My first time.

My ex wife and I were swingers, back in the day,we met a lot of nice people that way.
We met this one couple, down south, the guy was a pro water skier, he had his own lake, he told us we could come down any time, and he would take us water skiing.

Well, would you know it, the only time we come down, him and his wife are on some sort of competition, but there was a friend from Iowa there, a nice looking guy, around 28, who said, no problem I'll take you guys, but first I must have something to eat, so we went out to eat, a local bar and grill, like the ones you see in resort towns. At the time I was married to my ex, he drove in his car and us in ours. My wife says, he's kinda cute, I said, what, you want a 3 way, her reply was, hell yeah. So I was always the one that had to set it up, I told her, when we get to the restaurant, just be a little frisky, that's one thing about a hot woman, all she has to do is get a little frisky, in this case she rubbed his leg, he went for it right away, he playing footsie, rubbing her leg right up to her crouch, He was primed.

We got back to the cottage, went boating till it started to get dusk, we stopped in the middle, and jumped in. my wife asks, can we skinny dip, of course, was the answer, from both of us guys, in harmony. She took her top off and her bottom, threw it onto the boat, we done the same, we just swam around, my wife and I were holding on to each other, I say to tom, hey, nice tits, huh, he laughed, man, they are the best. I go, you should feel them, he reached over and started rubbing them, I rubbed the other side, she floated up where we could see her shaved pussy, tom reached over and started finger fucking her, my ex and I were great at this swinging shit, I love to watch her doing anything sexual with others.

there has been times, where we would meet a young guy, and they would go at it, the guy is in 7th heaven, she is like a Paris Hilton or Jessica Simpson, I would film the stuff, and later at our home, we would both masturbate watching the movie.

She was getting pretty hot, 2 guys rubbing her pussy and sucking her tits, still to this day she turns me on. We got up into the boat, naked, he had a nice dick, it was bigger than mine, my wife grabbed it, and said, whoa, tommy baby, I don't know what it is, but girls and dicks, just look good together, I tell my current wife, that she looks so hot when she has a dick in her mouth, even better, if it was a stranger, she don't like when I say things like that, she's a church going mom, not like my hot ex, now my current is hot also.

Since I was around 14 or 15, I was fascinated by dicks, now just the dicks,
I aways wanted to put one in my mouth, never did before. I never had anyone to talk to about it, I wasn't gay, I was a macho guy, but just that dick and balls, I think, if you masturbate a lot, you grow curious, now I was able to put my dick in my mouth when I was 15, even cum, never swallowed, it was nothing, just spit it out. As I got older, I couldn't reach it anymore, but by that time other girls were sucking it, and that's another thing, when you always watch your girlfriend sucking it, you wander what's it like, to suck another dick. I could never suck a man's dick, but if he would put a wig and a dress, I just might. I use to watch my ex give blow jobs, I would sit so close I could smell the smells, fascinating.

I remember the day, I told my ex, that I had a fantasy of sucking a dick, I thought she would leave me, call me a fag, but she didn't, she scream, wow I would love to see you do it, that is suck a turn on to watch a guy suck cock, I go,shit I don't like watching 2 guys sucking each other, let's get some guy and do it, no no no no, I am not doing that, I am too afraid, it's just a fantasy.
I told her, I don't want to kiss a guy, I don't want to fuck him in his ass, I don't want him to fuck me, I just want to play with, and suck the dick, I said, it would be perfect if you had a dick, She laughed.

So we walked in to the cabin, dried off, she had her little case, she put on a shear thing, they started making out, I just love it, watching her, that's why I am so excited she had called last week, and wants to fool around.

There was this big bed, 6 people could fit on it. We got on there, she started sucking him, what a sight, I started licking her pussy, we did all kinds of positions, fucked doggie, while she sucked, you imagine it, we did it. OK, she was on her side, facing him, he was on his side facing her, he had his dick in her fucking her, I was on my side, with my head right by her ass, my dick was hitting the back of her head, she had her legs apart, and I could see that big dick going in and out of her, it was all juicy and it had that sex smell to it, I was so close, he pumped her in a way, it sprayed a little juice on my face, a mixture of his pre-cum and pussy juice.

Now I have tasted my cum and pre-cum, I like the taste of that pre-cum the best, to this day, when my wife is jerking me off before she blows me she takes her finger and rubs it on my lips, it turns me on. Now the taste of cum leaves like a springy taste in your mouth. I have came on my wife's tits, and licked it off, even in her pussy and ate her out, I don't swallow it, just don't pay attention that is there, even when I blow my load in her mouth, she kisses me and lets it drip down my face, I kinda like it.

I explained to my ex, at the time, that I would like to make out with her, with a mouth full of cum, I would like to suck a dick, taste that pre-cum, that I like,but she has to be there, in fact I would want to suck it together, I want to feel a dick cumming in my mouth, and even once, just to try, I want to swallow, I would want to throw up right a way, I don't want that shit in my tummy, I just want to feel it going down, the warmth, the hardness of the dick, the feel of it pumping the cum out, to this day, I still want to do that shit. I even tell my current wife, she is so cool, she hates that, but she lets me talk about it, it makes it so good when you talk it out, then have sex while talking about it, cum, and the urge is gone. Now back to my ex, I hear her whispering to tom, can my husband suck your dick, I love watching a man suck cock, I heard tom say, sure he can, but I am not sucking his, she looked at me and said, baby suck his cock for, oh man, I was nervous, but that's another thing I want to do, is suck a dick after it has been fucking my wife a while. Well I could not just go cold and start sucking, so they kept fucking real slow, I started to lick her ass hole, man I liked this too, I would go to his shaft, it had that salty sweet taste, I even sucked on his balls, I didn't like the hair, if I was to suck a dick, real good like I want to, and haven't done so yet, I would want to suck one clean shaved.

I then had my wife turn around, with him behind her, fucking, she then was able to suck my dick, I then started to lick her clit as he fucked her, man did she like that. Then the moment of truth, he pulled his dick out, dripping and all, I slowly put it in my mouth, he started pumping, with my wife between us as she kept sucking me. I got nervous and stopped, she came down and started sucking him, she would take it out of her mouth and put it in mine as she kissed my mouth, I was shaking, I got behind her, started fucking her doggie, she came the same time he did, he filled her mouth, with it dripping she kissed me, I got just a little taste, similar to mine. We got cleaned up, and left for home. At home she was just talking a mile a minute how it was so cool, is was the first time she ever saw in person a guy sucking a dick. I liked it, but I was so embarrassed, my wife kept saying how she liked it. In fact, my ex asked me, if I been sucking much dick and how she loved that and wants to see it again.
I told her I only had 3 more experiences, which were not too good. One on the day our divorce was final, I met this guy that had a dress on, and he wanted me to fuck him in his ass,
(with a rubber of course), I was still thinking about that time a year earlier, so we did a little 69, he sucked my dick good, that was the first time for that. It wasn't but a few seconds we did it, he the got up with his ass Ky jellied, I poked him till I came, he came also, that was the first and last time I fucked a guys ass. I like fucking girls asses .
The next time was years later, my 5th wife, not my current, was engaged in a 3 some with a friend and me, she liked to see a guy suck a dick also, well my buddy, had the longest dick I ever saw it was half way down his leg, well I had that urge again, I deep throated that whole dick, I did it about 4 times and stopped, this one we were filming it, we watched it later, I almost got sick, I erased that right away. The last time was about 3 yrs ago, I have been trying to get my current wife to swing, I kept talking about the dick, she told me this then, if you want to suck dick, just do it, but I don't want to know, well I paid for one of those t-girls, she was from Dallas, it was ok, but it was with a rubber, and thats like sucking a dido. He had a little dick, he deep throated me, pounded my face hard, and he came, I could feel the rubber fill and heat up, that was good. I got up and left. That's all my attempts, to satisfy my fantasy. But before I die, I want to suck a dick to climax and swallow it.
Maybe with my ex, who is now in the picture, it can be fulfilled.
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