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chapter 2 of the story Lengendary Shy
Legendary shy
Chapter 2

I felt something warm and wet on my dick, I kept on feeling it go up and down, then I opened my eyes to see Heather giving me a blow job, I tried to sit up and felt a stab of pain through my back, she looked up at me without removing her mouth I could tell she was smiling, then I felt her tongue go in a circle and I couldn’t stand it and blew my load deep in her throat. She swallowed and smiled, “god you’re big I could fit it all in my mouth.” “H-H-Heather…um…what are you doing?” “I couldn’t resist sorry.” She gave me a smile and got up and left the room, I adjusted myself and went back to sleep, I then woke up and saw my dad and a male doctor standing talking, they realized I was awake and looked at me, gave me a long look before the doctor said, “well it seems that your awake now, you cause a small hornets nest this past week you been here mister Gethings.” “What do you mean?” “Well that toxic waste didn’t really hurt you, but it did something to a small peace of you DNA….” He droned on and I got lost in all of the big words when he was finally done I said, “Could you please put it more simple?” “of course my apologizes, in a simple way, females will be attracted to you more now…way more, we have hired male police officers to protect you, and only male staff are allowed in, several nurses and doctors, all females, have attempted to try something. So now you see what is going on, if you will excuse me, I have to leave.” With that he left and shut the door behind him, but before he could there were some cameras out in the hall. My dad made me jump when he spoke, “yeah your famous now, the reports have been here all week waiting for you to wake up, hell son im proud of you…me and your mother thought we lost you…but you pulled through and that is that matters. But we have arranged for someone to pick you up after you get out of the hospital in a week, but today me and your mother have to go a new oil site in Alaska, so well see you in a month or two ok?” “Sure dad ill be waiting, ill try and not to get into anymore trouble.” He gave a forced smile and left, and then a couple of the reports got a peek at me and started to make a hustle to get in.

I then thought to myself, “I guess there is an angel watching over me, or god is trying to kill me, probably both.” “Well you the first one right but the other one is wrong, he is trying to repaying you for being a good human.” Wait did I just hear someone else’s voice? “Yes” “who’s there?” “Someone” with that I heard a female voice start to giggle. I looked around then I saw a light coming from the ceiling, and a female came through then I looked again…wait…no it can’t be….”Ms. Higgins!?” she landed on the end of my bed and sat down and smiled gently at me, “yes its me, im a angel, im here to watch over you, and god doesn’t have it out for you, as I said he loves that your such a kind person and decided to make your life…worthwhile.” “So you’re telling me that you’re my guardian angel sent here to watch over me?” “Yes, and im moving in, if you remember when your parents leave your in charge of the boarding house, so what do you say?” “Uh yeah…sure…wait…your MOVING IN!?” she giggled at that and said, “Yes so you better get well soon because I want to see you in school, oh and please don’t tell anyone.” And with that she vanished into thin air. The door to the room slowly opened and the doctors head poked in and said, “mister Gethings some of the reporters would like a word with you.” I sighed and said, “sure I might as well die before I leave.” With that he shut the door and two reports came in and the day begun with this. Later that day after everyone was satisfied with there answers so I was finally able to get some rest, when I woke up, I really felt better, and decided to get dressed, even tough my ankle felt better my hand was still in the cast, and I read on the side of my bed what was wrong with me; a cracked rib, 30 stitches in the back, dislocated shoulder. Well I guess I got off lightly, I thanked god and my angel for protecting me. Then for some reason I felt really warm. I really didn’t understand why, but I opened the door to leave, to run into someone, I looked down to see Zach and Cody standing there, I walked back in the room to let them in the second I shut the door, I heard Zach say, man I been wanting to say this, man will you join the football team and kendo team!?” I just stepped back by the suddenness, “um...Sure...Why not...” “Oh dude watch this, he took out a VHS and popped it into the TV it was the video of the fight, after that, it switched to the video of crash, it was a aerial view, I guessed it was from a helicopter and the people were saying, “the teenager who saved a girl from some thugs is now covered in toxic material, but what is weird, is that before that he saved the driver of the crashed vehicle, he sacrificed himself, to save the man. Wait we’re getting some new footage,” it switches to a ground camera and it was zoomed in on him then I could hear myself yell, “GET BACK! Its LEAKING!” it zoomed back to the reporter who said into the camera, “it seems that the fuel tanker leaking, the teen is yelling to everyone to get back, even though the tanker did have toxic materials in it the HAZMAT team removed it thanks to the teen, wait the teen is running towards the HAZMAT truck, that must-BOOM-oh god, the truck just blew up wait the teen is stirring on the ground the HAZMAT team is running to him, let pray he is alright.” With that the video ended I just sat there stunned, “man you must got a guarding angel or something.” I laughed at the irony of his words and said, “Yeah I bet, so you guys ready to head out?” they both gave a serious look and then they both at the same time called for the doctor. He rushed in like it was an emergency when he saw me fully clothed he gave me a serious look and said, “Mister Gethings I recommend you get back in the bed.” I replied, “I feel fine I can go, but while you’re here can you remove this cast?” I waved my hand in front of him; he said sit so he can check the stitches and my hand. When he took off my shirt and gasped when he saw my back, so did my friends, “whats wrong?” that’s the problem nothing is, you have a scare but that’s it, you healed. It like a miracle thanks to the waste you were drenched in you must be able to regenerate cells faster. He removed my cast and my hand felt relieved a little sore from being in the cast but ok. The whole time he was checking many of the wounds he was always wide-eyed same as my friends. He let me leave and said my friend can take me home so I told him to cancel the ride later the week. Instead of driving, I and my friends started to walk to my house. On the way a lot of people were gasping and waving at me. I just blushed and thought school is going to be hell.
When we finally arrived at my house, 30 mins later, I found a lot of mail waiting for me, my friends just laughed and said they had to go but before they went Zach said something that for some reason got me thinking, “hey man there is a party at my house tonight, if you show up you’ll be the guest of honor.” That made me chuckle, “sure ill think about think.” When they shut the door I turned at saw some brown come flashing towards be I ducked to the left and raised my fists but what I thought was a attacker was a awe struck Courtney, “ken… im sorry I thought you were an robber, but how did you-? You have never been able to dodge my swings.” After she said that a frighten Angela and Penny came running into the room. They looked at me then to Courtney, and then looked back to me before they realized it was me. The next thing I knew I was on the ground being hugged by Courtney and Penny, “girls please I just got out of the hospital please!” they both got off quick but realized they were tricked when I broke out laughing. Before they could pounce again I raised my hand, “please there are something we need to discuss.” They both stopped and stared at me, they never seen me in such a good mood, or even talk like this before. They followed me into the kitchen where I got some drinks for all of them we sat they all looked at me before I started to talk, “ok well first things first, Angela can you please clean out a room, we will be having a new tenant; because Ms. Higgins will be moving in, I don’t know the reasons for her to but that is what she told me. Then the second thing is that Zach asked me to join the football team and kendo team. I got dragged into it so I will be busy most of the time with practices, so Angela can I trust you to take care of the place while im gone? Oh if Pen wants to help out she can.” Angela looked cheerful from the compliment and the she said, “of course bro, and Penny has been helping out already so it wont bother her will it Penny?” “Nope I love trying to help the people who are helping me.” I just smiled and turned to Courtney, “oh would you mind being my personal tutor for Kendo? I know your awesome at it so I want to learn from the best.” She turned scarlet from the excessive sweet talking, when she spoke her voice was full of excitement, “duh, I don’t care.” She seems pleased by her reply, then I turned to all the others and said, “Well get your good clothes on cause were going to a party tonight at Zach’s house.” They all look taken aback from words. Then before I knew it Penny and Angela were rushing to their rooms and Courtney was out the back door. All I did was laugh and head up to my room, the second I shut the door, I leaned against it and closed my eyes and let out a long sigh, then I heard a voice which scared the living shit out of me. “You seem to be in a good mood Ken.” Then I realized who it was, “yes Ms. Higgins.” Then I bowed my head and said to her, “thank you.” “Why are you thanking me?” I smiled at how stupid she thought I was, “I watched the video, even though my friends didn’t see it, I saw what really saved me. Thank you, if you hadn’t pushed that piece of metal a few inches to the left it would have severed my vertebrae. And then my wounds healed instantly at the hospital, but I thank god for that one.” She looked surprised I figured it all out then smiled, “well I guess it will be hard to fool you, well yes I did, and you don’t have to thank me, I was just doing my job.” “Yeah well I still say thanks.” Then I blurted out, “would you like to go to the party with us?” she looked taken aback from what I said. “No I cant, I got so many papers to grade,” “well that’s a pity, maybe once you finish you work you will show up.” She looked pleased from me asking then she said, “Yeah ill try and hurry.” With that she smiled then left in a beam of light.

I guess I could get use to this, I walked over to my dresser and found some suitable clothes for tonight when I looked at the clock it was only 30 mins until the party, I rushed to get dressed, and when I finally wet down stairs, I saw a note with some car keys on it, I look at it and the note read “hey son this is a present from me and your mom, we know you have your driver license but we wanted to see if you were responsible enough before we got you a car. Hope you like it, love mom and dad.” I smiled and wondered what car they got me, when I walked out side I nearly fainted they bought the brand new dodge charger, then I opened the hood to see it had the V8 engine installed, then I thought for second and shut the hood, I took out my phone and called Raven, “hey, do you want to go to a party with me and a few friends?” there was silence for a second then a worried voice said, “aren’t you suppose to be in the hospital, “I smiled to myself and replied in a cheery voice, “nope they let me leave cause I was such a good patient. So what do you say, and don’t worry im fine.” I heard her giggle on the receiver then, “yeah sure, ill be at your place in a bit,” I said quickly “no it’s ok, ill pick you up. See you in 15 mins ok.” I heard an ok and the line went dead, then I sent a message to Courtney’s phone saying I would pick her up. After that I shut my phone and stuck it in my pocket, then I opened the driver side door and slide behind the wheel, I adjusted the seat, and looked at the stereo system and it looked brand new, I then ran inside the house I didn’t see Penny or Angela anywhere, I guessed there were still in there rooms getting ready. When I grabbed my Slipknot and Nickelback CDs, I walked back outside to the car and popped in the Nickelback but didn’t play it yet, I started the engine and felt the rumble as it came to life, I loved the feel of power behind the wheel, then I honked the horn, and I saw the front door open and both of the girls came outside and there jaws dropped as they saw what was waiting. I started to laughed and said out the window, “come on were going to be late if you don’t hurry we got 2 more people to pick up.” They ran to the car and fought for shotgun, but Angela was the victor, when we pulled out I tested the car, Courtney’s house was a couple blocks down the road, and I brought the car up to 80 before I had to slow down, when we pulled up, I honked the horn, and she came running out the house and I got the same expression as the other two did. We all laughed when she got in the back, before we pulled off, I turned on the CD player and turned the song to ‘animals’ I turned it up and floored it towards Ravens house,. The girls were chit chatting about something I wasn’t really paying any attention when we pulled up to ravens place I honked the horn and switched the CD to the slipknot one, I chose to bring that because Raven liked them. She came outside and ran to the car she didn’t say anything when she got in between them but then she said, “well it looks like someone got a new present, lets go.” I started the player and peeled out of the drive way and down the road.

Zach’s place was like a mansion on the other side of town, so I decided to take the highway to his place. When we got onto it I hit the petal and was doing at least 110, the girls were plotting something behind my back. But I didn’t care I loved the rush of the speed, then I saw in the mirror a police car with sirens on coming up behind us, I started to slow down and pulled to the side of the curb where it took 3 more minutes for it to reach us, when I rolled down the tinted window I heard a gasp in which I gasped cause the other person was no other than officer Wesley. She looked at me for a second then inside the car, and smiled a sly smile at me. “I heard hat my sister did to you, or a better way to putting it I felt it.”I looked confused for a second, and then she said, “Ill let you off with a warning but please stay in the limit, and here.” She handed me a card with an address on it, I smiled and thanked her and said I would stop by later. She smiled and walked back to her vehicle and drove off, when I turned I got a lot of different angry looks from the girls who turned to each other and spoke in the secret girl talk which was mostly made up of half sentences and looks. I sighed and drove the rest of way to Zach’s house in fear of them.

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