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Your Gonna Pay And Pay My Way
One day i had a very bad argument with my neighbours over car parking spaces outside our houses, that night i went to bed and fell a sleep, only to be woken up by a noise outside, i looked out of my bedroom window to see my neighbour's son scratching my car. I was furious, i was gonna bang on the window and shout but i thought no. My neighbour's are gonna pay for this and i was willing to bide my time.

Four days afterwards i could see there son sniggering as i walked up my path and into my house, i was filled with rage and anger. At times the younger children next door use to shout and scream, i could never get any peace and quiet, i felt i was being hounded and tormented by my neighbours children. It was no use having words with there mother, she would'nt have a word said wrong about them, she see's them as angels, unknown to her i seen what her eldest son did to my car that night. They didn't have a father around, i think they all came from different fathers to be truthfull. I had the damage of my car estimated, it was gonna cost me around £ 2700 OUCH !!

Someone owed me and owed me big time. About a week or two later, one of the neighbours children kicked there football and it came over the fence and into my garden, i heard the mother say i will get the ball back for you tomorrow when your at school and he's ( Meaning me ) is at work.

The following day i took the car into the garage early to be resprayed and went home, i telephoned five of my mates and asked them if they was up for some fun, four of them was the other one was busy, i told my mates to come straight round as soon as possible, i rang work and told them i was sick and wasn't coming in that day.

My mates soon arrived and i explained what i meant by having some fun, we was all in my front room planning a revenge for when the neighbours kids mother came round for her sons ball, she obviously didn't think anyone was in.

After just over an hour, i could see through my front room window, my neighbour was walking up my path and entering the side gate to the back yard. I thought right, this is it. I rushed to the back door and opened it, she screamed at first and then said can i get my sons ball please, i said all nice now are you, but then i did say yes, go on get your stupid ball. She went to the back garden and picked up the ball off the grass, she then started to walk pass me, i quickly grabbed her from behind and put one of my hands over her mouth to stop her from screaming. I dragged her into the house and into the kitchen, she was trying to scream and lash out. I said shut up bitch or i will hurt you big time, believe me I WILL.

She was at this point starting to cry, i was laughing saying i know what your son did to my car, i seen him do it, that night and now your gonna pay my way for the damage. I shouted my mates in from the front room into the kitchen. They was all aware what was gonna happen next. i told my mates to hold her while i stripped off, i got a knife from a drawer and gave it to paul, one of my mates and said if she screams, stick her. As they held her one on each arm and one on each leg, i said right lay the bitch down. She was frightened and crying her heart out. I put my hands up her skirt and pulled down her knickers and ripped them off her at her ankles. I had a right hard on at this point, i then lifted her skirt up and started to finger her soft pussy, i told brian and glynn the two holding her legs to open them wide for me, she was saying please don't please, her face was red from the crying, i just laughed at her.

I got over the top of her and slowly entered her pussy with my fully erect penis, she was really begging me to stop, i said no, im getting my moneys worth, please no please, i said shut up bitch. I began to have sex with her really thrusting hard and deep inside her pussy. It wasnt long before i came. After a short while i got off her. She was still crying and said you can all let go now. I laughed and said like hell they can, i told her do you think that was worth nearly £ 2700, i said you goto be kidding me and said ok brian your turn now, she said no please no no. I swapped places with brian and held her leg for him, brian got stripped off and started to enter the cum filled pussy, brian even joked saying sloppy seconds. As brian was shagging her i started to undo her blouse and life up her bra and then i started feeling her breast saying im sure id like more, she said no make him stop make him stop please, i said no way, your paying back the debt your family owe's me.

It wasn't much longer and brian came inside her pussy, he pulled out and said to her you wasnt bad, but ive had better, it was at this point glynn said i don't believe you, he was laughing as he said it. I said well try and judge for yourself mate. Ok i will, again the neighbour was crying no you cant do this to me, i said, well, we are doing it love and laughed at her again, she said but im sore it hurts, glynn got out his cock from his trousers and said well ive got some cream in here that i can rub inside you, he was rubbing his cock as he said this to her. NO NO leave me alone she cried. Glynn entered her soaked pussy and began to shag her very rough and fast. We was all shouting him on, poke the bitch poke her good and hard. She was calling us all sick bastards, we just laughed again at her. After quiet a while glynn stopped and pulled out. I said have you cum mate, he said no, not yet, he then went over to her face and said suck it, suck it hard and good. At first she was refusing, but she knew we wasnt gonna let her go untill she did what we all wanted to do with her. So after a while she began to suck glynn off. It wasn't long before glynn was screaming yes yes pumping sperm deep into her mouth, she began to choke because she was laid down, glynn said now get it swallowed or else. Without any problem she did as he said and swallowed every drop, but calling him a dirty bastard afterwards.

There was mike and paul left, i said ok who's next, mike said i dont want to have sex with her, neither do i said paul. I said ok, why dont you both take it in turns and wank off over her face, im sure she will love that, i was beginning to laugh again, they both agreed and took turns to wank off over her face, first paul then mike. They both shot loads of cum all over her face and even some cum shot by paul reached glynn's leg, glynn said watch what your blooding doing idiot. Paul just laughed it off. After we had all had our wicked way with her we told her the debt was clear and if she ever told anyone about this we would kill her children then her. She said i won't i promise please please just leave us alone.

I said yes and get those little brats and that dick head of a son of yours to back off and leave me alone, or we may have to go for round two with you, i began to snigger, she said like hell, i will tell then to leave you alone, you will get no more trouble from them that i promise. I said be gone with you, as she was going i said dont we all get a kiss love, she turned around and said get stuffed you sick bastards, at this point we was all laughing at what she had just said.

Surely enough things did calm down and they all left me alone and things was much quieter. But about 6 - 8 weeks later after the incident, she and her troubled some brats moved away, out of the area i think. Well i never did see them around my area again, hope she wasn't pregnaunt. Who's the daddy lol.

The End !!

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2013-03-18 07:13:59
I personally liked it...

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2012-09-13 08:44:00
what a fucked story, learn to spell, plan you story with more of a lead in and don't rush things.

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2008-09-19 11:03:05
one of the shittest stories i have read for a while

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