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I hadn't had my computer very long, probably about a month or so. I was intrigued by all the things you could actually do and see. I had just gotten Yahoo Messenger and was chatting in a private room (before they did away with those) called "Married but Looking in NE Tenn". Well I struck up a conversation with a couple and after a while, they asked me to meet them for some 3-way fun. I had never been involved in a MFM 3-way before and was a bit curious as well as apprehensive. They both assured me that the other guy was straight (as was I), and that the female was just super horny and loved more than one set of hands, lips, ect. roaming her body. Well I agreed to meet and set a time and place after they sent me a couple pics of her and them together. She was no raving beauty but she was attractive. I could tell she was a large woman, but not huge, but her breasts were HUGE! 42E as I happened to find out later, with large areola and fat, thumb tip sized nipples. She also had a big ol' butt, and very pretty, slenderish (compared to the rest of her) feet.
Well the day came to meet, and upon meeting at the pre-agreed upon destination (a public type campground and park) we found it to be extremely crowded as there were a couple of vans from the senior center, a handful of fishermen, and 2 or 3 families cooking out. We did manage to hike into some nearby woods and found a quiet spot where we played around a little bit. Both us men gnawed and sucked her big tits, when I slid my hand under her skirt I found no panties and a very wet, hairy cunt which accepted 3 fingers right away. I knelt and rolled her skirt up her legs until her bright red bush came into view and pistoned my fingers in and out of her until the juice was running down to my wrist. The aroma was intoxicating and soon I had my tongue buried in her while her bristly pubes intwined with my own beard. Her old man was now kissing her deeply, drowning out her moans all the while pulling and twisting her engorged nipples.She had to cum 2 or 3 times as she finally broke off her kiss and forcefully pushed my face from her dripping cunt. Breathing heavily she dropped to her knees and started trying to open both our jeans, of course we helped and in seconds she had a hard cock in each hand. As her mouth alternated from cock to cock we continued tugging and twisting her boobs, pinching her nipples, even slapping the meaty flesh which brought a moan with each whack. Her old man grabbed her head firmly and thrust deep into her mouth and held her there as he started trembling as he was ooohhing and aaahhing. I assumed he was coming so I held her head in place while he emptied his seed in her throat. After he stopped shaking and returned to normal I turned her toward me, bent my knees and stooped down in front of her and placed my rigid cock between her tits. She squeezed them together and let me fuck her tits as she drooled spit down in the valley. After a few minutes I grabbed a handfull of hair and thrust deep in her mouth, about halfway I felt the back of her throat, she gagged a bit, held my thighs, then grabbed my ass and pulled the rest of my 8 inches slowly down her gullett. She had her nose burried in my pubic hair as I slowly fucked her face. I could feel her throat convulsing around my cock as her tongue continued swirlling all around. I heard a clicking sound and glanced over to see her old man snapping pics of his wife swallowing my cock whole. I knew I wouldn't last much longer and pulled out and started jerking my cock in her face as she opened wide, her tongue wagging away at my nutsack. I figured I might as well give them something picturewise to remember this by so I pulled her mouth from my nuts and aimed my cock right at her gaping mouth. The first splash hit her right between the eyes, the second right in her mouth, the third on her forehead and in her hair, then I pushed my still spasming cock back in her mouth. She sucked it like a starving calf on a teat, totally draining me. Then she looked right at her old man, still snapping away, and opened her mouth, showing him the fruits of her labor before swallowing every drop, Then she used her hand, with my help, to scrape the remaining cum from her face as she licked that from her fingers also. After helping her to her feet I gave her a deep, wet sloppy kiss and we headed on back down the path toward our vehicles with a promise to get together again. About 50 or so yards down the path we passed a couple teenagers headed in the direction we just came from. A shame we finished so soon, we may have had an audience if we stayed a bit longer.
We tried to make plans to get together again but couldn't fit it into our respective schedules. One morning I had gotten off work and was home online about 9 am when I got an instant message. "Red" told me she had to come into my town (we lived about 40 miles apart, and in the mountains that is over an hour's drive) and asked if I'd like to meet her after she took care of her businesss. Did I? Hell yeah I did. She informed me her old man couldn't make it and was that a problem. Of course not, I told her, as a matter of fact I wanted to get my hands on her voluptious body again and was actually looking forward to having her all to myself. She asked me if it would be ok to bring her camera so she could show her husband what he had missed and I had no objection, I wanted to put her through the paces and wear us both out, so we arranged to meet betwwen 10:45 and 11 am in a parking lot at the mall. I couldn't wait.....

To be continued........

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2008-10-26 14:07:09
total nonsense, wheres the spanking and cuckold elements. i could have done better without even trying

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2008-10-22 12:33:26
Pretty good story. A little hard to read though, but I've made the same mistake myself. Please write more on this theme.

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2008-10-13 11:18:28
I started reading and stopped, Maybe ur unaware of paragraphs. Try'em Makes better reading................

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2008-10-03 15:58:14
to all you litature critics - this a porn site - if you want litature go to the library and read Shakespear - dip shits


2008-10-03 01:15:28
for all it's faults i did enjoy it . reminded me of few of my escapades . do continue .

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