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a wild friday night in the kitchen
My friends are I could hardly wait any more for this weekend to come. And come, and come because that’s what we were going to do all Friday night. My parents were going away to visit my grandmother for the weekend, taking my little sister with them. My younger brother Todd was staying here but I knew he’d be with his girlfriend Alison and they’d be off fucking somewhere. He had just learned about sex and they both fucked whenever they got the chance.
My name is Ally and and I love sex too. I also love getting dirty and we were going to do both this weekend. My boyfriend’s name is Kevin. We love to fuck whenever we get the chance, and this was going to be some chance. You see, my parents are distributors for ice cream shops and they have tons of supplies in a big refrigerator and freezer in our basement. Chocolate syrup, whipped cream, chocolate pudding, fruit toppings, everything. And our goal was to be wearing all of it while fucking our brains out.
My parents left Friday morning before I left for school, so since I was feeling so slutty I decided to dress like a total slut. I put on a tiny halter top that didn’t even cover my belly and skin tight jean shorts that barely covered my ass, and I didn’t wear any panties. My two best friends Kris and Jen also came to school totally slutty, but then again all the girls in our school did. Kids were always sneaking off into storage closets and locked offices, getting naked for quick blowjobs or a quick fuck. One day when there was a substitute teacher she left the classroom for a minute and when she came back three different couples were naked and fucking right there in the class.
The three of us rode our bikes over to my house so we could get set up. I couldn’t wait to get as filthy and slimy as possible. I wanted to feel pudding and whipped cream in my hair and rubbed all over my body and cum dripping from my face.
When we got to my house Kris, Jen and I raced down to the storage area to get the goodies. We figured we’d set up shop in the kitchen and then have all weekend to clean up the mess we made. We grabbed 10 giant cans of chocolate pudding and put it in 10 big plastic bowls. We grabbed 20 big cans of whipped cream, plus jars of strawberry topping and bottles of chocolate and caramel syrup. Kris even found a shelf with about 10 cream pies, so we grabbed those too. This was amazing – there were only going to be six of us but we had enough sticky stuff to cover ourselves 10 times over.
By the time the boys came over, the kitchen was ready. We have a giant island in the middle and on it we set up five huge bowls of chocolate, vanilla and butterscotch pudding and cans of whipped cream and jugs of syrup. On our large counters, we put the other bowls of pudding and the pies. I thought about getting naked to wait for Kevin but I love it when he rips my clothes off so we all stayed dressed in our skimpy slutty outfits.
Kevin, Jeremy and Scott then came over. They all dressed pretty much alike, with huge oversized T-shirts and baggy basketball shorts hanging low. The room soon filled with the sounds of young teenagers making out, and in no time clothes started dropping to the floor. Jen’s tits popped free as Scott pulled her tanktop over her head. I slid Kevin’s loose shorts down. Jeremy worked Kris’s super-tight shorts down. In about 20 seconds, the six of us were all naked.
The girls and I knew we had to get things started. We smiled at each other then dropped to our knees. Our boyfriends each had giant cocks, each at least 8 inches. We all started sucking wildly, our spit dripping from our mouths as we worked our boyfriends’ meat in and out of our ravenous mouths. I had been friends with Jen and Kris since we were all in second grade; it was wild seeing us all naked and on our knees with big cocks in our mouths.
Then the fun began. Kevin got it started when he grabbed a can of whipped cream and started spraying it on my head. The chilly cream started dripping down onto my tits as I tried to keep his cock in my mouth. Scott then took a bottle of chocolate syrup and squeezed it on to Jen’s head as she sucked his cock. The chocolate started dripping down her face. Jeremy followed, spraying whipped cream on Kris.
I stood up first and stuck my tongue down Kevin’s throat as I wrapped my arms around him. I was so horny I couldn’t stand it. All six of us were making out when Kris broke free of her kiss with Jeremy. She stuck both her hands in one of the huge tubs of chocolate pudding and started smearing pudding all over Jeremy’s smooth chest. He grabbed a bottle of caramel syrup and squirted it back at her.
From there a veritable food fight broke out. Jen and I grabbed handfuls of pudding and smeared them all over Kevin and Scott. Kevin shoved an entire banana cream pie in my face while squirting whipped cream on my head. Jen got strawberry sauce poured on her head. In no time, the six of us were completely messy and completely ready for some good hard fucking.
I think Jen was the horniest because she got on all fours in the middle of the kitchen floor and screamed for Scott to fuck her doggy-style. He knelt behind her and stuck his cock deep inside while trying to hold on to her hips, which were covered with chocolate and whipped cream.
As their fucking made loud smacking noises, Kevin climbed on to the kitchen counter and laid on his back. I took a can of whipped cream and sprayed enough to cover his chest and stomach. Then I covered my own and turned myself around until we settled in a 69 that looked like a whipped cream sandwich. Jeremy was on his back on another part of the kitchen counter, but Kris was impaled on his cock bouncing up and down. Jeremy grabbed what pudding he could and smeared it all over Kris’s bouncing tits as Kris squirted chocolate syrup into Jeremy’s face.
This continued for a while but we barely made a dent in all the messy, yummy, sticky stuff. So we tried something we had never done before – swapping partners. We all tried different partners and positions, and filled all our holes with cock. We had to use up all the pudding and other food (we couldn’t put it back in the fridge) so we tried different combinations. As Kevin fucked me doggy-style, I sucked on Scott’s cock. As this was going on, Kris and Jen sprayed whipped cream on the boys and lathered butterscotch pudding on me.
At another point, Kris and Jen got into a 69 and started licking and sucking each other wildly. I took handfuls of cream pie and smeared them down Kris’s back and also in Jen’s pussy as Kris was trying to lick it. As I was doing this, Scott squirted chocolate syrup down my ass, then stuck his cock in my ass. It felt amazing.
Then we did the wildest thing of all. Jeremy asked if any of us had heard of a golden shower. I had heard of it but never done it. So while the other two girls continued their 69. I stretched out on the island while rubbing my pussy. Scott, Jeremy and Kevin stood on chairs and aimed their rock-hard cocks at me, then started pissing. My body was covered with whipped cream, chocolate, tons of cum and now piss and I rubbed it all over me, even licking my fingers as I went along.
It was then that Todd and Alison walked into the kitchen.
I wasn’t expecting them home and didn’t hear them come in. They told us later that after they left school they went to Alison’s house, where they usually fucked in the afternoon while her parents are at work. But her little brother was home with friends, so they had to find somewhere else to fuck. So when they walked into the kitchen, they saw six naked kids, barely older than they were, barely recognizable because they were so filthy and slimy and sticky, screaming in orgasm as they fucked their brains out, and Todd’s cum-covered older sister lying on her back on the island being pissed on by three chocolate-covered guys.
Well, tiny little Alison couldn’t wait to join in. She was a teeny little blond girl and had on a skimpier outfit than I did. Todd had on an old, ratty T-shirt and baggy shorts, but Alison wasn’t wasting time – she literally ripped it off his body as she got him naked while stripping herself. So as the six of us repositioned ourselves into yet another fuckable combination, Alison dropped to her knees and started sucking’s Todd’s 6-inch cock.
They were both clean as a whistle and we knew that couldn’t stand. So as Todd grabbed Alison’s head and slid his cock deep inside her hungry mouth, I grabbed one of the bowls of chocolate pudding that hadn’t been touched yet. Kris grabbed one side of it and I grabbed the other and we poured the whole thing on Alison’s head.
She didn’t break stride, continuing to suck on Todd’s cock as the pudding dropped down her face and body. The boys were spraying whipped cream all over Todd as he continued to enjoy the blow job. Finally he was ready to cum, so he pulled out and covered Alison’s pretty face with his jizz.
So now there were eight naked, filthy, screaming kids fucking their brains out in the kitchen. At one point, little Alison had one cock in her mouth, one in her pussy and one up her ass all at once. Todd enjoyed lying on his back and Kris sat on his face and Jen rode his cock like a cowgirl. We also moved into an amazing eight-person daisy chain and ate each for a while.
When we were done, the kitchen was completely trashed, and it took the whole weekend to clean it up. It was completely worth it and we were already planning our next messy adventure.
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