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It was all her idea and I just went along because I really didn't have a choice.
It all started when my 28 year old wife Sarah told me that her best friend Jill (who is married) was seeing a black guy on the side. It had started out as just a casual thing where Sarah was just sneaking around but now had progressed a month later to the point where Sarah was contemplating splitting up with her husband Dave and was moving in with Marc her new black lover. I was shocked. Jill and my wife were best friends and the thought of Jill fucking a black guy was just shocking.

My wife just couldn’t hold on to the secret any more you see, and I half think she just wanted to see what my reaction was to the thought of Jill sneaking around and of course what I thought about the whole interracial thing. Apparently Jill and Dave had nearly stopped having sex and Dave just seemed to have lost interest in Sarah. Dave’s loss in my opinion as Jill is fucking knockout. Jill had met Sarah back in college. I was dating Sarah at the time but I had always fantasized about hooking up with Jill, but it never happened. Dave and I played cards together and watched NASCAR … shit like that. I wouldn’t say we were as close as the girls we are enough that I was surprised that Sarah was now telling me. She had to know that it would be tough for me to keep from telling Dave.

Sarah and Jill are joined at the hip and through my conversation that night with Sarah I discovered that Jill had met the black guy one night when she and my wife were out clubbing. The whole thing happened quickly at first and was a complete impulse by Jill. I’m sure the fact Dave wasn’t screwing her helped her lose her inhibitions. I boldly exclaimed to my wife that if I would have known Jill wasn’t getting any I would have tried to get with her. (It maybe wasn’t completely appropriate and my wife paused a little as if she was planning to store what I had just said in her memory to be used a later time.) Marc had asked Jill to dance and later he brought over a bottle of champaign to their table and started drinking with the girls. Jill got very bold from all the attention that Marc had given her. He easily slid his hand over ass while they danced on the dance floor and they sat very close together and seemed to melt into each other. My wife Sarah was in shock but I’m sure she was also excited for her friend to be out exploring what fun she could be having without being stuck with lame old Dave. Sarah told me how as the evening went on and the drinks poured that Jill and Marc got extremely cozy.

When Sarah and Jill went to use the ladies room together my wife couldn’t believe it when Jill announced that she intended to get fucked by Marc that very night. While sitting at the table Jill had ran her hand up Marc’s thigh and found that the guy wasn’t hard but he had a cock that had to be twice as long as her hubbies. What they say is true I guess. Upon returning to the table Sarah said that she didn’t feel good (which was bullshit) and needed to go home. She asked Marc to give Jill a ride home to which Marc smiled and happily said he would. As Sarah left she gave her friend a hug and made her promise to give her all the details in the morning. My wife got the details the next morning. Jill immediately gave Marc a blowjob in his car. He took her to his place and proceeded to pound her pussy for hours. Jill told my wife that her pussy had never felt that full and that Marc had made her cum so many times she nearly passed out.

Over the course of the next month Jill saw Marc every chance she could. They’d meet at his place, in cheap motels and in the parking garage at Jill’s work. Sarah provided cover unbeknownst to me on many occasions for the pair. My wife continued on with the story and this is where my curiosity for details with Jill and Marc’s affair turned to suspicion. My wife went on to tell me that Marc liked her and had even been making advances behind Jill’s back. He even told Sarah that he had a couple of friends that were also interested in hooking up with a hot white chick like Sarah. This is where my spider sense started tingling. Here was my wife telling me all of this and for a moment I was jealous and almost paralyzed with rage but then I realized that if my wife had wanted to go out and fuck a black guy there was absolutely nothing stopping her. I was little different than poor Dave who was clueless that his prim and proper wife was now a black cock whore. A wedding ring doesn’t plug holes my friends but my wife’s respect for me and our marriage had kept her from straying … so far. I was proud of my wife that she felt secure enough to come and tell me this.

I could tell my wife was turned on by the affair her friend was having. My wife and I literally play chess together. She’s very good and she usually beats me at the game. I had to sit back after hearing about Jill and the black guy and I half wondered what my wife was signaling. She could have kept the whole thing from me if she wanted too, I would have never known. Finally I just came right out and asked her if she wanted to fuck a black guy too. She blushed and for a few minutes she tried to soothe my ego by saying that she and I had great sex and that I satisfied her. I wasn’t going to let this go. I knew she had it in her head I just needed to find a way for her to let it out and act on it. Finally I said to her that if I was involved with picking the guy and if it remained just about sex … nothing serious, I was cool with it. Bingo! That was all she was waiting to hear me say.

My wife and I had watched porn with black guys and she always got excited about how big these guys were. She’d blush and always say something like “that’s too big” or “that poor girl, he’s going to split her is half with that thing.” But I just knew she had always been curious.

“You could make all the arrangements. It will be fun honey, you can watch me and maybe if you want we could have a threesome with a woman or something some other time.” She then pulled out her laptop computer and after a few clicks she led us to a website I wasn’t really familiar with called Gregslist or something. It was funny; it was like Sarah was more than a little familiar with how to find her way through the webpages.

“Here hun, here’s a guy. Look at his picture. He’s really muscular and he has a huge dong.” I took a look at the ad the man had placed. The title read: Big Black Bull Looking for MF Couple with Hotwife. Well sure as hell my wife was hot. She’s 5’5 and works out at the gym daily. She’s big into Pilates and all that shit. The ad went into detail that the guy was looking for couples that were into servicing BBC. Sarah then told me that BBC stands for Big Black Cock. His ad also claimed that he preferred Hotwives with Cucks. Again, sensing my ignorance Sarah said that the guy most only fuck good looking women and that cuck must just have been a typo for cock or something.

We responded by email because we wanted to make sure he wasn’t a creep or some kid just fucking around. After a couple of emails over about a week he asked us to send pictures of ourselves. We had fun taking the pictures. I had Sarah dress up in some of her sexiest outfits she had and we did some poses of her spreading her legs like she was doing a Hustler layout. Then to finish it off she took some of both of us naked and the best was one I took using our bedroom mirror of her down on her knees blowing my cock. Finally he wanted us to call him and we did. He said his name was James and he talked with us for about 15 minutes. James asked me if I had read his ad and wanted to be sure that I understood what was going to happen. He wanted my word that I would be okay with watching him turn my wife into a black cock loving whore. The words just sort of stung. It was really weird to hear a man talk about degrading the woman I love. I told him I’d be okay and he could do anything he wanted to do. It was what Sarah wanted after all, and she had promised we might have a threesome with a woman sometime. If I didn’t agree to this she’d probably start fooling around with someone like Jill did anyway. Did I really have any choice? We agreed to meet him in a bar at a hotel downtown the next Friday. If everything went okay we’d just go from there. After hanging up I asked her if she really wanted to do this. To make her point she didn’t say a word she just dropped to her knees and gave me a deepthroat blowjob. Was she practicing? The entire week we fucked like newlyweds. We role played a bit with me talking dirty to her while fucking her. I got out some lube and even pushed her face down on the bed and reamed her asshole with my cock and when I was ready to cum I shoved my cock into her mouth and shot a huge sticky load down her throat. “Get used to it bitch, that black man is going to use you worse than this.”

Finally Friday arrived and Sarah was ready. I’m not sure if I was. I took a Valium before leaving for the rendezvous because I didn’t want to be too hyper when we met James. We got to the bar about an hour early because Sarah was nervous too and she intended to lose her inhibitions by doing some Tequila shots. After our 6th round I was gone. The Valium plus the Tequila were mixing very well and I was just plain mellow. Sarah was slurring her words when in walked James. He recognized us and came up to our booth and sat down. He immediately recognized that we were both drunk.

“I guess I need to catch up with you two,” he said. “Not really,” said Sarah. “I’m ready to get fucked!” She said it loud enough for half of the people in the bar to hear. There were a few stares and snickers. It didn’t take much for anyone to recognize what was going on. I felt a little embarrassed but my cock was also rock hard thinking about what was going to happen soon to my wife. “Honey, go out and get us a room and come back.”

I barely remember walking out of the bar and into the lobby of the hotel. I was like a zombie. I got the key to a room and headed back to the bar. Upon returning back to the bar all I could see was James sitting in the booth with a big smile on his face. It wasn’t until I sat down across from him that I realized my wife was under the table sucking his dick. That’s when reality hit. It was really going to happen. “Whoa, slow down girl let’s head up to the room.” Sarah came up from under the table and had this really wild look in her eye. “He really does have a huge cock. You’re going to love this baby.” As we walked out of the bar I’d swear everyone in there knew where we were going next. I’m sure they either heard my wife or they saw her going down on James. Oh well. Fuck it. It’s what she wants.

I forgot to tip the waitress so I told James I’d catch up with them in the lobby. I returned to the table and I as I filed past the door I felt a hand on my arm and I spun around and was surprised to find Dave. “Dude, that really was you. What are you two doing? Who’s the guy with your wife? I’m here meeting some business contacts and I thought that was you and Sarah. Here, look I took a video with my cell phone of her under the table sucking his rod. Holy shit man!” “No, that wasn’t Sarah it’s someone else. It was all I could think of but he wasn’t buying it. Finally I said “Look man, my wife is going to go get fucked by a big black guy and I’m going to watch, okay? Hey, how’s Jill doing these days? I hear she’s got a new friend named Marc.” And with that I turned back around and left the bar.

I caught up with Sarah and James waiting by the elevators. As soon as we got in James grabbed my wife and started to kiss her long and deep. This was it, it was really happening. I felt like I was going to pass out right there in the elevator. Here they were just inches from me and yet it was like I was half way across the world. To them it was just the two of them. I did not matter.

Once inside the room their clothes flew off. As soon as James was naked he pushed my wife down to her knees. She was ready for him to put his cock in her mouth but he paused. That was when I finally saw the magnitude of his manhood. He was enormous. From the angle I could see from sitting in the chair was that the profile of his cock stretched well past the back of her head. There was no fucking way that thing was going to fit in my poor wife. Oh well, that’s the one she picked out online so she’s going to get it now. James then grabbed her by her hair and looked into her eyes. “I’m going to make you my bitch and that wimpy limped dick hubby of yours is going to have to sit and watch.” Was he talking about me? James then cupped the back of her head and pushed his dick further into her mouth. I could hear Sarah gag a little and her eyes started to water. He held her there for some time and soon she adjusted a bit. He picked up the pace a bit and started to pump past her stretched lips.

They proceeded to fuck like crazy for about an hour. At one point the phone rang and it was the front desk calling to say that neighboring rooms were complaining about the noise my wife was making. She was definitely being loud as she’d came about 10 times. In the background she was screaming “I’m your whore, I love your huge fucking cock!” I apologized to the hotel operator and hung up. My cock was hard and one point James said that I should strip naked too and play with my little thing. Strangely I did as I was told. I was quiet and just did what I was told. I stripped down. “Come over and let’s do a little comparison for Sarah.” I came over and he got right beside me. Our cocks stuck straight out but he was easily twice as long and twice as thick as me. I was in awe. I couldn’t take my eyes off of his magnificent cock. Sarah knelt down and grabbed both of our cocks and started sucking James. “Go back over to that chair boy.” Who was he calling boy? Me? Holy fuck this was strange. I did what I was told.

James got Sarah onto all fours on the bed and started to fuck her doggy style. He gave me a look from across the room. I was just sitting there in a daze. The Tequila and Valium had me totally mellow and engrossed in what was going on. I watched as James leaned close to Sarah and whisper something into her ear. She nodded her head and I heard her say something like “Yes, master James, whatever you want.” With that I saw James start bucking wildly into Sarah full throttle and he let a roar and announced he was coming. He pulled out and again whispered into her ear. She rolled over onto her back and lifted each of her legs up back behind her head. “Get over here and taste your wife now you little bitch!” He commanded but I hesitated. This wasn’t part of the deal was it? I had never eaten my own cum out of my wife’s snatch before and now I was being ordered to eat his. Sarah was just spent but she gave me a look that said the same thing James had. My oh my how things can change. I crawled over to the bed and got down next to Sarah’s pussy. It was red and swollen and was leaking copious amounts of his cum. Suddenly I felt James push the back of my head into her pussy. If I didn’t open my mouth I wouldn’t get any air, so I just went for it. I slurped and licked and swallowed his cum. Finally he let go of my head and he asked “how does it taste white boy?” “It tastes salty and bitter and it’s lumpy,” I said. With that James let out a howl. “Well I’ll tell you what, you get over here and put your mouth where that juice came from.” “Umm, I’m not gay or anything,” I said. “I don’t care. I fucked a lot of white boys when I was in prison. It’s all the same. If you want to keep being invited to watch your wife get fucked by me you’re going to have to do what I say. My ad said I was a bull looking for a hotwife with a cuck.” I must have looked confused. “Cuckold dear. It means you watch and do whatever James and I tell you to do. I love you sweetie but James is our master now and we have to do whatever he wants,” she said.

So down on my knees I went. I couldn’t believe this was happening to me. I had just watched my wife turn into the property of a black man and now I had to succumb to his wishes too. James stood in front of me just like he had done with Sarah. His cock sprung straight out toward me. He grabbed me with both hands by the back of my head and pushed his cock into my mouth. I could taste Sarah’s juices on his cock so strangely I felt good about what I was doing. My wife right there next to me. I wasn’t gay, this was just sex, just an exploration. “He’s pretty good. Are you sure he’s never sucked cock before?” “You’re right. He’s doing a pretty good job but I think I’ll give him a hand,” said Sarah. And she dove in and started licking his balls. I started sucking faster trying to fit more of him into my mouth. I was proud of myself for at least getting half of him in. James then said “not bad, with practice you’ll turn into a great cocksucker like your wife. Here why don’t you try licking my asshole?” And he then grabbed my head again and bent over slightly and I pushed my tongue into his ass.

Over my shoulder I heard a camera click. “I can’t wait to show this to Jill. At least my little white dick hubby is good for something in the bedroom now!” said Sarah. “And I’ll show them to your friends and your boss if you decide to change your mind,” said James. My cock was so hard it was leaking cum. I didn’t care. I loved this. I loved being degraded by them and I loved his big black cock. I would do anything they wanted “So you fucked guys in prison?” she asked. “Why don’t you fuck your new cuck in the ass?” “Sounds good boy!” And I got off the floor and crawled onto the bed on my hands and knees. I got down on all fours and felt him move in behind me. Holy shit did it hurt. I looked over at my wife while James was pummeling my ass and I told her I was sorry for every time I had fucked her in the butt. She snapped away with her camera and James just laughed and shot his load deep up my ass. He then commanded that I clean him up his cock with my tongue. I did. And I thought it was strange to lick a wad of cum out of my wife’s pussy but licking his cum and my ass juice was the strangest part of the whole event.

That was the first of many nights we’ve spent with James. We’ve now been together for about two weeks. I am not allowed to have sex with my wife any more and James is talking about introducing his slut couple to some of his prison friends and relive some fun times they’d had. I’m not sure if I’m ready to get used like that yet, but maybe. Jill did leave Dave for Marc but then Jill found out that Marc was also fucking a couple of other white girls. Jill wasn’t too happy about this and I suggested that maybe it was time to introduce her to James too. She’s seen the pics and she liked what she saw, so maybe.

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I would let him in and watch him give it to my wife good

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People do realise this is fiction? Why the hatred. If it's not your flip of team then move along.

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I'm a white girl dating a black guy! I feel insulted I am not a slut and he isn't an asshole he's a sweet man and so caring these stories are just dumb and get you horny but not all black guys are the same and who knows if she will leave her husband or not she could truly love him or not

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you are really a stupid asshole for letting your gorgeous wife fuck black cock. she will eventually leave you for those black cocks. once a slag always a slag.

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How stupid! White women only screw black guys for money watches cars etc then ol blackie is left with nothing but his hands on his ol worn out junk. Blacks smell bad run in tribes and stare at white girls in school so they dont learn any job skills. They are the smallest number in our population and getting smaller. If I ever caught my wife with obamma they both go on a one way fishing trip.

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