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Julie was lying there as usual, looking at the ceiling and wondering when it was last painted. It was looking pretty damn grey instead of the pristine white it should look. Her husband Jim, bless him, was grunting, thrusting, sweating on top of her. It wasn’t his fault, really. He had a small penis, that’s all there was to it. Her husband’s cock was only three and a half inches long and was very thin into the bargain. Julie had been married for five years, five orgasm free years, and was so sexually frustrated she felt like jumping on the first good-looking guy that came to the house. She had fantasised before about the milkman or the postman, hell, even the paperboy, fucking her with their huge cocks (they always had huge cocks in her fantasy). Her husband tried, he really did, to satisfy her. He would lick her pussy and clit for ages, fingering her at the same time, before mounting her with his pencil dick. That’s when she switched off. She just couldn’t feel his cock.
Her first boyfriend, Andy, had been a different proposition. She started daydreaming in remembrance of his long, thick cock. When he put it in her she felt filled to capacity. Experts were saying all the time, ‘It’s not the size of the penis, but what a man can do with it.’ The person who first said that had a small cock or was married to one. In Julie’s mind the adage ‘a good big one will always beat a good little one’ was very apt. Andy’s cock was six and a half inches long and was so thick she couldn’t get her hand round it. When it was inside her it made her squirm and come, and the feeling of being stretched and filled with cock was indescribable. He was able to make her orgasm time and time again. She had fainted on one occasion; the pleasure had been so intense.
Her husband speeding up and grunting louder awoke her from her reverie, and she started her ‘porn star’ act of thrusting her hips, moaning loudly and shouting she was about to come. Why did she fake it like this? The reason was simple; she loved him, and wanted to make him feel good. He was a hard worker, and a reasonable provider, but even with the two of them working, they didn’t have a lavish lifestyle. They always seemed to be short of money. He wouldn’t talk about it, which made it worse.
She decided that she would wait till he had left for work and then get one of her toys out and dildo herself to orgasm, maybe even with a butt plug in her ass. That was another of Jim’s ‘no-nos’.
‘Your bum hole is one way traffic’, he would say, or ‘it’s disgusting, so don’t go there’.
Julie liked double penetration, but as usual that was another sex act she would just have to fantasise about. After Jim had shot his load into her, she got up as usual and went to the bidet to douche her pussy, and maybe have a quick play with her lips and clit. The problem was he had taken that long to come, she would not have time before she left for work to ‘see to herself’.
She put on a bra and a matching thong set, looking at her reflection in the full-length mirror in her bedroom. Julie was twenty-four years old, 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighed 116 pounds. She had shoulder length blonde hair and was considered very attractive (at least she thought so). Her tits were high and firm with large nipples that she loved to have roughly pulled and sucked. Her thighs and ass were firm and tight due to all the running she did in her spare time. She swivelled so she could look at her reflection in the mirror. She had a body built for sex, and loved sex; just not with her husband. She pulled on a sweater and a pair of trousers, slid on a pair of shoes and, grabbing her purse, left for work.
She worked down-town in a Department store which sold mostly everything you could want to buy. The one cloud on her horizon at work was her boss. His name was Jack, but she called him ‘Jabba’ after the Star Wars character. He was indeed very fat and loathsome. As well as paying scant regard to his personal hygiene, he was forever undressing her with his eyes, which made her feel very, very uncomfortable. His latest ‘trick’ was a fine line in sexual harassment. He had taken to making personal remarks about her appearance and what she was wearing in a sexual way. Julie avoided him like the plague.
She rushed into work that morning as she had borrowed £150 pounds from the till to pay her electric bill, which had been rather large that month. She now had the money to put back and she wanted to return it before it was noticed. Jabba would be in for work late, as usual, so ‘no harm, no foul’. She returned the money and went about her business of serving/ helping customers. At around ten, when she was due to have a coffee break she was summoned to Jabba’s office. The thought nauseated her. Being in his company was bad enough, but alone, in his office, ugh.
Julie knocked on the door and was asked to enter. On entering she noticed her boss sitting behind the large desk in the room, but there was another man, whom she had never met before, sitting in a chair in front of the desk. He was a thin, short, ugly man with piercing blue eyes which seemed to bore into her.
‘This is my friend, Donald’, said Jabba.
Julie exchanged a short greeting.
‘What is it you want to see me about, Jack’, she asked.
He replied bluntly, ‘I want to know why you stole £150 from the till yesterday at the end of your shift!!’
Julie felt a heavy weight in the pit of her stomach, and had a sudden urge to pee. The silence stretched many moments whilst both men looked at her gravely. She started to explain that she had just paid back the money this morning and that it had been to pay off her electric bill, when Jack interjected.
‘I’m going to phone the police now, Julie. This is a very unhappy situation that I find myself in. You will of course lose your job, immediately, and will go to court. Our firm has a policy of prosecution for theft, no exceptions’.
Julie’s mind was a whirl of all the possible outcomes: losing her job, her husband and her friends finding out, her bitch of a mother-in-law lording this over her, losing their home, perhaps having to move…….the list was endless.
‘But, but, it was a one time thing’, she stammered, ‘I wont ever do this again, please give me a chance, I’ll do anything.’
Her eyes welled up and tears ran down her cheek. There was a silence after she had uttered the last statement. Julie quickly realised just what she had said, but it was too late to take back now.
Jabba looked at her. ‘I want you to slowly undress until you are naked so we can see all of your body, and that’s just for starters, otherwise I WILL contact the police.’
Both of the men were looking at her, but it was Donald’s reaction that struck her as odd. He had not been in the slightest surprised or shocked by this turn of events. Julie realised that she had been the victim of a set-up. Both these men had discussed these events and had plotted to get her in position to be blackmailed. She stood there motionless for many moments. She felt she could hardly breathe. Her legs were shaking, and she was sweating as she thought through all the alternatives. After what seemed like an eternity, she about-turned and headed for the door. Jack picked up the phone and started to dial the number for the local police. He stopped when Julie reached for the lock on the door and snibbed it shut. She walked back into the middle of the room. Her eyes were misted in tears as she began to lift her sweater above her head. When the sweater was over her head and her arms were free she threw it onto the three-seater settee situated near the wall on the right. She stood there with her hands over her bra. She knew it was cold in the room and her large nipples would be sticking out, very visible through the material of her bra. Both men looked at her with hunger and excitement in their eyes.
‘Off with the bra now, and slowly let it fall to the floor,’ said Jack, his voice sounding hoarse. The other man had not said a word since they had been first introduced. She complied and let the garment fall to the floor. Even though she knew she would have to bare all to these two evil, disgusting men, she still covered up her boobs with her hands. Jack quickly indicated that she should drop her arms, which she did after much hesitation.
‘Oh my god, Don, what a gorgeous set of titties she has, and those nipples. I’m gonna love sucking on those!’
Julie knew with that comment that she was not going to be let off lightly by these men. They were not going to be content just looking at her naked form. Other horrors were in store for her.
‘Now the trousers and panties, as well, and do it slowly,’ Jack said.
Julie took down her trousers and stood in her panties and then bent over and slid them down over her feet, hearing sharp intakes of breathe from the men. The smaller man, Donald, who now she was closer to, seemed little taller than a midget, was rubbing the material at the front of his trousers. She looked away from him to Jack and was shocked to see that he had already released his penis from the confines of his trousers and was now stroking a cock bigger than she had ever seen before. The head was obscenely large, bulbous and purple which, together with the thick shaft, must have been eight or nine inches long. As he stroked it, a copious amount of pre-come was leaking from the eye-like opening at its point.
She tried to cover her pubic mound with her hand in the knowledge that, as she part-shaved her pussy, the lips would be in view to these men. Her boss just shook his finger from side to side and tuttuttutt-ed. She slowly dropped her hand and stood naked in front of someone other than her husband for the first time in many years. Her legs shook, the feeling of wanting to pee was still with her, but she was feeling something else. Her clitoris was throbbing and she could feel her pussy lips start to moisten. Her head was buzzing, though, like it did in anticipation of sex. Her mind reeled with the implications, and she was in part horrified and disgusted at herself for this reaction.
Her boss beckoned her closer and ordered, ‘I want you to bend right over and turn around so we can see your ass.’
Julie knew that in that position they would both be able to see all her secret places, her pussy and her puckered tight ass-hole. After a moment’s hesitation, she did as he commanded.
‘Fucking hell,’ muttered Jack, ‘that’s goddamned gorgeous. What a puss and ass. I’m really gonna enjoy this’.
He told her to straighten and turn around. When she did she was shocked to see that both men had removed their trousers and underpants and were standing naked from the waist down. She couldn’t help but take a quick glance at their penises. Her bosses she had already seen, but as he was now lewdly stroking it, it seemed to have grown an inch. His friend Donald’s cock drew her attention, for the sight of it was abhorrent to her. He had been circumcised, she thought, at some stage, and it had been badly done. It was scarred around the glans, but it was the size of it that retained her look for several long seconds. She had never seen a cock as big as this one in her life, not even in porn films she had watched before her marriage. Her perv of a boss interrupted her thoughts and asked her to come around the desk and stand in front of him. When she had done so, he picked her up and laid her on his desk so he ass was on the cold wood and her legs were hanging over the end. She still tried to cover her modesty with her hand but he roughly pulled her hand to the side and, after a second or two, he dipped his head and started to lick and kiss and slobber over her pussy. She almost jumped out of her skin at the first touch. Tears ran unchecked down her cheeks as she began to sob silently.
He lapped at her pussy lips and sucked them into his mouth; then he started licking her clit whilst he roughly stuck one of his fat, stubby fingers into her moist hole.
‘Fuck, Don, she is bloody soaking wet, her quimmy is running like a tap’.
He stood and bodily hefted her until she was laying flat on the desk on her front. Donald had moved closer to get a look at the action and his great curved penis was inches from her face. He was leaking from the eye at the end, but what was worse for her was it smelled quite rank. He pushed the dick into her face, and as she turned away from it, he began to slap his cock quite hard onto her cheek.
‘Heh, suck that cock!’ her boss ordered.
At that she felt her pussy lips being prized apart and something very large started to force its way into her. This was too big to be one of his fingers, so she assumed it was his cock. It was actually a five inch butt plug that he kept in one of the drawers in his desk. He roughly plunged it in and out of her pussy, and when it was gleaming with her juices he put the end of it against her tight ass-hole and started to ease it slowly into her anus. Julie groaned loudly in pain as the large plug forced its way into her ass. She tried to relax her sphincter as much as possible to make the insertion as pain-free as it could be. When it was nearly all the way in, her boss parted her ass cheeks and pushed the plug until the end of it was against her hole. He then started to feed his huge cock into her pussy. Even though Julie was, indeed, very wet, the size of his cock was pushing at her lips, and it hurt like hell as he forced his entry.
She groaned, and moaned, ‘Fucking hell, it’s too big; you’ll split me in two.’
Her boss pushed harder and his cock seemed to grow even bigger as she protested. He then started to pump his monster back and forth into her now sore pussy.
As she opened her mouth and groaned loudly, the other man’s cock was pushed forward into her mouth. She had no option but to start sucking on it. She had the presence of mind to think that, if she could get him to cum as quickly as possible, her ordeal would be shortened. She reached with one hand for his shaft and started to wank his cock as she worked with her mouth. Her other hand went around his rear to his ass and, prising the cheeks apart, she sought to insert a finger into his ass.
He exclaimed loudly, ‘Fuck, Jack, she’s fingering my ass.’
Jack grunted louder and started to thrust for all he was worth. Julie’s disgust started to be overcome with the exquisite sensations of being filled with cock at both ends. Her revulsion waned, and she started to moan and thrust her ass back at her boss as if to impale herself more on his great spike of a cock. She quickened her thrusts and felt herself lose all control as her first orgasm hit. Her pussy started to grip and release rapidly, the cock that was stretching her so much. Her hand was a blur on the cock in her mouth and she thrust a finger into the little man’s ass trying to milk his prostate. He was groaning and thrusting his cock at her as he fucked her mouth. Suddenly, the cock in her mouth started to spurt thick gobs of jizm as he ejaculated into her. She had to swallow and swallow the thick streams of come. She had never experienced an ejaculation like this. At the same time, her boss gave one last thrust of his cock in her pussy shouting loudly; ‘Fuck, Fuck, Fuck,’ as he spurted his load in her pussy. She actually felt the jizz spurting into her. It was enough to send her over the edge, and she had orgasm after orgasm as her pussy spasmed in exquisite pleasure. Her head was suddenly very muzzy and her whole body shook as she felt the buzz that a great orgasm gave her. It was so long since she had been fucked this way. She had orgasmed so hard, she thought she was going to be sick.
As her pleasure subsided, there was a sudden silence, as if no-one knew quite what to do next. She thought that she had better move and get out of there. The weight of her boss, which had been pressing down on her, was lifted and she felt his cock fall out of her cunt as it softened. As she stood up, the butt plug was expelled from her ass and softly thudded onto the carpet. Julie went around the desk, on shaky legs that she hoped would not fold on her. She picked up her clothes and quickly, with her back to the two men, put them on. As she pulled on her panties and stood up, she could feel his come running down her pussy lips to soak the fabric. Her pussy and ass were painful, and throbbing. The pain was a good pain though; she knew she had been well fucked.
She hurriedly dressed and faced the two men. The smaller man, Donald, was wiping his cock on his underpants and her boss was zipping his pants.
‘I hope that this will be an end to this misunderstanding, and we will say no more about it,’ she said in a tremulous voice which she did not recognise as her own. Her voice cracked a little, ‘I will go back to work now.’ She headed for the door with as much dignity as she could muster, unlocked it and left, shutting it behind her.
Jack turned to his friend Donald, ‘Fuck, that was so fucking horny. I came so hard; I thought I would shit myself.’
They collapsed laughing together. Jack turned, walked over to the cupboard behind his desk, opened it and pressed the eject button on the VCR, that was in there.
‘She’s like a 75 watt light bulb; pretty to look at, but not very bright,’ said Jack. He pointed up at the corner, where the wall met the ceiling behind his desk, at the CCTV camera. It was aimed down at the desk and had captured, in colour, and sound, all that had happened in the room in the last fifteen minutes.
‘If she thinks that this is the end of the matter, she had better think again,’ he said grinning. He picked up a pen and wrote the word ‘Julie’ on the cassette label and, bending down, placed it on top of a pile of other cassettes, similarly labelled with names of other female workers in the shop.

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2009-10-22 14:13:56
Had to read it twice was great love to see a story like that with jade as the girl lol


2009-10-19 19:27:12
Very good. Characters have good dimensional qualities; I can imagine who and how they are as I read. I like how you tell things from Julie's perspective, it usually is harder to describe things from an outsider's point of view.

Liked the part where she stood and felt the pain of having been fucked. I personally don't see a problem with your story. Very very good:)


2009-08-30 16:29:08
liked it alot but like one make a second part with others joining in say like he black mails her with the tape


2009-01-31 01:01:05
Hey, you woman-hating moron: a normal weight for a slim 5'10" woman is 145 lb. 116 lb is skeletal. Get real.

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2008-12-12 21:08:57
continue story with them bring friends and fucking her whenever they want and her starting to like it and them passing her around to be used as a bareback fucktoy

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