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It was morning and time to get up
It was morning and time to get up. I wasn’t quite ready to get up, so I hit the snooze button on my alarm clock and just laid there thinking about the day ahead. I had finals to take at the small community college where I attended classes for writing computer software programs. I hated taking tests and groaned at the thought, but I was at the tail end of the course and couldn‘t wait to finish so I could have a life again. I laid there for a few minutes longer, then my alarm clock started going off and I knew I needed to get up so I could get to school. I shut off the alarm and started getting out of bed. I stretched and yawned a few times and then started thinking about the erotic dreams I’d had over night. They were so erotic, I actually had a few really nice orgasms. In fact my clit was still a little hard and swollen and I was tempted to play for a few minutes and make myself cum, but I didn’t have time. I needed to get to school.

I hopped in the shower but kept thinking about the dreams as I started soaping up my body. I was standing facing the shower faucet rinsing my face as the warm water made its way down my neck over my tits and down to my pussy I felt my nipples getting hard and the tingling sensation in my pussy when my nipples were hard. My clit was still engorged and swelled more as the sensation made my pussy hot and pulsate. I started rubbing my nipples with the palms of my hands in a circular motion and they became harder. I pinched them between my fingers, rolling and pulling at them and started squeezing my tits. The wonderful sensation in my pussy got stronger. Oh how I wanted to play. Sometimes when I played, I watched myself in a mirror, It was a very erotic sight. But I had to wait. Sighing heavily, because I was so horny by then, I got out of the shower and toweled off.

The weather had really been warm the last few days, so I decided to wear something that would be cool. Besides my pussy was on fire and I wanted to rub at it once in awhile and maybe later masturbate until I came. I chose a cute little sundress. My tits were large and perky and I very seldom wore a bra and I saw no reason to wear a bra today. My dress had spaghetti string straps and was low cut enough just to show a hint of cleavage. The soft material felt good against my skin and my nipples hardened again. Today was just not a good day for me to walk around horny and wet. Instead of panties or panty hose, wore a pair of thongs, knee high stockings with black high heeled shoes completed the ensemble. I put on just a hint of make-up and my hair in two pony tails. A quick look in the mirror and I was off.

As I was walking across the parking lot into the school building, I saw the teacher of one of my classes and ran to catch up and walk with him. He was really hot looking and always kind of a playful, flirty guy. All the students really enjoyed his class. He asked me if I was ready for the tests today, I groaned and said, “As ready as I’ll ever be.” He kind of chuckled and said, “You’ll do just fine. You’re a very smart young lady.” It was a really nice compliment and I blushed and said, “Thank you.” He opened the door for me and I glanced at my watch and saw I was almost late for my first class. I smiled and said see ya later and hurried off to class. I could feel his eyes on me, as I ran down the hall, my dress swinging back and forth showing my soft, round ass, with my thong separating my ass cheeks. He was thinking to himself, “Mmmm! Damn, I’d really like to fuck her pussy. It’s been awhile since I’ve had a good piece of ass, and she is so inviting.“ Little did he know, he was going to get my cunt after class. His cock hardened as he thought about sinking it into my wet, twat, fucking my brains out. He had to grab his cock as he was throbbing hard and felt ready to cum any minute. Thinking about my ass, “Mmm! Maybe I’ll have to take that pussy this afternoon!“. Reluctantly, he had to stop thinking about screwing my tight little cunt and get into class. He had been panting and licking his lips, squeezing his cock tightly. He made himself calm down and tried to hide his erection as he went into his classroom. I kind of wished I’d had his class first, but it was nice to end the day in his class because he always made it fun. Today would prove to be the most fun I’ve ever had.

I went through the day kind of in a blur, taking all my tests and kept my fingers crossed that I had passed them all. I never got time to go play with myself though, and still felt very horny. Once in awhile, if no one was looking, I’d cross my legs squeezing my inner thighs together tightly and wiggled my ass around a little. My pussy was throbbing so much and was so hot, I was trying to make myself cum that way. It almost worked each time I did it, but didn’t quite get me there. So I walked around horny. I was checking out all the guys there, looking at their crotches and thinking how nice it would be if I could have fucked one. I was so horny and my pussy was so wet, it wouldn’t have mattered which one as long as he had a large hard cock.

Lunch time came and I was sitting with a bunch of friends. One of the guys snuck up behind me and put his arms around my waste and started teasingly kissing me on the neck. It startled me, but it felt really nice and I felt some of my juices seeping out of my pussy. He had no idea I was horny though, so he didn’t know how it had affected me. Then he came around and sat down across the table from me. I don’t know if he noticed the dazed look in my eye or not, but I was feeling really hot! And his little nibble, just made my pussy throb so hard, I could hardly sit still. I wanted to get fucked so bad!

Finally it was time to go to my last class and I was so relieved that the day was almost over and I could go home and masturbate. Surprisingly, there were a lot of students absent and I thought it was kind of weird since it was a test day. The teacher said they had all taken their tests earlier in the day so they could leave a little early. Had I known he was letting the students do that, I certainly would have. He handed out the test and I didn’t give it another thought.

As I was sitting there taking my test, I would look up periodically or stretch and I’d catch him staring at me. I realized, when I stretched, my dress pressed against my tits tightly and showed the outline of my nipples which were still very hard. The thought of him staring at my tits and nipples was so erotic, my pussy started throbbing again. I hadn’t even thought about fucking one of the teachers. I started wondering if his cock would be bigger then some of the male students. The more I thought about it, the hornier I became and I couldn’t wait any longer to rub my clit and play with my pussy. I spread my legs and put one foot on top of the bar that went across the front of the desk. It was at least a good foot above the floor so my legs were spread pretty wide. I didn’t care. All I cared about was getting nailed hard to find relief for my aching, throbbing, wet pussy.. I moved my thong to the side of my pussy and begin stroking my clit with my finger. I flicked it back and forth and circled it with the tip of my finger, making my body tremble with the need to cum. I pinched and pulled at it. My pussy was really wet, I felt my juices seeping out again. I stuck my finger inside my pussy getting it wet and went back to rubbing my clit again. I looked up and there he was staring at my wet, horny cunt intently. I didn’t realize he could see it, but apparently my leg was high enough to expose my pussy, giving him a perfect view. I could tell by the movement of his arm that he was stroking his cock. That was a major turn on and my pussy throbbed harder. I decided to give him a show. I pulled my dress a little higher and I saw him lick his lips and swallow and his arm was moving faster. He was stroking his cock, making himself cum. Seeing and thinking that was enough to make me cum. My pussy was pulsating hard and fast as my cum seeped out onto the seat of my desk. Fuck! It was felt so nice! I was moving my hips up and down as I lost control of my body and started shaking. It was all I could do not to yell out or moan loudly. I lowered my head squeezing my eyes shut, hissing quietly and breathing in through my clenched teeth as I was having one orgasm after another. My orgasms lasted for several minutes and when they finally started to subside, I looked up and saw my teacher still staring at my pussy and leaning over his desk, his arm still moving quickly as he was having his own orgasm and cumming under his desk. I watched him until my orgasms finally subsided and put my leg back on the floor. I had some tissue in my purse and stuck some under my ass and over my pussy to catch some of the cum, then went back to taking my test.

A short time later, he announced time was up and we put our pencils down. I started stretching again and caught him staring at my tits. This time, I looked around, making sure no one else was watching and I reached down and started pulling at my nipples making them rock hard, looking at him seductively and started licking my lips. He took in a sharp breath as he watched me seducing him. After a few seconds I stopped pulling at my nipples and straightened my dress running both hands down the front pausing at my tits giving them a tight little squeeze, still licking my lips. Then I lowered my hands to my lap pushing my chest out just enough for my dress to strain against my large perky tits and hard nipples. Then I let my shoulders relax and he swiped at his forehead with the back of his hand,
licking his lips and swallowing hard.

He excused us, and then asked me if I could stay over a few minutes. I had no idea he wanted to fuck me and it made me kind of nervous. I wondered why he wanted me to stay. I told him I could. After all the other students had left the classroom, he walked to the door, locked it and pulled the shade down. I sat at my desk waiting to see what he wanted. He went to his desk and sat down and asked me to come around to where he was sitting. He patted the top of the desk next to him and asked me to sit down. I sat down and waited for a moment. He asked me if I did anything else besides masturbate myself in front of other people. I told him, I never did that before, but I had been so horny all day and when I saw him staring at me, it was so arousing, that I couldn’t help myself. He pushed my knees apart just a little and placed his hand on my thigh. He was rubbing the inside of my thigh with his fingers. My body started quivering at the touch of his warm hand. He spread my legs a little further and his hand traveled slowly up the inside of my thigh toward my pussy. Using one finger,
he gently touched my thong right where my clit was and started rubbing in little circles. It felt very nice and I felt familiar pulsating sensation way up inside my pussy. My clit started getting hard and he rubbed a little faster adding more pressure.
I scooted my ass further back on his desk, lifting my legs up, with my feet resting on either side of the desk, letting my knees drop to the sides. I leaned back on my elbows, giving him full access to my dripping cunt. With one finger, he pulled my thong to one side, peering at my lips, I spread my legs more, opening my pussy lips so he could see my wet, throbbing fuck hole. He slid his finger inside my pussy with his other hand feeling the heat and moisture, dripping from pussy, down the crack of my ass. He started moving his finger around in circles, then fucked me with it. I was so hot and horny, I started cumming instantly. He was moaning, and said, “I want to eat your sweet wet cunt!” He moved his desk over right in front of me, pulling my ass closer to the edge of his desk, and lowered his head down between my lips and started eating my pussy. He ate my pussy so good, my orgasms became more intense and I was squirting my cum into his mouth. He lifted my legs, pulling them up around his shoulders, my feet resting on his back. He continued eating me out. He was sucking and licking my clit and licking every drop of my juices from my pussy.. He quickly started licking and sucking my clit again, making me have more orgasms, each one more intense. I was cumming hard and fast. He licked, sucked and fucked my pussy and clit until I couldn’t cum anymore, and my clit became so sensitive, it was actually hurting. I had to makes him stop, “Oh. I wish I could let you go on, but my clit is becoming sore. I’ve never felt this good in my life. You ate my pussy so good.“ . He got up, pulling me to a sitting position, and scooted my ass to the edge of the desk, keeping my legs spread far apart so he could rub his groin against my pussy. I could feel his dick through his pants and he was rock hard, hot and throbbing. I told him to fuck me and he said not quite yet. He pulled my dress up over my head and tossed it on the desk, then he grasped my tits kissing, sucking and nibbling. He went to my nipples, pinching and nibbling, making them hard and tingly. I was moving my hips back and forth as I started feeling hot and wet again. He pressed his groin harder against me and I pushed my pussy against his groin and starting wiggling. As he was teasing my nipples and tits with his tongue and teeth, he started groaning. I reached down and unzipped his pants pulling his cock out and started stroking it. It was so big and hard. t was hot and pulsating in my hands and I felt the sticky pre-cum oozing out the end of it. He was groaning more now as he squeezed my tits and nipples. I wanted to suck his cock. I pulled his face and hands away from my tits and slid down off the desk getting on my knees and took his cock in my mouth sucking and licking and pulling at him. I pulled it into my mouth all the way to the back of my throat sucking and kissing it. I licked up and down the shaft. It was pulsating harder and getting hot and hard. He was moaning as he grasped the back of my head and started fucking my mouth. He was slamming his cock in and out of my mouth, going deeper making me gag. Then he threw his head back as he started to cum in my mouth. He groaned and moaned and said, “That’s feels so nice! That’s the way, suck my cock, drink my cum!” I swallowed all the cum I could and it started seeping from my mouth. He looked down at me smiled provocatively, telling me I was a sweet little cum whore and he wanted to fuck my pussy and ass. I got up off my knees. Slowly rubbing my large tits and large hard nipples up his legs to his cock. I squeezed his cock between my tits and let him fuck my tits for a few minutes then continued rubbing against his body as I stood up completely. I had his cum on the sides of my mouth and chin and he kissed me and licked the cum off. Then he lifted me up on the desk in a sitting position with the heels of my shoes resting on either side of me, pulling me close to him as he slipped his huge cock inside my pussy. He gasped out loud with pleasure as he entered my tight pussy. He started fucking me pulling his cock in and out of my wet tight fuck hole. He fucked me hard and deep, pulling me closer to him so he could push his cock to the end of the shaft deep inside my pussy, then pounded my pussy hard. He pushed me back on his desk and grabbed my tits squeezing them and pinching and pulling at my nipples. I was moaning from pain and pleasure as he pounded my pussy and squeezed my tits. He pulled his rock hard cock out of my pussy, helped me down from his desk and turned me around bending me over his desk, sliding his cock back inside my pussy pounding even deeper and harder fucking me with all he had. Moaning and groaning loudly as he was about to cum, I told him to stop and fuck my ass. He slipped his huge rock hard cock in my virgin ass and started fucking me even harder. He grabbed my hips to hold me steady as he pounded my ass hard and deep. The pain and the pleasure made me have multiple orgasms and we started cumming together, both of us hissing and moaning in pleasure. He fucked my ass hard and deep through our orgasms, not slowing down until our orgasms had subsided. He pulled his cock out and he turned me back over on the desk in a lying position, he climbed on top of me spread my legs wide and stuck his face in my pussy and his cock in my mouth. We sucked and licked each other through another orgasm and then licked each other clean. He climbed off me licking my cum and juices from his mouth and then kissed me deep as we shared each other’s juices.

He sat back in his chair, helping me sit up on his desk, panting and perspiring. “Wow! That was the best piece of ass, I’ve had in a very long time! And the way you sucked my cock! Whew! We definitely need to do this again! I have to admit, I was very surprised being seduced by you. I’ve been watching you for a long time and I’ve fantasized about fucking you. I settled for masturbation after school. I couldn’t come on to you. I’m so glad you came on to me!” He leaned forward, taking my face in his hands, kissing me deeply and asked, “Will you let me have you again?!” I pulled my lips away from his briefly, “Oh yes. You can definitely have me again!”

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2008-09-22 03:18:58
what?...dont listen to negative coments. it was good, and for the others. its called a fantasy. need i explain what fantasy means?............but it was good.


2008-09-21 18:12:39
The end was just stupid, and this just wouldn't happen... i prefer a bit of realism in the stories i read...

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2008-09-14 09:57:52
Writing is definitely NOT your forte

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2008-09-14 03:19:51

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