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Something new and exciting moves into the neighborhood, a fifteen-year-old sex kitten from North Dakota.
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Kimberly From North Dakota

When a pretty girl suddenly appears on my dead end street I take notice. She had on a tight white top and equally tight black shorts. She was a teenager too. I started doing work around my yard just to get a closer look at her. That white top certainly showed off her nice tits and the fact that she had on a sports bra without any hooks in the back. Her sports bra was also white but I could still see what I thought were her dark areolas and of course I could see her hard nipples poking out. Her black shorts were tight but as you know black is so hard to see. They were up her ass crack and I believe they cupped her pussy but as I said, things are hard to see clearly when everything is black. I sure wished that her shorts were white or some other light color.

One of the other girls called her Kimberly. She was a cousin from North Dakota that was visiting for the entire summer. They asked me if they could swim in my pool. I looked at Kimberly, smiled, and said that they could.

My wife had started letting the neighborhood girls use our enclosed in-ground swimming pool several years ago. She kept the boys out because she just couldn’t keep them under control.

This spring I retired at sixty-two and opened the pool up early. I like it warm so I set the temperature at a very comfortably level a couple of weeks ago and I clean the filters and pool bottom every day, I check the chemicals, and I cover the pool every evening. My wife and I like to skinny dip at night. Moonlight swims are our favorites.

Just as I got the cover off from the pool the girls arrived. Kimberly had on a white bikini that made me hard instantly. It was a string bikini and the string around hr neck was a little too loose allowing her breasts to flop around more than they should. When she sat down I could see her dark pubic hairs sticking out of her leg openings. Her cousin noticed the hairs and told her that she needed to trim her pussy. Kimberly looked right at her and said that she didn’t want too, that it had taken her far too long to grow it down there in the first place, and then she looked directly at me and asked me if I liked seeing pubic hair or if I liked it shaved better.

I really didn’t know this girl at all and I hardly knew her cousin since she usually used the pool during the day when I was normally at work. Anyway I didn’t really have to think about it. I told her that I like it all ways, that I liked it full, bushy, and wild as God had intended it, that I liked it shaved bald like a little girl’s pussy, and that I also liked it trimmed and partially shaved. I told her that over the years I had shaved my wife’s pussy into heart shapes, landing strips, and completely bald but that at the moment my wife’s pussy was wild and wooly too. That put a smile on Kimberly’s face.

When the girls jumped into the water Kimberly’s bottom slipped down to her ass crotch and her boobs fell out of her top. Instead of turning away from me, she turned toward me and took her time putting her breasts away. She then lifted her bottoms up and tried to tighten the strings. Then Kimberly got out of the water to have me help her but in doing so her boobs fell out again and her bottoms were back down to her crotch again. I really enjoyed the view. She just held her bottoms up a little especially in the back where her cousin could see and then she walked to me. I had a huge smile on my face and Kimberly seemed to enjoy it. She knew exactly what effect she was having on me. I sure got a close view of her dark brown pubic hair as I tied one side of her bikini bottom and then the other side. She leaned in toward me so that I could reach behind her and tie the string around her neck tighter too. It was not exactly the best position to tie it in but it was certainly the best position to put her breasts in my face. While they were there that close I took the liberty to kiss and suck on each of her nipples. Then I reached behind her back again to tie that string tighter too. As I did so I rested my face in her cleavage. Once Kimberly was put together properly she thanked me. Of course I thanked her and told her that I would be happy to tie her up anytime. She whispered to me that she might like that if I could get rid of my wife and her cousin long enough to do it. Oh my God!

For the next hour I played lifeguard with my wife checking on us every now and then. She brought drinks out to the girls and asked Kimberly some very personal questions. I knew that she was doing that for my benefit. They were things that I was dying to know anyway. My wife has been very good to me over the years.

As my wife asked the girls questions I found out that Kimberly was not a virgin but that her fourteen-year-old cousin Tiffany was. Both girls had started their periods and that Kimberly was on birth control pills. Kimberly’s breasts were a 32-B and Tiffany’s were a 32-A. Both girls admitted that they masturbated every night at bedtime. Kimberly had let two different boys cum in her mouth and she had let four different boys screw her pussy, none of the boys had ever eaten her or given her any pleasure at all. Tiffany had let just one boy feel of her breasts and poke his finger into her vagina but only once. Kimberly had been sent here to get her away from all of the boys at home. Her mother called her a slut and had sent her to spend the summer with her Aunt.

My wife told Kimberly that she liked her hairy bush and that hers looked the same. She also told the girls that I was the one that trimmed or shaved her pussy whenever it needed it.

My wife told the girls about our late night skinny-dipping and invited them to come back after dark if they wanted to join us. She suggested that they not tell Tiffany’s mother what they were really up to for fear that she might not approve. Tiffany said that she would be too shy to undress in front of me but Kimberly said that she didn’t mind and that she would love to come back later if she could get away. Surprisingly Tiffany said that she would cover for her. Now that was friendship.

As the girls were drying off to go home my wife undressed and jumped in the pool naked. She did it to prove to Kimberly that her pussy was quite hairy too as well as to just expose herself to those two young girls. They didn’t know it but my wife has seduced a whole lot more young girls than I have. In fact Tiffany was one of them and my wife said that she really liked sucking pussy, any pussy. She might be a virgin where boys come in but as far as girls go Tiffany was not playing in the amateur league. My wife was hoping to let me see Tiffany in action with her or better yet with her cousin Kimberly. Now that would be a show worth watching. When the girls left I got out of my clothes, jumped into the water, and fucked my wife up against the ladder in the shallow end.

My wife told me that she had seen me tying Kimberly’s bikini, sucking on her nipples, and that she wanted to know how good she really was. I told her that Kimberly was a very aggressive young lady, that she literally threw herself at me, and that she was everything that my wife could desire.

Just as it started to get dark and the streetlights came on both Kimberly and Tiffany came in the gate and locked it behind them. My wife and I were amazed to see Tiffany but she said that Kimberly had talked her into it. They told Tiffany’s mother that they had been invited over to swim when the underwater lights were on.

My wife removed her short silky robe and stood there nude. I did the same and then we waited for the girls to undress. Kimberly was not at all hesitant but Tiffany sure was. Being last and being the center of attention made her even more shy but eventually she removed her panties to show me that she had hardly any pubic hair. She was embarrassed to let me see her because she knew how much I liked bushy pussies. My wife reminded Tiffany that I had often shaven her pussy bald so that she looked like a little girl down there too.

Then for some reason I knelt before Tiffany so that my face was right level with her almost bald pussy and took a good long look at it. Then I held her butt cheeks and planted a nice kiss on her pussy mound. I remember what my wife had said about Tiffany being a muff-diver and slipped my tongue in her moist slit and moved it up to her clit. I felt her jump and I held her closer until I gave her an oral orgasm. Kimberly wanted to be next and took Tiffany’s place. I gave Kimberly an oral orgasm and got a couple of hairs in my mouth for the effort. Meanwhile my wife had been behind me eating Tiffany’s pussy too and she gave her another orgasm. Again not wanting to be left out Kimberly stood before my wife for her turn. When she was finished my wife asked Tiffany and Kimberly to get into a sixty-nine to show me how it’s done. Those two girls must have had a contest to see could make the other one cum the most. When they were exhausted my wife and I got into a very nice sixty-nine too with me on the bottom so that I would not try to ram my cock down my wife’s throat. After several minutes Kimberly asked if she could take my wife’s place and she let her. Near the end Tiffany tried it too but she let Kimberly take over before I cum in her mouth. Kimberly however held it in her mouth, attacked her cousin, and then spit my cum into Tiffany’s mouth making her swallow it all. Tiffany admitted that she liked eating pussy more than sucking cock and that she liked the way girl’s taste better too. Jokingly I told her that I felt the same way. It took her a moment for that to sink in but then she laughed.

As the conversation got around to incest, Tiffany said that it was gross and disgusting. That was when my wife told her that having sex with her cousin Kimberly not too long ago had been incest just as much as if she had had sex with Kimberly’s brother. That put a different outlook on things.

Eventually we got in the water for our moonlight swim and had a great time. Just before the girls left they got their suits wet and put them on to go home wrapped in a towel. My wife and I made love in the pool again, covered it up afterwards, and then went into the house for the rest of the night.

Right after breakfast the following morning Kimberly knocked on our door. My wife invited her in. She wanted to talk to my wife about what had happened the night before. Kimberly said that sex with her cousin and my wife had been good but that when I licked her pussy it had been great. Then she explained that she had been having sex with all of her boyfriends almost every day and that she really missed it. Then she asked my wife if she could ‘borrow’ me a few times a week. My wife laughed and asked her if she really wanted to be fucked by a dirty old man. Kimberly smiled and said that she did, she really did. She also confessed that she and Tiffany had stuck around and spied on us having sex in the pool last night. She said that she really needed my cock in her pussy. That was when my wife explained it to me and sent me up to our bedroom to take care of Kimberly’s problem.

I owed my wife a new living room set now. We had bet on how long it would take for me to fuck Kimberly and I was dumb enough to think that it would take a whole week. Of course my wife had taken less than a week.

Kimberly and I had no problem getting undressed in front of one another. I held her to me and kissed her gently as I cupped her ass cheeks and pulled her into my crotch making my cock raise. She broke our kiss, smiled at me, and said that she didn’t need any foreplay. That was too bad because I wanted the foreplay. I put her on the bed and kissed her some more as I played with her firm young teenage body. Her lips were too eager, her breasts were much firmer than my wife’s breasts, and her pussy was not as responsive as my wife’s pussy. I gave her breasts and her nipples a good working over and I really enjoyed how hard her nipples got. I liked her dark areolas too. All of the young girls that I had seen before had very light areolas. I kissed her round tummy on my way to her pussy. I settled in for the long haul. I kissed her hair pussy, parted her outer lips, and I licked her inner lips. I flicked her clitoris and sent shivers up her spine. I poked my finger into her hole and sucked it before putting two fingers in and doing the same thing. Three fingers fit in her but not easily, so I knew that she could take my cock without too much effort. I worked on her clit until I had given her three good orgasms. She may not have wanted foreplay but she sure as hell enjoyed it.

Once I thought that Kimberly had plenty of foreplay I got between her legs and slowly and gently slipped my cock into her love tunnel. I was in no hurry to end this love making so I was going to prolong it just as long as I could. I glanced over at the clock and started to do my in and out maneuver. I had taken years to perfect it. I would take five very long strokes from just my head inside her to every inch in her and then I would take five short strokes where I just use about an inch of my cock. Then every other set of short strokes would be from all the way in and using that inch to being just inside her entrance and using that inch. That was the part that gave me the most thrill. I really enjoyed the soft wet friction just under the head of my cock. However I resisted the urge to cum at those times. I was definitely having an effect on Kimberly too. She was panting and breathing hoarsely. Her body was twitching. She was right on the brink. That was when I pulled out to the entrance, gave her that inch until I felt the urge, and then I slammed it in balls deep and let it flow. I shot cum into her womb like there was no tomorrow. I know that I fired a couple of extra times inside of her too. When I looked over at the clock I made a mental note that I had been in her pussy for twenty-two minutes. It was not a record but it sure was close.

When my wife came in to check on us Kimberly was cuddled into me and we were lying on top of the bed uncovered. Kimberly was at peace with the world. She told my wife that she had never before been made loved too like that. My wife was pleased that she had enjoyed herself. Kimberly told her that she might never let another boy fuck again, she was only going to let grown men fuck her from then on. I just smiled because I was pretty sure that I had spoiled her for other men too.

The End
Kimberly From North Dakota
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