabbed tight.
Then I asked; if she would want to go somewhere private so we can talk.
She offered her house, her husband was out of town and not expected back for a few days.
My answer was no way! I remembered those days.
She then suggested a motel, no that would be too inviting and it costs money.
At these truck stops, they have showers for the drivers that purchased fuel.
I just happened to have a shower ticket. She went along with the deal, wondering if anyone would think anything.
Not usually, but the way you're dressed I don't know.
But I didn't care, she was hot looking.
They had a bench in there, so we sat down.
I kissed her on the lips and told her she was beautiful. She looked at me and said; now what.
We'll just talk, I asked if she had her boobs done, she pulled her dress down and said; what do you think? They were perfect, I wanted to touch them, kiss them, rub my face in them.
Nice I replied, do they feel real?
She laughed; try for yourself.
They felt great, her nipples were already hard, as I rubbed my thumb across them.
We started to make out, pretty rough at first.
Her dress fell to the floor, what a body for a 47 year old, it looked like a 27 year old.
She undid my pants, my hard cock was dripping as she put it in her mouth.
Wow, I forgot she could deep throat it. What was I thinking leaving a girl that can suck cock like this.
I had to eat that pussy, I set her up on the sink.
For having 3 kids and all that sex, her pussy looked good, it was a cute pussy.
Her ass was out of this world. I turned her around so she was on her hands and knees.
She pointed that ass straight up towards heaven.
I never licked her ass when we were married, I got close to her pink butt hole and tickled it with my tongue. In this position she looked like an 18 year old.
She was loving it, she rubbed that ass and pussy as hard as she could into my face.
I stood up on a stool and rubbed my cock up and down pussy and stuck it in.
she pumped me hard, I put my finger in her ass as she pumped harder, then with a whimper she came.
I placed her on the floor and got on top of her, she wrapped her legs around me as I fuck her hard.
I had to rest a little so I slowed up and pumped her firmly as I kissed her neck.
She whisper; I love you baby, please don't leave me again.
Hearing those words from her soft voice gave me energy to fuck her hard again.
She then got on top, what a treat seeing those titties bounce, my hands on her ass, that long red hair flying everywhere.
I was getting ready cum, she got up and sat on the stool and started sucking me again.
Oh man, she took it in all the way.
I started to cum so hard while my cock was deep in her throat, I forgot she swallows.
She swallow every drop.
After I came she started sucking again, but I was too sensitive.
We took a shower, I was still hard. I put it in her ass, it didn't take long I had her cumming in no time.
We got dressed and I walked her to the car, we made out a little.
She asked, with those puppy dog eyes; what now?
I don't know baby, I felt like crying, but I had to say goodbye.
Who knows maybe I could secretly have a fling with her.
At this time all I could think about is my poor sweet wife.


2008-09-14 17:36:24

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