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When I caught mom sucking Uncle Ed’s cock my life changed, her life changed, and Uncle Ed’s life changed too.
Fbailey story number 260

Fucking Mom

I was almost fifteen years old when I caught mom sucking Uncle Ed’s cock. Mom must have forgotten that I was due home from baseball practice. Anyway there she was completely naked in the middle of the living room on her knees sucking his cock. Apparently I had not made enough sound to startle them. So I stood dead still watching. Mom had one hand on his cock and the head in her mouth. She was pumping away like mad while playing with her own pussy with her other hand. Uncle Ed was enjoying it and then all of a sudden he reached down, grabbed a hold of her head, and started fucking her face like there was no tomorrow. She tried to cry out but he just keep forcing his cock into her face. She gagged and she choked but he didn’t stop until he was finished. When he finally removed his cock from her lips he just said thank you and zipped up his pants. Mom told him that he was welcome but that she would have liked him to fuck her instead. He told her that her mouth was his to fuck whenever he wanted it and that was that. Mom said that it just wasn’t fair after all the years. Uncle Ed said that life wasn’t fair but that she had agreed to the situation before she had married his brother.

I stepped out of sight when Uncle Ed left but stepped back into the doorway when the front door slammed. Mom looked up at me and just started crying. She sobbed and told me that she had warned Uncle Ed that I would be home soon and that he should leave but he wouldn’t.

I walked over to mom as she continued to kneel on the rug and pulled my cock out. It was hard and it wasn’t easy to fish out but I did. Mom just looked up into my eyes and said that she didn’t have anything left to give me. Then she explained that when she married my father she had given him her pussy. He in turn gave her mouth to his oldest brother Ed and her asshole to his youngest brother Charlie. She said that she had nothing left to give me. I looked down at my naked mother and told her that I wanted her hands and her tits. She looked puzzled. I then told her that I would like hand jobs and to tit fuck her.

She just looked at me as if I didn’t exist. I let her think about it for a minute or two and then I felt her hand on my cock. My own mother then jerked me off letting my cum fall onto her tits before she rubbed it in like an expensive lotion.

In a matter of a few minutes I was hard again. I pushed mom onto her back, sat on her belly, and then tried to slip my cock between her breasts. Mom reached for her own tits and pushed them together for me. I proceeded to tit fuck my mother. The feeling was nice and the fact that she was my mother was even better however I knew that I could never be satisfied with just her tits and hands, I needed more…lots more. After I splatter cum all over her neck and chest she rubbed it all in like she had before. Mom silently went up to her bedroom, a broken woman.

I felt sorry for mom. She had to let four men use her body and I didn’t think that she got anything out of it, certainly not any pleasure. I vowed to change all that.

Every day after school I would tit fuck mom twice just to get my hard-on to go away. She was all that I could think about in school. Around bedtime I demanded hand jobs and got them too. Mom’s whole attitude changed and not for the better either. Mom was broken physically and emotionally. She had practically become a zombie. Not only had her husband and her two brother-in-laws used her as a sex object for the past sixteen years or so but now her son was using her as his fuck slave too. I knew that I had to do something and soon.

The next day I skipped school and went to see my Aunt Debbie. She was Uncle Ed’s wife. I didn’t beat around the bush at all, I just came right out with it and asked her if she knew that her husband had been fucking my mother’s face since dad had married her. She did not answer me but she went white as a ghost. Then I told her about Uncle Charlie too and the fact that the three brother’s had divided up her body. I told her that Mom’s pussy belonged to my father, her mouth to Uncle Ed, and her asshole to Uncle Charlie.

Aunt Debbie sat there for a long while not saying a thing. Finally she told me that her pussy belonged to her husband, that her mouth belonged to Uncle Charlie, and that her asshole belonged to my father.

After a lot of sobbing Aunt Debbie called Aunt Connie and my mother, told them to come over, and that they really needed to talk.

Aunt Connie arrived first and admitted that her pussy belonged to her husband too, that her mouth belonged to my father, and that her asshole belonged to Uncle Ed.

When my mother arrived she confirmed what I had told them. The three brothers had divided up their three wife’s three holes at marriage. Then mom told them that I had seen Ed fuck her face and that I had demanded her hands and tits. I felt so ashamed of myself that I started to cry.

Aunt Debbie then told us that her oldest daughter Amanda who was sixteen years old was letting her father and her two uncles fuck her pussy. They didn’t make any efforts to hide it from Aunt Debbie they just told her that that was the way that it was going to be. They started the day after her sixteenth birthday. She said that Amanda seemed to like it and that they bought her just about anything that she wanted. Hell I would give anything to fuck my cousin, Amanda was really sexy.

That evening, the shit hit the fan. Amanda and I along with the three women were waiting for the men to arrive at Aunt Debbie’s house. The rest of the children had been sent off somewhere to be babysat.

The men had all received phone calls telling them to come to Ed’s house after work. The men had called each other to see what was up. They were pretty sure that it wasn’t going to be anything good for them.

Uncle Ed, Uncle Charlie, and Dad all entered the house at the same time. Aunt Debbie took charge and told them what she knew, that the women had had enough, and that it was going to stop right then and there. In fact she told them that they had better find themselves girlfriends if they wanted to fuck someone ever again.

Uncle Ed decided to threaten Aunt Debbie but she didn’t back down. In fact she told him to get his things and move out, that she was going to file for a divorce, and that she would report him to the police for fucking his minor daughter. Uncle Ed shouted back that Amanda was not a minor. Aunt Debbie told him that she was when he first started fucking her and that she had Amanda’s diary to prove it. It was Uncle Ed’s turn to turn white.

Then Amanda told my mother and Aunt Connie that their husbands had been fucking her too since she was fifteen years old. She said that they had only made it know to her mother the day after she became legal. He diary had all of the dates, times, and places recorded in it. Places, yes they would take her shopping and fuck her in the men’s bathroom or even in the changing room, take her to the movies and do it in a dark corner or in the parking lot, or they would just take her out into the woods someplace and fuck her anywhere that they wanted too.

My mother suggested that my father move in with Ed for a while until she had decided what to do. Aunt Connie suggested that Uncle Charlie join them. Uncle Ed started to threaten his wife but Dad calmed him down and took him outside. Later Dad came back in and asked Aunt Debbie to put a few things in a suitcase for Ed. She gladly threw some clothes and his shaving equipment in a suitcase and then sent me outside with it.

Uncle Ed was still furious and making all kinds of threats about his fucking wife and his fucking daughter. Dad and Uncle Charlie got him into a car and told me to tell mom that they would be in our house that night and not to come home. Uncle Charlie wanted me to tell his wife that he would need an hour or so at his house to gather up a few things. I returned to the women and told them what the men had said.

It was decided that we would all spend the night with Aunt Debbie. There was just me and the four women. Aunt Debbie had her bedroom, Amanda had her bedroom, and then there was the guestroom. As the women were trying to figure out the sleeping arrangements Amanda said that I could sleep with her. I was all for that especially when she told me that she sleeps in the nude.

Aunt Debbie told her that it wasn’t necessary because her two sisters could sleep with her in her king-size bed and that I could take the guestroom.

Amanda told her mother sternly, “I’m sure that he would prefer to sleep with me.”

I sure would.

Mom surprised me when she said, “Let him. After all he is the only man left and all four us will have to share him for the time being.” Mom hesitated for a moment and then said, “I can’t wait to get his cock in my pussy. You should see that thing. It puts my husband’s cock to shame.”

Amanda smiled and said, “Don’t worry mom, I’ll be sure to tell you how good it feels.”

Then my sexy cousin took me up to her bedroom. Amanda just started peeling her clothes off as if it were no big deal. I guess after your father and your two uncles had been fucking you everywhere for over a year and a half that it really was no big deal. I on the other hand had not really undressed even for my mother to suck my cock. I had removed my pants and underwear a couple of times though. Once I was undressed and turned back around to face Amanda her jaw dropped open.

Amanda said, “You mean your mother sucked that thing?”

I just looked down at my cock and I saw nothing special. After all it had grown up with me and it was nothing special at all to me. I had measured it and it was only about six and a half inches long but I guess that it was kind of fat.

So I answered Amanda, “No she just jerked me off, but I tit fucked her too.”

Amanda then asked, “So you’re a virgin?”

I said, “Yes” without even thinking about it.

Amanda smiled and took me over to her bed. She pushed me on my back and told me that she wanted to be in control the first time. Then she told me that my cock could kill a girl if she wasn’t used to it. I had never thought of it as a weapon before.

Amanda got out a tube of K-Y Jelly and coated my cock quite well and then shoved a big gob up into her pussy. Once she was all set she climbed over me, positioned my cock at her entrance, and then shoved back onto it a little. Her eyes bulged out, her mouth formed an oh, and her breath caught. Soon she was pushing back with all her weight and forcing my cock up into her. God was she tight. It was the best feeling ever. I would remember loosing my virginity to my own cousin for the rest of my life. Amanda would lift herself up and drop back down on my cock again and again. As the feeling built up in me I grabbed her hips and started helping her up and down at a faster pace. Then I started lifting my hips up off her bed and slam into her even harder. As the pace quickened and the feeling increased both Amanda and I cum together in a terrific crescendo. She laid on my chest flattening out her nice tits.

Amanda whispered, “God your cock fills me more than anything else has and I’ve had a cucumber in there before. Mom’s going to love you.”

Amanda rolled off to the side and we fell asleep. In the morning I was pleased to find Amanda stroking my cock to get it hard. That time she wanted to let me fuck her since she knew that it would fit. She did make me us the lubricant though. I looked at Amanda with her legs opened up and her pussy lips showing me how pink she was inside. I placed the head of my cock at her entrance and pushed it all the way in. Amanda tried to stop me but I just didn’t realize how full my cock really made her. She told me not to do that to any other woman. I was to take it slower until it was all the way in and the woman had a chance to get used to the size first before I could ram it into someone. Well since I was all the way in I just decided to fuck her like I thought she wanted to be fucked in the first place. Ram was a very good word. I had seen those nature videos of two rams fighting over supremacy with their big horns crashing together. Then I had to smile as Amanda’s pelvis and mine were crashing together too. Who would win? I was trying my hardest to out last Amanda. Finally I heard her cry out in orgasm and then I picked up my pace and my force as I slammed into her relentlessly. She was still rolling on her orgasm or maybe even a second or third orgasm, it was hard to tell as I hit my climax and exploded in her like never before. At fifteen I had cum numerous times but never like that before.

When I pulled out of Amanda I looked down at her pussy. Her hole was wide open and some of my cum was oozing out of her pussy but her hole did not immediately close up. In fact it took several seconds for it to close but even then my cum continued to ooze out of her.

I took a shower, dressed, and went down to breakfast. Amanda joined us a little later. During breakfast Amanda made sure to tell our mothers and Aunt Connie just how big around my cock was in excruciating details. She told of how much I had stretched her pussy out, how I had shoved it in too quickly, and how I had given her a multiple orgasm just that morning.

When breakfast was over I had been divided up just like the women had been. Instead of them having to submit to the three brothers I had to submit to the four women. The big difference was that I wanted it, I liked the idea, and I was looking forward to it.

The End
Fucking Mom
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