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The class reunion was not at all as we thought it would be. Randi was now thirty-seven years old and wasn't at all satisfied with her accomplishments in life to this point. I was, however, forty-nine, and quite content with our life as we had established it in our thirteen years of marriage.

When we entered the banquet hall in the hotel where the reunion was being held, we both saw that there was absolutely nothing there to make her feel that she was an underachiever. We did meet some of her long lost friends and shared some black and white memories. However, it was really boring listening to the stories of failed business ventures, divorce and pure bullshit. There was just nothing there that seemed to grab our interest.

We decided, early on in the evening, to leave the reunion and find something to do that might peak our interests. The only thing we could really do in Cincinnati, a town that we weren't familiar with, was to go back to our hotel and have a few drinks in the bar, and that seemed to be fine with the both of us.

There weren't very many people in the dimly lit bar. One corner held a younger twenty-something couple that seemed to be in their own little world, and on the opposite side of the room sat an older fiftyish looking man by himself.

Recently, Randi and I had talked about exploring things together, sexually, and had discussed it, yet we had never gotten down to the nitty-gritty of discussing the details of what we really might enjoy doing. However, after having a few drinks on this particular evening, we didn't have to talk too much about playing any extracurricular games. There were just some looks exchanged between us as we talked, and as always when we have a few drinks, sex kept coming up. It just happened that we didn't have to say anything. So, with nothing but the looks between, there seemed to be an unspoken consent that we would just do whatever we wanted to do on this night.

Randi was dressed fit to kill on this evening, and she's always the center of attention no matter where we go. She always to attracts looks from others, and tonight was no different. She is a full figured woman with long black, wavy hair, the eyes of an exotic Polynesian girl, and the dark complexion to go along with it. Her voluptuous, and meaty, ass is accented by her small waist and large breasts. Tonight she was wearing a white outfit; a long cotton skirt with a top to match. She looked great.

After consuming a couple of drinks, we struck up a conversation with the older man sitting in the bar. It wasn't too long before we found out that he was just "hanging out," and he made it perfectly clear that the thought of sharing our company for a drink sounded good to him.

He, Michael was his name, stood approximately 5' 9" with dark hair that was peppered with gray, and a thick mustache to match. He was dressed in business casual clothes. His arms were well cut and he seemed to be in good physical shape, especially for a fifty-something man.

After some conversation and a couple of drinks, Michael excused himself to go to the bathroom. As Randi and I sat waiting for Michael's return, I wasn't saying much about anything when Randi asked me if something was wrong. I just chuckled and turned my head, not saying anything.

Randi, knowing me as she does, quickly caught onto my thoughts. She said that she knew where my mind was, as she started laughing, and told me that I was nasty. She then paused and told me that tonight was my night and that we could do whatever I wanted to do, as long as I didn't let things get too far out of control.

Now, I'm the type of guy that is curious about everything. We had discussed many of my curiosities and the things that I'd like to try. My only problem was that I didn't want her to think less of me for the things I really wanted to do. But, I let her know that her idea was perfectly fine with me.

After sharing another drink with Michael, and our conversation running along the course of where we worked, lived, and naturally, sexual overtones, I made the offer to our new friend, to have a drink with us in our room. Randi quickly looked over at me as if I were crazy. However, she then gave me a little wrinkle of her nose to let me know that it was okay with her.

The only problem was that we had no alcohol that was ready for consumption. We did bring a bottle of white wine, yet we didn't chill the bottle before leaving for the reunion. Therefore, if we were going to have a drink, it would have to be warm wine. However, I did have the courtesy of making Michael aware of this before we left the bar. Still he accepted our invitation. After all, from a man's perspective, I know that if an attractive couple invited me to their room, it probably wouldn't take me very long to decide to go.

As we entered our hotel room, I immediately walked to, and sat on the edge of the bed. Michael grabbed a seat in the recliner that was sitting by the wall at the foot of the bed. Randi, before sitting down, excused herself and went into the bathroom.

The two of us sat making small talk as we waited for Randi to emerge from the bathroom. We all had a good buzz and the inhibitions I would normally have, were gone long before we entered the room and it was obvious they were feeling the same as I was. Besides, if not, Randi and I wouldn't haven't taken our new friend upstairs with us.

By the time Randi finally walked out of the bathroom, for some reason, my cock was half hard, even though there had been nothing said that would cause me to become aroused. Just being in the room with Randi and Michael was exciting me.

Randi immediately asked if we thought the room was a bit too warm. Naturally I took this as a signal that she wanted to start removing some clothing. (of course, I was just guessing at that point) However, I unbuttoned my shirt and pulled it from my pants, stating that, yes it did feel a bit warm in there and told Michael that he might as well get comfortable.

Randi immediately started complaining that it was unfair that we could do take off our shirts and she couldn't do the same. I told her, jokingly that I was sure no one would mind if she removed her shirt.

Now, I'm a little fuzzy here, and I don't recall if I told her to come and sit beside me or if she just did so, but as soon as she placed herself beside me on the bed I reached for her buttons and started to unfasten her shirt. At first she put up a little resistance, but all three of us were laughing about it and by the time I was done, I not only had her shirt off, but her large tits were now fully exposed as we sat in the dimly lit room. She did grab a pillow and place it in front of her, only to have me pull it away.

Now, for sure, I felt the room was getting warm, and I was suffering from the restrictions my pants were making on my swelling cock.

Michael looked up and smiled at Randi, remarking at how full her nipples were and I know it flattered her when Michael told her that her tits were magnificent. They are large and meaty, and they are a perfect match for the size of her ass. Even with the fullness of her tits, they are still perky, with three inch nipples that stare straight at you.

After all of this, I looked down to see if I could detect anything rising inside Michael's pants. I was curious to see if he was as excited as I was, and in order to help break the ice, I stood up and told Randi that we would be fair. I unbuttoned my pants and started taking them off and told Michael to feel free to do the same. I am completely shaved and Michael remarked that it looked odd for me to have absolutely no hair around my pubic area.

Michael immediately stood up and began undressing. Even naked, he was in as good a shape as he looked when he as dressed, and he was very well endowed. He had to be at least six inches and was only about half erect.

We all sat on the bed, at this point, and began nervously talking about nothing. We were looking at each other's naked bodies and trying not to be too obvious about it. The longer we sat, the harder I got. My cock was now standing straight up.

It wasn't but a moment later before I looked back at Michael's cock that was now fully hard and also standing straight up. I could also see that Randi kept looking at it out of the corner of her eyes, even though she pretended not to. He was definitely a very well endowed man.

Randi, still sitting with only her skirt on, jokingly asked Michael if he ever had a difficult time finding a place to fit that thing. We all instantly broke into laughter.

Finally, minutes later, and what seemed to be an eternity, I rose from the bed and asked Randi to stand up. She looked up, not saying anything, and stood as I reached for the zipper on the side of her dress. This time she offered no resistance.

Stepping away from the bed, the skirt fell down around her ankles and it was now obvious why she had gone into the bathroom when we first came back to the room. She was wearing nothing underneath the skirt. Her legs were a golden brown, and ran all the way from the floor to her well rounded hips, forming a perfect Y at the lips of her pussy. She was clean shaven and looked as if she had never had any pubic hair. Her mound was completely smooth and milky white. Her large nipples were now small and erect, and had turned a dark red.

When I finally regained my composure, after seeing my wife standing there in all of her glory, I looked over to see what Michael's reaction was to all of this. He simply sat across from us watching to see what might happen next.

Placing my hands on Randi's shoulders, I lightly pushed Randi back on to the edge of the bed. She continued scooting backwards and reached for a pillow to place underneath her head. Seeing her lying on the bed naked was definitely enough to make any man's cock explode.

As I stood there looking at Michael's swollen cock waving at me, and Randi lying naked on the bed, I decided that I would just let the evening flow with whatever happened between the three of us.

Michael scooted back on the bed, situating himself by the headboard. I believe he was hoping Randi would take his cock into her mouth, however, she did turn to look at him and placed her red-tipped fingers around it and started massaging the large purple head of his shaft.

I immediately crawled back onto the bed and laid behind Randi, spooning her, and watched her jacking-off our new friend. It seemed that the more she pumped his inflamed cock, the larger it became, and the closer I got, the better I could see just how huge Michael's cock really was. I couldn't believe that she was actually doing this right in front of my eyes, and that she was obviously enjoying playing with two men at the same time.

The warmth of Randi's body consumed my own dick as I placed it lengthwise along the crack of her ass. We had only had anal intercourse one other time, but I was too drunk to recall too much of that evening, but now I surely gave it another thought. However, I was so engrossed in watching her as she played with Michael's cock that I had trouble thinking of anything else. I just watched her as she gently squeezed, and methodically pumped back and forth.

As she continued pumping Michael's cock with her petite little fingers, I could feel my own hips moving back and forth against her heated ass as we both began to expel sweat from our bodies. I reached for her leg and raised it up so that I could rub my dick up against her warm, and by now, thoroughly wet hole.

After a couple of moments of rubbing my cock between the lips of her pussy, Randi released Michael's cock and placed her hand to my mouth asking me to give her some saliva into the palm of her hand. I was surprised at first, but quickly accommodated her request. She then replaced her hand to Michael and began wetting the head of his cock with my saliva, and continued by rubbing it up and down his shaft.

Seeing her rub my saliva onto his cock excited me even more than I already was. Besides, men that have hard dicks, sometimes tend to do what feels good to them at the moment, and not think about it until later. My thoughts at that moment were that I wanted to touch his cock. I had never done that before, but as I said, I am curious about many things. I did give some thought about what Randi might think, however, I also thought that if it were going to happen, that it would have to happen with her being there with me. Beside's, I had told her one other time that I was curious about doing something like that.

I didn't want to just place my hand on his cock, so in order to make things look "halfway normal," I placed my hand over the top of hers as she rubbed his massive tool back and forth. She continued as if there was nothing odd about what I had done, so I laid there behind her and kept my hand with hers and squeezed it around Michael's cock. I couldn't believe I was actually doing this with her. It wasn't something that I ever thought I would've done.

Finally, after a moment, Randi reached her free hand to mine and removed it, from the top of hers, placing it at the base of his cock as she continued massaging the head with her other hand. The feeling was bizarre. The skin was so soft, yet wrapped tightly around a quite firm shaft. I started pumping from the base of his cock, traveling up to where Randi's hand was massaging the head, and Michael could've cared less who was jacking him off at this point..

After several minutes of this, I pulled myself away from her body and turned around so that I might taste her from behind, and this way, I thought that I could still watch as she played with Michael's cock.

As I continued licking away between the lips of Randi's pussy, she took Michael's cock close to her lips. Still, she didn't take it into her mouth. She continued to massage the wetness of my saliva around his dick while allowing her breath to warm his shaft.

Michael finally laid down on the bed with his face towards her warm pussy, and began to kiss around the top of her lips and mound, as I continued with my tongue between them. She now had two men tasting her at the same time as she continued playing with Michael's cock between her fingers, and I know that she loved every minute of it.

I pulled away from Randi as Michael worked his tongue to her lips and around her clitoris. It wasn't a single moment before Randi came to her first orgasm. Her hips tightened as she brought her legs down and around Michael's head.

As she came, I watched as she finally took Michael's cock deep into her mouth. It was surreal seeing his cock glistening from her own saliva, mixed with mine, and pumping in and out of her mouth.

I felt as if I were going to explode as I sat watching all of this. I began rubbing at her back as she tensed up with her first orgasm. I wanted nothing more than to shove her on to her back and ram my own cock into her. However, she was reacting to Michael's tongue as well as my fingernails, across her back, and I was immersed in the sight of her having an orgasm with the help of Michael's tongue running across her clitoris.

Randi finally pulled away from Michael's grip as she finished her first orgasm and pushed him onto his back. She reached into a drawer beside the bed and grabbed a condom that I had placed there when we arrived. She tore open the package and slid the moist rubber around his cock.

As I sat on the bed watching, with my own dick throbbing, Michael was lying on his back with his hardened cock lying across his stomach. Randi straddled Michaels torso and placed his cock between her lips, rubbing her pussy back and forth on him to heat him up. Michael's hips were moving in rythm to Randi's as he grasped at her ass.

After watching this for a moment, I decided to help things along. I reached between the two of them and pulled his cock down so that he could plunge himself into her. Her well rounded ass was moving back and forth as as he attempted to insert himself into her. However, she was only allowing him to get in as far as the head and then pulling herself back.

I knew exactly what he was going through because she is always teasing me in that manner. So, in order to help him out, I placed my hands on her hips and pushed her down onto his cock.

She gasped as his large cock slid into her. From my position behind them, I could see that she was being stretched wide, yet, it was clear that she was enjoying the large cock as she ground her hips against his. Her ass quivered as he continued slamming himself into her.

I watched only another moment before I decided to join them. I scooted around and kneeled in front of Randi and Michael as they were fucking and placed myself in front of Randi's face. She immediately took my cock between her lips and began sucking. I had my hand placed around the base of it as she warmed the head with her tongue, and continued pumping away at Michael's hard cock.

I could see that Michael was starting to pump faster as the seconds passed. He was reaching the point that he was going to shoot his cum into the condom, that was deep inside of Randi's pussy. I felt myself reaching the same point. My cock was getting harder and harder with each stroke of Randi's tongue.

Suddenly, I felt another tongue as it slid across the bottom of my balls, while Randi continued sucking at the head of my cock. It was Michael's tongue, and he continued with it as he and Randi pumped faster and faster.

Finally, within seconds of seeing Michael's lips at my balls, and Randi's lips around my cock, I again pulled away watching Michael's cock sliding in and out of Randi. Randi continued pumping at Michael and I could see her whole body tense up as she reached her second orgasm.

When I could tell that Michael was at the point that he was about to cum, I pushed on Randi for her to crawl off of him. She crawled to his side and slid the condom from his throbbing cock and quickly wrapped her fingers around the base of and continued pumping. Reaching over to me, she again took my hand and placed it to his cock and assisted me as I pumped at the hard wet tool. She then took my cock into her lips and placed her fingers around it jacking me off as she sucked.

Michael's hips continued to buck as he started squirting cum into the air. I slowed my hand and squeezed as I continued pumping. Watching Michael as he came, I immediately felt myself begin to cum. Randi pulled her mouth from my dick and finished me off by milking each drop out of me with her fingers, letting it spill onto the bed.

After attempting too catch our breath, we all three collapsed onto the bed in a pool of sweat. Randi crawled between us and pulled the covers up and over us lying naked between Michael and myself as we snuggled against her warm flesh.

We all soon fell asleep for at least for a couple of hours before I awoke to find Michael lying beside me, and Randi down in between his legs with his cock in her mouth. I laid there for a moment as I watched Randi's hands and mouth at work on Michael. It didn't take very long before I was rock hard.

I got up and looked at Randi's nice round ass as she lay there on her stomach playing with Michaels cock. Reaching down, I spread her cheeks and began rubbing my cock up against her ass and spread some saliva across her to moisten her up.

I could feel her begin to tense up as I placed the head of my cock into her ass. I pulled away to let her to relax and again placed the head against her. This time she pushed herself back towards my dick. She was giving me the okay. Very slowly, I pushed myself in, and could hear her groan as I fully entered her. She looked back and gave me a look to let me know that it was a bit uncomfortable, but that she did enjoy it.

Looking down, I found it very exciting to see my cock sliding in and out of her ass as I watched her milking Michael's cock with her hands and mouth. I continued pumping, and seemed to be in control of myself until I saw Randi pull her face away from Michael's cock and begin squeezing every ounce of cum from his red and overworked cock. I immediately started squirting all of my semen into her as I felt my legs beginning to give out.

Again, we crawled beneath the covers snuggling next to Randi's naked body, and fell asleep without saying a word. Our strength was spent and it was going to take at least a couple of more hours before anything else happened...


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