This is a pece of fiction based on heavily exadurated facts
As a child, sex meant little to me, even though I was very much aware of it. But slowly it became the biggest part of my life. I’m now a woman of nineteen years and have already had a lifetime of erotic experiences.

I first learned of masturbation when I was just six years old, when one night when I couldn’t sleep, I thought I heard my mother crying , so I tip-toed down the hall to her bedroom door and pushed it open just enough to peek in. what I saw shocked me and thrilled me in equal measure, my mother was laid at the bottom of her bed with her feet flat on the floor and her legs spread wide apart. She wasn’t wearing any pants or panties and opposite her was a mirrored wardrobe door, and in it I could see exactly what her hands were doing. Her cunt was spread wide and I could see that it was soaked. So much so, in fact, that it was oozing all over her hand and onto the bed spread.
I was curious to understand just what was happening , and found myself unable to look away.
I watched as she writhed and wriggled around in what I now know to be lustfully orgasmic pleasure, her right hand rubbing up and down and her left up her shirt. every time she moaned I could feel myself getting more and more exited, my young pussy was yearning to be touched, but I just didn’t know what to do to it. As I was only dressed in some panties and a nightie, I soon noticed that a wet patch had appeared on my panties, and I couldn’t help but run my finger across it on the line of my tight pussy lips.
Suddenly my mother screamed “oh, fuck!!, I’m Cumming!” and started to thrust her pelvis, still with her fingers deep inside, up into the air.
I was so mesmerised in what had just happened- that I failed to notice my mother sigh and open her eyes, at this point I should mention that her face throughout this whole experience was aimed directly at me, and the wet patch on my panties was hugely noticeable.
I froze for a moment, in a complete panic, before coming to my senses and making a break for my bedroom.
I dove straight in between my covers, which in hindsight must’ve made too much noise not to be noticed, I pretended to be asleep, but no-one came. Several minutes past and still there was no-one.
I started to think that maybe she didn’t see me, after all it was well lit in her room and dark in the hallway. Light washed over me suddenly, like a icy wind, it made me cold in fear, it took all the strength of mind I could muster not tremble, and remain in the illusion of sleep, but it must of worked as the door closed leaving me once again, alone in my room. I had gotten away with it.
Or so I thought.

For the next day when I returned from school, and my brother had gone to his friends house for a few hours, my mother approached me in the living room.
She explained that she had seen me watching her last night, but instead of being upset she was pleased. “my little girl is growing up” she asked me if I knew what she was doing, and when I replied no she sat down and explained it all to me.
Of course, I still didn’t really understand, and she could sense it and asked “want me to show you?”.
She had already started to close the curtains before I had said yes. And instantly stripped off in front of me.
She was so beautiful I couldn’t help but stare.
“now then” she said “ this is a vagina, and women rub it to feel good” she started to rub her pussy inches from my face and could smell it and I liked it.
Slowly she moved a hand to her breasts and started to rub them, I noticed the juices returned and ran down her hand dripping onto the carpet.
I was sat in the middle of a three seated couch, and my mother was kneeled over me with one leg either side of me, her pussy started to drip on me as she moaned in ecstasy writhing manically, thrusting her pelvis.
A droplet of her juices, which were soaking my clothes, fell onto my hand and, as my mother wasn’t looking, I brought it towards my face to smell it, and taste it!.
She didn’t notice as she had her head tilted back moaning like a banshee.
I noticed her breathing had gotten a lot deeper, and her beautiful chest was heaving with each gasp. Her nipples her huge and hard as rock - and so were mine!.
She had four fingers inserted deep inside her, right up to the knuckles, they shined with the large amount of love juice pouring from her pussy.
I could hear her muttering “fuck me!, fuck me hard!” over and over, until she started moaning louder and louder “”oh! Ooh!, OOH yeah!”. her hand was flustering manically over her clit, which was swollen and enlarged. Suddenly she screamed in ecstasy so loud that it made jump, her pussy squirted all over me and my mother was trembling so much the whole couch shook , her pussy still squirting, and with the trembling, I was getting drenched,. There was so much of it, that I thought that she was pissing all over me- and I liked it.
After she finished, her body recoiled, and lowered herself until she was resting her forehead on my shoulder, still trembling, out of breath and panting uncontrollably, she looked me in the eye without taking her head off of my shoulder and said;
“I’m, so sorry of soaking you baby, but it felt so good, I couldn’t stop”
She slumped down again and she laid there naked and on top of me until she had recuperated and then she took me upstairs to get cleaned up and get dressed.

When she got to her room she slipped on some old sweat pants and a baggy tee-shirt, and turned to me and said “okay, lets get you out of those wet clothes”. as she was stood behind me she thought that I couldn’t see her as she took my top off , but I saw her sniff at her juices soaked into the fabric, and thoroughly enjoyed it, but I just smiled and kept quiet. “okay then, lets get you in the shower.”
She walked into her bathroom and put the top in her laundry basket, and I had climbed onto her bed and laid there, in just my panties, until she came back into the room.

When she had returned she walked over to the bed and was about to pick me up when I asked her a question that she wasn’t really ready for;
“mummy, why did you go all funny and start to pee all over me?”
She hesitated for a moment before explaining that she was having an orgasm and that it felt good.
I said I wanted to have one, and she laughed, then her face turned serious and she said okay!.
I was surprised, not to mention confused as she sat on the bed next to me, and put her hand on my chest, the contact thrilled me to the core, and I started to get exited as she started to slide her hand down my body. She stroked my hair with other hand. When she got to the rim of my panties her hand stopped, much to my disappointment as my pussy was aching to be stroked, she slid her finger provocatively along my stomach guided by the elastic of my panties, the suspense was killing me as I was so turned on at this point.
Eventually she slid her hand on top of the fabric of the panties, stroking them lovingly, she leaned towards me and kissed me on my forehead and whispered tome “trust me”, and with that she slid her hand across my pussies lips, straight between my legs, the shock caused me to clench, squeezing my thighs around her hand. She smiled and started to move her fingers sending vibrations of pure pleasure straight to my clit, that made me gasp.
I laid there while my mother s fingers were rotating between my thighs, rubbing my cunt through the fabric of my panties, she was obviously well practiced, as I was almost cumming after just a few minutes, she must have noticed , because my hands were clenching and pulling at the bed spread, and my chest was starting to heave with my heavy breath. As I relaxed my legs, she started rubbing my cunt with her middle finger, my panties were soaked , and I could feel the hot liquid pulsating out of me. She started to push her middle finger deep inside me, making me gasp from the intrusion. I reached down and pulled my panties down so I could see. She had two fingers shoved deep inside my young child pussy. “ do you like that baby” her hand glistened in my juices. My toes were contorted in ecstasy and I was moaning louder and louder, add she was rubbing me off so hard that her tits were shaking manically. I noticed her nipples were rock hard, so I knew this was turning her on, which pushed me over the edge and I began to come,
“Ooooh, mummy! Oh god! mummy.… its sooo good!”
my body was wrenching about violently, and I was loving it. “your coming baby, I love you so much”
The only way to explain how I felt was that it was like I was in a falling lift, my first orgasm, and I got to share it with my mother it was perfect. It felt like 5 minutes or so, but was probably more like 5 seconds, but it was the most amazing I’ve ever had.
When it was all over, I just layer there, naked with my panties around my knees, struggling to catch my breath, my mother was still rubbing my pussy gently, scooping out the cum with her fingers.
She stroked my hair with her free hand, kissed me on the forehead and got up wiped her hand on her shirt and walked away.

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