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Dedicated to my friend Kim, who wanted me to make this for her.
My friend wanted me to write this for her so I did, hope you enjoy. :)

It started out as a normal school dance for me, the group I was hanging with were goofing off. It was 8th grade graduation. I was 14, a little tall for my age, I was 5'8", had long legs and I was a 36C cup. I was your average girl, an outcast. Then this boy caught my eye, his name was Trevor. I smiled and blushed when are glances met. he came over to me and asked my to dance. He is one of my friends that I have a had a crush on for quite sometime. He is 5'9", has dirty blonde hair. sexy eyes, and a body to match!

We were dancing to a fast song, when the DJ switched songs and played a slow one. He held me close and I laid my head in the crease of his neck. We were slowly swaying our bodies to the beat of the song. We were so close my chest brushed his chest and my nipples immediately became hard at the contact. Whenever I brushed against him I would get all tingly and I knew I was getting wet. Oh god no, not in school! He pulled me closer, if that was even possible, and whispered in my ear "God Kim, your beautiful, will you be my girlfriend?"

"Yeah I'd like that, I have liked you for a while now." We danced together for a while now and I felt something brush right above my pussy. Oh I think he is hard, I hope he is because I'm hornier than fuck! Well at least I know he likes my body....But I wonder what he is thinking?

Before the dance was over we exchanged phone numbers and we had a whole summer of fun ahead of us! That night I went home to an empty house, my Gram was at my Aunt's house for the night. I let myself in and took off my heels, I couldn't stop thinking of Trevor. Well they invented masturbation for a reason didn't they? I unzipped the back of my dress, imagining it was Trevor doing so. I let the dress fall to the floor and I stepped out of it. I ran my hands all over my body, picturing Trevor's hands playing with my tits and tweaking my nipples. I layed down length wise on my couch and spread my legs wide. Running my hand from my nipples, down my flat stomach, to my shaven pussy. I was caressing my pussy, sliding my finger up and down my slit. My finger went over my clit on one of my playful journeys and I moaned in pleasure. I was so wet and horny from the night I slipped 2 fingers in me and starting pumping my virgin cunt hard. Within seconds I was cumming as my orgasm shook my body in intense spasms. That still wasnt enough for me, I got in the bath and kept playing with my pussy. The bath was so relaxing, I wanted to prolong my second orgasm, I slowly pumping my fingers and reaching down with my other hand and massage my clit. I was slowly rubbing my clit in circles and my fingers were pumping in me at a steady but slow pace inside my hot, wet, cunt. Within a few more minutes of doing this I had an incredible orgasm. I let my body recover from the two fucking fantastic orgasms and got out of the tub. I grabbed a towel to dry myself off. I went to sleep with Trevor on my mind.


After a week of talking to Trevor on the phone, we made plans to meet up. My mom, Karen, picked him up from his house. We went to see the movie "The Notebook." My mom dropped us off, and at the time there weren't many people there, so we were soon to discover that we had an empty theater to ourselves.

We were watching the movie for about 30 minutes when we both caught each other's eyes, we leaned closer and he kissed me. It was the hottest thing ever, when he slipped his tongue into my mouth and I eagerly sucked at it. His hand slowly moved up my body to my breasts, and I felt my nipples instantly turn to hard buds at the contact. I moaned into his mouth letting him know I really liked that. My hands went to his chest and were rubbing in small circular motions downward. I got to the top of his pants and he drew in a shaky breath. I didn't stop there, I went over the waistband of his shorts and rested my hand on his hard cock. I slowly massaged up and down the hardness in his shorts. His hands traveled back down my body, teasing me and went up inside my skirt. He ran his fingers up and down my slit through my now soaked panties.

I really wanted to show him and myself a good time, So I knew what I wanted to do then and there, in that movie theater.

"How about I show you how much I missed you these past weeks?" She said closing her legs and undoing his belt buckle. I stood him up and pulled his shorts and boxers down and pushed him onto the floor, grinning I straddled his legs, his cock was sticking up like a flagpole. I slid down him in a position to bend over. I lightly grabbed his cock and stroked it a few times before bending over and taking his hard prick into my mouth. My friend had told me how to do this and I had practiced. I swirled my tongue around the head and sucked lightly for now. I sucked more and more of his dick into my mouth and on the upstrokes I was playing with him, with my tongue. I even tickled just under the head with my teeth extremely lightly. He was moaning more and more, I knew he was going to cum soon! I started sucking harder and bobbing my head faster, within the neck few strokes of my mouth, He yelled he was cumming. I could feel the jets of cum hit the bag of my throat making me gag. I held it all in my mouth and continued to suck. When the jets stopped I swallowed all the jism and smiled at him. We had 5 minutes til the movie was over, and watched the ending. My mom was right on time and we had the 5 minutes to straighten our clothing before dropping him off at his house.


Another 2 weeks passed, and I still hadn't seen Trevor, and I was going camping tomorrow morning. Now I wouldn't see him for at least 10 more days. I was so bummed. I went to sleep and woke up and packed all my shit in the car, hoping to make this the shortest camping trip possible. About the 3rd day into the trip, I saw Trevor's Mom there. Im thinking holy shit, that looks just like... then he saw me and ran over and gave me a hug. I was so surprised I just hugged him back, and thought to myself, now this is going to be the best camping trip EVER!

I whispered in his ear, to meet me at the lake later in that evening. I got there about 10 minutes before he did, explaining that he was leaving tomorrow. I wasn't very happy with the fact, but I told him I would give him a surprise visit at midnight. We stripped down to our bathing suits, and I could see he had a hard on. I ran with him into the water, so no one else could tell he was aroused.

I dove under the water, taking a big breath of air and was playing with his dick. I came up for air and he pulled my bottoms aside and played with my wet pussy. His fingers brushed my clit and I moaned and gasped at the same time. I whispered to him to rub right there and he obediently replied my request and rubbed my clit faster. I could feel myself getting so close and moaned so loud, I'm pretty sure somebody heard me but didnt say anything. My entire body shook and he supported me with his other arm. My pussy juices gushed out and my pussy contracted and retracted. I went into an orgasmic bliss, "That was the best ever baby," I whispered in his ear.

At exactly midnight I snuck out of my cabin and into his. I saw the bunks and climbed in, wearing a very sheer nightgown. I cuddled with him for a little while, then shook him to see if he was awake, he had apparently just drifted off to sleep, so when I shook him he woke up instantly. "Ready for your surprise?" I asked while he rubbed the sleepiness from his eyes. He must have thought this was a dream because he didnt say anything, he just layed there looking at me.

He snapped out of it as I kissed him passionately on the lips. His hands came up and gripped my ass. I was supposed to be surprising him, however, he had other plans. He rolled over me and stripped me of my nightgown. He kissed his way down my body, stopping at my erect nipples and sucking them into his mouth making me arch my back so he could suck more into his mouth. I moaned quietly and could feel my juices flowing freely, I was so horny.

He worked his way down further and the anticipation was killing me. He spread my legs wide and kissed the insides of my thighs, then my pussy lips. He did the same thing only this time with his tongue. It was driving me insane. He all of a sudden plunged his tongue as deep as it could go in my pussy and I nearly had an orgasm just from the sheer pleasure of it. He tongue fucked me for a little bit, I was moaning and thrusting my hips to meet his tongue. He stopped because he must have sensed I was near a full blown orgasm. He started finger fucking me and swirled his tongue around my clit then sucked it into his mouth. I came then and I soaked his face. I had the most awesome orgasm ever, and I knew I would loose my virginity tonight.

"Trevor, I want you inside of me now!" I couldn't wait anymore! He positioned himself to be lined up and ran his dick up and down my slit to get it wet, not like that was hard, i was soaked! He pushed the head in slowly and I moaned at the mixture of pleasure and pain. He slowly pushed inch by inch inside me. I screamed out in pain as he bumped my hymen. He brought his head up and kissed me, He distracted me long enough, that I didn't scream so loud when he thrust forward and broke it. He stopped and let me adjust to the new, painful sensation.

After a minute or so, he began thrusting inside me, everytime he thrusted inward, our pubic bones met, causing him to bump my clit. That drove me crazy and i was nearing another orgasm. We were both panting and moaning heavily, both on the edge. He thrust once more and thats all it took to send me spiraling into an extremely intense orgasm. My pussy tightened on his cock and I could feel him pulsing inside of me. "Oh my....Im...Cumming." He moaned out and thrust more times into me, filling me with his cum, I had another small orgasm as I felt his hot jism inside me. We lay there for an hour in each others arms, I had to go, he had to go, but we knew. we would hang out ASAP. I snuck back into my cabin and cleaned myself up. I had no worries of being pregnant, I was on the pill. I couldn't wait to see Trevor again! I fell asleep with a content smile on my face

The End.

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