Kelly loves it all...she's taught well! There may be a Chapter 2 depending on feedback!
Kelly was a slut. She grew up in the sun, on a big farm, miles from anywhere. From as young as she could remember her days of running around in the dusty dirt by the farmhouse were ended with her Daddy playing with her body and teaching her to enjoy it. He started off slow, licking her pussy when she was a little baby to fingering her clit at bedtimes and kissing her naked little body all over, even sucking and chewing on her tiny nipples, by the time she was 4. He always ended the sessions by cumming in her little mouth and making her eat it up so there was no evidence.

At the age of 6 he had started taking her out on the farm during the days that her Mom wasn't able to look after her. Before too long he was taking her out on the farm most of the days that her Mom could have looked after her as well. During some of these days Daddy used to take her to the barn and have her suck his dick. There was something so fantastic about looking down at his beautiful 6 year old daughter, her dark red hair in pigtails and her innocent blue eyes looking up at him, as she eagerly sucked his fat cock into her tiny, pretty mouth. On other days he’d take her to the far reaches of the farm, strip them both naked, pop her up onto the tractor or a fence and take some time out from his work in the hot sun to eat her delicious, hairless little babycunt before using her gorgeous mouth to bring himself off.

On days like that he usually pulled out and came all over her little angel slut face and hair and told her she was to let the sun dry it. For the rest of the day he'd get more and more turned on as his tiny pre-teen daughter watched him work with cum dried all over her face and in her stunning red hair. By the end of the day he’d be cumming on her again, making her eat the fresh load before washing the dry cum off of her with the outside hose before her Mom saw.

When she was 8, he got Kelly to start sucking the dicks of Barney, Jim, Frank and Johnny. These were the first cocks other than her fathers that she had sucked. Barney was the family's small dog that had been bought for Kelly when she was a little girl, and Jimmy, Frankie and Johnny were the farms horses. When Kelly's Mom had a day away from the farm Daddy would take Kelly to the stables and have her get underneath each horse, one at a time, and rub and suck their massive, thick cocks. Daddy loved seeing each horse empty its huge load of cum all over his beautiful 8 year old girl until her entire face, body and hair was covered in copious amounts of the sperm. After the horses had been pleasured, Kelly was told to suck Barney the dog off. The first time she had sucked her doggy's dick she hadn't been too sure about it, but ever since she got that fat 6 inch knob in her mouth and pushing into her baby throat, she couldn't help but love it. She swallowed everything her doggy gave her and carried on sucking to see if she would be rewarded with more. She loved her doggy, and her doggy loved her.

After she had finished eating Barney's cum her Daddy told her to clean herself up a little, which was one of Kelly's favourite parts - it meant she got to scoop some of the delicious horse cum from her body and face and eat as much as she could. It made Kelly feel so horny to scoop horse cum up off of her flat little chest and tummy and eat it down. She'd next let Barney lick it off of her hairless little quim and clean it good and proper so her Daddy would eat her until she came. "I must be the luckiest little girl alive" she thought to herself as she led back in the hay of the barn, covered in and eating horse cum, as her Daddy and Barney licked her 8 year old cunt until she came, making her small body shake like an earthquake had struck.

Just a few weeks later Daddy broke Kelly's cherry with his fingers before allowing Barney, a dog, to be the first cock of thousands to fuck her gash. The second Barney's thick cock started to stretch its way into her pretty opening she started to cum. "I'm finally being fucked!" she called out to her Daddy. As he watched his baby girl, on her knees and elbows in the hay, he knelt next to them stroking his cock and reaching under Kelly to feel her flat tits, leaning in to kiss her perfect little lips. Daddy ended up fucking Kelly's beautiful mouth as Barney powered in and out of her tiny snatch before both filled the holes up with what felt, to Kelly, like a gallon of cum. She was in heaven - young and fucked full of cum by her Daddy and her dog.

All of this carried on for the next year, with Daddy slowly getting Kelly more and more hooked on dirty, hard sex with anything that moved. She had even started stretching her tiny hole with the huge horse cocks. She could only take a few inches of them, but it was impressive for a 9 year old cunt. Kelly had found a new love as well - being assfucked. The 9 year olds scrumptious little ass had started to be plundered by Barney, and her Daddy had decided her little gash was big enough now for him to start fucking it. Every day for the first two months, after he finally got in to it, he fucked his little girls pussy until he couldn't stand it anymore and filled her up with his thick load. Kelly drained every drop of every load into her hand and licked her palm and fingers clean, much to Daddy's delight.

After one particularly good day for Daddy (he'd managed to get his entire hand into her little cunt for the first time), Mommy was putting Kelly to bed when she noticed that her hole was gaping a lot more than a 9 year olds hole should. "Kelly, have you been playing with yourself?" asked Mommy. "No, I haven't" Kelly replied. "Well why are you so stretched out down here, baby?" Mommy enquired. "Well, if I tell you, you have to promise to not say nothing to no one, Mommy" said Kelly. "I promise, honey" Mommy whispered as her tongue swiped at her little girls delicious pussy. Kelly continued: "MMM! Well, okay then. You know how you said a couple of years ago that if I wanted us to keep eating each others pussies out and playing with each other then I would have to keep it top secret?" Mommy nodded, now devouring her pre-teen daughters gash. "Well Daddy said the same thing to me, but I think he's been doing it since I was very little, a long, long time before you started licking me" Mommy pulled back with an amazed look on her face and stared at her baby in disbelief. "But he's been fucking me for a while now and so has Barney and I can even get the horses cocks and Daddy's hand in me as well. Oh! And I love having Barney fuck me in my asshole". Mommy nearly passed out in shock. After a few minutes of getting her head around these new revelations Mommy could feel her cunt catching fire and burning hotter and hotter. Before long her jeans were soaked at the crotch and her asshole was itching like crazy. Little did her husband or child know, but she also loved having Barney fuck her in her ass.

All of a sudden Kelly's Mommy grabbed her by the arm and pulled her naked body down the stairs and out into the front yard, where her husband was tending to some late summer evening work. "What the fuck have you been doing to our daughter!" She screamed at him, still holding the naked 9 year old by the arm. He looked at his wife in fear and then quickly at his naked daughter. "What the hell are you on about, and why the fuck is she out here naked?!" he shouted back. "I'm sorry Daddy, she promised not to tell. She was licking my hole and she saw I was stretched and I thought it would be okay" the young slut sobbed. There was silence and the adults looked at each other for a moment and then looked at the girl. Mommy walked over to her husband with a look he'd never seen in her eyes was pure, out of control lust. "You better fucking show me what you've been doing to our little slut and tell me all about it, or the only one getting my steaming cunt and ass for the next year will be the fucking dog". Well, he was horny but not stupid so he told his hot young wife everything as their naked 9 year old angel slut stood in the same spot, itching to be fucked.

As her Mommy listened to her husband explain everything about the years of turning their daughter into a prize whore, she fisted herself and had Barney assfuck her through several massive cums. By the time he had finished the main tale she was sucking on Kelly's cunt, being assfucked by Barney and Daddy was fucking her boiling hot snatch as he tongued his babygirls asshole. "Well I'm glad it's all out in the open, but I fucking wish I'd have known a few years ago when I started eating her gorgeous babycunt. Oooh, I think our lives are going to be even more pure fucking filth from now on" Mommy said as she slipped Barney's thick dog dick into her little girls tasty asshole. "Mommy, now we're all fucking together, will you suck Barney's cum out of my ass afterwards and kiss it back to me?" Kelly asked. Mommy groaned and Daddy came in her cunt. As Mommy slid her fingers up her own shithole she said "You couldn't fucking stop me if you wanted to, baby".

After five minutes of fucking the 9 year olds beautiful bum, Barney filled it with his doggy cum. Kellys’ Mommy virtually pulled the dog off of her daughter and thrust her face into between the lovely ass cheeks of the pre-teen, stuffing her tongue up her stretched hole and sucking hard, filling her mouth with the mutts sperm. When Mommy was satisfied she’d got all the cum out she turned her daughter around. Kelly put her face to her pretty Mommy’s and Mommy opened her mouth and used her tongue to push most of the cum from her lips to her daughters. The mother and her daughter softly pressed their lips together and passed the cum back and forth for five minutes as their hands ran all over each others beautiful bodies. As they both broke the kiss a small string of cum was visible between the two sexy pair of lips before breaking and falling down onto their necks. Daddy just had to fuck Kelly’s awesome ass again…

Over the next three years things continued along that path, with Kelly being used as a supremely sexy little fuck toy by her parents. Kelly was more than happy to put her body up for use because the amount of pleasure she was receiving was immense. When she was 9 she had dreamt of the day that she would have her Mommy fisting her cunt, her Daddy fucking her ass and having a horse cock in her mouth and cumming all over her face and body at the same time, and now, at the age of 12, it was nearly a daily occurrence. Kelly's daily lunch was a bowl of mixed cum - cum from her Daddy, her Mommy, Barney and at least one of the horses. More recently pig cum had been added to her diet as her Daddy had bought some of the animals for the farm, mainly because he wanted to see his 12 year old daughter sucking and fucking pigs, rutting in the dirt, like the dirty little fuckpig that she was.

Both of Kelly's parents had come to learn there was nothing that she wouldn't fuck to orgasm. It was when she was 12 that Kelly got pregnant. Her Daddy hadn't been taking any care in cumming in her cunt and nobody could care less when she got pregnant. Both parents were actually ecstatic that they were going to have a naked, pregnant 12 year old to fuck for several months. And fuck her they did. Every day of Kelly's pregnancy was another day that her parents tried to fill her cunt so full of cum that it was all the little twat that was growing inside her could feel. The day the new babycunt arrived all three agreed that the baby girl would be used for sex and it would only be a matter of time before they started fucking the meat properly. Kelly’s Mommy delivered the baby girlcunt late in the evening and it had to pass through 2 loads of horse cum and her Daddy's jizz to get into the world. Later on, when the little girl was hungry and started to cry, Kelly brought her baby to her nipple, but the baby wouldn't latch on. Watching his Kelly trying to get their baby to suck on her udder had Daddy stroking his big dick just to the side of his two daughters, and soon he came all over Kelly's face and chest. As the cum ran onto Kelly's nipple the baby latched. "Aww, she’s a cum slut from birth, just like me", Kelly said, and all three of them smiled happily as they thought about the fun times ahead.

The End (Of Chapter 1?)

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