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this is my fantasy with a girl called vicky
Vicky & Marks night out

It was a dark night and I was on the train to see a girl called Vicky who I met online. She was the kind of girl you fantasise over every night and dream of when you’re at a meeting or tired. She had the most beautiful body with large tits, which made men drool, and a sweet slim body. Her beautiful hair and her sexy face meant that this might be a night to remember. As I approached her station I saw her, standing in the corner watching the train come in wearing a coat to stop the lashing rain soaking her. The train stopped and I got off but did not walk straight towards her – I needed to psych myself up and break the nervous barrier between us. I was ready so I walked towards this figure of beauty and said “hi”. The look of boredom vanished on her face and was replaced with nervous smiles and the return “hello, nice train ride?” God bless her, she was more beautiful in real life, those eyes piercing my very soul, those boobs straining against the material and the coat clinging to her body. I was literally gob smacked.
The rain had made me cold after the stupid idea that I had at home of not bringing a coat and my clothes were clinging to my average frame, which I wasn’t complaining about. I felt a little excitement in my groin that was starting to play around silently. We walked towards a restaurant to get supper, chatting about things that have happened recently in our lives, the weather, the music, and the events that will hopefully become apparent later on tonight. Once at the restaurant Vicky handed over her coat to the waiter who put it away in the coat section to dry off and I got the full tempting view of her tight sexy tee shirt. It was like a second skin over her boobs and body, clinging oh so tight. I saw the waiter peep at her boobs and longing to latch his mouth on them and suck them dry – pervert! We sat down and drank our cokes quietly, each staring into the others eyes and mentally exchanging thoughts. This made my soldier stand to attention but I didn’t let it show, not now anyways. When the food came we ate it chatting about what to do and why this restaurant sucks. The pizzas were cold and the meat looked and tasted bland. I told Vicky about the waiter and the next time he came over she flirted with him to see what he does. He was asked weather he thought her tits were too big because she wanted to make them smaller. He replied they are perfect and that he would love to have a pair of boobs like that served up on his plate. Those quips made us laugh. We ordered ice cream for pudding and snuck some in the freezer bag I had brought so we could use it later. Once we left the restaurant I kissed her full on the lips and exchanged tongues for the first time that evening. It seemed to go on forever and when we had stopped we started walking to the place I had planned to use as entertainment tonight. We arrived at the edge of a wood with a dark foreboding entrance. We ran in and found the streams. I started to slow down and carried Vicky on my back so she didn’t tire out as we got to the clearing. We exchanged naughty glances and started to slowly snog our faces off. As we snogged I sneaked my hand up her tee shirt to her bra and fondled her breasts till they stood to attention. By this point she was moaning and had her hand down my trousers rubbing my cock. I slowly took her top off and unhooked her bra so her tits flopped out and swung around. A started to suck those nipples like there was no tomorrow much to her pleasure. She took my shirt off and then started to undo my trousers, I did the same for her trousers because I could smell the moistness within them. Once her panties were taken off I started to rub her sweet pussy and she began to wank my cock slowly. We each got so horny so we did a 69er and sucked each other off till I blew in her mouth and she blew in mine. I loved the taste of her cum so I licked it all up like a dog and wanted more. I got a bit on my hand and asked her to lick it all off which she did obediently. This really turned me on so we started to go into real sex. Just as I was putting my wet cock into her wet sexy pussy she remembered she needed a condom on my cock so we put one of with ribs to help her scream. Once I pushed my cock in her pussy I realised how tight she was and it was heaven. We fucked slow and steady in the doggie position for a good 15 minutes in which I cummed twice and she came once. The faster I went the more this sexy gal moaned which eventually turned into screams. It was so sexy. I got ropes out of my bag much and tied her up to a tree with her legs wide open, her cum dribbling down her sexy legs onto the ground. What a waste of cum! So I licked it off her body and sucked on those tits again. She was getting really turned on and asked me to stop sucking her tits and to fuck her pussy but I felt mean and teased her. I would put the head of my cock in then get it back out again. I could see that she was beginning to go into a massive orgasm just from the tension I was creating so I suddenly stuck my cock in as far as I could get it, which was all the way into the womb of this girl. She screamed in ecstasy and squirted all her juice over my balls. I thought to myself, lets make this interesting so got the ice cream out and smothered the pussy and tits in it. I licked it all out of her cunt and her tits with her moans of pleasure and my cock begging for action. I naturally obliged and covered my cock in ice cream once I had taken the full condom off, I also poured the cum onto the ice-cream and ordered Vicky to suck it all off like a good girl. She sucked and licked it all off and gave me such pleasure i shot again in her mouth. I fucked her continually all night then we slept together, I untied her and slept on the mossy ground naked with my cock left in her pussy. I woke up to sounds of birdcalls in the morning only to find Vicky still asleep so I thought about giving her a wake up call. I fucked her hard and when she woke up she said how that was the best wake up call she has ever had. I wasn’t finished with her yet. I took her down to the stream after she had pissed in th bush and we had hard sex in the stream which cleaned us, massaged us and felt so amazing. I had forgotten to put a condom on though so when I cummed I suddenly cried out “oh shit baby, so sorry” when she had realised why she screamed. I thought what if we used the stream to clean all the cum out? So we opened her pussy up as much as we could and I fingered around inside pulling all the cum out into the stream which made her orgasm again. I felt so hot. When we had finished we got changed and walked into the modern world again, both satisfied and horny as hell so we went to see a film before I had to go back and sat at the back row. We snogged and sucked each other off. By the time we got to the train I realised I love this girl with all my heart and wanted her to come home with me but she couldn’t. I felt so sad. We still talk on msn and share pictures of our nakedness but it is not the same. We cannot meet up anymore either because I moved to New Zealand, My worse decision.

this is my first story and i know its not the best, so be kind

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2008-12-01 21:37:01
nothing wrong with new zealand cunt!!!!


2008-10-22 01:40:23
IT was a very long story unable to read it but not fair

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2008-09-22 02:57:39
i couldnt even read all of it . there are no paragraphs or spaces. are you new at this?......but....just keep improving your work.

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2008-09-17 19:23:16
this sucked ass

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2008-09-17 09:52:37
line breaks. impossible to read like that

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